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English Furniture & Decorative Arts on 5/25/11


  • Fine English Furniture, Silver& Decorative Arts05/25/11Fine Continental Furniture& Decorative Arts 05/26/11Oriental Rugs & Carpets05/27/11

  • Fine English Furniture,Silver & Decorative Arts 05/25/11

    Fine Continental Furniture,& Decorative Arts 05/26/11

    Oriental Rugs & Carpets 05/27/11

    Fine English Furniture,Silver & Decorative ArtsSale 1400 (lots 1-523)Wednesday May 25th at 10am

    Fine Continental Furniture &Decorative ArtsSale 1401 (lots 600-948)Thursday May 26th at 10am

    Oriental Rugs, Carpets & TapestriesSale 1402 (lots 1000-1103)Friday May 27th at 11am

    Exhibitions:Friday May 20th10am to 4:30pm

    Saturday May 21st12 Noon to 5pm

    Sunday May 22ndby appointment

    Monday May 23rd &Tuesday May 24th10am to 4:30pm

    Inquiries:robert waterhousedirect tel: 267-414-1226rwaterhouse@freemansauction.com

    david walkerdirect tel: 267-414-1216dwalker@freemansauction.com

    ben fisherdirect tel: 267-414-1215bfisher@freemansauction.com

    david weiss (Carpets)direct tel: 267-414-1214dweiss@freemansauction.com

    richard cervantes (Carpets)direct tel: 267-414-1219rcervantes@freemansauction.com

    Catalogue $35

    Bidding:bids departmentnatalie difeliciantoniotel: 267.414.1208fax: 215.599.2240ndifeliciantonio@freemansauction.com

    Inside Front Cover: Lot 923 (detail)Inside Back Cover: Lot 713 (detail)

    Samuel T Freeman & Co.1808 Chestnut Street

    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Telephone: 215.563.9275

    Fax: 215.563.8236

    126 Garrett Street

    Charlottesville, VA 22902

    Telephone: 434.296.4096

    Fax: 434.296.4011

    45 School Street

    Boston, MA 02108

    Telephone: 617.367.3400


    Printing by Brilliant Studio

    Exton, Pennsylvania

    Color images of every lot are

    available at


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  • freeansfine english & continental furniture, silver & decorative arts / oriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    Important Informationfor Buyers


    Buyers Premium

    Sales Tax

    Catalogue Descriptions



    Removal of Purchases

    Shipping and Packing

    All potential buyers must register for the sale prior to placing a bid.Registration information may be submitted in person at our reception desk,by fax or through our website at www.freemansauction.com. We will requireproof of identification and residence and may require a credit card and/or abank reference. By registering for the sale, the buyer acknowledges that heor she has read, understood and accepted Freemans Terms and Conditionsof Sale.

    A Buyers Premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payableby the buyer as part of the total purchase price. The Buyers Premium shallbe: 25% on the first $20,000 of the hammer price of each lot, 20% on theportion from $20,001 through $500,000, and 12% on the portion of thehammer price exceeding $500,000.

    All items in the catalogue are subject to the 8% Pennsylvania andPhiladelphia sales tax. Dealers purchasing for resale must register their taxnumbers on current PA forms. Forms should be submitted to our ClientServices office on the second floor.

    All item descriptions, dimensions and estimates are provided for guidanceonly. It is the buyers responsibility to inspect all lots prior to bidding toensure that the condition is to their satisfaction. If potential buyers areunable to inspect lots in person, our specialists will be happy to preparedetailed Condition Reports on individual lots as quickly as possible. Theseare for guidance only, and all lots will be sold as is as per our Terms andConditions of Sale.

    At the sale Registered bidders will be assigned a bidder number and given apaddle for use at the sale. Once the first bid has been placed, theauctioneer asks for higher bids in increments determined by the auctioneer.To place your bid, simply raise your paddle until the auctioneeracknowledges you. The auctioneer will not mistake a random gesture for abid.By phone A limited number of telephone lines are available for bidding byphone through a Freemans representative. Phone lines must be reserved inadvance. Requests must be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to thescheduled start of the sale.In writing Bid forms are available in the sale room and at the back of thecatalogue. These should be submitted in person, by mail or by fax no laterthan one hour prior to the scheduled start of the sale. The auctioneer willbid on your behalf up to the limit indicated, but is not responsible for errorsor failure to execute bids.On the internet A fully-illustrated catalogue is available on-line atwww.freemansauction.com. Registered bidders may leave absentee bidsthrough the web site and will receive email confirmation of their bid.Freemans is not responsible for errors or failure to execute bids.

    Lots purchased will not be released until we have received full payment.Payment may be made in cash, by check, money order, or debit card.Payments by check must clear the bank before goods will be released.

    Deliveries will not be made during the time of the sale unless otherwiseindicated by the auctioneer. All items must be paid for and removed byJune 3rd at 3pm. Purchases not so removed may be turned over to alicensed warehouse at the expense and risk of the purchaser.

    Responsibility for packing, shipping and insurance shall be exclusively thatof the purchaser. Upon request, Freemans will provide the purchaser withnames of professional packers and shippers known to us.

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    Fine English Furniture,Silver & Decorative Artssale 1400: lots 1-523Wednesday, May 25th, 2011at 10am

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  • 1 10-1476/6Fine Italian carved walnut and iron mountedcassone17th centuryThe molded rectangular top with a carved edgeabove a paneled frieze centered by a heraldic shieldand flanked by female terms, raised on paw feet.H: 24, W: 65, D: 22 in.$800-1,200

    2 10-1916/2Italian Renaissance revival carved walnutchest on standsome 17th century elementsThe molded rectangular top over two shortdrawers flanking a carved cartouche, overshaped chest of figural carved cupboard doorframed by banks of four short drawers, overbrushing slide to the frieze, raised on foliateand sprig carved columns, terminating ongraduated plinth base.H: 62 1/2, W: 33, D: 15 in.$2,500-3,500

    3 11-1067/44Italian carved wood, gesso, and polychromereliquary bust17th centuryCarved as a bearded male, possibly St Joseph, withelaborately painted robes in gilt and colours, thefinely worked face retaining much of original fleshand hair colour.H: 20 in.$2,000-3,000

    4 11-1163/33Northern European carved oak panel16th/17th century, possibly germanTall rectangular form, carved in mediumrelief showing religious martyrs,mounted in later frame.Panel H: 10, L: 7 in.$400-600

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



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  • 9 11-1218/15AItalian walnut and ebony parquetry commodeearly 19th centuryThe shaped and molded rectangular top overfour conforming long drawers, raised on plinthbase.H: 35, W: 27 1/2, D: 18 in.$3,000-4,000

    10 11-1218/16ALarge carved walnut gilded and paintedreliquarylate 18th centuryThe scalloped crest over arched doorapplied to show a sunburst, flanked by fauxmarble and ivory tone painted frieze.H: 35, W: 26 in.$1,500-2,000

    8 11-1218/14AMassive Italian walnut refectory tableearly 18th centuryLong rectangular plank top raised on squarebaluster joined base.H: 30, W: 103, D: 29 in.$3,000-5,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    5 11-1163/37Good Italian carved walnut side cabinet17th centuryThe narrow molded top of breakfront outline, overtwin short drawers and conforming cupboard doorsflanked by masks and foliate garlands, raised onmolded plinth base.H: 34, W: 35, D: 9 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.$2,000-3,000

    6 11-1163/54Two French carved and polychromed walnut figures17th centuryTall standing female saints, with flesh tone face, inshadow box. (2).Figure H: 5 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.Purchased from Bernard Conwell Carlitz, Philadelphia1964$400-600

    7 11-1212/11Continental carved polychrome figure,possibly Joan of Arc18th centuryThe figure depicted standing, wearing along green cloak, breastplate and boots,on octagonal base.H: 19 in.$500-700

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  • 15 11-1163/51Group of four Continental ivorycorpus figures18th century and earlierFragments, all laid down onassociated custom panels.Longest L: 6 in.$600-800

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    14 11-1163/55Large Italian carved and giltwoodwall pricket19th centuryThe crowned eagle surmounted withiron post, grasping ribbon tiedbanner reading PRIVILEGIATO.H: 32 in.$800-1,000

    13 11-1282/10Continental carved wood figure ofSt. Francis of AssisiCarved from a single tree branch,depicting a robed St. Francis with abird.H: 38 in.$500-700

    11 11-8018/1Indo-Portuguese polychrome and parcel gilt carved wood andivory figurevirgin immaculate, 18th centuryCarved to show a crowned Virgin with ivory face, her handsheld in blessing, wearing a wide robe punch decorated andpainted with flowers, above a crescent and cloud swirl, onsemi-circular base.H: 28 in.$2,000-3,000

    12 11-1282/12Set of four Italian ivory mounted religious figures19th centuryStanding saints over giltwood plinths, adorned with fabric tunics and ivoryfaces and hands (4).Tallest H: 20 in.$1,000-1,200

    16 11-1163/34French inlaid walnut domedtabernacleearly 19th centuryThe domed square cover over fourspiral twist turned columns, aboveconforming base, terminating onsquare feet.H: 27 in.$1,000-1,200

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  • freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    18 11-1163/17French bronze plaque depicting thestations of the cross17th/18th centuryBronze, brown patina, the tallrectangular plaque deeply castdepicting various stations, inassociated giltwood frame.Plaque H: 6 1/4 in.$800-1,000

    19 11-1163/2Pair of Northern Europeanpolychrome decorated figures18th centuryMirror carved winged arch angelsgrasping torches raised onsquare plinths, iron mountsverso.H: 20 1/2 in.$500-800

    20 11-1139/10Pair of Continental limewood andpolychrome pricket candlesticks18th centuryTypical form, the baluster andknopped stem terminating inturned base.H: 17 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$800-1,200

    17 11-1163/29Continental silverplate baroquestyle candlestick18th/19th centuryThe tall tapering standard cast toshow masks and foliate scrolls,raised on paw feet.H: 21 in.$600-800

    21 11-8034/1Rare Louis XV provincial carved walnut commodemid 18th centuryOf diminuative proportions, the molded rectangulartop over two free-moving drawers, opposed bymatching faux drawers, raised on short cabriole legsterminating in pad feet.H: 20, W: 25, D: 17 in.$800-1,200

    22 11-1139/9Pair of large Continental Baroque brasscandlesticksearly 18th centuryEach broad sconce above turned and knoppedstandard terminating in tripartite base above lionspaw feet.H: 24 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia gentleman.$1,500-2,000

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  • 30 11-1057/4BGeorge III Japannned black lacquercorner cabinet on standThe molded cornice over twinconvex doors applied to show agilded figural landscape, onconforming stand.H: 60, D: 24 in.provenance:Property of a WilmingtonGentleman.Purchased in London during the1920s$1,000-2,000

    31 11-1027/14Regency style twin pedestalmahogany dining tableThe plain rectangular top with threeleaves, above two pedestals eachwith four spiral twist supports, overreeded outswept legs terminating inbrass castors.H: 29.5, D: 48, W: 105.5 in.(extended)$1,500-2,000

    32 10-2155/25George II mahogany tea tableThe circular top over turnedcylindrical column raised on threewide cabriole legs, terminating onpad feet.H: 27 1/2, D: 29 in.$800-1,200

    28 11-1107/1George III mahogany armchairThe shaped padded back overshaped arms raised on taperingjoined square legs.H: 40, L: 24 in.$300-500

    29 11-1073/34Regency style ebonized maplecenter tableThe crossbanded circular topsurmounting a faceted column overquartrefoil base terminating inebonized feet.H: 30, D: 30 in.$400-600

    23 10-1916/3Italian carved walnut prie dieu17th centuryThe molded rectangular top oversingle drawer to the frieze, framedby carved foliate cartouches, overcarved paneled cupboard doorframed by half-ionic columns to theends, above hinged free-movingslope, raised on paw carved feet.H: 36, W: 28, D: 26 in.$2,000-3,000

    24 10-1916/4German parquetry walnut tablechestlate 18th centuryThe rectangular top over singledrawer to the frieze, above centralcupboard door flanked by banks offour shaped drawers, raised on bunfeet.H: 28, W: 42, D: 13 in.$1,000-1,500

    25 10-1916/5Pair of Northern European carvedwalnut elements17th centuryIn the form of stylized scrollingdragons, on modern plinth bases.Total H: 34 in.$800-1,200

    26 11-1365/1Victorian stained fruitwood and ivorymounted figure of Charles ITall standing figure over plinth base,removable ivory head and fixed hands.H: 20 in.$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    27 11-1162/62George II walnut secretaire cabinetIn two sections: the ogee molded cornice abovetwin arched and mirrored cupboard doors,opening to a four drawer compartmented interior,the fall-front base with satinwood four drawerinterior and hidden slide compartment and leatherinset surface over two short and two longdrawers, raised on shaped bracket feet.H: 78, W: 39, D: 26 in.$2,000-3,000

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  • freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    32A 11-1279/3Regency mahogany writing tableThe molded rectangular top withtooled brown leather insert, abovetwo short drawers raised on tallsquare legs, terminating on castors.H: 30, W: 53, D: 32 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    33 10-2083/6George III style mahoganyextending dining tableThe rectangular top with drop downsides, raised on reeded saber legs,ending in castors.H: 29, closed D: 26 in.$500-700

    35 10-2015/19George III mahogany crossbanded and ebony strung secretaire bookcaseIn two parts: The upper section with stepped cornice above two astragalglazed cupboard doors enclosing shelves, the lower section with hingedsecretaire front opening to reveal an inset leather writing surface and a seriesof drawers and pigeon holes flanking a central mirrored door, above twocupboard doors, raised on shaped bracket feet.H: 96, W: 45, D: 21 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Main Line Lady.$2,000-3,000

    34 10-2090/3English mahogany bureau with associated bookcase topthe bureau 18th centuryIn two parts: the upper section with lattice-paneled swan neck pedimentcentered by an urn, above a fret-carved frieze, over two mullion glazed doorsopening to shelves, the lower section with slant front opening to a fittedinterior with the usual arrangement of pigeon holes and central door, abovethree graduated long drawers, raised on ogee bracket feet.H: 99, W: 47, D: 26 in.$4,000-6,000

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  • 36 10-2015/3William and Mary walnut chairlate 17th centuryThe shaped shield back withoutwardly scrolling carved armswith curved and carved uprights,above molded X -frame legs joinedby an H-stretcher, the fore legsterminating on outwardly scrolledfeet.H: 39, W: 23in.provenance:Property of a Main Line Lady.$1,000-1,500

    37 10-1916/12William IV mahogany bed stepsRectangular red leather insertgraduating set of three steps,opening to reveal porcelain chamberpot, raised on turned feet.H: 28, W: 20, D: 28 in.$800-1,200

    41 09-1850/22George III mahogany canopy bedThe white fabric canopy enclosed bya cockbeaded mahogany frame overtwo fluted and turned posts and twoassociated posts.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Collector$4,000-6,000

    42 09-1589/3Pair of fine George III mahoganypole screenslate 18th centuryEach with a turned and fluted shaftsupporting an oval gathered pink silkscreen, on a leaf carved circular foot.(2).H: 47 1/2 in.provenance:Husch Collection. Christies$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    39 10-1782/20George III crossbanded mahoganyand line inlaid sideboardlate 18th centuryThe crossbanded bow front top overa single short drawer flanked bydeep drawers, raised on six taperingsquare legs with spade feet.H: 35, W: 54, D: 24 in.provenance:From a Maryland gentlemanscollection$1,000-1,500

    40 09-639/5262Good George III carved giltwoodmirrorcirca 1760The oval mirror plate surmountedby an eagle finial and framed withfoliate openwork scrolls, J. H. SteerLtd. label verso.H: 40 in.provenance:Property of a Washington, DCgentleman$500-700

    38 10-1916/9George III mahogany etagereMolded rectangular top raised onturned columns supporting twounder tiers, terminating on brasscastors.H: 43, W: 42, D: 24 in.$1,500-2,000

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  • 43 11-1404/1English salt-glazed stonewareteapot and bowlc. 1745-60The teapot of cube form, the bodyworked to show urns, floral sprays,and masks, the lid with a finial in theform of a ?weasel; the bowl of ovalform, the sides decorated in dot,diaper and basket, to show starsand dots in latticework. (2).Teapot, H: 4 1/2; Bowl W: 4 1/2 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$300-500

    44 11-1404/4Two English salt-glazed stonewaremolded sauceboats18th centuryThe largest with gilded edges toscrolling body, together with asimilar molded boat.Longest L: 7 1/2 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$300-500

    45 11-1404/10English salt-glazed stonewarevegetable dish with coverc. 1745-60Oval basket form, the basket finialabove a lid and twin-handled bodydecorated in dot, diaper and basketto show scrolls, dots, and starswithin lattices, raised on paw feetsurmounted by grotesque masks.H: 7, W: 9 1/2, D: 6 1/2 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$300-500

    46 11-1404/23Group of three English salt-glazedstoneware table itemsmid 18th centuryComprising of a molded creamer,lattice worked oval dish, togetherwith a twin handled creamer. (3).Dish L: 10 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$500-800

    47 11-1404/29Pair of English salt-glazedstoneware bowlsmid 18th centuryU-shape basin flanked by lattice rimwith shaped edge, raised on smallconforming foot rim.D: 7 inprovenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$400-600

    48 11-1404/24Two English salt-glazed stonewarecastorsmid 18th centuryTypical form, one with moldedlattice baluster body, both raised oncircular feet. (2).H: 6 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$300-500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts








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  • 49 11-1404/2Pair of English salt-glazedstoneware tea caddiesc. 1745-60Rectangular form, the sides workedto show panels of dots and stars.(2).H: 3 1/2 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$300-500

    50 11-1404/11English salt-glazed stonewareteapot and two teacupsc. 1745-60The teapot of scallop form,naturalistic spout and handle, thecover with a finial of an allegoricalbeast, the two cups worked to showallegorical scenes including figures,beasts, foliage, and heraldic shields.(3).Teapot, H: 6 in, Cups, H: 2 1/2 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$300-500

    51 11-1404/20English salt-glazed stonewarestirrup cupc. 1745-60Modeled in the form of a foxs head.H: 4 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$200-300

    52 11-1404/34Group of four English salt-glazedstoneware itemsmostly mid 18th centuryComprising of a lattice carved bowl,scalloped molded dish, butter cover,and Gothic revival wall pocket. (4).Largest D: 9 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$800-1,000

    53 11-1404/48English salt-glazed stonewareteapotc. 1745-60Circular form, the lid and bodydecorated in clay chips and appliedgilt.H: 4 1/2 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$300-500

    54 11-1404/53English salt-glazed stoneware bear-form cistern and coverc.1760Depicting the beast seated, withclay chippings to simulate fur,grasping an object at his waist, thecover potted with free-moving chainto mouth, brown glazed detail toeyes and collar.H: 9 1/4 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.Purchased Matthew & ElizabethSharpe, Conshohocken (label tounderside).$2,000-3,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts




    5149 53



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  • 55 11-1404/8English salt-glazed stonewarefruitbowlc. 1760Reticulated oval basket form withtwo handles.H: 4, W: 9, D: 6 1/2 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.Purchased Matthew & ElisabethSharpe Antiques, Conshohocken(label to base).$300-500

    56 11-1404/12Pair of English salt-glazedstoneware molded scolloped traysmid 18th centuryOval tray with scalloped edge, scrolland geometric molded interior,raised on small foot rim.L: 10 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.Purchased Matthew & ElisabethSharpe Antiques, Conshohocken(label to base).$400-600

    57 11-1404/18English salt-glazed stonewarebottlec. 1745-60Bulbous form with flared spout, thesides applied with slip to showhunting scenes, maidens withbirdcages, and foliage.H: 9 1/4 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$200-300

    58 11-1404/26Large English salt-glazedstoneware octagonal plattermid 18th centuryDetailed foliate molded edge,circular basin, raised on conformingfoot rim.D: 16 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$600-800

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    59 11-1404/35English salt-glazed stonewarecovered tureenc. 1745-60Oval bulbous form, the cover andbody with scrolling handles, workedto show wavy lines and raised dotsin panels, on oval foot.H: 9 3/4, W; 13 1/2, D: 10 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$400-600

    60 11-1404/32Three English salt-glazedstoneware sweetmeat dishesmid 18th centuryComprising a leaf molded dish withopen ring handle, scallop dish andbroad leaf molded oval dish. (3).Longest L: 7 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$300-500





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  • 61 11-1404/9Two English salt-glazed stonewareplattersmid 18th centuryBoth of circular form with barbededge, molded rim with steppedplain basin, raised on conformingfoot rim.Both D: 11 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$300-500

    64 11-1404/52English salt-glazed stoneware andenamel painted coffeepotc. 1760Baluster form, the cover painted toshow a house in a naturalisticsetting, the spout of naturalisticform, both sides of the bodydepicting figures in landscapes,raised on a circular foot.H: 8 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    62 11-1404/27Large English salt-glazedstoneware dishmid 18th centuryFoliate shaped rim, lattice carvededge alternating with foliate scrollmolded body, raised on smallcircular foot.D: 10 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$300-500

    63 11-1404/37Large pair of English salt-glazedstoneware lattice carved plates18th centuryCircular form, the edge carved withlattice edge framing basket weavemolded interior.D: 10 1/2 in.provenance:Ex-collection of Dorothy W. andF.Otto Haas.$500-800




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  • freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    67 11-1404/57Chinese export porcelain coveredtea caddyqianlong periodThe domed cover over balusterbase, enameled to show figuralpanels depicting boys at play abovescroll molded base.H: 5 in.$300-500

    68 11-1404/75Chinese Export famille roseassembled tea & coffee serviceqianlong period, c. 1760Comprising six coffee cups, sixteacups and saucers, creamer, sugarbowl, waste bowl, cake dish, stand,and spoon tray. (24).D: 8 1/4 in. (Cake Dish)$1,500-2,000

    65 11-1404/54Chinese export porcelain coffee potwith coverqianlong periodThe finial surmounted domed coverover baluster body, enameled toshow a figural cartouche depictingladies in garden hamlet.H: 9 in.$500-800

