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ENGLISH VDate: ____________ I. Objective: Uses the correct intonation for statement and yes/no question Values: Listening Attentively

II. Subject Matter: Correct intonation for statements and Yes/No Questions References: Materials: PELC 1, p. 20, Fun in English (R); Fun in English (L) pp. 15-17 chart, arrow cards, flash cards

III. Procedure A. Pre- activities: 1. Drill: Divide the following into syllables artificial. business eleventh signature injection envelope 2. Unlocking of difficulties Match the underlined words in column A with their meaning in Column B. A B 1. The farmer was bitten by a serpent in the farm a. To charm or to attract 2. He tied the bow with a cord. b. Snake 3. Her bewitching voice made me feed good. c. String 3. Motivation Have you celebrated your birthday already? Did you receive any gift that surprised you? What is it? B. Presentation: 1. Pupils read silently the story " Pandora's Box" on pp. 20-22 of Fun in English ( R ) 2. Comprehension Questions a. Why was Pandora sent to live with Epimetheus? b. What made her think that the box was for her? c. Why did Pandora become so curious to know what was in the box? 3. Skill Development a. Read the following questions and statements taken from the story you read: 1. Did he have a staff? 2. Will you stay with us forever? 3. Pandora was busy untying the knot. b. How will you read the first question? the second question? c. What kind of intonation did you use? d. How will you read statement 3? statement 4? statement 5? e. What intonation did you use? 4. Generalization What intonation do you use for statements and yes/no questions?

5. Practice Exercises a. Guide Practice 1. Identify the correct intonation for the following then read correctly. 1. Farming is our chief industry. 2. Is the report interesting? b. Independent Practice Put the arrow point at the end of the sentence to show the correct intonation to use. 1 Does your mother teach in this school? 2. No, she doesn't. She teaches in another school. IV. Evaluation: Copy the sentences and put the arrow point to show the correct intonation to use. 1. Is that a movie? 2. This is a wholesome movie for the family. 3. What is it all about? V. Assignment: Write two statements and three yes/no questions. Put the arrow points to show the correct intonation to use. Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

ENGLISH VDate: ____________ I. Objective: Pronounce words putting stress on the correct syllable Values: Wait for ones turn in speaking

II. Subject Matter: Pronouncing Words References: PELC I, p. 20; Reference: Fun in English, Language 5, p.3

III. Procedure A. Preparatory Activities: 1. Listen as I say the words in each column. Tap the desk once for /a/ sound and twice for / / sound. /a/ // cop dock cup duck hot lock but luck 2. Listen carefully. Tell how many syllables there are in each word. library understood necessary automobile cemetery committee B. Presentation: 1. Motivation: What can you say about the weather today? How do we know the weather condition? 2. Learning Activities: a. Call on a pupil to read the paragraph. Weather satellites take pictures of the movement of clouds over the whole earth so that scientists monitor the weather in Y the different parts of the earth. Communication satellites relay or pass of the communication between distant areas from the land to a ship at sea. These satellites appear fixed in the sky maintaining position above the earth's surface. 3. Discussion Questions: What satellites are mentioned in the paragraph? Which of these satellites take pictures of the movement of the clouds over the whole earth? Are weather satellites important? Why? Notice where the stress is placed. A B C weather discover disinfect satellites position instrumental - Where is the stress in the words in set A? set B? set C? - How do you know that the stress is on the first syllable? Second syllable? Third syllable?

4. Generalization: Where should you put the stress in a word? 5. Practice Exercises: A. Guide Practice: Read the words. Then go to the blackboard and put the stress mark on the stressed syllable. 1. interference 4. interrogative 2. protect 5. intermission 3. ambition B. Independent practice Copy the word. Pronounce it by yourself and put the stress on the stressed syllable: 1. possible 4. interrupt 2. complete 5. welfare 3. tomorrow IV. Evaluation: Read the sentences. Write the correct spelling of the underline words and put the stress mark on the stressed syllables. ' _____ 1. Many children are, playing in the park. _____ 2. I hope we will have a fine weather tomorrow. _____ 3. Popular music makes me want to dance. V. Assignment: Write five words and put the stress mark on the stressed syllable. Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

ENGLISH VDate: ____________ I. Objective: Decodes words with /ph/ in the story using phonetic analysis Values: Accuracy

II. Subject Matter: Decoding Words Using Phonetic Analysis References: Fun in English Reading 5 pp. 186-187

III. Procedure A. Pre-activities: 1. Pronounce the following words and tell what is the a. initial sound of the words in the first column b. medial sound of the words in the second column c. final sound of the word in the third column flock wife leaf food suffer stiff 2. Unlocking Difficulties Through context clues circle the earth spherical shape gradual change B. Presentation: 1. Motivation Have you traveled in space? Traveling in space makes a wonderful and exciting experience. What makes it wonderful and exciting? 2. Learning Activities Have the pupils read the story, "First Man in the Moon. (Fun in English 5) pp. 186-187 3. Discussion a. Where was Yuri Gagarin sent? Why? b. How did the earth look from' the spaceship? c. Why where there changes in color on the horizon? 4. Generalization How should we pronounce /ph/ in the word we read? 5. Practice Exercises a. Guided Practice Read the following words. Producing the sound of the ph correctly aphid phenomenon elephant physical telephone sphere cellphone phlegm phases b. Independent Practice

Copy the words ph sounded as /f/ into the ff. Sentences: 1. She draws a sphere on the board 2. Man has travel in space outside the earth's atmosphere. 3. The earth has a spherical shape. IV. Evaluation: Copy the words with ph sounded as /f/ in the following sentences. a. The picture was taken using the telephoto lens. b. Photosynthesis is the formation of CHO from carbon dioxide and water through aid of sunlight acting upon chlorophyll. c. The cellphone makes communication fast and easy. V. Assignment: Write a short paragraph using word with ph sounded as /f/.

Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

ENGLISH VDate: ____________ I. Objective: Decodes meaning of words with prefixes over, under, ex and super. Values: Proper Health Habits

II. Subject Matter: Prefixes Over, Under, Ex and Super References: PELC 1.1.1, P. 20 & PELC 1 p.20 English for Living and Learning v, Reading, p.8-9 Fun in English V. p.139 Materials: Chart & Flashcards III. Procedure A. Preparatory Activities: 1. Review: Write the following words correctly and encircle the root word of each word. A. development D. repaint B. unhealthy E. incorrect C. careful F. s uperman B. Presentation: 1. Motivation: How do you get the meaning of a word? How can you get the meaning of a word without using the dictionary? 2. Learning Activities: Read the following sentences: a. More people use the passageway over the street. It is safer to use the over pass than to cross a busy street. b. Archie is 18 years old. He can vote in the elections. His sister Donna is 17 years old. She cannot vote. She is underage. 3. Discussion: What are the root words of the underlined words in the sentences? What syllables are added to the words? Do these syllables change the meaning of the words? 4. Generalization: How do we get the meaning of words with prefixes? 5. Practice Exercises: Tell the meaning of the following words: undersized overheat ex-president underwater overweight ex-chairman undershirt overcool ex-governor

superstar superman superimpose

IV. Evaluation: Choose from the list of the correct wordy to fill in the blanks of the ff. sentences: 1. Poor parents can't give their children enough food so they are often 2. Don't the vegetables to preserve the vitamin content. 3. Pepito is too thi