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English Sunday School Survey. Ben Poon Lords Grace Christian Church 2010. Methodology. Respondents are anonymous Conducted 12/12/2010 after announcements 64 surveys returned out of ~100 service attendees. Executive Summary: Strengths. Quality of teachers is high. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


English Sunday School Survey

English Sunday School SurveyBen PoonLords Grace Christian Church2010MethodologyRespondents are anonymousConducted 12/12/2010 after announcements64 surveys returned out of ~100 service attendees

Executive Summary: StrengthsQuality of teachers is highExecutive Summary: WeaknessesMost improvement needed: Starting on timeAttendanceSome improvement needed:Practicality of topicsVariety of topicsExecutive Summary: MotivationRespondents are most motivated to go to class by:Interest in topicPerception of teacherGuess on the quality of Biblical instruction and applicationRespondents are only slightly motivated by:Desire to understand God betterAmount of discussion/interaction with othersRespondents are not motivated at all by:FunHabitHomeworkAttendance of friendsExecutive Summary: Attendance66% attended Sunday School weekly or 3x/month6% did not attend at all100% of youth (middle and high school) attended either every week or 3x/month20s & 30s attended more often than 40s & 50sSurvey Question 1What age group are you in?Middle schoolHigh schoolCollege20-3940-5960-7979+Age GroupSurvey Question 2How often would you say you attended Sunday School in 2010?Every week3x per month2x per month1x per monthSeveral timesDid not attendAttendanceAttendance by AgeSurvey Question 3How much do you feel the Sunday School program needs to improve in each of the following? Rank 1 (no improvement needed) to 5 (much improvement needed)Practicality of topics offeredVariety of topics offeredQuality of teachersAttendanceStarting on timeAmount of Improvement NeededSurvey Question 4What Sunday School class have you attended most this quarter?Principles of Biblical LeadershipBasics NT Greek for LaymenStudying OT Narratives: RuthClass TakenClass Taken By AgeSurvey Question 5How would you rank that class in each of the following areas? Rank from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent)Quality of Biblical instruction/knowledgeAmount of life applicationPreparedness of teacherAmount of discussionAmount of interaction with othersAmount of funExcellence:Principles of Biblical LeadershipSample size: 12Excellence:Basic NT Greek for LaymenSample size: 4Excellence:Studying OT Narratives: RuthSample size: 14Survey Questions 6 and 7What did you enjoy most about that class?What did you enjoy least about that class?What did you enjoy most about Principles of Biblical Leadership?Real life examples from different business leadersVideoThe leader's talk about experienceDifferent perspectiveOccasionally the speaker in the DVD is greatDVD speakersEverythingVideo - talk by experienced leadersVideo tape of speeches/interviews of interesting leadersWhat did you enjoy least about Principles of Biblical Leadership?Not starting on timeDiscussionSize of room too smallWhen the speaker in DVD is boringThe amount of discussion and learningToo short for discussion after video, not fruitfulNo time for discussion/interactionWhat did you enjoy most aboutBasic NT Greek for Laymen?Learning Greek it was interestingVery interesting subject, good resources, etc.The stuff was very in depthWhat did you enjoy least aboutBasic NT Greek for Laymen?The application didn't really learn a lot but it's hard with a languageSometimes a little dry, but that's okIt was less life applying and it was very boringWhat did you enjoy most aboutStudying OT Narratives: Ruth?Ben Poon and chiasmsBible studyTeacher's enthusiasm, in-depth discussionLearning how to study the BibleThe teacherLearning new things and handoutsWell preparedness of teacherLearning new ways to look at this book (Bible) that is supposed to be so important to usBen's teaching style. Easy to comprehend complex ideasIn depth study/historical backgroundThorough preparation from BenDiscussions and learn the principleI liked the interaction time in the Ruth class it's nice to be able to break up lecture time with discussionWhat did you enjoy least aboutStudying OT Narratives: Ruth?NothingPersonal application, discussionNot enough timeNot enough timeI hope it could start and finish on timeSurvey Question 8How much did each of the following impact why you attended that class? Rank from 1 (low impact) to 5 (high impact)Your interest in the topicYour perception of the teacherYour guess to quality of Biblical instruction and life applicationIf the class had homeworkIf you had friends attendingHabitDesire to understand God betterAmount of discussion and interactionFunRelative Impact on Choice:Principles of Biblical LeadershipRelative Impact on Choice:Basic NT Greek for LaymenRelative Impact on Choice:Studying OT Narratives: RuthRelative Impact on Choice:All ClassesSurvey Question 9What comments do you have regarding Sunday School overall? What topics do you want to learn about? What encouragements do you have for those serving?General CommentsOver all pretty good a lot of the topics are interesting the variety is niceSunday school teachers doing great work. Keep it upMore of real life applications for Christian work/personal lifeNeed bigger roosm for the classI like the classes on studying the Scripture to be most enjoyableGreat improvement from the past. Thanks for a great job!It's an important ministry - keep up the good work!How to evangelize in work and schoolThank you, Sunday school teachers!More Bible study helpGood jobs. Best part of SundayLike studying books of the BibleThank you!!! Wea ppreciate your serviceLike option to take classes the next quarter. Encouragement to continue servingThank youI hope there will be more applied class