    66 11-1404/55Chinese export porcelain teapotqianlong periodThe gilded finial surmounted bydomed cover over ovoid pot, pottedwith straight spout and typicalhandle enameled in the typicalpalette to show figural panels.H: 5 1/2 in.$300-500

    69 11-1404/51Chinese export armorial porcleiancoffeepotc. 1750Fruit molded domed cover overtapering base, potted with straightspout, enameled to show grencitron and lotus medallion. Handlebroken.H: 10 in.$200-300



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  • 70 11-8012/3George II oak low dresserThe long plank rectangular top over threeshort cock-beaded drawers above shapedapron, raised on cabriole fore-legs.H: 31 W: 74 1/2 D: 20 in.$1,500-2,000

    71 11-1409/1Fourteen George III style mahogany dining chairs20th centuryComprising three armchairs and eleven side chairs, the moldedtop rail over openwork splat, behind stuffover seat raised onstraight legs united by stretchers.H: 38 1/2, W: 21, D: 18 in.$2,000-3,000

    72 11-1407/1Regency mahogany library tableearly 19th centuryThe rectangular top with molded edge and roundedcorners, inset with a black gilt-tooled leather writingsurface, over three short drawers and threeopposing drawers, raised on two supports overoutswept legs terminating in brass caps and castors.H: 30 1/2, W: 60, D: 38 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia gentleman.$3,000-5,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    Other Properties

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  • 76 11-1407/4Regency style ebonised x-framechairThe rattan worked back and seatflanked by reeded arms continuinginto x-frame legs united by turnedstretchers.H: 32, W: 22, D: 24 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$400-600

    77 11-1407/5George III mahogany bachelorschest18th centuryThe rectangular top with moldededge over four cockbeadedgraduating long drawers, raised onshaped bracket feet.H: 31, W:34, D: 17 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$1,000-1,500

    78 11-1407/6Brass and green glass desk lampearly 20th centuryConverted from a gas lamp, withgreen glass shade, now converted toelectricity.H: 33 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$1,000-1,500

    75 11-1407/3Leather upholstered button backswivel desk chair20th centuryThe oval back and shaped arms overx-frame support ending in castors.H: 44, W: 28 1/2, D: 32 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$800-1,200

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    73 11-1405/1George III Scottish mahogany and burl walnut tall case clockj a craw, montroseThe white enamel dial with roman and arabic numerals painted witha scene of a shepherd with flock and woman in a landscape, thehood with broken swan neck pediment above glazed door flanked bycolumns capped with brass corinthian capitals, over conforming casewith single crossbanded door, raised on shaped bracket feet.H: 85 1/2, W: 18, D: 9 in.provenance:Property of a New Jersey gentleman.$2,000-3,000

    74 11-1407/2Pair of leather button back andbrass studded armchairslate 19th/early 20th centuryThe brown leather upholsteredback, seat, and arms, over straightlegs.H: 33, W: 35, D: 35in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$1,500-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 17

  • 79 11-8021/4Fine pair of Victorian marble top ivory and marquetry inlaidharewood and tulipwood cabinetsattributed to lamb of manchesterThe rectangular rouge marble top over conforming case, with giltmetal mounted edge over single glazed door flanked by ivory inlaidmasks and foliate garlands, raised on plinth base.H: 41, W: 31, D: 13 in.provenance:Property of a Florida gentleman.$6,000-8,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    80 11-8021/6Late Victorian gilt metal mounted walnut writing desklate 19th centuryIn two parts: the superstructure with brass galleried top, overmirrored door flanked by banks of short drawers, over shaped topwith molded edge, over conforming drawer, raised on cabriole legsmounted with chutes. Signed in pencil Allion Nolan.H: 49, W: 36, D: 25 in.provenance:Property of a Florida gentleman.$2,000-3,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 18

  • 83 11-1401/1Pair of French bisque porcelaincherub modelsearly 20th centuryEach modeled as a reclining cherub,with garlands of flowers, one signedE Kessler, the other B. Rezl, bluecrossed arrow marks. Mounted aslamps.H: 10 in. (excluding fittings).provenance:Property of a Philadelphia lady.$800-1,200

    84 11-1400/1Group of nineteen Victorian copperluster and staffordshire tablewaresComprising of various forms andstyles. (19).Tallest H: 7 in.$1,500-2,000

    82 11-1423/10Pair of Derby porcelain disheslate 19th centuryScallop form, decorated with birdsand flowers on a white ground withgilt highlights, light blue groundborders, crown and incised marks toundersides.D: 9 3/4 in.$500-800

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    81 11-1423/1Fine and Large Royal Worcester giltand cream ground porcelain vasesigned john stinton,early 20th centuryOf campana form, richly paintedwith a scene depicting highlandcattle grazing in a mountainouslandscape, a smaller landscapevignette to the reverse, flanked byfoliate scroll handles, beneath aflared rim with a gadrooned edge,raised on a gadrooned socle and achamfered square foot, puce factorymark and model no. 1969 tounderside.H: 21 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Florida gentleman.$10,000-15,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 19

  • 85 11-1364/2Victorian gilt metal bust of WellingtonFramed and glazed in rosewood shadowbox.H: 20 1/4 in.$400-600

    86 11-1363/20Group of four Victorian tablewares19th century and laterComprised of two tankards and a teapotand creamer both marked Wedgwood.Tallest H: 6 in.$200-300

    87 11-8027/36Regency style mahogany and brass boundcellarette20th centuryOval form, with gadrooned rim and brass liner,raised on hairy paw carved feet.H: 17, W: 28, D: 18 in.$800-1,200

    88 11-8027/33Victorian salt-glazed pewter mounted ewer19th centuryThe shaped cover surmounting the balusterbody, issuing a rope twist handle showingmolded leaves on purple ground, registrationmark molded to base.H: 11 in.$600-800

    89 11-8027/21Seven George III style mahogany diningchairs19th centuryComprised of two arm and five side chairs, theladder backs with inter-laced scroll carvedhorizontal splats, over shaped cushioned seat,raised on tall square fluted legs. (7).H: 35, W: 24 in.$1,000-1,500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    90 11-8021/7Fine Victorian gilt metal mounted burlwalnut and maple inlaid credenzaattributed to lamb of manchester,circa 1870D-shaped top with gilt metal mounted andinlaid frieze over convex glazed doors flankingwell inlaid central straight door raised onconforming shaped plinth.H: 43 L: 68 D: 16 in.provenance:Property of a Florida gentleman.$4,000-6,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 20

  • 92 11-8021/11Pair of William IV mahoganygames tablesThe rounded rectangular topopening to reveal a felt surface overmolded frieze, raised on a flutedbaluster column terminating onsquare plinth over paw carved feet.H: 28, W: 32 (closed); 16 1/4 in.provenance:Property of a Florida gentleman.$4,000-6,000

    93 11-8021/12Victorian gilt metal mountedmahogany vitrineThe circular mounted top withglazed cover and sides enclosing redvelvet interior, raised on tall squaretapering lags.H: 29, D: 25 in.provenance:Property of a Florida gentleman.$2,000-3,000

    91 11-8021/10Victorian rosewood center tableThe shaped oval top with thumbnailedge, over joined twin balustercolumns raised on shaped legsterminating in castors.H: 29, W: 53, D: 44 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Florida gentleman.$3,000-5,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 21

  • 94 11-8023/2George III secretaire bookcaseThe dentil molded cornice over two astragalglazed cupboard doors, above a slant front deskopening to a series of fitted pigeon holes anddrawers, above four cockbeaded drawers raisedon bracket feet.H: 90, W: 43, D: 23 in.$1,500-2,000

    97 11-1303/1Set of fourteen George III style mahogany side chairs19th centuryThe shaped top rail over open vasiform splat above drop in seat, raised onstraight legs united by stretchers.H: 37, W: 22, D: 18 in.$3,000-5,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    95 11-1363/12George III style ebonized andgiltwood wall mirrorThe oval plate surmounted byspread winged eagle overconforming edge.H: 54, W: 32 in.$600-800

    96 11-1298/20George III mahogany and brassmounted hunt tableNarrow D-shaped top with reedededge, raised on four turned legsterminating on brass castors.H: 29, W: 60, D: 30 in.$1,500-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 22

  • 99 11-1298/17George III style mahogany fivepedestal dining tableWith two leaves, the centralpedestal wth two drop leaves, allwith reeded edge, over turnedpedestals with reeded outswept legsterminating in brass caps andcastors.H: 30, W: 48, L: 160 in.$1,500-2,000

    100 11-1298/15William IV style rosewood librarytableThe rectangular top with roundedfore-corners, inset with gilt-tooledgreen leather writing surface, overtwin short drawers to the frieze,raised on faceted columns overlions paw feet.H: 30, W: 60, D: 23 in.$2,000-3,000

    98 11-1303/2Regency flame mahogany,rosewood crossbanded andsatinwood strung triple pedestaldining tableearly 19th century withrestorationsThe rectangular top with roundedcorners, over three turned pedestalsabove fluted outswept legsterminating in brass caps andcastors.W: 142, D: 58, H: 28 1/2 in.$3,000-5,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 23

  • 101 11-8027/20Pair of Regency mahogany side chairsearly 19th centuryThe rope twist rounded crest supported bylyre-form splat over drop-in seat, raised ontall shaped legs.H: 34, W: 15 in.$600-800

    102 11-8027/15Victorian toleware tray19th centuryPainted to show a view over the Bosphorus,with ships in the harbor, surrounded by ared border painted with flowers.W: 28 1/2, D: 19 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    103 11-8021/3Victorian walnut canterburyThe tiered demi-lune top supported byturned posts over single drawer raised onconfroming legs terminating in brasscastors.H: 42, W: 28, D: 15 in.$1,000-1,500

    104 11-8020/15Pair of Regency glass decantersThe molded associated stopper surmountsa blown baluster carafe with circular reededneck and petal form faceted base.Base H: 9 in.$300-500

    106 11-8020/1Ten Victorian molded porcelainoyster platesEach with molded rim with gildededge, centered by monochromerecess.D: 9 in.$300-500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    105 11-8021/2Pair of Victorian mother of pearlinlaid black lacquered papiermache side chairsThe solid shaped back worked toshow foliate sprigs, over shapedseat with loose cushion seat, raisedon cabriole legs.H: 33 in.provenance:Property of a Florida gentleman.$1,500-2,000

    107 11-1363/11French pressed brass andenameled dial wall clockearly 20th centuryThe circular dial with Romannumerals, is framed by conformingpressed brass case and pendulum.Total H: 52 in.$400-600

    108 11-1363/7Set of four Louis XVI style giltbronze and rock crystal and lusterwall sconces19th centuryThe shaped gilt bronze back plateissues two over three candle arms,supporting bead and linked lusters(electrified).H: 33 in.$2,000-3,000

    two from a set of four

    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 10:34 AM Page 24

  • 110 11-1363/4Continental bronze plaque and twoVictorian pressed brass flutecoversAll of circular form depictingclassical subjects.Bronze plaque D: 10 in.$200-300

    111 11-1342/18French bronze mounted orangemarble mantle clockearly 20th centuryThe circular chapter ring with romanhour markers, flanked by flutedcorinthian columns, the architecturalmarble case surmounted by abasket finial.H: 14 1/2 in.$400-600

    112 11-1298/21Northern European mahoganycenter tableThe circular top over faceted columnterminating on shaped conformingbase.H: 30, D: 44 in.$1,000-1,200

    109 11-1363/5English earthenware salt-glazedtwin handled urn19th centuryOvoid baluster form, the bodydecorated to show the Royal armsand Prince of Wales feathers,applied baskets of flowers, cupid,and flowerheads.H: 14 1/2 in.$600-1,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    113 11-1298/22George I style painted satinwood and parcel gilt consoleThe rectangular rosewood banded top painted with foliate cartouches,over ivory tone and gilt painted base, showing foliate garlands andswags and tapering square legs raised on triangular feet.H: 37, W: 66, D: 32 in.$6,000-8,000

    114 11-1298/13Regency style ebony strungmahogany commodeThe demi-lune top with reeded edge,above inlaid frieze over three ovalpanels, the case fitted with singlecentral cupboard door, raised onshaped bracket feet.H: 36, W: 45, D: 21 in.$700-1,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 25

  • 115 11-1298/12Dutch gilt metal mountedmahogany commodeThe D-shaped top over twinconforming drawers over foldingtambour doors, raised on squarelegs.H: 33, W: 22, D: 14 1/2 in.$300-500

    116 11-1298/7Victorian style Japanned andbamboo low tableThe shaped rectangular toplacquered to show figural hamlet toblack ground, over conformingbamboo base.H: 19, W: 34, D: 21 in.$400-800

    117 11-1298/4Victorian mahogany butlers tray onstandThe oval top with folding ends, overfluted square legs.H: 18, L: 35 in.$300-500

    118 11-1298/3Victorian style rosewood whatnotThe molded square top surmountedby turned finials over fourconforming tiers, the bottom fittedwith single drawer, raised on turnedfeet.H: 62, W: 19 in.$800-1,200

    119 11-1298/1Edwardian style painted satinwoodcommodeThe shaped demi-lune top overmarquetry and painted singledrawer to frieze over shaped sidesenclosing twin conforming cupboarddoors, raised on fluted cylindricallegs.H: 33, W: 41 1/2, D: 18 in.$600-800

    120 11-1297/2Victorian transfer painted porcelainjug and basinThe baluster form jug printed toshow classical horseman withinfoliate band, together withconforming basin.Jug H: 13 in.$300-500

    121 11-1294/4AEarly Victorian porcelain twinhandle vaseEverted rim over baluster bodyflanked by twin rope twist handlesraised on scrolled molded base,enameled to show butterflies andfoliate sprigs.H: 8 in.$200-300

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    123 11-1073A/5Dutch walnut inlaid lowboyearly 19th centuryThe molded rectangular top over two short and one longdrawer, raised on tall cabriole legs terminating in padfeet.H: 28, W: 29, D: 18 in.provenance:Property of a New Jersey Lady$400-600

    122 11-1073A/11Queen Anne walnut and satinwood strung chest on standearly 18th century, base laterIn two parts: The upper section with molded top over twoshort drawers above three graduated long drawers, the basewith single long drawer raised on bun feet.H: 47 1/2, W: 42 1/2, D: 25 in.provenance:Property of a New Jersey Lady$2,000-3,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 26

  • 124 11-1073A/4William and Mary walnut and seaweed marquetrylongcase clockanthony hebert, morefields, londonThe rising rectangular hood surmounted by three gildedfinials over half columns flanking glazed door, revealingsilvered chapter ring showing Roman numerals, overconforming case of single door with circular glass pane,raised on plinth base.H: 91, W: 18, D: 9 in.provenance:Property of a New Jersey Lady.note:Anthony Hebert is recorded as working in London duringthe 1690s.$3,000-5,000

    125 11-1073C/4Good Regency style triple pedestal mahogany dining table19th centuryWith 2 leaves, each turned baluster form pedestal issuing three outsweptreeded legs terminating in brass lions paw castors.H: 29, W: 165 (extended), D: 45 3/4 in.$4,000-6,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 27

  • 128 11-1073C/8Set of Four Regency simulated rosewood and parcel gilt side chairscirca 1820The padded back over damask upholstered stuffover seat, raised on channelmolded sabre legs.H: 35, W: 21 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    129 11-1073C/7George II mahogany drop-leaf tablecirca 1750The circular drop leaf top over four tapering legs terminating in pad feet.H: 28, W: 45 in.$1,000-1,500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    126 11-1073C/5Good set of twelve George III style mahogany dining chairs19th centuryThe arched top rail over interlaced vasiform splat, over stuff overseat above fluted fore legs and rear sabre legs.H: 48, W: 22 in.$4,000-6,000

    127 11-1073C/6Pair of Victorian carved giltwood mirrors19th centuryEach oval plate framed by open-carved conforming edgesurmounted by foliate crest.H: 18 in.$600-800

    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 28

  • 131 11-1073/31George II oak low boyThe molded rectangular top oversingle drawer to the frieze, raised ontall tapering cylindrical legsterminating in pad feet.H: 28, W: 30, D: 20 in.$400-600

    132 11-1073/105George III oak gateleg tavern tableThe oval top with D-shaped drop ends, withthumbnail molded edge over free-movingturned and joined legs.H: 29, W: 45, D: 30 in.$300-500

    133 11-1073/55Pair of late George III giltwood mirrorslate 18th centuryThe oval plate surmounted by an open foliate scrolled andscalloped shell crest, foliate molded edge, and conforming base.H: 32, L: 22 in.$1,000-1,500

    130 11-1073A/7George III mahogany breakfast tableThe oval tilt top with reeded edge, over turned balustercolumn raised on four shaped legs, terminating in brasscastors.H: 29, W:45, D: 39 in.provenance:Property of a New Jersey Lady$600-800

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    134 11-1073/73Victorian English mahogany whatnotTwo square tiers supported bycylindrical columns above conformingcupboard door, raised on cylindricalfeet and set with brass castors.H: 51, W: 18, D: 14 in.$400-600


    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 29

  • 137 11-1073/132Victorian giltwood and eglomisemirrorThe tall rectangular plate,surmounted by painted figuralscene, in simulated bamboogiltwood frame.H: 37, W: 18 in.$300-500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    135 11-1073/138Victorian needleworked picturedated 1861Depicting the Union Flag and theMerchant Navy Ensign flanking theinitials VR, behind the Royal coat ofarms and motto. Framed and glazed.Panel size H: 21, W: 29in.$400-600

    136 11-1073/169Victorian style mahogany chest ofdrawersThe rectangular top over conformingcase of four long drawers raised onbracket feet.H: 33, W: 36, D: 20 in.$600-800

    139 11-1073/76Pair of George III style satinwood inlaid mahogany consolesThe demi-lune tops over conforming inlaid frieze raised on square taperinglegs.H: 29, W: 32, D: 17 in.$400-600

    138 11-1073/114George III style burl walnut and yew wood secretaire bookcase20th centuryIn two parts: the upper section with swan neck pediment over a pairof astragal glazed doors, above a base with fall front revealing afitted interior, over four long drawers, raised on bracket feet.H: 92, W: 39, D: 21 in.$800-1,200

    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 30

  • 142 11-1073/29Assembled English ironstone servicemostly 19th centuryComprised of two covered tureens, pair of smallcovered soup tureens over stands, sixteenvarious plates or undertrays, a vase and largebowl, all decorated in the Imari pallette. (23).Tureen H: 13 in.$1,000-1,200

    143 11-1073/37Pair of Chinese export reverse paintings onglasslate 19th centuryTall rectangular form, depicting beauties invibrant tones, within conforming softwoodframe.Total H: 22, L: 16 in.$400-600

    140 11-1073/53George III style mahogany and brownleather window seatThe scroll shaped ends flank an over stuffeddiamond button down brown leather seat,raised on joined cylindrical legs.H: 27, W: 62, D: 18 in.$500-800

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    141 11-1073/36Victorian brass bound writing slope on later standThe folding top opens to reveal an inset leather writingsurface and typical arrangement of pen tray andcompartments.H: 21 1/2, D: 9 1/2, W: 17 1/2 in.$200-300

    144 11-1073/40Four English porcelain figures allegorical of the seasonslate 19th centuryEach modeled as a putti seated on a naturalistic base with flowers and giltscrolls, possibly Derby.H: 7 1/2 in.$400-600

    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:36 AM Page 31

  • 145 11-1073/47Chelsea porcelain sauce boatlate 18th centuryStylised leaf design, painted withinsects, red anchor mark tounderside.L: 7 1/2 in.$300-500

    146 11-1073/116Pair of English porcelain blueground vaseslate 19th centuryStylised baluster form, decorated ingilt, blue, pink, and yellow glazes,with twisting branch handles, oneside painted with an EnglishTopographical scene, the other withflowers.H: 10 1/4 in.$400-600

    147 11-1073/18George III satinwood and penworktea caddySarcophogus form, the lid worked toshow a maritime scene bordered byflowerheads and leaves, the sideswith topographical views withfigures and ruins, on bun feet.H: 6, W: 8 3/4, D: 5 1/2 in.$400-600

    148 11-1073/32George II oak tavern table18th centuryThe circular planked top overtriangular base with three taperinglegs terminating in pad feet.H: 27 1/2, Diam: 26 in.$400-600

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts





    149 11-1073/33George II walnut miniature chest ofdrawersThe featherbanded top over fourgraduated satinwood strung longdrawers raised on bracket feet.H: 22, W: 16 3/4, D: 9 in.$600-1,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT1-32.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 10:37 AM Page 32

  • 150 11-1073/64Set of Four English silver platedhurricane lampsearly 20th centuryEach with fluted base and talletched glass shade.H: 15 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    151 11-1073A/14Good George III giltwood girandolemirrorTall rectangular plate framed by Sand C shaped foliate scrolls, thebase issuing twin gilt metal candlearms.H: 43, L: 24 in.$1,000-1,500

    152 11-1073A/8Pair of Derby porcelain gilded topographical cachepotsearly 19th centuryThe circular body painted with British topographicalscenes in oval reserves, below a green and puce floralband, decorated all over in gilt, flanked by scallop formhandles. Factory marks and captions to underside.H: 7 1/2, Diam: 8 in.$1,000-1,500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:23 AM Page 33

  • 153 11-1073/42Pair of English ironstone porcelain covered urnsHexagonal form, each domed cover surmounted by agilt lion, over conforming baluster base, gilt, orangeand blue over glazed foliate blossoms to body.H: 16 in.$500-800

    154 11-1073/49Two pairs of Victorian style molded glass andluster candlesticksThe central tulip form standard supporting free-moving lusters over fluted column. (4).H: 13 in.$400-600

    156 11-1073/60ADerby porcelain allegorical figure ofAmericaearly 19th centuryThe standing boy with feather crown, abovean alligator on gilded base titled America.H: 8 3/4 in.$800-1,200

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    155 11-1073/50English Imari palette ironstone covered tureenon stand19th centuryHexagonal domed cover over conforming body andstand, in blue, gilt on orange overglaze, impressedmark Mason Ironstone to stand.H: 13 1/2 in.$500-800

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:23 AM Page 34

  • 159 11-1073/100Regency style silver plated cruetsetearly 20th centuryThe oval stand with central handlesupporting six cut glass bottles.H: 10 1/2 in.$300-500

    160 11-1073/101Pair of silver plated bon bon dishesEach cast as a sea creaturesupporting a large scallop shell;together with two table salts ofsimilar design. (4).H: 7 1/4, W: 7 1/2 in.$300-500

    161 11-1073/119Rococo style silver plated tea andcoffee service on standreed and bartonComprising hot water urn andburner, tea and coffee pots, creamer,waste bowl, sugar bowl, sugartongs, and large tray, all decorated inthe rococo taste with c-scrolls, andvacant cartouches, together withanother silver plated tray of similardesign. (8).Urn H: 20 in.$800-1,000

    158 11-1073/82Victorian equestrian colored printedwin h. huntDepicting a racing horse titled StBlaise, framed and glazed.Sight H: 21, L: 27 in.$200-300

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    157 11-1073/61English Majolica figural centerpiecelate 19th centuryThe circular center stand issuing fourconforming tiers above a pair ofrecumbent lions and a seated farmingcouple.H: 12, L: 13 in.$500-800

    162 11-1073/122Pair of Continental silver platedcandlesticksThe baluster form stems cast toshow flowerheads, raised on threedolphin supports on tripartite bases.H: 12 1/4 in.$400-600

    163 11-1073/172Set of nine Victorian gilded andpainted porcelain cabinet platesretailed stern bros, new yorkFoliate molded and gilded circularrim, centered by fish scenes,stamped Hammersley & Co.D: 9 1/4 in.$400-600

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:23 AM Page 35

  • 164 11-4015/4George II oak lowboyThe molded rectangular top withstraight fore-corners over a basefitted with three drawers raised ontall cabriole legs, terminating in padfeet.H: 28, W: 31, D: 20 in.$400-600

    165 11-5001/1George III mahogany kneeholedeskThe molded rectangular top withrounded corners over single longdrawer and frieze drawer above acentral recessed cupboard door,flanked by two banks of three shortdrawers, raised on bracket feet.H: 31, W: 30, D: 19 in.$800-1,200

    166 11-5001/3George III brass mountedmahogany cellaretteThe hexagonal hinged cover set withbrass rings, over conforming case,raised on reeded straight legs,terminating in brass castors.H: 27, D: 18 in.$600-800

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    Other Properties

    168 11-1282/11Victorian black lacquered foldingwriting deskThe rectangular box painteddepicting a seated figure, opening toreveal a fitted interior.H: 5 1/2, L: 13 in.$500-700

    169 11-1282/8Victorian Renaissance revivalcarved oak upholstered armchair19th centuryThe upholstered back over stuffedseat, the arms and frame heavilycarved to show grotesques, rococoscrolls, dolphins, and masks.H: 44, W: 33 1/2, D: 26 in.$500-800

    170 11-1282/7American ferris wheel shapedchrome and glass cocktail standafter norman bel geddes(american, 1893-1958)Typical form, glass and chrome.H: 26 in.provenance:For a similar example see: Rago,April 2nd, 2005, Lot 385$300-500

    167 11-5035/10Pair of George III style mahoganychests of drawersThe molded serpentine top overconforming case with fourgraduated long drawers, raised onbracket feet.$1,500-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:23 AM Page 36

  • freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    171 11-1282/6Aesthetic movement oak, burl-walnut, and pine cabinetlate 19th centuryThe shaped top with roundedcorners above single frieze drawer,over single panelled cupboard door,flanked by three-quarter flutedcolumns, raised on conformingbase.H: 41, W: 50 1/2, D: 20 1/2 in.$1,000-1,200

    172 11-1281/22Victorian mahogany upholsteredarmchairThe upholstered back and sidessupporting loose cushion seat,raised on turned fore legs andsquare rear legs, terminating inbrass castors.H: 35 1/2, D: 34, W: 30 1/2 in.$2,500-3,000

    173 11-1298/8George III mahogany triple foldgames tableThe twin folding rectangular top,supported by gate-leg base, opensto reveal green baize playingsurface, over single drawer to thefrieze, raised on square legs.H: 30, W: 40, D: 19 in. (closed)$1,000-2,000

    174 11-1298/11George III style mahogany windowseatThe shaped ends flanking a narrowpadded seat raised on square flutedlegs and arrow feet.H: 27, W: 48, D: 13 in.$300-500

    175 11-1298/6William IV marble top mahoganyconsoleThe rectangular verde antico marbletop over ogee molded frieze, abovetwo cabriole legs carved to showlions heads and acanthus leaves onpaw feet to the front, two plain legsto the rear, united by a shaped baseraised on circular feet.H: 34, W: 40, D: 22 in.$1,500-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:23 AM Page 37

  • 176 11-1298/2Large William IV style yew woodrosewood banded center tableThe large circular crossbanded topover quadripartite base, composedof four fluted columns on fourcrossbanded outswept loegs, endingon hairy-paw cast castors.H: 30, D: 67 in.$1,000-2,000

    177 11-1297/1George III oak Welsh dresserTwo parts, the rectangular top overcentral cupboard and shelves, overconforming base fitted with threedrawers to the frieze and gadroonedapron, raised on carved cabriolefore-legs.H: 80, W: 67 1/2, D: 21 in.$2,000-3,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:23 AM Page 38

  • 178 11-1282/2Pair of George III style spider back armchairs19th centuryEach with typical spider form back over fluted armsand caned seat with loose drop in needleworkedcushions, raised on carved cabriole legs.H: 35, W: 25, D: 18 1/2 in.$1,500-2,000

    179 11-1281/20George III mahogany chest on chestIn two parts: the greek key molded top over two short drawers and threegraduated long drawers, the lower section with three graduated longdrawers, raised on tall shaped bracket feet.H: 73, W: 41, D: 23 in.$4,000-6,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    180 11-1281/19George III mahogany crossbanded and satinwood strung linen pressIn two parts: The ribbed Adams style corners with carved paterae at sides,over two large oval panelled cupboard doors opening to reveal the usualarrangement of trays, the lower section with long crossbanded drawers,above shaped apron and conforming feet.H: 77 1/4, W: 49 1/2, D: 24 in.$5,000-7,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:23 AM Page 39

  • 181 11-1279/2George III mahogany tilt top tableThe circular top free-moving abovecarved tapering baluster stem,raised on shaped tripod legs andpad feet.H: 28, W: 30 in.$600-800

    182 11-1280/1George III style marble top consoletableThe serpentine grey veined whitemarble top over conforming friezedrawer, above a mirrored back andtwo fluted tapering supports unitedby undertier and continuing intobrass capped feet.H: 33, W: 52, D: 14 1/4 in.$600-800

    183 11-1279/1Matched pair of George IIImahogany candle standsThe octagonal top over balustercolumn raised on shaped legs.H: 28, D: 16 in.$400-600

    184 11-1281/23Anglo-colonial teak brass boundcampaign chest19th centuryTypical form, the lid with arabesquebrass corner mounts and campaignhandle.H: 18, W: 35 1/2, D: 17 1/2 in.$1,200-1,500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    185 11-1281/16Attributed to George Laporte(German 1799-1873)over the fenceOil on canvas, depicting a hunt scene ofa mounted rider wearing a red coat andtop hat, and holding his crop aloft, inmid flight leaping over a fence. Framed.H: 17 1/2 in., W: 22 1/2 in.$3,000-4,000

    186 11-1281/17Elias Erdtman(Swedish, 1863-1945)cypress treeOil on canvas, depicting the tree ina sunny archipelago setting, withthe sea and sky behind. Signed anddated E. Erdtman 1922 lower leftcorner.H: 25 1/2 in., W: 35 in.$1,500-1,800

    187 11-1281/18Carl Mansson (1892 -1976)spring farm scene in skine, swedenOil on Canvas painted to show atypical rustic farmyard scene,signed lower left corner. Framed.H: 19 in., W: 29 in.$800-1,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 2:35 PM Page 40

  • 190 11-1281/13Wedgwood Ovean patterncovered rectangular sardine dishlate 19th centuryRectangular molded dish, togetherwith a pair of dessert plates.Plates D: 6 in.$1,200-1,500

    191 11-1281/14Group of Eleven English majolicatable itemsmostly late 19th centuryComprising of various forms andsizes.Tallest 8 in.$2,000-3,000

    192 11-1281/15Assembled group of eleven Englishmajolica table itemsmostly late 19th centuryComprising of Four jugs, threeplates, bowl and castor, togetherwith various other forms.Jug H: 8 in.$2,000-3,000

    189 11-1281/12Seven part English majolicaWedgwood strawberries andgrapes pattern dessert servicec. 1900Comprising one pastry server andsix luncheon plates. (7).Plates D: 6 in.$500-700

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    188 11-1281/11Pair of Victorian majolica oysterplatesTypical molded circular form, cobaltblue central dish.D: 10 in.$600-800

    193 11-1281/10Group of Eight Dutch delftpolychrome tilesc. 1780Each tile of square form, uniting toform a continuous design.H: 5 1/2 in.$500-700

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:23 AM Page 41

  • 194 11-1280/2Regency mahogany, ebony strungand brass mounted card tableThe brass banded folding D-shapedswivel top over inlaid frieze, abovefour turned columnar supports, overfour outswept tapering legsterminating in brass caps andcastors.H: 30, W: 35, D: 17 in. (closed)$800-1,200

    195 11-1278/26Dutch style eight arm brasschandelierTypical form, double cup baseissuing eight candle arms.H: 19 in.$300-500

    196 11-1278/23Victorian gilded papier-mache traytableThe faceted rectangular top withgilded foliate bands, over simulatedbamboo base.H: 20, L: 32 in.$500-700

    197 11-1278/24Tall Victorian style over mantelmirrorThe arched plate framed by crestcarved and molded paneled frame.H: 72, W: 32 in.$500-600

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    198 11-1218/13AGeorge III mahogany wingback armchairThe padded winged back raised on fret carved fore-legsand straight rear legs.H: 45, D: 25, W: 23 in.$1,000-1,500

    199 11-1218/1APair of George III style carved mahogany openarmchairsThe shaped padded back over straight arms andscroll carved posts raised on conforming seat,terminating on cabriole carved legs.H: 41 1/2, W: 28 in.$1,500-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:23 AM Page 42

  • 201 11-1212/34George III mahogany tilt top teatableThe circular top over balustercolumn raised on three cabriole legs,terminating in pad feet.H: 26, D: 24 in.$800-1,200

    201A 11-1426/3English School, Flowers and Urn18th century or earlierPencil and watercolor on paper,depicting an urn surrounded by aprofusion of flowers in variouscolors. Framed and glazed.Sight H: 29, W: 32 in.$400-600

    202 11-1212/35George II oak chest of drawersThe rectangular cross-banded topover conforming case, fitted withbrushing slope to upper drawerflanked by candle pulls over threeconforming drawers, terminating inbracket feet.H: 36, W: 33 1/2, D: 21 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    200 11-1218/2AGeorge III mahogany wing-backarmchairThe shaped padded back with earsover loose cushion, raised on flutedstraight joined legs.H: 41, W: 37 in.$1,000-2,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:23 AM Page 43

  • 203 11-1212/38George III mahogany chest onstandTwo parts: The molded top abovethree short drawers over threegraduated long drawers, the basewith single long drawer over twoshort drawers with plain shapedapron between, raised on cabriolelegs terminating in pad feet.H: 69 3/4, W: 40 1/2, D: 20 3/4 in.$3,000-5,000

    205 11-1278/7Victorian thirty-one piece partcreamware serviceComprising of six coffee cans, sixtea cups, teapot, tureen on stand,two plates, ten side saucers, andsingle mixing bowl. (31).Teapot L: 12 in.$1,000-2,000

    206 11-1278/8Pair of Victorian porcelain tulipvasesMirror potted, foliate form, overnaturalistic base. (2).H: 4 1/2 in.$400-800

    207 11-1278/9Victorian enameled and gildedporcelain bud vaseThe central vase issues six shapedcylindrical vases, decorated withgilded and enameled bands.H: 7 1/4 in.$400-800

    208 11-1273/1Continental silver plated Lobsterform covered oval platter20th centuryThe long, oval platter with lidsurmounted by a life-size castlobster.L: 26 1/2 in.$400-600

    209 11-1218/12AVictorian walnut canterburyThe arched open work sides surmounted by carved finials over a singleinlaid long drawer, raised on castors.H: 22, W: 21, D: 15 in.$800-1,000

    210 11-1218/7Set of four American cast iron stoolsConverted tractor seats, stamped San Francisco Baker & Hamilton,Champion raised on olive painted stand.H: 31 in.$800-1,200

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    204 11-1278/4Regency style gilt steel five piecefire equipment setComprised of a coal bucket and setof fire tools on stand.Stand H: 41 in.$600-1,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:23 AM Page 44

  • 211 11-1218/10AGeorge III mahogany and satinwood librarytableThe rectangular top with tooled green leatherinsert, over three short drawers fitted to thefrieze, raised on tall square tapering legs.H: 30, W: 56, D: 31 in.$2,500-3,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    212 11-1218/4APair of Victorian Louis XV style mahoganycommodesThe molded and shaped square top over a singledrawer above a cupboard door centered by amask, raised on tall and slender cabriole legs.H: 34, W: 18 in.$1,000-2,000

    213 11-1212/26Victorian rosewood writing slope19th centuryThe hinged lid opens to reveal aninset writing surface andcompartments, on later wood stand.H: 6 1/2, D: 12, W: 18 in.provenance:Property of a Kennett Squaregentleman.$300-500

    214 11-1212/19English rosewood brass boundwriting slope19th centuryThe lid centered with a brass plaqueengraved Wm Howe opens toreveal a compartmentalised interior,on later wood stand.H: 7 1/2, W: 20, D: 10 in.provenance:Property of a Kennett Squaregentleman.$300-500

    215 11-1212/14Large Doulton blue glaze vaseearly 20th centuryTall baluster form, the wide, straightneck decorated with large blueflowers and gilt highlights, the bodydecorated to show numerousflowers and stems in deep indigo,underglaze blue crowned DoultonBurslem and impressed mark tounderside.H: 23 1/4 in.provenance:Property of a Kennett Squaregentleman.$300-500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:23 AM Page 45

  • 216 11-1212/15Late Victorian gilt metal mountedmahogany center tableThe banded rectangular top abovejoined twist columns supportedunder tier, raised on cast claw andball feet.H: 29, W: 36, D: 20 in.provenance:Property of a Kennett Squaregentleman.$600-800

    217 11-1212/24George III satinwood bandedmahogany dressing tableThe D-shaped top with banded edgeenclosing shell inlaid medallion, oversingle long drawer to the friezeflanked by twin short drawers, raisedon tapering legs.H: 29, W: 35, D: 21 in.provenance:Property of a Kennett Squaregentleman.$3,000-5,000

    218 11-1212/17George II mahogany games tableThe rectangular top with square forecorners over plain frieze raised ontall cabriole legs carved at the knee,terminating on paw carved feet.H: 29, W: 32, D: 16 in. (closed)provenance:Property of a Kennett Squaregentleman.$2,000-3,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:24 AM Page 46

  • 220 11-1212/3George III oak tall case clocksigned richard marshallThe 17 in. arched brass dial with silveredchapter ring, subsidiary seconds andcalendar dials, winged cherub foliatecrest spandrals, the four pillar eight daymovement with anchor escapement, thehood with pierced gallery and acornfinials above dentil and wave moldedcornice above turned 3/4 columns, overarched glazed door, the plain case witharched door and molded edge, andrectangular base.H: 87, W: 22, D 9 1/4 in.provenance:Property of a Kennett Square gentleman.$3,000-4,000

    221 11-1212/13William and Mary oak paneled chest of drawersThe rectangular top over conforming case, fitted withfour paneled drawers, raised on bracket feet.H: 39, W: 40, D: 25 in.provenance:Property of a Kennett Square gentleman.$2,000-3,000

    219 11-1212/18Large George III oak cornercupboardThe molded top over two paneleddoors, above molded edge, over twosmaller doors, on plinth base.H: 83 1/2, W: 46, D: 24 in.provenance:Property of a Kennett Squaregentleman.$3,000-4,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:24 AM Page 47

  • 222 11-1141/342Late George III silver mountedivory verneered tea caddyFaceted rectangular top with silverloop handle over conforming base.H: 4 1/2, L: 4 1/4 in.$800-1,000

    223 11-1141/35George III satinwood kingwoodbanded tea caddySquare top fitted with brass pullhandle, over conforming base.H: 4 1/2, L: 4 1/4 in.$300-500

    224 11-1141/36Large Regency ivory mounted andebony strung mahogany tea caddySarcophagus form, the faceted coverrevealing ivory banded interior tocover, the base fitted with twincovered basins flanking anassociated Japanese Imari coveredmixing bowl, all raised on flutedivory bun feet and mounted to theends with gilt metal lion mask andring handles.H: 8, L: 12 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    225 11-1141/34George III marquetry harewood teacaddyOval cover above conforming caseinlaid to show a foliate medallionand vase to the front.H: 5, L: 5 1/2 in.$400-600

    226 11-1141/32Late George III rolled paper andfruitwood hexagonal tea caddyThe hexagonal top with bandededge mounted with brass handle,over conforming case.H: 5 1/2, L: 6 1/2 in.$400-600

    227 11-1141/30George III mahogany kingwoodbanded and parquetry stationaryboxThe sloped serpentine cover overconforming case, with fitted interior.H: 15, L: 9 in.$800-1,000

    228 11-1141/29Large George III style satinwoodmahogany banded and inlaidtantalusThe square top with fitted brasshoop handle opening to reveal aconverted interior fitted to housefour gilded glass decanters.H: 9 1/4, L: 7 1/4 in.$400-600

    229 11-1141/28George III parquetry harewood teacaddyThe hinged square lid inlaid withsilver plaque, above conformingcase with cover to the interior.H: 4 1/2, L: 4 3/4 in.$300-500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    230 11-1141/25George III yew wood, marquetryand ivory inlaid tea caddyThe faceted rectangular top withshell medallion over conformingcase, cover to interior.H: 5, W: 4 1/2$300-500

    231 11-1212/9English brass bound mahoganytravelling vanity case19th century, w. leuchars,piccadillyThe rectangular lid with brassplaque engraved C.A.B., openingto reveal a fitted interior andBramah lock, on later wood stand.H: 6, W: 11, D: 7 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Kennett Squaregentleman.$400-600

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 11:12 AM Page 48

  • freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts












    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:24 AM Page 49

  • 232 11-1172/2Edwardian satinwood inlaid mahoganycabinet on standIn two parts: the tall rectangular top withmolded cornice above single glazed door,over demi-lune shaped base fitted withcupboard doors raised on tapering squarelegs.H: 82, W: 57, D: 18 in.$800-1,200

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    233 11-1212/1Regency mahogany secretaire chestearly 19th centuryThe rectangular crossbanded top above afall front, opening to reveal a typicalarrangement of drawers and pigeon holes,disguised as two short and one longdrawer, over three graduated long drawers,all drawers cockbeaded and fitted withivory estucheons, above a shaped apronand conforming feet.provenance:Property of a Kennett Square gentleman.$2,500-3,500

    234 11-1212/2Late George III mahogany secretaire bookcaselate 18th centuryIn two parts: the fret carved rectangular cornice above twin glazed doors, over base fittedwith pull drawer writing surface revealing interior of maple veneered drawers above twoconforming long drawers, raised on shaped feet.H: 93, W: 38, D: 22 in.provenance:Property of a Kennett Square gentleman.$6,000-8,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:24 AM Page 50

  • 236 11-1165/11George III style mahogany andsatinwood strung sideboardThe serpentine top with cantedcorners, over a single drawer flankedby two cupboard doors, each withtwo faux drawer-faces, raised ontapering legs terminating on spadefeet.H: 37, W: 60, D: 22 in.$1,200-1,800

    237 11-1165/10Set of four Sheraton maplearmchairsThe shield form back overneedleworked drop-in seat, abovefluted tapering legs.H: 38, W: 21, D: 15 in.$800-1,200

    238 11-1163/53Two English bronze medallionsafter pistrucciCircular medals of brown bronzepatina, electrotype castingscommemorating the battle ofWaterloo, mounted on later board.D: 5 5/8 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.$300-500

    235 11-1170/6Regency ivory mounted rosewoodtable cabinetThe arched pediment over glazeddoor fitted with faux library interioropening to reveal six long drawersfitted for cigars all over singledrawer, raised on bun feet.H: 10 1/2, L: 8 in.$400-600See illustration on page 32

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    239 11-1163/38Copeland parianware groupingdated 1866Depicting Diana with child, flankedby a panther over naturalictic base,inscribed Copeland, ?alempreceramic and Crystal Palace ArtUnion.H: 19 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.$600-800

    240 11-1163/36Chelsea style molded cabbage leaf porcelain tureenTypical form, the lid surmounted by a cockatiel.H: 10, W: 11, D: 7 1/2 in.$300-500

    241 11-1139/14George III style gilt bronze mirrorearly 20th centuryThe arched rectangular plate setwithina pierced rococo frame withacanthus and c-scrolls, surmoutedby a winged putti mask.H: 22 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$800-1,200

    242 11-1107/5Royal Worcester ivory-groundporcelain vasesigned j stintonTall revered pear form, lattice carvedwalls glazed light blue, the centralpanels painted to show peasants.H: 11 1/2 in.$2,000-3,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 11:12 AM Page 51

  • 243 11-1095/9Victorian gilt metal mountedwalnut bookshelf on cabinetTwo parts, the molded corniceflanked by full columns surmountedby gilt metal capitals, enclosingglazed doors, all above a conformingbase fitted with twin cupboarddoors raised on plinth base.H: 83, W: 40, D: 21 in.$1,000-1,200

    244 11-1095/5Pair of Paris blue ground porcelain covered tureens on stands19th centuryThe molded finial over crowned cover surmounts a molded cylindrical base,painted to show to cartouches of song birds on blue gilded ground, onconforming stand.H: 8 in.$1,200-1,500

    245 10-9012/22After Ed Chopethe fishermanBronze, dark brown patina, depictingthe swooping eagle with gilt talonsand beak above a cresting wavegrasping a fish in its talons, signedChope, raised on marble base.H: 32, Wingspan L: 28 in.provenance:Sold to benefit HealthSouthshareholders, Birmingham, Alabama.$1,000-1,500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    246 10-8097/1English silk needlework and oil oncanvasearly 19th centuryDepicting the Adoration of theMagi, signed on reverse, Mrs.George Middleton, Shoreditch incontemporary gesso and gilt frame.H: 20, W: 25 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    247 10-1995/16Pair of Victorian Imari paletteironstone covered tureens19th centuryEach with a domed cover withfoliate finial over conforming twin-handled base, together with a singleundertray. (3).H: 6 1/2 in.$300-500

    248 10-2017/6Victorian Roman revival bronzeplaqueDark brown patina, the reliefdepicting a classical beauty, withinoak frame.Total H: 21 1/2, L: 18 in.provenance:Property of a New Jersey Lady$500-750

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 11:12 AM Page 52

  • 251 11-8013/43George III silver sugar basket withlinerhester bateman, 1789The engraved and openwork basketwith cobalt glass liner and flutedswing handle, above a spread ovalfoot.H: 7 1/2, W: 7 in. 5.9 oz.$400-600See illustration on page 117

    249 11-8013/47Early Victorian painted ironstonefoot bathfirst half 19th centuryOval from, gilded rope twist handles,the body painted to show villagehamlet.H: 9, L: 22 in.provenance:Purchased 1977 ($250).$300-500

    250 11-8013/75Victorian sterling silver and cutglass inkwelllondon, james beebe, 1894Bulbous form, the cut glass bodysurmounted by a rococo stylerepousse lid, raised on a spreadcircular rococo style base.H: 6 in.$300-500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    252 11-8013/46Good George III silver and cut glass centrepiece bowlmatthew boulton, 1810The rectangular cut glass bowl set into oval silver stand with beaded rimabove a foliate band, supported by four perched eagles over taperingcolumns with applied leaf decoration, terminating on a quadripartite basewith gadrooned rim and centered by a large wheatsheaf finial, raised onhairy lions paw feet.H: 11 1/4, W: 12 in.$2,500-3,500

    253 11-8013/39George II silver salverhenry morris, london, 1749Shaped circular form, engraved with a coat-of-arms within cartouche, therim shaped to show alternating cupid masks and scallop shells, raised onthree inwardly scrolling feet.D: 16 1/2 in. 61 oz.$4,000-6,000

    254 11-8013/38Pair of George III sterling silvercandlesticksmatthew boulton, birmingham,1809Each tapering standard surmountedby an urn form capital withdetachable nozzle, above a circularbase with gadrooned rim, bearingengraved armorial.H: 13 1/2 in. Weighted.$2,000-3,000

    253 519


    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 11:12 AM Page 53

  • 262 11-8013/68Large Chinese famille roseporcelain covered jarlate 19th centuryDomed cover over baluster baseenameled to show peach branch.H: 17 in.$600-800

    263 11-8013/82Collection of sterling silver spoonsComprising six Kings patternteaspoons, makers mark A.E.W.,six Gorham teaspoons, and fiveRogers coffee spoons; together with13 other white metal spoons. (30).The silver 12 1/2 oz.$200-300

    264 11-8013/84Eleven sterling silver spoons19th centuryIncluding a ladle, marked Kirk, dateletter C, the other a spoon, markedJB Jones, and 9 other coin silverspoons; together with 10 furtherpieces of sterling or silver plateflatware. (21).The two spoons 7 1/2 oz.$200-300

    265 11-8013/1Victorian mahogany side chairThe oval padded crested back overserpentine seat, raised on cabriolelegs.H: 39, L: 17 in.$300-500

    260 11-8013/66Two Chinese carved jadeite figures19th centuryTwo standing green mottle celadonhue figures on associated woodstands, later presentation boxes.Total H: 6 in.$500-700

    261 11-8013/67Impressive Japanese bronzejardinierelate 19th centuryBrown patina, heavy cast cylindricalbasin, cast to show elephant masks.H: 14, D: 19 in.$1,500-2,000

    255 11-8013/51Victorian style carved mahoganygames tableThe shaped serpentine folding topover foliate carved apron, raised onthree joined cabriole legs,terminating on foliate scroll carvedfeet.H: 30, W: 37, 18 1/3 in. (closed)$300-500

    256 11-8013/52Late Victorian carved giltwoodmirrorThe tall rectangular platesurmounted by open foliate crestcentered by classical urn.H: 51, W: 21 in.$300-500

    257 11-8013/53Group of four English jasperwareitemsmostly late 19th centuryComprised of two covered biscuitbarrels, and a pair of urns, togetherwith a three piece Japaneseporcelain garniture.Tallest Jasperware H: 11 in.$1,000-2,000

    258 11-8013/56Collection of blue and whiteporcelain tablewaresmostly 19th centuryComprising five pieces of hand-painted Chinese Export porcelain;,several transfer printed wares,including a Burslem tureen, twoEnglish Blue Meissen dishes, threepieces of Buffalo pottery, fiveStaffordshire small serving platters,and a Staffordshire soap dish. (20).Various sizes.$800-1,200

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    259 11-8013/65Large Chinese gilt metal mountedcloisonne boxlate 19th centuryLong rectangular form, worked toshow a profusion of foliage on greenground, four characters worked tocover.H: 4 1/2, L: 15 in.$800-1,200

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 11:12 AM Page 54

  • freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    267 11-8013/15William IV style mahogany teapoyThe rectangular top with gadrooned carvededge, over two rounded drawers, raised onturned column and terminating on platformabove paw carved feet.H: 29, W: 20, D: 14 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    266 11-8013/2Regency mahogany drum tableThe circular top with brown tooled leathersurface, the apron set with alternatingdummy drawers, raised on tall turnedcolumn and reeded shaped legs,terminating on paw cast castors.H: 29, D: 33 in.provenance:Sold Parke-Bernet sale 11/7/1970.Purchased by the current vendor in 1979($500).$800-1,200

    268 11-8013/16William IV mahogany cellaretteOf cylindrical form, the flatteneddomed cover surmounted by acarved finial opening to a lead-linedinterior, the case with gadroonededge, raised on square base.H: 30, D: 20 in.$1,500-2,000

    269 11-8013/20George III satinwood banded mahoganysofa tableThe rectangular top with D-shaped dropsides, centered by leaf medallion, over twoshort drawers, raised on joined turnedcolumns and shaped legs, terminating inbrass castors.H: 29, W: 56, D: 28 in.$2,000-3,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 11:12 AM Page 55

  • 270 11-8013/21Impressive pair of Roman revivalbronze urns on marble standslate 19th centuryBrown patina, each ribbed body witha central band cast to showallegorical figures, the waisted neckflanked by spiral scrolled handlesending in masks, raised on a blackmarble socle and base with rougemarble band.Total H: 23 in.$6,000-8,000

    271 11-8013/30Victorian carved walnut butlerstable19th centuryThe molded rectangular free movingtop surmounts a conforming secondand third tier raised on vine carvedtapering columns terminating onshaped legs and scrolling feet.H: 42, W: 46, D: 24 in.$600-800

    272 11-8013/31Edwardian mahogany satinwoodstrung vitrineThe rectangular glazed cover, hingedabove glazed paneled base, raisedon tall square tapering legs.H: 29, L: 17 in.$300-500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 11:12 AM Page 56

  • 276 11-1067/48Ruskin pottery stoneware vasedated 1925The globular body below a long neckand flared rim, in opalescent pinkglaze, stamped Ruskin England1925 to base.H: 9 1/4 in.$300-500

    277 10-8097/8George III mahogany satinwoodbanded and marquetry inlaidsideboardc.1790The rectangular top over centraldrawer flanked by two smallcupboard doors, raised on taperinglegs terminating in spade feet.H: 33, W: 50 3/4, D: 16 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    278 10-2015/17Bronze model of a standing heron20th centuryShowing the heron standing in thestump of a tree, before a bullrushwith frog, on a California jade base.H: 17 1/2, W: 25 in.$800-1,000

    279 10-2015/5Regency brass skeleton clockOf typical form, behind a steel facewith roman hour marks, flanked bytwo recumbent lions, on a steppedbase, within a glass case.H: 13 1/4 in.provenance:Property of a Main Line Lady.$800-1,000

    280 10-1916/13Victorian stained walnut winecoolerDeep U shape turned body withbrass insert raised on circular basewith ball feet.H: 15, D: 14 in.$400-600

    281 10-1916/14Victorian walnut nursing chairThe foliate carved crest, paddedwaist, raised on cabriole fore-legs,needpoint cover.H: 34 in.$400-600

    273 11-1212/12Scottish late Victorian needleworkRectangular form, depicting a scenefrom the life of Bonnie PrinceCharlie, framed and glazed.Sight L: 22in.$300-500

    274 11-1073C/3Two topographical Derby porcelainplatesearly 19th centuryShaped quatrefoil form, each with acentral reserve hand-painted with atopographical scene within a giltboder, the rims glazed in mint greenbordered in gilt, factory marks andcaptions to underside.$500-700

    275 11-1073C/2Two topographical Derby porcelaindishesearly 19th centuryOval form, each with a centralreserve hand-painted with atopographical scene within a giltboder, the rims glazed in mint greenbordered in gilt, factory marks andcaptions to underside.Diam: 9 3/4 in.$400-600

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts





    Other Properties

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:24 AM Page 57

  • 282 10-1782/120Victorian decoupage and painted canvas threepanel floor screenlate 19th centuryThree tall rectangular panels applied and painteddepicting various nineteenth century Royal subjectsand cultural life.Each panel H: 73, W: 24 in.provenance:Property of a Maryland collector.$300-500

    283 10-1782/326Victorian painted metal coal scuttleThe faceted rectangular top painted with amedallion of a Bulldog over conforming base, raisedon paw cast front feet.H: 20, W: 17 in.$300-500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    284 10-1759/15English ceramic vaseearly 20th century, probablydoultonGlobular with a short neck, paintedwith an oval reserve of a youngwoman and child beside a bank,against a field of scrolling flowersand foliage on a cream ground withraised gilt details, the whole withlace overlay; mounted as a lamp.H: 13, D: 12 1/2 in. (excludingfittings)provenance:Property of a Pennsylvaniagentleman$300-500

    285 10-1721/2Late Victorian mounted Rhinocerosskin walking caneLong tapering cylindrical form, thewood shaft covered in skin from aRhinoceros phallus.L: 37 in.$2,000-3,000

    286 11-1067/45Forty-two Victorian and laterwalking sticks and canesmostly late 19th century andlaterComprising of one sword stick,Japanese silver and ivory mountedsticks, several carved wood,enameled, and other examples.(42).Various sizes$2,000-3,000 286 286285286286286

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:24 AM Page 58

  • 288 11-1067/62Japanese ivory figure and ivory krishiltStanding Buddihist figure; togetherwith a carved ivory hilt.Figure H: 6 1/2 in.$400-600

    289 11-1067/61Large Thai bronze fragment of a handBrown patina, fingers pointed upwards, oncustom stand.Total H: 20 in.$400-600

    290 11-1067/60AIndian ivory brushpotTall cylindrical form, carved to show elephantsand pine grove, over rosewood stand.Total H: 7 1/2 in.$300-400

    287 10-1299/59Unusual Victorian gilt metalmounted cut glass decanterlock plate stamped betjemannspatentThe faceted stopper fixed in placeby a lockplate hinge, mounting arectangular cut glass body.H: 9 1/2 in.$500-800

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    291 11-1067/57Large and impressive JapaneseTokyo school ivory okimonosigned, 19th centuryTall solid single section carvingshowing bijin with child.H: 13 1/2 in.$2,000-3,000

    292 11-1067/56Japanese Makuzu Kozan porcelainvasestudio markedWide baluster form, yellow dragonto orange ground, studio mark tobase, together with four Japaneseporcelain items.Vase H: 7 in.$400-800


    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:24 AM Page 59

  • 297 11-1067/42Japanese bronze vasesigned, late 19th centuryTall baluster form, foliate barbed rimover body worked to show an eagleover pine branch, raised on circularfoot.H: 14 1/2 in.$400-600

    298 11-1067/38Large and impressive Japanesemixed metal inlaid bronze vaselate 19th centuryTall baluster form with mask handlesto shoulders, very fine mythical beastand eagle to sides, over circulardrilled base.H: 14 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    299 11-1067/34Fine pair of Japanese gilt andpatinated bronze vases19th centuryCylindrical form, the bodies withapplied blossoms and bats.H: 15 in.$1,500-2,000

    300 11-1067/25Large Japanese iron teapot andhand warmer19th centuryBoth with free moving handles overcovered cylindrical bodies.Largest D: 7 1/2 in.$400-800

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    301 11-1067/16Fine Japanese okimono of a headof cornsigned, late 19th centuryNaturalistically carved, elongatedand slightly curved form, well anddelicately enhanced.L: 16 in.$3,000-5,000

    293 11-1067/53Group of four Japanese cloisonneitemsmostly late 19th centuryComprising of a tall melon lobedvase, covered koro, together withtwo other table items. (4).Tallest H: 10 in.$500-800

    296 11-1067/43Pair of Japanese earthenwaresatsuma vasesTall cylindrical form, applied withswans to body enameled to showpeony blossoms.H: 14 1/2 in.$400-600

    295 11-1067/43AJapanese Kutani porcelain vaseSleeve vase, iron red and giltoverglaze to show pine grove.H: 14 in.$300-500

    294 11-1067/52Pair of Japanese mixed metal andbronze vasesearly 20th centuryTall baluster form, worked to showdeer in landscape.H: 8 1/2 in.$300-500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:24 AM Page 60

  • 304 11-1100/2Three Japanese cloisonne enamelvaseslate 19th century and laterComprising a dragon vase on greenfoil, together with two similar vases.Tallest H: 5 in.$800-1,200

    305 11-1100/4Fine Japanese bronze and gildedjoss stick vaselate 19th centuryBaluster form, the outer wallshowing scrolling cloud, with innerchamber gilded to show coileddragon, raised on circular base,impressed mark.H: 4 in.$800-1,200

    306 11-1282/3ETwo Japanese earthenwaresatsuma chargersearly 20th centuryFlattened U- shape decorated toshow figural landscape.D: 14 in.$800-1,200

    303 10-1756/1Japanese carved hardwood benchlate 19th centuryThe heavily carved back worked toshow a coiled dragon flanked bycoiled clouds, over long rectangularhinged seat, flanked by dragon headposts, over joined platform base.H: 50, W: 63, D: 29 in.$1,000-2,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    302 10-1299/60Fine Japanese ivory and silvermounted seven piece vanity setlate 19th centuryComprising of four brushes,mirror, shoe horn, and file.Longest L: 12 in.$500-800

    307 11-1141/26Pair of Japanese silver, ivory andenamelled shimbayama vaseslate 19th centuryThe long neck with flared rims abovean ivory body applied with mother ofpearl to show song birds and sprigs,raised on an enamel worked foot;together with a Japanese carvedivory brushpot. (3).Vases H: 5 3/4 in.$500-700

    308 11-1163/8Korean cast iron quanyinThe seated deity with separatelycast halo.H: 14 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.$300-500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 11:12 AM Page 61

  • 309 11-1282/3FAssembled Japanese Kutaniporcelain table itemsApproximately fourteen trays,covered dishs and cups.Longest L: 8 in.$400-600

    311 11-1282/3DPair of earthenware satsumavasesearly 20th centuryBaluster form, decorated in thetypical satsuma palette. (2).H: 14 1/2 in.$600-800

    312 11-1282/3CJapanese earthenware satsumabowlsigned, late 19th centuryDeep U-shaped bowl, decorated toshow figural cartouches.D: 6 in.$700-1,000

    313 11-1282/3BJapanese earthenware satsumabowlshaazu chest and kiku,late 19th centuryFoliate molded rim, over deep Ushaped base, raised on smallcircular foot, decorated to showfigural landscape.D: 4 1/2 in.$600-800

    314 11-1282/3AJapanese earthenware satsumabowlshimazu chest and kiku to baseand signed, late 19th centuryFoliate rim over U-shaped body,decorated to show figurallandscape, riased on short circularfoot.H: 2 1/2, L: 5 1/2 in.$600-800

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    310 11-1163/18Large Japanese bronze figure of lionon burlwood stand19th centuryBrown patina, recumbent beast overassociated burlwood base.Bronze L: 17 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.$1,000-1,500

    318 11-8027/29Tall Japanese cloisonne vaseearly 20th centuryTall baluster form, foliate blossom toblue ground, mounted as a lamp.Vase H: 10 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    316 11-1294/4Japanese Kutani enameledporcelain candlestick19th centuryTypical form, butterflies and foliatesprigs enameled to yellow ground.H: 12 in.$200-300

    315 11-1282/3Japanese earthenware satsumabowlmarked, late 19th centuryU-shape decorated to show fan andshaped cartouches showing figurallandscapes.H: 2 1/2, L: 5 in.$800-1,000






    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:24 AM Page 62

  • 324 09-2253/13Pair of large Chinese Ming styleblue and white porcelain coveredjarsThe finial mounted domed coverabove baluster base painted withphoenix over a ground of Indianlotus and scrolling leaves.H: 24 in.$1,500-2,000

    325 09-2253/21Pair of Chinese Export famille roseporcelain covered jarsQianlong style, the finial mounteddomed cover enameled with mumblossoms within ruby pink ground,over baluster base worked with ironred lingzhi band to collar, foliateblossoms and birds worked to base.H: 26 in.$1,500-2,000

    326 09-2256/13Set of eight Chinese hongmu chairs19th centuryThe shaped and rounded top railabove shaped splat over squaremolded seat, above straight legsunited by stretchers.H: 41, L: 21 in.provenance:Property of a New York Gentleman$2,500-4,000

    327 08-1965/13Unusual Chinese gilt lacquer andporcelain insert boxThe rectangular top with ovalporcelain insert over conforming boxwith pewter interior.L: 10 in.$400-600

    328 11-8001/1Chinese famille verte porcelainvaseKangxi style detailed enameledfigural landscape to baluster vase.H: 19 1/2 in.$800-1,000

    329 11-8001/2Pair of Chinese famille verteporcelain vasesKangxi style figural landscape to tallslender baluster body.H: 19 in.$1,000-1,500

    330 11-8001/4Chinese blue and white porcelainvaseKangxi style, painted to show figurallandscape.H: 17 in.$700-900

    331 11-8001/5Chinese blue and white porcelainbrush potCylindrical form, figural landscape toexterior.H: 6 1/2 in.$500-700

    320 11-8002/1Samsom Armorial Imari enameledporcelain bowllate 19th centuryCircular faceted deep U-shape bowlover confroming foot, peony andsprigs to wall.H: 5 1/2, D: 11 1/2 in.$500-800

    321 11-8002/3Samson molded and enameledporcelain imari footed bowllate 19th centuryOctagonal U-shaped bowl withgilded and molded flowers andenameled peony and Fu lionmedallion over conforming splayedfoot.D: 13 1/2 in.$600-800

    322 11-8002/2Japanese enameled porcelainjardiniereDeep U shape, central phoenixcartouche framed by foliate sprigs.H: 9 1/2, D: 10 1/2 in.$300-500

    323 08-1965/12Large Sino-Tibetan copper andbrass Tara figureThe seated female deity flanked bytwin lotus over single lotus throne.H: 12 in.$800-1,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    332 11-5035/2AChinese export grisaille painted charger18th centuryCircular form, painted in shades of grey with gilt highlights, the rimdecorated with cartouches, flowers, swags, and birds, the centre paintedwith a cornucopia.D: 13 1/2 in.$600-800

    319 11-8027/28Japanese carved elephant ivory boxlate 19th centuryThe flattened cover worked to showa dragon supporting a sphere, overconforming cylindrical base.D: 4 1/4 in.$1,000-1,500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:24 AM Page 63

  • 333 11-8001/9Chinese hardstone carving ofQuanyinSeated deity over rock-work.H: 14 1/2 in.$1,500-2,000

    334 11-1423/9Set of five Chinese graduatingblack and gold lacquered traysEach typically worked to showfigures amongst buildings inlandscape settings.Largest W: 28 in.$1,000-1,500

    335 11-1423/5Chinese egg and spinach glazemonkey form ewerpossibly kangxi periodDepicting the seated monkey withleaf stopper, holding a fruit, a babymonkey sat on his lap.H: 7 1/2 in.$400-600

    336 11-1364/4Three lampsComprising two Chinese styleceladon glazed vases; and a Laliquestyle glass vase, all mounted andelectrified.Tallest H: 28 1/2 in. (includingfittings)$200-300

    337 11-1057/11Chinese Export blue underglazedand enameled basinqianlong periodShaped rectangular form, foliateglazed rim, the interior enameled toshow a hamlet.D: 14 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a WilmingtonGentleman$800-1,200

    338 11-8034/2Large Chinese Canton enamel platelate 18th centuryThe lobed circular plate enameled toshow citron and foliate sprigs.D: 13 in.$500-800

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    339 11-8033/2Chinese export tobacco leaf porcelain plateqianlong periodCircular form, enameled to show bright foliatesprigs.D: 10 in.$600-800

    340 11-8033/3Chinese export tobacco leaf porcelain plateqianlong periodThe molded circular plate enameled in the typicalpalette.D: 10 in.$600-800

    341 11-8033/4Chinese export tobacco leaf molded bowlqianlong periodFoliate molded rim, enameled in the typical foliatepalette.D: 9 in.$600-800

    342 11-8028/4Chinese bronze and enameled vaselate 19th/early 20th centuryBaluster form, worked to show water birdsamongst floral spigs on a blue ground. Wired andmounted for electricity.H: 10 1/2in. (excluding fittings)$400-600



    G11-09936_EC_TXT33-64.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:24 AM Page 64

  • freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    343 11-8027/11Chinese export carved elephant ivory chess setcanton, late 19th centuryComprising of sixteen red stained pieces and accompaniedneutral figures, various typical Chinese subjects. (32).Tallest H: 5 1/4 in.$2,000-3,000

    344 11-1294/5Good Chinese export porcelain partserviceearly 19th centuryEighteen piece service, comprised ofcovered tureen, ten plates, four graduatedunder dishes, tureen base and two saucers,together with associated cup and saucers.Tureen L: 12 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Maryland Family. By repute acommission for the Mckean-Troutt familyof Delaware$4,000-6,000

    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 65

  • 345 11-1294/2Twenty seven Chinese exportporcelain table items19th centuryComprised of a baluster vase, pair ofvases, and various other forms. (27).Tallest Vase H: 17 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    346 11-1281/25Set of three Chinese export blueand white porcelain graduatingmeat dishes19th centuryShaped oval form, underglazed toshow foliate blossoms. (3).Longest L: 16 1/2 in.$1,500-1,800

    347 11-1281/26Group of five Chinese export blueand white porcelain itemskangxi and laterComprising a pair of Kangxi plates,water bottle, octagonal plate, and atrumpet form vase depicting ladiesin the garden. (5).Tallest vase H: 10 1/4 in.$800-1,000

    348 11-1281/27Group of four Chinese blue andwhite export tablewareskangxi period and laterComprised of a jardiniere, twoKangxi plates and creamer.Jardiniere H: 9, D: 10 in.$600-800

    349 11-1281/28Group of six Chinese export blueand white porcelain table itemskangxi and laterComprising a pair of Kangxi floraldinner plates, a small diamondshape willow and peony gardenmeat dish, pair of small ginger jars(no lids), and a small bowldepiciting chinese men. (6).Longest L: 10 1/2 in.$600-800

    350 11-1281/29Collection of four Chinese exportblue and white porcelain itemsComprised of a Canton tureen tray,large blue and white water bottle,together with a pair of dinner plates.Vase H: 14 in.$800-1,000

    351 11-1281/30Grouping of four Chinese exportblue and white porcelain tableitemsComprising a cut corner rectangularmeat dish, large oval meat dish, anda larger rectangular cut corner meatdish.Longest tray 14 in.$1,000-1,200

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    352 11-1281/31Large Chinese export blue andwhite porcelain chargerkangxi periodCircular underglazed to show peonyand rock work to foliate rim.D: 15 in.$600-800

    353 11-1281/32Pair of Chinese export balusterform blue and white vaseskangxi marks, late 19th centuryBaluster form, peony on blueground, both with pierced woodlids.Total h: 11 1/2 in.$800-1,000

    354 11-1281/33Group of four Chinese export blueand white porcelain jarsComprised of two with porcelaincovers, one with wood cover,together with a cover-less jar. (4).Tallest H: 8 1/2 in.$600-800

    355 11-1281/34Large Chinese blue and whitecharger and vasekangxi period and four kangximarks, 19th centuryComprised of a Kangxi chargershowing fishing hamlet, togetherwith a later baluster vase. (2).Charger D: 14 1/2 in.$800-1,000

    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 66

  • 358 11-1281/1Chinese export porcelain rosemedallion large oval meat dishmid 19th centuryOval form with fitted draining dish,well and heavily enameled to showcentral figural group and detailedfoliate band.L: 18 1/2 in.$1,200-1,500

    359 11-1281/2Group of six Chinese exportporcelain table itemsqianlong period and laterComprised of pair of plates, teapot,creamer, oval dish, and later plate,all in the typical rose medallionpalette.Plate D: 10 in.$1,000-1,200

    356 11-1281/24Set of six Chinese export blue and white plateskangxi periodCircular slightly stepped base, painted to show foliatecartouches of seasons.D: 9 1/4 in.$600-800

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    357 11-1281/35Grouping of five Chinese exportblue and white porcelain itemsComprising a pair of small balusterform jars with dragon covers andthree boy on water buffalounderglazed soup plates.D: 9 in.$600-800



    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 67

  • freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts







    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 68

  • freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    360 11-1281/3Four Chinese export famille roseand blue glazed porcelain platesqianlong periodShaped circular form, blueunderglazed rim enclosing enameledfishing hamlet.D: 9 in.$800-1,000

    361 11-1281/4Pair of Chinese export porcelainplateslate 19th centuryCircular form, enameled rimcentered by armorial crest.D: 11 in.provenance:For the Dutch market, crestcommissioned for Gregory- Accolleefamily$1,200-1,500

    362 11-1281/5Three Chinese export blue andwhite undertraysComprised of a pair of rectangulartrays, together with a larger trayunderglazed to show fishing hamlet.L: 18 in.$1,200-2,000

    363 11-1281/6Three pairs of Chinese exportporcelain plateskangxi periodTwo pairs of floral dinner plates andone pair floral basket chargers. (6).Largest D: 11 in.$700-900

    364 11-1281/7Large Chinese blue and whiteporcelain tureen and coverqianlong periodThe fruit molded finial surmountsrectangular cover over conformingbase.H: 9, L: 13 in.$2,000-2,500

    365 11-1281/8Chinese export porcelain blue andwhite bowllate 18th centuryTall shaped square form,underglazed hamlet to outer-wall.H: 10 in.$900-1,200

    366 11-1281/9Pair of Chinese export porcelainArmorial plateslate 18th centuryCircular form, purple central crestwith monogramed GPC, raised onconforming foot.D: 10 in.provenance:Previously property of the AlbrightArt Gallery, NY.$800-1,000

    367 11-1163/41Chinese carved agate coveredcenser19th centuryFu lion surmounted domed coverover tripod base with archaic maskand lion handlles.H: 8, L: 7 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.$400-600


    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 69

  • 368 11-1163/40Tall Chinese carved hardwood and marble insert standlate 19th centuryCircular insert top over cabriole legs supporting secondtier, terminating on paw feet.H: 27, L: 19 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.$800-1,200

    369 11-1163/35Three Chinese export enameled porcelain figures of peacocks19th centuryComprising a pair models mounted as lamps, together with ataller model.Tallest H: 19 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.$1,000-1,500

    370 11-1163/32Chinese Kesi rank badgeqing dyanstySquare form, third civilian rank,framed and glazed.H: 11 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.$300-400

    371 11-1163/9Chinese giltwood figure19th centuryCarved seated immortal withassociated jade mounted halo.H: 11 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.$400-600

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    372 11-1163/5Chinese famille verte porcelaincovered jarkangxi periodDomed cover over conformingbaluster vase, enameled to showhorses on green ground.H: 6 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.$600-800

    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 70

  • 374 11-1141/70Chinese tortoiseshell boxcanton, 19th centuryCircular form, carved in the typicalCanton style with figures amongstbuildings in a landscape.D: 3 3/4 in.$600-800

    375 11-1141/13Chinese lacquer and gilt metalmounted tea caddycanton, 19th centuryThe rectangular top revealing twinmixing bins with ivory mountedpewter covers over conforming casefitted with scroll cast gilt metal feet.H: 4 1/2, L: 8 in.$400-600See illustration on page 49

    376 11-1100/1Chinese export lacquered andpewter lined tea caddycanton, 19th centuryRectangular domed cover revealingtwin pewter cannister with covers,fitted to conforming case.H: 6, L: 8 in.$400-600

    373 11-1163/4Pair of Chinese applied green stonefan form screens on standsThe fan form green screen appliedwith lapis and malachite to showfoliate blossoms, on stands.Total H: 14, L: 14 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.$500-800

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    377 11-1095/30Pair of Large Chinese bronze vasesConverted to lamps, verdigris brownpatina.Vase H: 22 in.$2,000-3,000

    378 11-1095/28Chinese export rose medallionporcelain vasecanton 19th centuryBeaker form, everted rim over widebody decorated in typical palette.H: 13 1/2 in.$1,000-1,200

    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 11:20 AM Page 71

  • 379 11-1095/33Impressive pair of Chinese Canton enamel, amber, green jadeite andmineral applied tree models on wood standscanton, early 19th centuryThe rectangular enamel painted jardiniere issues stems supporting aprofusion of amber and jadeite spheres, carnelian lingzhi heads and broadleaves, over wood stands and later custom plastic domes and stands.Model H: 20 in.$30,000-40,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 72

  • 380 11-1095/32Large and impressive pair ofChinese export famille roseporcelain vases on presentationwood standscanton, 19th century,custom dated standsRobust baluster form, molded lughandles to detailed enameled bodyshowing figural scenes and foliatesprigs, raised on custom woodstands.Vase H: 33 in.provenance:Originally presented by George B.Jones, the co-author of Narrative ofthe expedition of an Americansquadron to the China seas andJapan performed in the years 1852,1853 and 1854 under the commandof Commodore M. C. Perry,published in Washington in 1856. Itis likely that these vases werepurchased by Jones when in Chinaon this expedition.$10,000-15,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 73

  • 381 11-1095/31Large Chinese blue and whiteporcelain jardiniere19th centuryTall cylindrical form, flame andground rim, body underglazed toshow dragons and sea scroll, orangebuff unglazed foot.H: 20, D: 20 in.$8,000-10,000

    382 11-1095/29Pair of Chinese export imari paletteporcelain garden seatsDrum form, decorated in typicalorange, blue and gilt palette.H: 19 in.$2,500-3,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 74

  • 384 11-1095/24Chinese carved elephant ivory letter holdercanton, early 19th centuryTypical rounded rectangular back supporting five letterstands, carved all-over in Canton figural style.H: 10 in.$3,000-4,000

    385 11-1095/23Chinese carved elephant ivory card casecanton 19th centuryRectangular form, carved in low relief toshow cross and shaped cartouche withdetailed Canton figural landscape.H: 4 1/2 in.$1,000-2,000

    386 11-1095/22Chinese carved elephant ivory card casecanton 19th centuryTall rectangular form, carved all-over intypical figural landscape.H: 4 in.$1,000-1,200

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    387 11-1095/21Good Chinese elephant ivorycovered censerearly 19th centuryThe wide finial surmountsflattened dome, over tripodbase carved in fine relief toshow archaic bands.H: 7 in.$5,000-6,000

    383 11-1095/25Chinese carved elephant ivory and bone modelof a pleasure boatlate 19th centuryTypical form, applied to show polychromedfigures, over fabric and wood custom stand.L: 16 in.$3,000-4,000



    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 75

  • 388 11-1095/20Chinese carved coral figureFemale beauty, partially exposed atthe chest, surmounting foliate bunchat feet, over wood stand.Coral H: 6 1/4 in.$1,500-2,000

    389 11-1095/19Fine Chinese carved elephant ivorygrouping18th centurySeated female arhat with child.H: 3 in.$1,200-1,500

    390 11-1095/18Chinese elephant ivory figureearly 20th centuryCarved to show a tall female formgrasping a scroll, over conformingwood stand.Ivory H: 8 in.$800-1,000

    391 11-1095/17Chinese white jade and porcelainmounted Edward Farmer inkwelledward farmer, sterling to baseThe cover mounted with good whitejade plaque and sphere, over famillerose base and gilded silver stampedfoot.H: 4 1/2 in.$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    392 11-1095/16Large Chinese carved rock crystalcovered vase19th centuryThe domed cover carved to showqilong above conforming balusterbase showing qilong to handlesraised on lingzhi carved base, overwood stand.Vase H: 8 in.$1,000-2,000

    395 11-1095/13Good Chinese carved rock crystalcovered vasemid 19th centuryHexagonal form, qilong surmountedcover over conforming base carvedwith free-moving rings and masks,scroll etched to body.H: 8 in.$2,500-3,000

    394 11-1095/14Chinese carved rock crystalbamboo vase19th centuryThe double chamber simulatedbamboo vase is framed by climbingqilong beasts.H: 5 in.$800-1,000

    393 11-1095/15Chinese carved rock crystalcovered vaseThe phoenix head carved coversurmounts a baluster andconforming base raised on carvedwood stand.Vase H: 5 1/4 in.$1,000-1,500

    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 76

  • 400 11-1095/7Pair of Chinese blanc de chine figural groupingsseal mark verso, late qing dynasty or laterStanding female attendants with rose vases flanked bymonkeys over plinth base.H: 8 in.$800-1,000

    397 11-1095/11Chinese carved brown jademounted vanity mirrorjade 19th centuryBrown jade garment hook and diskverso, fitted with white metalmounts.L: 8 in.$400-600

    398 11-1095/10Chinese carved lapis lazuli covered censer on hardwood standlate 19th centuryDomed cover carved to show Fu lion and ring handles, over U-shaped tripod base carved to show high relief handles, overcarved open-work wood stand.Censer H: 6 1/2 in.$1,500-2,000

    399 11-1095/8Chinese blue and white porcelain jarskangxi periodBaluster form, underglazed to show foliateblossoms.H: 8 in.provenance:Previously of the Cleij Oriental Collection.$800-1,200

    396 11-1095/12Impressive carved elephant ivory and polychromedvegetable groupingsignedCarved to show a eggplant issuing broad leaf stem,surmounted by grasshopper.L: 9, H: 7 in.$5,000-6,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 77

  • freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    402 11-1095/4Large Chinese milli flori porcelainchargerqianlong mark, 20th centuryShallow U-shape enameled to showa profusion of foliate blossom,turquoise foot with iron-red mark.D: 17 in.$700-1,000

    403 11-1095/3Large Chinese export famille roseporcelain charger18th centuryShallow U-shape, brownpolychromed edge enclosing Fulions and peony sprigs.D: 15 in.$2,000-3,000

    401 11-1095/6Large Chinese light celadon jade mountainNatural outline carved in high relief to show figurallandscape and pine grove, wood stand.Jade H: 10 1/2, L: 10 1/2 in.$15,000-20,000

    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 78

  • freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    404 11-1095/2Chinese export rose medallionbowl19th centuryOf deep U-shape, worked in thetypical Canton palette.D: 12 in.$600-800

    405 11-1095/1Chinese export famille roseporcelain bowlqianlong periodDeep U-shape the outer bodyenameled to show foliate blossoms,raised on conforming circular foot.D: 12 in.$1,000-2,000

    406 11-1073/26Chinese export famille rose andblue glazed porcelain vaseqianlong periodSquare mouth issues fromconforming body, molded withqilong handles over painted figuralcartouches.H: 11 in.$600-1,000

    407 10-8097/10Chinese metal mounted cloisonnevaseBaluster form, with ring handles tothe sides, decorated with exoticbirds amongst foliage, on a paleblue ground; mounted as a lamp.H: 15 in.$200-300

    409 10-8044/26Chinese famille rose porcelain vaseqianlong mark, republic periodBaluster form, gilded rim turquoisecounter to interior, the body workedto show profusion of peony onyellow ground.H: 9 in.$500-700

    410 10-2146/9Large Chinese black monochromevaseqing dynastyOf cylindrical form with a largeflared rim and molded ring at baseof neck; glazed in mirror black;drilled.H: 21 1/2 in.$500-800

    411 10-2146/10Large Chinese famille rose balustervaselate 19th centuryDecorated to exterior wall and neckwith detailed view of lakeside palacewith many laborers, residents andfishermen in view, with diaper-ground band at shoulder.H: 23 1/2 in.$500-800

    408 10-8044/30Chinese black ground mille fleurporcelain vaseqianlong mark, republic periodPear form, gilded rim over foliatepainted body.H: 10 in.$400-600

    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 79

  • 412 10-1995/43Large Chinese eight panel ebonised screenlate 19th centuryTall rectangular panels carved in medium relief and colored with rich tonepolychrome, to show figures amongst buildings in a landscape, animals, andscrolls.H: 10 ft. W: 19 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphian Gentleman$2,000-3,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    413 10-1916/15Pair of Chinese white stone Fu-lionslate qing dynastyTypical modeled seated over lotusthrown.H: 12 1/2 in.$200-300

    414 10-1714/24Large Chinese famille roseporcelain vaseiron red qianlong mark,20th centuryLong slender neck over wide bodyenameled to show figural landscapeand celestial beings.H: 19 1/2 in.$600-800

    G11-09936_EC_65-96.qxd:Layout 1 4/27/11 11:35 AM Page 80

  • 418 11-1067/20Two Chinese carved bamboojosstick holders19th century, qing dynastyTogether with a rootwood josstickholder, a Chinese Canton ivorypuzzle ball on stand and an ivorybuddha. (5).Ball on stand H: 8 in.$800-1,000

    419 11-1067/35Chinese molded porcelain whiteglazed vaseimpressed qianlong mark,late 19th centuryBaluster meiping form, moldedIndian lotus flowers and scrollingleaves.H: 11 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    420 11-1067/35DChinese blue and white porcelaincovered jarkangxi mark, late 19th centuryDomed cover over baluster body,hawthorn pattern to body, sixcharacter mark to base.H: 12 in.$400-600

    423 11-1067/43BTall Chinese melon form purpleglazed and applied vaselate 19th centuryTall melon form, applied to showbutterflies and gourds.H: 16 in.$400-600

    416 11-1059/6Large Chinese ceremonial sword20th centuryLarge and flat double-tip blademounted to a wood handle with asilvered lion-head hilt, with leatherscabbard.L: 3 ft. 9 in.$500-800

    417 11-1067/18Two Chinese soapstone carvingslate 19th centuryComprising a covered box and boargrouping.L: 6 1/2 in.$300-400

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    415 11-1057/5Chinese famille rose porcelain bowlqianlong periodDeep U-shape enameled to show detailed figurallandscape depicting Immortals, raised on circular foot.D: 14 in.provenance:Property of a Wilmington Gentleman.Purchased in London during the 1920s$2,000-3,000

    421 11-1067/35EFour Chinese table itemsmostly late 19th centuryComprising a porcelain snuff bottlewith spurious Qianlong mark, gourdcricket cage, agate carving andbitong cage.Gourd L: 6 in.$300-500

    422 11-1067/67Chinese white jade grouping20th centuryRecumbent beast with pup, overwood stand.L: 4 1/2 in.$300-500

    424 11-1067/43BNo Lot

    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:50 PM Page 81

  • 425 11-8010/2Two pairs of Victorian style silver platetwin arm candelabraBoth with stiff central standard supportingshaped arms, raised on leaf cast bases.Tallest H: 22 in.provenance:Belair Plantation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.$500-800

    426 11-8010/3Edwardian sterling silver and tortoiseshellmounted page turnerlondon, 1902Long rounded shell paddle issuing fromsilver handle worked to show a mask andfigural cartouche.L: 17 in.provenance:Belair Plantation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.$500-800

    427 11-8010/4Large silver foliate rimmed dishMolded foliate rim flanking flattered circular base.D: 15 1/2 in. 55 oz.provenance:Belair Plantation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.$1,000-2,000

    428 11-5035/13Two Victorian sterling silver salverssheffield, martin hall & co., 1896-7Each of circular form, both with pierced rim worked toshow flowerheads and scrolls, the centers engraved withfloral scrolls and centered by a monogram.The largest D: 12 1/2, the other: 8 1/ 2 in. 47 oz. total.$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    429 11-5035/12Three silver items20th centuryComprising a sterling silver circularsalver and bowl, mark for Reed andBarton; and a Persian silver tray,unmarked. (3).55 oz.$800-1,200

    432 11-1411/4Sterling silver vase20th centuryTapering form with flared rim andcircular foot, engraved to show floralsprays. Weighted.H: 10 in.provenance:Property of a New JerseyGentleman.$300-500

    431 11-1411/2Pair English silver platedcandelabra20th centuryEach tapering knopped standardissuing two twisting candlearmswith detachable nozzles, raised onshaped square bases.H: 18 1/4 in.provenance:Property of a New JerseyGentleman.$800-1,200

    430 11-1427/1Sterling silver easel stylephotograph frametiffany & co.,first half 20th centuryRectangular shape with plain squarecorners, frame chased with leaves,horseshoes and line.Overall size: 10 3/4 in. by 9 in.,photo opening 8 3/8 in. by 6 1/8 in.$800-1,200


    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:50 PM Page 82

  • 434 11-1411/1George IV silver four-piece tea servicelondon, joseph angell, 1827Comprising a teapot, coffeepot, twin handled sugarbowl, and creamer, each of melon form on spreadingfluted foot, mounted with foliage capped scrollhandles, the domed covers with rose flower finials,engraved with crests and barons coronet; togetherwith associated silverplated tray.Coffee pot H: 8 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a New Jersey Gentleman.$2,000-3,000

    435 11-1408/5Edwardian silver kettle on standchester, george nathan and ridley hayes, 1903The oval kettle with scrolling handle, hinged lidand gadrooned edge, supported on oval standwith gadrooned edge raised on four scrolling legsterminating in scallop feet.H: 15 1/2 in. 65 oz.$800-1,200

    433 11-1411/5English silver plated hot water urn andassociated tray19th centuryThe urn with pull off cover surmounted by urnfinial, repousse decorated to show flowerheadsand c-scrolls, with ivory handled tap, on squarebase raised on scroll feet; the tray worked in therococo taste with c-scrolls, centered by anarmorial crest.Urn H: 17 1/2, Tray W: 30 in.provenance:Property of a New Jersey Gentleman.$800-1,200

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    436 11-1408/10Two Georgian silver ladlesOne London, William Eley and WilliamFearn, 1821, with scallop form bowl andengraved handle; the other of plain form,hallmarked London, George III, makers markand date letter indistinct. (2).9 oz.$300-500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:50 PM Page 83

  • 437 11-1403/1George VI four-piece sterling silver tea servicebirmingham, 1941, makers mark ehwComprising a hot water pot, teapot, sugar andcreamer, in the art deco taste with ebonised handlesand finials; together with an associated English silverplated tray. (5).Water pot H: 8 1/2 in. 40 oz (approx).$1,500-2,000

    438 11-8031/80BEnglish silver plated fruit bowlhukin and heath, birmingham, early 20th centuryComprising a circular stand supporting a central bowl,a sugar bowl, and a creamer.H: 8, W: 16 in.$200-400

    440A 11-8031/81AEnglish silver ice bucketretailed tiffany and co., new yorkOf coopered barrel form with two handles, thepull-off cover and sides worked to simulatewood grain. Impressed marks to underside.H: 7, W: 10 3/4 in. 44 oz.$10,000-12,000

    441 11-8031/88BEnglish silver presentation trophy of racinginterestrichard comyns, london, 1953,with coronation markThe circular bowl trophy, engraved to thecenter Bahamas Haleah Race Course,February 3, 1954, Won by Goyamo, ownerWoodvale Farm, Trainer W.C. Stephens.D: 11 1/2 in. 39 oz.$1,000-1,500

    442 11-8031/89Collection of seven English silver salt andpepper castorshallmarked birmingham,early twentieth centuryEach of bulbous form, with pierced pull-offcovers (three gilt washed); together with aSteuben silver paperweight of square formwith cast eagles at corners; a smallsilverplated tennis trophy; a small Continentalart nouveau silver cup, stamped .800; a cutglass and silver capped shaker; a small silvercreamer, Birmingham 1924; and an unmarkedContinental silver strainer. (13).Various sizes.$1,000-2,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    439 11-8031/80ALarge George III silver swing-handledbasketburridge davenport, london, 1777Oval reticulated form, worked to showlions masks and rams heads united bydrapery swags, engraved armorial tocenter.H: 4, W: 14 in. 44 oz.$1,500-2,000

    440 11-8031/85George V sterling silver salvercrichton brothers, london, 1916Of circular form with piecrust rim,raised on three hoof feet.D: 10 1/4 in. 19 oz.$2,000-3,000





    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:50 PM Page 84

  • 444 11-8031/63NGeorg Jensen silver carving knifeand forkdesigned by sigvard bernadotte,1945-1951The handles each with ribbedbanding, stainless steel blade andtines.Knife L: 12 1/2 in.$400-600

    445 11-8028/2Continental silver repoussedecorated centerpiece19th centuryOval form, repousse andopenworked to show infants at playwithin c-scrolled cartouches, eachscrolling handle surmounted with aputto holding a floral garland, raisedon lion mask capped paw feet.Hallmarks to underside.W: 16 in. 47 oz.$800-1,200

    446 11-8028/1Pair of George III style silvercandelabragorham, sterlingEach with central standard issuingfour scrolling arms, raised on foliatecast circular base, weighted. (2).H: 13 1/2 in.$600-800

    443 11-8031/71Georg Jensen style six piece silvertea and coffee servicestamped hamilton sterling,20th centuryComprising a hot water kettle andstand with burner, teapot, coffeepot,covered sugar bowl and creamer, allin the Jensen Blossom style withivory handles. (5).Kettle H: 8 in. Approx. 113 oz (total).$3,000-5,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    447 11-8027/26Austrian silver six-piece tea and coffee service19th centuryComprising a hot water kettle and burner, teapot,coffee pot, small teapot, creamer and sugar bowl, allof fluted form and repousse decorated to show c-scrolls and flowers, all but the creamer with lidssurmounted by flower finials. Stamped 800 toundersides. (6).Total weight 120 oz.$4,000-6,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:50 PM Page 85

  • 448 11-8027/18Austrian silver tea caddy19th centuryOval form, the hinged lid mountedwith a leaf design surmounted by aberry finial, leaf-tip frieze to the rim,the waisted body mounted with freemoving handles, raised on fouracanthus capped paw feet.H: 5, W: 6 1/2, D: 4 1/2 in.$700-900

    449 11-8027/17Continental silver casketearly 20th centuryShaped oval form, the lid punchdecorated, engraved and repousseworked to show flower heads andscrolls, centrally mounted with asardonyx cabochon, the plain sidesapplied with scrolls, raised onscallop scroll feet. Stamped 800 tounderside.H: 4, W: 7, D: 5 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    450 11-8027/16Chinese export silver cocktailshaker and six cupsmarked, late 19th centuryCovered baluster shaker worked toshow high relief dragons, togetherwith conforming cups.Shaker H: 9 1/8 in. Weight 30 oz.$2,000-3,000

    451 11-8027/4Fine Austrian sterling silver,painted and guilloche enameledcigarette caseearly 20th centuryThe lid painted with a portrait of aboy, purportedly Napoleonsnephew, signed J. Tschiedel, thesides and back guilloche enameledin white.H: 3 1/4, W: 2 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    452 11-8027/5French sterling silver and imariporcelain bell pushrisler & carre, parisCircular form, with foliate decoratedpush button within an imari paintedborder, reeded band to base.Hallmarks to underside and sides.H: 1 1/2, D: 2 1/2 in.$400-600

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    448 449


    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:50 PM Page 86

  • 454 11-8027/8Fine Persian presentation silverstirrup cup20th centuryModeled to form a bridled horseshead, arabic hallmarks, in plush linedpresentation case, with gilt crownembossed to lid.H: 8 in. 15 oz.$2,000-3,000

    455 11-1300/4Russian niello work silver beakermarked with the unrecordedcyrillic workmaster initialsse.nik., moscow, 1814Tapering cylindrical form with flaredrim and gilt wash interior, nielloflowers, birds and scrolling foliagesurrounding two oval cartouchesdepicting village landscapes onengraved background.H: 3 1/2 in. 4 oz.$1,200-1,500

    456 11-1300/10Italian Sterling silver water ewer20th centuryThe body worked to show cabbage leaves,below a slender neck terminating in a flaredspout with large silver stopper. Stopper andbody stamped 925.H: 18 in.$2,000-3,000

    457 11-1342/26Ten Continental silver articles19th/20th centuryComprising a segmented fish form snuff,four napkin rings, casket form snuff, heartshaped snuff, bellows form snuff, small pairof scissors, and a small dish with windmillform handle. (10).12 oz.$400-600

    453 OWNED/415Six Russian silver gilt and cloisonneenamel spoonsvasily agafonov,late 19th/early 20th centuryStamped 875, kokoshnik andmakers marks on stems.L: 4 1/4 in.$300-500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    458 11-1363/3Pair of French silver plate covers19th centuryBoth of oval form, recessed handle overbeaded edge.Longest: 12 in.$300-500

    459 11-1288/2George IV silver viniagrettebirmingham, ledsam and vale, 1823Small rectangular form, the engine-turnedcovers opening to a gilt wash interior, withopenwork lidded compartment.0.3 oz.$200-300

    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:50 PM Page 87

  • 460 11-1282/4International sterling one hundredand two piece Royal Danishassembled flatware serviceComprising of twelve dinner knives,twelve salad forks, twelve dinnerforks, twenty-seven tea spoons,sixteen sugar spoons, ten butterknives, eleven soup spoons, andthree other service items (approx102).Total weight including blades 145 oz.$3,500-5,000

    461 11-1278/16Twelve mother-of-pearl andsilverplate mounted table kniveslate 19th centuryRounded blade, issuing from motherof pearl handle. (12).L: 10 in.$400-600

    462 11-1278/20German silver and cut glass claret jugstamped 800Ewer form, covered mouth over scroll cast handle abovecircular body raised on silver base.H: 14 1/2 in.$500-800

    463 11-1163/44George III silver coffee potthomas plummer, london 1771Turned flame form finial to cover over baluster bodyworked to show foliate blossoms raised on circular foot,with wood handle.H: 13 1/2 in. 46 oz.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvania Lady.$1,500-2,000

    464 11-1212/32Pair of large silverplated candlesticksearly 20th centuryIn the gothic style, with knopped and fluted standardsbelow wide drip pans with hurricane shades, on tallstepped circular bases.Total H: 35 in.provenance:Property of a Kennett Square gentleman.$400-600

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts





    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:51 PM Page 88

  • 466 10-1691/22English silver plated hot water urnearly 20th centuryIn the Egyptian revivial style, thepull-off lid surmounted by a sphinx,over a body with Greek key bandand mounted with birds-headhandles, supported by four flutedpilasters headed by lion masks andterminating in hairy paw feet, aboveshaped base centered by a sphinxraised on ball feet.H: 16, W: 15 in.$400-600

    467 10-1691/23Pair of English silver platedcandlesticksThe detachable nozzle over partfluted tapering stem, on spread ovalbase.H: 7 in.$300-500

    468 11-1139/6English silver creamer & sugar bowl19th century, retailed starr andmarcus new yorkEach of tapering square form withfloral band around the rim, scrollinghandles, raised on four leaf-scrolledfeet.H: 3 in. 17 oz.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$300-500

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    465 11-1278/14Set of four English silver mounted and cut glass saltssilver london 1800, makers mark dlDiamond cut U-shaped basin over gilt washed circular trays, with associatedBulgari box.H: 3, D: 3 1/2 in.$1,500-2,000

    469 11-1139/4Pair of English silver candlestickssheffield, james dixon & son, 1912Elegant octagonal form, raised onstepped octagonal bases.H: 5 1/2 in. Weighted.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$300-500

    470 11-1139/3Sterling silver desk standhallmarked sheffield, walker &hall, 1938The rectangular tray with pentrough supports two molded glasssilver topped inkwells.W: 8 1/4, D: 5 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$600-800

    471 11-1098/1French silver covered sugar basket19th centuryThe gadrooned cover surmountedby a bud finial over twin handledbasket openworked to show floralswags, cobalt glass liner, raised onacanthus capped scroll feet. Frenchhallmarks.H: 3, W: 7 1/2 in. 8 1/2 oz.$300-500


    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:51 PM Page 89

  • 478 10-2323/2Collection of sterling silver flatwarelate 19th/early 20th centuryComprising a pair of repoussedecorated spoons, hallmarkedWilliam Davidson and FrederickUpton, London, 1864; three pairs ofsalad servers and a cake slice,stamped Sterling; a pair of Scottishspoons, and three other spoons, twounmarked. (15).44 oz.$600-800

    479 09-1198/2Victorian sterling silver and bonefish serving sethenry harrison, sheffield, c. 1870Foliate knife and five-prong fork, infitted velvet box.Knife L: 14 in.$150-250

    472 11-1095/26Rare Chinese gilded silver winecoastermarked, mid 19th centuryThe circular basin framed with starbarbed edge and foliate bands,raised on fluted bun feet.D: 6 1/2 in. Weight 8.5 oz.$1,500-2,000

    473 11-8031/65KTwo pieces of Georgian silverflatwareComprising a ladle, London, 1780,makers mark RP; and a servingspoon, Peter, Ann and WilliamBateman, 1801. (2).9 oz.$300-500

    474 11-1076/3Twelve Japanese silver articlesmostly late 19th centuryComprized of teapots, sake cupsand underdishes, together with aMexican silver bowl on stand. (13).Total Weight 63 oz.$1,000-1,200

    475 11-1038/1Continental sterling silver winefountain20th centuryTypical form, the large cup above acentral standard issuing eightbranches holding cups, the whole alldecorated to show bunches ofgrapes. Marked 925 Hadad toundersides.H: 17 1/4 in. 59 oz.$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    476 11-1038/2Large Italian Sterling silver waterpitcher20th centuryThe repousse decorated body withvacant cartouche mounted withengraved scrollwork handle. Stamped925 to underside.H: 17 3/4 in. 90 oz.$3,000-5,000

    477 10-2323/1Three pieces of contintental silvergilt flatwareealry 20th centuryComprising a cake server and largefork, and a large serving spoon, thehandles cast to show diaphonousmaidens. Stamped Sterling. (3).Cake server 11 in., 18 oz total.$400-600

    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:51 PM Page 90

  • 480 11-1038/3Large Russian silver kovschearly 20th century,mark for p. ovchinnikovTypical form, the sides of the body engravedto show griffins and scrollwork below afreize of Russian text, the undersideengraved with numerous Russian names.H: 9, L: 16 1/2, W: 9 1/4 in. 78 oz.$5,000-7,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    481 11-1038/4Large German silver plated punchbowl and cover20th centuryThe round bowl finely repousseworked to show a mediaeval battlescene, the cover similarly workedand surmounted by a large figure ofa knight holding a standard.H: 30 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:51 PM Page 91

  • 482 11-1141/4Pair of sterling silver candlestickslondon, thomas bradbury, 1903-6In the neoclasssical taste, the urnform nozzles above a centralstandard with four fluted corinthiancolums, above a stepped base.Weighted.H: 9 1/4 in.$800-1,200

    483 11-1141/12Early 18th century English silvertankardindistinct marks,probably london, 1716Tapering cylindrical form, withshaped hinged lid and scroll formpull.H: 6 1/2 in. 21 oz.$1,000-1,500

    484 11-1141/52Early Victorian silver kettle onstand with burnerbenjamin barling, london, 1838Squat bulbous form, leaf cappedspout and handle, gadrooned rimaround the lid surmounted by avasiform finial, engraved armorialdevice to one side, raised on areticulated stand with three leafcapped scrolling legs terminating inshell feet.H: 14 in. 56 oz.$1,500-2,000

    485 11-1141/65George III silver teapotlondon, circa 1770Bulbous form, the hinged lidsurmounted by an artichoke finial,leaf capped spout and handlemounts, repousse decorated withflowers and c-scrolls, raised oncircular foot.H: 6 in. 18 oz.$400-600

    486 11-1141/3English painted porcelain miniature19th centuryOval plaque painted to show seatedfemale, in fitted glazed giltwoodframe, hand written letter versoDuchess of Devonshire, by MrsAllen, from George IV.Total H: 6 1/2 in.$300-500

    487 11-1141/10Large Victorian mother of pearlinlaid walnut jewel boxThe inlaid and banded top reveals aninterior with oval mirror to cover andremovable tray, over conformingbase.H: 5 1/2 L: 9 in.$300-500See illustration on page 49

    488 11-1141/27Pair silver salt cellars and spoonsphiladelphia, conrad bard & son,early 19th centuryCircular form, with bead edge andGreek key border to foot, with twoscallop form spoons, in originalfitted case.3 1/2 oz.$200-400






    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:51 PM Page 92

  • 491 11-1141/37George III silver tea caddylondon, thomas lamborn, 1771Tall square form, with featherbandedangles, monogram and armorialdevice on two sides, the tent-formlid surmounted by a rose finial, inoriginal green pebble grainedmorocco box with red velvet liningcontaining eight associated sterlingsilver teaspoons.H: 5 in., Caddy 9 oz.$500-700

    492 11-1141/53Pair George III silver openworkbasketslondon, 1815, makers mark REOval form, each worked to showbaskets of flowers, swags, andmasks, raised on circular foot.H: 2 1/2, W: 71/4 in. 17 oz.$400-600

    493 11-1141/31Victorian silver three piece teaservicelondon, charles boyton, 1885Comprising a small teapot withebonised handle and finial, a sugarbowl and creamer, all repousseworked to show gadrooning, c-scrolls, and vacant cartouches,together with original velvet andplush lined morocco leather case.Teapot H: 3 1/2 in. 12.9 oz.$300-500

    494 11-1141/39Pair of George III silver saltslondon, 1790,makers mark indistinctOctagonal form, the sides engravedto show scales and flowerheads.H: 1 1/2, W: 3, D: 2 1/4 in. 4 oz.$200-300

    495 11-1141/41Collection of British sterling silverComprising of a pair of bottle labelsBrandy and Shrub, sugar tongs, fourother flatware items, together withsix Irish spoons.Total Weight 12 oz.$300-500

    496 11-1141/42Four English sterling silver pillboxesComprised of a commemorativeGeorge IV box, together with threeothers.Total Weight 4 1/2 oz.$300-500

    497 11-1141/69Pair of Engish silver and oak winecoastersMolded everted rim over lobedcylindrical wall, raised on turned oakbase.D: 5 1/4 in.$200-300

    489 11-1141/7George III silver coveredsweatmeat dishlondon, charles hougham, 1790Elegant ovoid urn form, the bodyand lid decorated all over with prick-dots, perhaps to imitate ostrich skin,one side with engraved coat-of-arms incorporating a pair of ostrichfeathers, the other with vacantcartouche, raised on oval spreadbase with gadrooned rim.H: 5, W: 9 in. 16 oz.$500-700

    490 11-1141/24Edwardian silver tureen with linerwilliam gibson and john langman,london, 1909Circular form with original liner andtent form lid, the body and lidmounted with rococo scrollinghandles.H: 7 1/2 in. 62 oz.$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts







    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:51 PM Page 93

  • freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts










    G11-09936_EC_TXT65-94.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:51 PM Page 94

  • 501 11-1141/43Set of three George III silvercastorslondon 1762, possibly jamesdurquitsComprising a sugar, salt and peppercastor, each of typical form withopenwork pull of lids and spiralfinial.Sugar H: 7 in. 13 1/2 oz. total.$500-700

    502 11-1141/9An early George III silver coffee potlondon, john swift, 1764Baluster form, engraved with a coat-of-arms, with acanthus scrolledspout and handle, the hinged lidsurmounted by an urn finial.H: 9 3/4 in.$1,000-1,500

    503 11-1141/61George III silver tea urnlondon, william holmes, 1785Of fluted form, the lid with urn finial,the whole with beaded edges andupswept foliate scrolled handles,engraved with a coat-of-arms,issuing a fluted tap with ivoryhandle above a fluted stemterminating in a spread foot onsquare base.H: 13 1/2 in. 43 oz.$1,500-2,000

    504 11-1141/63George III silver teapot on standthe teapot london, william pitts,1791, the stand, london, maker EI,1791Oval form, engraved with bands ofalternating fleur-de-lis and flowers,the hinged lid surmounted by anivory finial, later wooden handle, onconforming similarly decoratedstand.(2).Total H: 6 1/2 in. 19 1/2 oz. total.$600-800

    505 11-1141/71George III silver teapot on standlondon, walter brind, 1798Serpentine form, engraved withbands of flowers and leaves,centered by engraved cartouchesincorporating the monogram B,with ivory handle, the hinged lidwith scalloped ivory finial, togetherwith similarly worked conformingstand. (2).Teapot H: 7 in. 27 oz. total.$500-700

    506 11-1141/11Two George III silver soup plateslondon, paul storr, 1799Circular form with gadrooned edge,each engraved with three armorialcrests.D: 9 1/2 in.$1,500-2,000

    507 11-1141/18Victorian silver soup platesheffield, william gibson and johnlangman,1881Circular form, with shallow bowl andgadrooned edge.D: 10 in. 23 oz.$500-700

    498 11-1141/8George II silver toast racklondon, walter prosser, 1742Typical form, scolloped handle overgadrooned base raised on scrolledfeet.L: 7 in. 13 oz.$300-500

    499 11-1141/17George IV silver cruet setLondon, 1821, possibly josephansellThe silver stand with gadrooned andfluted edges, raised on four pawfeet, supports four cut glass bottleswith stoppers.H: 6 3/4 in.$500-700

    500 11-1141/40Pair George III silver saltslondon, 1776The sides openworked to showrepeated flowerheads and C-scrolls,raised on four claw and ball feet,original cobalt glass liners, togetherwith two associated silver scallopform spoons.H: 2 in. 3 1/2 oz.$200-400

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts




    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:53 PM Page 95

  • 508 11-1141/14Pair George III silver sauce boatslondon, william shaw, 1773Oval bellied form with leaf cappedhandle, raised on three shell cappedfeet, the sides engraved with anheraldic leopard, and initials.H: 5, L: 6 1/2 in. 13 1/2 oz.$60-800

    509 11-1141/45Good George III silver sauce boatlondon, john parker and edwardwakelin, 1770Oval bellied form, with flared rimand leaf capped handle, raised onthree shell capped feet. Engravedcoat of arms, motto Pro rege to oneside, good, deep impressed marks tounderside.H: 4 3/4 in., W: 3 1/2,L: 7 1/2 in.13 oz.$800-1,200

    510 11-1141/67Good size George III silver sauceboatlondon, walter brind, 1767Ovoid form, with gadrooned rim andrococo scrolled handle, raised onshaped spread base with gadroonedrim.H: 6, L: 9, D: 4 in. 19 oz.$600-800

    511 11-1141/16Large George III Irish silver circularsalverdublin, charles townsend, 1773Shaped circular form, the rimdecorated with swags bordered by abead edge interspersed with leaftips, the center engraved with largearmorial crest, raised on heavily casthairy paw feet.D: 18 in. 75 oz.$2,000-3,000

    512 11-1141/22Large American silver presentationplatej. e. caldwell, early 20th centuryCircular form centered with anengraved monogram, the rimdecorated with urns and scrolls,within a rim composed ofalternating paterae.D: 12 in.$500-700

    513 11-1141/23George II silver salverlondon, robert abercromby, 1743Octagonal form, the shaped edgeinterspersed with shell motifs, largeengraved armorial crest in thecenter, raised on shell capped feet.D: 12 in. 30 oz.$800-1,200

    514 11-1141/19Pair of George III silver gobletslondon, walter brind, 1795Typical form, the flared bowl overknopped stem terminating oncircular feet.H: 8 in. 27 oz.$600-800

    515 11-1141/57George III Scottish silver basketedinburgh, 1786Oval form, the body engraved toshow floral swags and garlandscentered by urns, the swing handle,rim, and foot all with beaded edge.H: 5, W: 7 in. 9 oz.$300-500

    516 11-1141/59Fine matched pair of GeorgeIII/George IV silver covered urnslondon, one digby scott &benjamin smith, 1786, the otherrichard sibley 1825Each with upswept fluted handlesand gadrooned edges, the lidssurmounted with ball finials.H: 8 1/2 in. 30 oz.$1,000-1,500

    517 11-1141/47Collection of British sterling silvertable itemsmostly 18th/19th centuryComprised of a Dublin silvercreamer, four additional creamers,together with a wine cup, and twoplated items. (8).32 oz.$500-800

    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts





    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:53 PM Page 96

  • freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts







    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:53 PM Page 97

  • 518 11-1141/38George IV silver three-piecerepousse decorated tea servicemakers mark eb, london, 1825Squat ovoid form, decorated withflowers, C-scrolls, and cartouches,on similarly worked circular feet.H: 6 in., or smaller. 50 oz.$1,500-2,000

    519 11-1141/62George II silver salverlondon, william peyston, 1748Circular form, with shapedopenwork edge, worked to showberries, vines, masks, and scallopshells, raised on three hairy pawfeet.Diam: 7 1/2 in. 13.5 oz.$600-800

    520 11-1141/44George III silver mustard potlondon, crispin fuller, 1815Oval form, the sides openworked toshow flowerheads, swags and leaftips around two cartouches(monogrammed), original cobaltglass liner, the domed lidsurmounted by a pineapple finial.H: 3 1/2. 3 1/2 oz. weighable silver.$200-400

    521 11-1141/46George IV silver tea caddylondon, 1821Oval cylindrical form, the pull-off lidcentered by a large flowerhead,body and lid applied with floralbands.H: 4 3/4 in. 8 oz.$200-400

    522 11-1141/50George III Irish silver glove boxdublin, benjamin taitt, 1791Rectangular form with curvedcorners, the hinged lid centered by alarge engraved armorial.W: 8, D: 4 in. 13 oz.$500-700

    523 11-1141/55George IV silver gilt snuff boxlondon, 1824, makers mark ijOval form, the hinged lid mountedwith a scene of gun dogs aroundbirds in a landscape, above engineturned sides and base.H: 1 1/4, W: 3 3/4, D: 1 1/2 in.$200-300


    freeansfine english furniture, silver & decorative arts







    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:53 PM Page 98


    Fine Continental Furniture& Decorative Artssale 1401: lots 600-948Thursday, May 26th, 2011at 10am

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:53 PM Page 99

  • 600 11-1136/2Russian School icon, St Matthew19th centuryTempura on panel, showing theseated saint before an architecturalbackground, his gospel open in hishand.H: 17 1/2, W: 12 in.$800-1,200

    601 11-1136/1Russian oklad icon, PanagiaHodegetrialate 19th centuryDepicting the Virgin Mary Gesturingtowards Christ, his hand held inblessing, flanked by two saints,beneath a gilt metal riza.H: 12 1/2, W: 10 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    602 11-1163/42Two Russian gilt metal and paintedwood iconslate 19th centuryOne of rectangular form, depictingSt Nicholas, together with a diptych.Largest L: 16 in.$400-600

    603 10-2155/18Russian silver gilt oklad iconPanagia Hodegetriamoscow, 1881Depicting the Virgin Mary gesturingtowards Christ, his hand held inblessing, beneath a silver gilt rizaengraved with drapery and Christiansymbols, stamped 84 (.875).H: 8 3/4, W: 7in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia Estate$800-1,200

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    604 11-8020/14Russian silver Oklad icon, PanagiaHodegetrialate 19th century, rubbed marksTall rectangular form, showing thevirgin and child below riza, on woodand velvet covered board.H: 7 in.$400-600

    605 10-8110/2Russian silver cupmoscow, vasily pulyartky, early20th centuryTypical form, mounted with a sceneof a troika.H: 4 1/2 in. 6 oz.$300-500

    606 10-8105/1Russian silver gilt and cloissoneenameled cupin the style of karl faberge, late19th/early 20th centuryWorked to show stylised fish, spiral andgeometric motifs on a mauve ground,indistinct mark to base (88), scratchedmark *7795 to underside of handle, inwooden box, lined with silk stampedFaberge St. Petersberg, Moscow incyrillic beneath the Imperial warrant.H: 1 1/4, W: 2 3/8 in.provenance:Private collection, Virginia$3,000-5,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:53 PM Page 100

  • 608 11-1028/1Fine Italian micromosaic set Russian goldsnuff boxthe box st petersberg, jean-francoisboudde, 1789, the mosaic Rome, circa1800The circular pull-off lid inlaid to form ascene of two figures within Roman ruins,the sides and reverse of the box painted insimulation of tesserae, the undersidepainted with a small scene of ruins.D: 2 7/8 in.provenance:Bulgari collection label to inside. Privatecollection, Maryland.note:Jean-Francois Boudde (fl. 1769-1789), wasone of the many foreign goldsmiths whomade gold boxes in St Petersberg at theclose of the 18th century. His work isrepresented in the State HermitageMuseum, St Petersberg.$6,000-8,000

    607 10-8109/1Fine Russian silver equestriangroupgrachev, st petersberg, mark forafter 1892Modeled to show a mountedCossack shielded by his horse, andpreparing himself to fire, on ahallmarked naturalistic base signedand stamped Grachev in Cyrillic.H: 5, L: 6 in. 25 oz.provenance:Private Florida Collection.Purchased A La Vielle Russie, NewYork$6,000-8,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:53 PM Page 101

  • 609 10-8106/1Continental gold and gem setcrucifix pendantearly 20th centuryThe center with a large green stonesurrounded by twelve smalldiamonds, each end terminating in aquatrefoil and mounted with agarnet set within a star, each barmounted with leaves, the longestwith two small grape bunches.Housed under a glass dome.L: 5 in.$2,500-3,000

    610 11-1342/19Continental silver plique a jourenamel kovschTypically worked, the handlesworked to form horse heads;together with a nineteenth centuryRussian cloissone enameled silverteaspoon and a plique a jourenameled teaspoon.Kovsch H: 2 in.$200-300

    611 11-1067/33Indo-Persian walrus ivory handleddagger19th centuryThe curved blade terminating inarrow carved handle, withaccompanying engraved white metalscabbard. Together with anineteenth century PersianDamascus arm guard, and a knifeand sharpener, both with ivoryhandles.Dagger L: 21 in.$800-1,200

    612 10-8082/14Persian carved alabaster andpolychrome decorated plastermodellate 19th centuryShowing an intricate building facadewithin parquetry framed shadowbox.Total H: 17 1/2 in.provenance:David C. Brown, Glasgow, retail labelverso.$300-500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    616 11-1067/53AContinental ivory bust of Socrateslate 19th centuryThe well-carved bust over cylindricalcolumn terminating on square base.H: 7 1/2 in.$300-500

    617 11-1163/19Small French carved ivory triptychof Madonna and childlate 19th centuryStanding figure, opening at waist toreveal carved interior.H: 4 in.$400-600

    618 11-1342/20Six cloissone enameled items19th/20th centuryComprising a well-worked silvermounted pot of ovoid form withopenwork lid; a large baluster formvase; a small teapot; a smallbaluster form vase; a good bronzecharger, enameled to show a heron;and a brush washer with evertedfoot, enameled to show birds.(6).Large vase H: 21; Charger D: 12 in.$600-800

    614 11-1218/11AContinental carved and appliedivory plaque depicting the holytrinitylate 19th centuryTall plaque carved to showMadonna and child grasping a dove,laid down on wood board.Ivory H: 7 in.$500-800

    615 11-1060/1Continental elephant ivory diadem18th centuryThe three-panel, relief-carved crowndepicts the martyrdom of St.Sebastian to center panel and profileportraits of a man and a woman tosides.H: 4 1/2, W: 6 in.$300-500

    613 09-1514/61Rare gilt bronze and enamel beakerkashmir, late 18th centuryTypical form, wide mouthsurmounting tapering body workedto show raised foliate scrolls.H: 4 1/4 in.provenance:Property of a PhiladelphiaGentleman.$400-600

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:53 PM Page 102

  • 620 11-1139/12Continental polychrome carvedfigure of a saint18th centuryThe robed and winged figure raisedon an orb, over spread base.H: 12 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$600-800

    621 11-1363/8Continental carved, painted andparcel gilt putto19th centuryThe ivory painted winged figurecarved to show his hands crossed athis chest and drapery around his lap.H: 24 in.$400-600

    622 11-1163/26Italian polychromed woodblackamoorlate 18th/early 19th centuryTypical standing form, graspingspear and torch over circular baseraised on paw carved feet, wellgilded and painted in vibrant tonesto tunic and stockings.H: 61 in.$1,500-2,000

    619 11-1163/3Goa carved ivory and bone figure ofMary19th centuryTall female standing figure, overconforming base carved to showputti masks.H: 8 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:53 PM Page 103

  • 623 11-1298/16Italian painted pine commode19th century elementsThe rectangular simulated marble top overconforming case of three long drawers, finelypainted to show architectural monumentswithin landscapes, centered by large floralbouquet bordered by tulip heads, the wholeraised on square tapered legs.H: 36, W: 43, D: 25 in.$1,500-2,000

    624 11-1163/1Pair of Venetian painted limewoodwall sconces19th centuryThe standing putti supportingcircular surface, above shield formand acanthus leaf wall mount.H: 22 in.$600-800

    625 11-1073A/13Good Northern Italian walnut, burlwalnut and parquetry commodenaples, early 19th centuryThe serpentine top centered withfoliate blossom continuing toconforming case and twin cock-beaded long drawers, raised onsplayed sabot mounted front legsand straight rear legs.H: 36, W: 57, D: 29 in.$4,000-6,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 104

  • 628 11-8027/13Fine Northern European seaweedmarquetry and walnut parcel giltcenter tablesome 17th century elementsThe rectangular top with carved andgilded edge, framed cross bandedtop centered by oval cartouche, overtwin drawers, raised on S-shapedjoined legs, terminating on gildedscroll feet.H: 31, W: 51, D: 32 1/2 in.$6,000-8,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    626 10-1916/11Italian carved and gilded fruitwoodtorchere19th centuryTwo parts, the upper section carved toshow seated boy amidst fish, surmountinga dolphin, raised on foliate scroll carvedtripartite stand.H: 59 in.$4,000-6,000

    627 10-1916/10Italian renaissance revival torchere19th centuryMolded square top over S and C shapedand foliate carved plank supports, joined bysingle stretcher.H: 53, D: 19 in. (widest point)$1,000-1,500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 105

  • 629 11-4015/3Continental maple stoolearly 19th centuryThe rectangular padded top over joined X-formbase.H: 12, L: 20 in.$200-300

    630 11-1298/18German green and cream painted commodelate 18th centuryThe serpentine top painted with a central composition offlowers and scrolls on an ivory ground, above a conformingcase of three similarly paneled drawers raised on bun feet.H: 35, W: 49, D: 27 in.$3,000-4,000

    631 11-1100/6Italian pietra-dura plaquelate 19th centuryThe rectangular plaque inlaid to show foliate blossom inmolded wood frame.H: 4 1/2.$400-600

    632 11-2301/1Pair of Venetian etched and appliedglass mirrorsThe octagonal central plate withinfoliate etched and applied edgeframe.H: 54, W: 42 in.$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 106

  • 634 11-1218/3AItalain Neo-classical provincialfruitwood bureau plat19th centuryThe rectangular top with leatherinsert, over two short drawers,raised on square tapering legs.H: 32, W: 41, D: 23 in.$400-600

    635 10-2021/30Venetian etched and applied glassmirrorOctagonal central plate, framed withapplied rosettes and foliate etchededge.H: 44, W: 32 in.$500-1,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    633 11-8005/1Continental painted canvas floor screenprobably venetian 19th centuryComprising of six tall rectangular panelspainted to show a classical figurallandscape, cream ground painted verso.Each panel approx 2.5 x 6 ft.$3,000-5,000

    633A 11-1309/1Continental silk and watercolorneedlepointthe circumcision, 19th century orearlierWorked in various colors, depicting thecircumcision in an interior setting with aview to mountains behind, the faces,hands and bodies painted in watercolor,small manuscript label Leonardus Quesi?licyen 1696 in lower left corner.Sight H: 17, W: 23 in.$1,000-1,500

    633B 11-1139/13Eight German hand-colored heraldicmanuscript leaveslate 17th centuryEach illustrated with numerous coats-of-arms of German noble families in variouscolors, with accompanying text. Framed.matted and glazed (8).Folio sheets, approx. 14 x 7 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia Gentleman.$1,000-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 107

  • 636 11-1163/47Italian silver plaque depictingSaint Martin19th centuryThe scalloped shell surmountscentral figure of a saint titled SanMartin, with associated handleverso.H: 7 1/2 in. 17 oz.$400-600

    637 11-1163/7Pair of Italian giltwood plaques19th centuryCircular panels painted to show tworeligious scenes, within conforminggiltwood frames. (2).D: 10 in.$500-800

    638 11-1143/1Italian mosaic and glass wall mirrorlate 19th centuryOval plate with foliate glass mountsflanked by detailed inlaid edgedepicting foliate blossoms, the basewith tied ribbon reading ricodovenezia.H: 18 in.$1,000-1,500

    639 11-1073C/9Continental faux rosewood paintedpine tall case clockg. heim, late 19th centuryCase of typical form, the dial blackand white enamel to show Romannumerals within painted pressedbrass frame, over glazed door, raisedon plinth base.H: 87 in.$600-1,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    640 11-1073A/12Pair of Dutch walnut floralmarquetry side chairsearly 19th centuryThe top rail inlaid to show a basketof flowers over scrolling supports,above a stuff over seat raised onsabre legs.H: 35, W: 19, D: 16 in.$400-600

    641 11-1353/7Large Northern European oak buffetdated 1813 with earlier elementsThe ogee top over a spindle gallery over frieze carved to readF:F:P:N: GERMAIN: GLEVAREC: MARIE MORVAN: AN 1813, above twosliding cupboard doors centered by open roundels composed of balusterturned spindles, opening to shelves, above foliate carved motifs, flanked oneither side by similarly worked panels, on stile feet.H: 54, W: 70 1/2, D: 14 in.provenance:Property of a Bala Cynwyd estate.$800-1,200

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 108

  • 643 11-1402/4Flemish hunting tapestryoudenaarde or brussels, late 17thcenturyShowing two male equestrianfigures and several huntersaccompanied by hounds, in awoodland setting populated withbirds, a lake and trees.H: 67, W: 54 in.provenance:Property of a New York gentleman.Purchased Pescheteau-Badin, Paris,18th March 2004, lot 250A.$4,000-6,000

    642 11-1363/1French Aubusson tapestry panel18th/19th centuryThe large central cartouche framinga scene of two ladies and a dove in arocky landscape, the ivory fieldpopulated with animals, including amonkey, parrot, eagle and chaffinch,urns, floral bouquets and strapwork.H: 90, W: 99 in. approx.$1,000-1,500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 109

  • 644 11-1218/17AFrench Aubusson tapestry18th/19th centuryTall rectangular form, the border of foliate garlands and rosettes frame afigural landscape.H: 80, W: 101 in.$1,200-1,800

    645 11-1163/52Small Continental gilt metal andenameled censer19th centuryFoliate cast finial over openworkdome over conforming body raisedon barbed blossom form base, thebody enameled to show floral sprigs.H: 3 in.$300-500

    646 11-1163/6Southern European watercolor portscenelate 19th centuryInk and wash on paper, framed andglazed.Sight L: 19 in.$400-600

    647 10-2153/14Chinese carved and gilt paintedelephant ivory crocodile20th centuryThe detailed, full-torso reptilerealistically carved with a small birdon its back; highlighted with giltfinish, on fitted wooden stand.L: 18 in.$400-600

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    648 10-8056/29Continental marble model of arabbitStanding with raised paw, simulatedcoral insert eyes.L: 4 1/2 in.$300-500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 110

  • 650 10-2153/13Continental hand-painted paperand tortoiseshell fanlate 18th/early 19th centuryWell painted to show figures in 18thcentury dress relaxing in a pastoralscene, highlighted in gilt, attached toa carved and gilt tortoiseshell frame.Framed and glazed.Open W: 20 in.$400-600

    651 10-2102/8Dutch stained tortoiseshell andbrass chamberstickearly 19th centuryThe shaped holder with finger ring,supports shaped demi-lune outlinerecessed wells over single drawerraised on foliate cast feet.H: 3, L: 8 in.provenance:Property of a New Jersey Collector.$300-500

    652 11-1423/4Pair of Continental specimenmarble plaquesearly 20th centuryThe black slate plaques onlaid withlapis lazuli, verde antico, and variousother marbles to show songbirdsamongst floral branches, set withingilt bronze foliate cast framessurmounted by a bow.Plaques H: 12 in., Total H: 25 1/2 in.$2,000-3,000

    649 11-1353/10Chinese serpentine inkstand20th centuryThe reticulated oval plaque carvedto show a figure amongst foliage,supports a single jade inkwell and ajade stylus.W: 6 in.$400-600

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    653 11-1410/1Two Betzalel bronze relief plaquesJerusalem, 20th centuryOne titled Pioneer, the otherdepicting a fasting Prophet, eachmounted on wooden plaques.Images approx H: 4, W: 3 in.provenance:Property of a Florida lady$1,500-2,000

    654 11-1100/5Twenty Continental and Japanesefansmostly late 19th centuryComprising of a fine Japaneselacquered ivory guarded fan,mother-of-pearl, abalone, andtortoiseshell and feather fans,together with various other forms(20).$1,000-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 111

  • 655 11-8013/3Joseph D Aste (French active1905)immovable goatGilt bronze, signed verso.H: 14 1/2 in.$1,500-2,000

    656 11-8013/29Louis XV style marquetry walnutside cabinetlate 19th centuryCircular inlaid top over twin roundeddoors, raised on tall plain cabriolelegs.H: 28 1/2, D: 12 in.$400-600

    657 11-8013/28Impressive Italian Grand TourSienna marble jardiniere on standlate 19th centuryHeavy carved oval basin with eggand dart carved edge, overconforming fluted stand.H: 14 1/2, L: 16 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    658 11-8013/26Louis XV style gilt metal mountedmahogany center tableThe shaped rectangular banded topinlaid to show floral sprigs overconforming apron, raised on tallcabriole legs, terminating on brasssabots.H: 30, W: 29, D: 19 in.$300-500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts




    659 11-8013/25Louis XV style gilt metal mountedmahogany side table20th centuryThe shaped rectangular top withapplied gilt metal edge, over fourslender cabriole legs mounted withchutes, ending in sabots. R.J. Hornerretailers label to underside.H: 29 1/2, W: 28, D: 22 in.$300-500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 112

  • 661 11-8013/5Italian bronze of a female watercarrierlate 19th centuryBrown patina, mounted as a lamp,raised on marble stand.Figure and stand (without fitting)20 in.$800-1,200

    662 11-8013/9Pair of mounted Continental bronzeportrait plaqueslate 19th centuryEach cast to show a female beauty,mounted on rouge marble circularplaques. (2).D: 6 1/4 in.provenance:Purchased 1968 from private estate($200)$400-600

    663 11-8013/10Continental Ivory miniatureportrait of Queen Louise of Prussia19th centuryDepicting the beauty in a whitedress with pink ribbon, wearing asimple crown and headscarf, inornate Florentine giltwood frame.Sight H: 3 in.$400-600

    660 11-8013/24Louis XV style ebonized and boullegilt-metal mounted jardiniereThe metal gallery surmounts arectangular top with metal liner,raised on tall cabriole legs,terminating in cast sabots.H: 32, W: 47, D: 23 1/2 in.$600-800

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    664 11-8013/13French rosewood marble top sidecabinetlate 19th centuryThe shaped rouge top surmountinga conforming case fitted with singledrawer and cupboard door revealingmarble interior, raised on carvedcabriole legs.H: 34, W: 15 in.$400-600

    665 11-8013/27French gilt metal and walnutdressing table and side cabinet20th centuryThe largest with shaped mirror overrectangular marble top above singledrawer raised on square metal legsand set with wheels, together witha similar side cabinet.Largest H: 42, W: 33, D: 17 in.$600-800

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 113

  • 672 11-8013/34Two Russian silver gilt andcloisonne enameled spoonslate 19th centuryOne Moscow, 1891, assaymasterAnatoly Apollonovich Artsybashev;the other unidentified.L: 7 3/4, the other L: 7 1/4 in.$500-700

    673 11-8013/89Russian silver creamermoscow, 19th century,makers mark unidentifiedTypical form, the handle and rimrepousse worked to show scrollingleaves and flowerheads.H: 4 in. 7 oz.$300-500

    674 11-8013/34AFive Russian silver spoonslate 19th centuryComprising four cloisonne enameledsilver gilt teaspoons, indistinctmakers marks; and one silver spoon,unidentified makers mark, dated1876.L: 7 3/4 in., or smaller.$400-600

    675 11-8013/35Russian silver cloisonne enameledbucklelate 19th centuryIn two sections, with shaped edges,the clasp held by a dagger-form pinattached to a chain. Indistinctmakers marks to both sections.W: 2 3/4 in.$300-500

    676 11-8013/36Russian silver gilt cloisonneenameled cup with handlelate 19th/early 20th centuryCylindrical form, with flared foot.Unmarked, and without liner.H: 3 1/4 in.$300-500

    677 11-8013/78Continental silver three piececoffee serviceprobably french, circa 1800Comprising a coffee pot, creamer,and sugar pot with lid, all repousseworked to show swags, rams headmasks and oval portrait busts, raisedon hoof feet. Impressed marks tounderside.Coffee pot H: 6 1/2 in. 23 oz.$800-1,200

    670 11-8013/37Russian silver and cloisonneenameled cigarette casenicolai strulyev, moscow, late19th centuryRectangular form, the large hingedlid opens to a gilt interior, another lidwith striker opens to a compartmentfor matches, one side incorporates awick attached to a chain, the caseall over cloissone enameled to showfloral sprays and dots in variouscolors. Stamped kokoshnik andmakers mark to interior.H: 4, W: 2 1/2 in. 6 3/4 oz.$800-1,200

    671 11-8013/33Russian silver gilt creamermoscow, 1850,assaymaster andrei kavalskyRectangular form, the sides finelyengraved with armorial crest on oneside, and monogram on the other.H: 2 3/4 in. 9 oz.$300-500

    666 11-8013/42Small Meissen blue ground swinghandled teapot19th centuryBombe form, painted with twocircular scenes depicting childrenbordered in gilt, the gilt metalreticulated handle joined by ceramicbar. Underglaze blue crossed swordsmark to underside.H: 6 in.$800-1,200

    667 11-8013/44Continental green onyx pedestalThe wide circular top overconforming column raised on plinthbase.H: 38, D: 16 in.$200-300

    668 11-8013/45Pair of Italian alabaster urns onstandslate 19th centuryThe foliate form urn surmounts asquare base.H: 17 in.$800-1,200

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    668A 11-1212/16Continental alabaster pedestalSectional, the flat octagonal top overbeaded rim, above twisted column,raised on fluted baluster section andsocle foot, over octagonal base.H: 43 1/2 in.$300-500

    669 11-8013/48Large Italian Capodimonte moldedand enameled porcelain oval traylate 18th centuryOval form foliate carved rim, overdetailed painted and relief figuraledge, conforming central medallionto interior.L: 24, W: 17 1/4 in.$2,000-3,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 114

  • freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts








    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 115

  • 678 11-8013/41Continental Sterling silver three piece tea serviceearly 20th centuryComprising a teapot, sugar and creamer, all worked in the rococo taste withscrolling feet, leaf-capped handles, floral sprays, and fruit basket finials.Marked Sterling to undersides.Teapot H: 7 in. 75 oz. (total)$1,000-1,500

    679 11-8013/71Italian hand-colored engraving18th centuryDepicting a view from the riverArno, Florence, engraved by Gregoriafter Zocchi. Framed and glazed.Sight H: 20, L: 28 in.$300-500

    680 11-8013/73Large Sevres style gilt and paintedblue ground porcelain boxearly 20th century, signed m.laminosLobed circular form, figurallandscape to cover within gildedscrolls over conforming blue groundbase, gilt metal edge and latch,marked Chateau de Blois.D: 4 3/4, L: 9 1/2 in.$300-500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    681 11-8013/76Dutch silver tea caddy19th centuryOval cylindrical form, the sidesrepousse worked to show a pastoralvillage scene, the pull-off lidsurmounted by a lion finial; togetherwith a Scottish sterling silver sugarbowl, Edinburgh, Hamilton andInches, 1876, and a Gorham silverbell with ivory handle.20 oz.$800-1,200

    684 11-8013/70Group of six French hand-coloredcostume engravingsdated 1776 and laterComprising of a set of three, a pairand one smaller , all framed andglazed.Largest Sight H: 24 in.$600-900

    683 11-8013/59Large pair of French parian wareand gilt metal mounted urnsearly 20th centuryConverted to lamps, the flutedclassical urn mounted at the rimand set with twin foliate casthandles.Urn H: 18 in.$400-600

    682 11-8013/54Continental bronze and onyx sidetable19th centuryThe circular onyx top over four castdragon form supports, above fourcolumns, raised on a circular baseissuing four legs terminating in lionspaw feet. Together with acontinental cast gilt metal two-tierdumbwaiter. (2).H: 24, D: 15 in.$400-600

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 5/2/11 8:11 AM Page 116

  • 686 11-8013/4Pair Louis XVI painted side chairs18th centuryThe fluted carved top rail overpadded back and stuff over seat,above floral carved cabriole legs.H: 35, W: 19 1/2, D: 19 in.$1,200-1,800

    687 11-8013/8Impressive Louis XV carved walnut marble top consolecirca 1750The long rectangular rouge top with molded edge, over conforming basecarved to show foliate apron raised on four well carved cabriole legsterminating in scroll feet.H: 38, W: 101, D: 20 in.provenance:Vanderbilt Estate.$4,000-6,000

    685 11-8013/19Louis XVI style gilt metal mountedwalnut and kingwood secretaire19th centuryThe rectangular top with boundsquare fore-corners enclosemarquerty of twin stacked books,over square tapering legs with dentilmounts at the shoulder, terminatingon metal caps.H: 28, W: 29, D: 12 1/2 in.$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    689 11-8013/7Louis XV style cut glass and giltmetal mounted covered vaselate 19th centuryConverted to a lamp, trumpet form,the mounted rim over maskhandles raised on a faceted squarebase.H: 18 1/2 in.provenance:Purchased by the current vendorfrom Adele Faulkner, LA, in 1957($300).$500-800

    688 11-8013/22Louis XV style gilt bronze inkstand19th centuryThe scalloped shell base set withtwin wells surmounted by a puttograsping an urn.L: 14 in.$400-600

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 117

  • 690 11-8013/11Florentine painted porcelain plaqueearly 20th centuryPainted to show a country woman withan infant in her arms, as another childlooks on, marked Firenze beneath afleur-de-lys on verso, in ornate rococoFlorentine frame.Plaque Diam: 5 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    691 11-8013/12Louis XV style painted trumeau mirrorThe shaped plate flanked by giltwood Sand C scrolls below painted figural sceneall on ivory tone ground.H: 61, L: 35 in.$400-600

    692 11-8013/18Louis XV style kingwood gilt metal mounted andmarble top commodeearly 20th centuryThe serpentine marble top over conforming casefitted with three drawers raised on shapedmounted legs.H: 35, W: 16, D: 14 in.$500-700

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    694 11-8013/23Two Louis XVI painted salonchairs, a bergere and a fauteil a lareine18th century, the bergere stampedd. decantThe bergere with crested top railover upholstered back and scrollingarms, above crested shaped apronand cabriole legs, the fauteil oftypical and similar design, likelyfrom the same suite.The bergere H:38, W: 28, D: 28 in.note:Denis Decant received master 31March 1764.$2,000-3,000

    693 11-8013/17Large Italian gilt bronze Roman revival urnlate 19th centuryThe laurel wreath edge flanked by twin nymphbust handles over base with figural Bacchic sceneto the body, raised on vine and berry columnterminating on a fluted square base.H: 12, D: 12 in.$1,500-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 118

  • 696 11-1142/1Louis XVI style gilt bronze mountedmarquetry inlaid kingwoodgueridonThe circular top having a piercedthree-quarter gallery, above a friezedrawer, raised on straight taperinglegs joined by a conforming circularstretcher.H: 30, D: 21 1/2 in.provenance:Formerly the property of Charles J.Winston Co. Inc., sold Doyles NewYork, October 22, 2002.$800-1,200

    695 11-1142/2Louis XV kingwood and tulipwoodgilt bronze mounted marquetrycommodestamped j.l. gosson, circa 1750The serpentine-front mottled rougeand salmon pink marble top withmolded edge, above a conformingbombe case enclosing two drawerssans traverse, raised on taperinglegs mounted with chutes, sabotsand escutcheons, stamped J.L.Gosson, JME, together with thestamp of the Chateau deChanteloup.H: 33 1/2, W: 43 1/2, D: 19 3/4 in.provenance:Formerly in the Chateau deChanteloup, Touraine, once thehome of tienne Franois deChoiseul (1719 - 1785), minister offoreign affairs at the court of LouisXV from 1758, until he wasdisgraced in 1770. Doyles New York,Property of Charles J. Winston Co.Inc., October 22 2002, lot 54($10,000).$8,000-12,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts




    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 119

  • 697 11-1142/3Louis XV style gilt bronze mountedblack lacquered commode19th centuryThe rectangular molded edgeserpentine-front mottled gray andwhite marble top above aconforming bombe case lacqueredwith chinoiserie scenes of figuresamong pagodas, enclosing twodrawers sans traverse mounted withbold c-scroll handles, raised oncabriole legs mounted with chutesending in sabots.H: 34 1/2, W: 52, D: 24 in.provenance:Formerly the property of Charles J.Winston Co. Inc., sold Doyles NewYork, October 22 2002.$6,000-8,000

    698 11-1142/4Louis XVI style gilt bronze mountedgueridonlate 19th centuryThe gilt metal mounted circular topcentered by rouge marble insertover plain apron raised on talltapering cabriole legs terminating insabots.H: 30, D: 27 in.$1,500-2,500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 120

  • freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    700 11-1142/6Transitional gilt bronze mounted kingwoodcommodelate 18th centuryThe shaped mottle grey marble top overconforming case fitted with twin long drawersflanked by inlaid canted fore-corners raised oncabriole legs, terminating in sabots.H: 33, W: 38 D: 18 in.$4,000-6,000

    699 11-1142/5Louis XV gilt bronze mounted kingwood bureau platcirca 1750The shaped rectangular top with tooled leather insert and three-quartergallery, above a frieze fitted with two drawers, raised on cabriole legsmounted with chutes ending in sabots, Schloss Schillersdorf paper inventorylabel pasted to inside of drawer.H: 31 1/2, W: 60, D: 32 in.provenance:Formerly in the Schloss Schillersdorf, Moravia, the expansive Castle andhunting estate of the Austrian Rothschilds.$15,000-20,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 121

  • 703 11-1142/9Chinese gilt decorated black lacquered panel mounted as acoffee tableRectangular form, set within a modern conforming blacklaquer stand.H: 18, W: 57, D: 22 in.$800-1,200

    701 11-1142/7Louis XVI Style gilt bronze mounted kidneyshaped kingwood gueridonThe shaped oval top with banded edge openingto reveal a recess, over two short drawers to thefrieze, raised on tall square tapering legs, unitedby an undertier, terminating on sabots.H: 29, W: 29, D: 15 in.$1,500-2,500

    702 11-1142/8Louis XV gilt bronze mounted marquetry inlaidkingwood table crireThe rectangular top with oval scene depictingruins in a landscape, above a pull-out leatherinset writing slide and a frieze drawer, raised onslender cabriole legs ending in sabots.H: 25 1/4, W: 23 1/2, D: 16 in.provenance:Formerly the property of Charles J. Winston Co.Inc., sold Doyles New York, October 22 2002.$4,000-6,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 122

  • 705 11-1142/11Good Transitional gilt bronze mounted parquetry inlaidkingwood commodelate 18th centuryThe rectangular molded edge mottled gray marble top ofreverse breakfront outline, above a conforming case withcanted corners enclosing three drawers, raised on hippedtapering legs ending in sabots.H: 34 1/2, W: 48, D: 20 1/2 in.provenance:Formerly the property of Charles J. Winston Co. Inc., soldDoyles New York, October 22 2002.$6,000-8,000

    706 11-1142/12Louis XV mahogany marble top gueridonThe oval marble top banded at the edge, over conformingcase fitted with single drawer to the frieze, over graduatedtier, raised on tall cabriole legs terminating in cast sabots.H: 29, D: 23 in.$2,500-3,500

    707 11-1129/3Continental style porcelain insert gilt-metal side tableThe gallery top surmounting a long rectangular enameledinsert painted to show birds and foliate blossoms, overscroll cast base raised on square legs.H: 31, W: 39, D: 21 in.$600-800

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    704 11-1142/10Louis XV style gilt bronze mounted marquetry inlaidburl walnut side tableThe shaped rectangular top with gilt metal bandededge over shaped drawer to the frieze raised oncabriole legs terminating in sabots.H: 28, W: 29, D: 16 in.$2,500-3,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 123

  • 708 11-8002/4Large and Impressive French ormolu mounted Japaneseimari chargerporcelain late 18th century, mounts laterThe circular porcelain charger decorated in iron-red, blue andgilt to show antiques and foliate sprigs, supported by doubleheaded serpent cast handles over heavy foliate cast feet.D: 27 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Florida Gentleman.$5,000-8,000

    709 11-1463/11After Antoine-Louis Barye,(French, 1795-1875)pointers on the scentBronze, mid-brown patina, depictingthe two dogs with tails up and nosesto the ground, signed Barye, onrouge marble base.H: 3, W: 6 in.$400-600

    710 11-5035/16After Henri Dumaige(French, 1830-1888)Gilt bronze figure of a classicalmaiden seated on a pedestal, signedDumaige.H: 18 3/4 in.$700-1,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    Other Properties

    711 11-1139/11Pair of French Empire cold paintedbronze candlesticks19th centuryThe urn form nozzle withsuspended chains above a femalebust, supported by a corinthiancapital and fluted column raised ona tripartite base with panther masksand paw feet.H: 10 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$600-800

    712 11-1163/30Pair of French gilt bronze wallsconceslate 19th centuryAcanthus cast bracket issues fourconforming arms.L: 15 in.$400-600

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 124

  • 714 11-8027/23After Michelangelo, French bronze of Mosesearly 20th centuryBronze, mid-brown patina, cast to show a muscular Moseswith long beard, seated with a tablet under his arm. BearsFrench Reduction Mechanique foundry mark.H: 14 1/2 in.note:Cast after the original marble sculpture by Michelangelo forthe tomb of Pope Julius II in Rome.$1,500-2,000

    715 10-1299/56After Albert Carrier-Belleuse(French, 1824-1887)albrecht durerBrown patina, over rouge marbebase.Total H: 13 1/4 in.$600-800

    713 11-1137/1French gilt bronze mounted mahogany, burl walnut andparquetry inlaid commodelate 18th centuryThe molded, crossbanded and parquetry inlaid serpentine topcentered by a large LF monogram within cartouche, overconforming case with three long parquetry inlaid drawersbetween canted corners, the sides veneered to imitate marble,above a shaped apron, raised on cabriole legs ending in castsabots.H: 35, W: 45 1/2, D: 25 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Chestnut Hill Gentleman.$6,000-8,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    716 10-1299/58Continental bronze ofVenus de Milolate 19th centuryBrown patina, standing torso, overplinth base.H: 16 in.$500-800

    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 125

  • 717 10-2021/2Louis XVI style gilt bronze mounted marble top kingwood commode19th century, stamped (after) charles-guillaume winckelsen,paris, indistinctly dateThe rouge marble top of breakfront outline, over conforming case withconvex sides of diamond parquetry, single mounted straight drawer to thefrieze flanked by shaped drawers, over long cupboard door with centralmarquetry inlaid panel flanked by shaped cupboard doors, raised on heavyscroll cast sabots, stamped several times.H: 36, W: 65, D: 25 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia Gentleman.$15,000-20,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT95-126.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:54 PM Page 126

  • 719 10-2153/10French spelter clock garnitureearly 20th centuryThe clock with circular dial signedHenri Boens, below a spelter groupof a a lady with child, each garniturewith five candle nozzles issuing froman urn.H: 20 1/2 in.$400-600

    720 10-1299/57French brass bound boulle boxlate 19th centuryRectangular form, scrolling panels tocover over tortoiseshell ground.L: 5 in.$400-600

    721 10-1702/6Fritz Schaper(German, 1841-1919)Bronze, light brown patina, bust of agentleman, inscribed verso.H: 20 in.$300-500

    718 11-1163/31Impressive pair of French giltbronze wall appliqueslate 19th centuryEach with a crown surmounting acentral crest over a sphinx flankedby classical figures and foliatescrolls. (2).H: 22 in.$1,000-1,500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    723 11-1073A/6Louis XV provincial walnutsetteeThe shaped reeded backcentered by foliate sprig issuingconforming arms over loosecushion over serpentine friezeraised on carved cabriole legs.H: 36, W: 47, D: 24 in.$800-1,200

    722 11-1163/27French gilt metal, bronze and rouge marblecenterpiecelate 19th centuryThe deep boat form bowl supported by bronzeputti, raised on rouge marble plinth, above giltmetal cast feet.H: 15, L: 15 in.$500-800

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:58 PM Page 127

  • 724 11-1408/1Austrian cold painted bronze and ivory mountedfigure of a market sellermarked bk. early 20th centuryStanding North African figure over carpet, witharms out-stretched offering ivory.H: 8 1/2 in.provenance:Private Collection, Philadelphia$1,500-2,000

    725 11-8027/22French porcelain and bronze mounted clock garniturelate 19th century, richond, parisThe gilt bronze circular dial with enameled ceramic Romanhour markers, mounted on a cobalt glazed urn with lionmask mounts and free-moving handles, surmounted by apine-cone finial, the body above a fluted foot flanked byacanthus scrolls, on a shaped circular base with toupieand scroll feet, the garnitures of similar form, issuing five-branch candelabra.Clock H: 19 1/2 in.$2,000-3,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    726 10-1921/2Fine Louis XV kingwood marquetry and gilt bronzemounted commodecirca 1750The serpentine marble top over conforming case fitted withtwo short drawers flanking spring backed pull drawer, overtwo long drawers, above shaped apron mounted with foliatesprigs raised on short legs terminating on heavy castsabots, indistinctly stamped top right corner.H: 35, W: 48, D: 25 in.provenance:Property of a New York Lady Retailers label, B. Graziana, 4,Maxwell St, Mass.$4,000-6,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:58 PM Page 128

  • 733 11-8021/8Louis XV style gilt bronze seven-light chandelierThe foliate decorated coronet overreeded and acanthus wrappedcentral shaft and six rope supports,supporting the circular bodymounted with three bronze putti indark brown patina and issuing sixfoliate branches with frosted glassflame shades, all above a centralshaped, frosted shade.H: 36 in. (Approximate)$2,000-3,000

    734 10-1759/27French classical bronze bust ofAchillesDark brown patina, on a squarewhite marble base.H: 10 1/4 in.$200-300

    735 10-2017/4After Claude-Michel Clodion(French 1738-1814)faun and baccanteDark brown patina, signedCLODION verso.H: 19 1/4 in.provenance:Property of a New Jersey Lady$2,000-3,000

    736 10-4048/174After Guillaume Costeaumarly horseSingle brown spelter figure, manhandling horse over naturalisticbase, and ebonized wood stand.Total H: 24 in.$300-500

    732 10-1910/18Louis XV style gilt metal mountedkingwood bureau platlate 19th centuryThe shaped rectangular top with abrown leather surface and giltbronze mounted edge, over threereal and three opposing dummydrawers, above a serpentine apronwith foliate gilt bronze mounts,raised on gilt bronze lined cabriolelegs terminating in foliate sabots.H: 32, W: 54, D: 29 in.provenance:Gertrude J. & Robert T. AndersonCollection$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    727 10-1714/26After Georges-Marie-ValentinBareau (French, 1866-1931)la fortuneBrown spelter figure over rougemarble base.Total H: 44 1/2 in.$600-800

    728 BRISK/10KPair of Louis XVI style gilt metalwall sconcesThe central torcher is supported byfoliate cast crest, missing shades.H: 24 in$600-1,000

    730 10-1299/61Austrian cold painted bronze figureof a North African boylate 19th centuryMolded reclining feeding a monkey.L: 4 1/4 in.$2,000-3,000

    731 10-2021/46Pair of Louis XV style cast lead wallmirrorsThe two plate tall rectangular mirroris surmounted by oval mirroredmedallion within tied ribbonpediment.H: 51 in.$300-500

    729 10-1299/62Austrian cold painted bronzefigure of a North African vendorlate 19th centuryStanding man with parrot at wrist.H: 5 1/2 in.$1,500-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:58 PM Page 129

  • 737 11-1404/77Fine pair of Louis XVI gilt bronze six branch figural candelabralate 18th centuryThe central standard cast to show a putti and Bacchic faun withbasket of grapes and vessel pouring wine, below an urn mountedwith grapes issuing six acanthus leaf scrolled branches and a centralbranch mounted with rams masks with free moving rings, the wholeabove a socle base raised on scroll and hoof feet, united by floral andleaf cast swags.H: 28 in.provenance:Sold on behalf of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to benefit futureacquisitions.$3,000-5,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    738 11-1404/76Fine Sevres style apple ground porcelain and gilt bronze mounted garniture19th centuryComprising a large centerpiece bowl and two urns, all painted on one side with a central reserve of flowers, the other sidewith putti, within gilt borders, mounted with well cast scrolled handles, above twisted fluted stem above acanthus and c-scrolled bases with champhered corners, the urns surmounted with gilt bronze pull-off covers surmounted by an allegoricalfigural group composed of putti accompanied by an astrological orb and an owl. One bronze mount stamped L3.Centerpiece H: 15, W: 27, D: 12 in. Urn H: 20 in.provenance:Sold on behalf of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to benefit future acquisitions.$6,000-8,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:58 PM Page 130

  • 739 11-8027/14Fine Louis XVI gilt bronze and white marble mantel clockthe clock c. 1790, the enamel dial by Dubuisson c.,1795The circular white enameled dial with arabic numerals, within a finely enameledborder of intertwined gilt lines and green dots, signed Dubuis, within a drumshaped case surrounded by clouds and putti holding floral garlands, above aplatform supported by fluted columnar supports and two mermaids, above afinely engraved lower platform, mounted on a white marble base raised on sixtoupie feet.H: 21, W: 15, D: 6 1/4 in.note:Etienne Gobin, known as Dubuisson (d. circa 1822), watch and clock enameller,worked at Chantilly and Svres as a flower painter. He was responsible for someof the finest enamelled decoration on clock dials in the latter part of the 18thcentury.$8,000-12,000

    740 11-1404/79Sevres blue ground porcelain part servicemid 19th century, for the chateau des tuileriesComprising a cake stand, soup bowl, dinner plate, chocolate cup, saucer, and cover, all painted toshow putti and gilt highlights on a royal blue ground, bearing large crowned LP monogram in gilt,printed Chateau des Tuileries marks, Sevres marks dated 1846, and crowned LP marks to undersides;together with a 19th century Sevres bough pot, similarly decorated, not from the same service.Bowl D: 9 1/2 in.provenance:Sold on behalf of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to benefit future acquisitions.$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:58 PM Page 131

  • 741 11-8021/1Louis XV style kingwood gilt metalmounted bureau plat19th centuryThe shaped rectangular top withtooled green leather surface, thefrieze fitted with twin drawers raisedon tall mounted cabriole legs,terminating on sabots. Brasssuppliers label Ameublements,Meubles des Fantaisie/Les FilsdAlfred Wimphen/25 Rue duFaubourg St. Antoine 25/PARIS toinside of central drawer.H: 32, W: 63, D: 32 1/2 in.$6,000-8,000

    742 11-1753/1French rococo style gilt bronze centerpiecelate 19th centuryHeavily cast to simulate a wirework basket, withc-scrolls, flowers and shell cartouches, mountedwith two putti, one holding a bunch of grapes, theother a posy.H: 10, W: 16 1/2, D: 10 in.$2,000-3,000

    743 11-8023/1Louis XVI style tulipwood, burlwalnut and marquetry bureau dedame19th centuryThe rectangular top over overcylinder top opening to reveal abank of six drawers, and pull drawerwriting suface, over shaped drawerraised on cabriole legs ending insabots.H: 40, W: 31, D: 17 in.$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:58 PM Page 132

  • 746 11-1027/8After the Antique, bronze sculptureof the Venus de Capualate 19th century, naples,sabatino e filsBronze, mid brown patina, oncircular base stamped Sabatino efils.H: 15 1/4 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$800-1,200

    747 11-1478/1Pair of Louis XV style marble-topkingwood tables de nuitlate 19th centuryThe shaped breche violette marbletop with brass edge, over singledrawer with cubby-hole beneath,raised on slender cabriole legsterminating in sabots.H: 29, W: 20, D: 14 in.$400-600

    748 11-8021/5Fine French gilt and patinated bronze mantelclock19th century, morisot, parisThe circular enamel dial with Roman andArabic numbers, signed Morisot Paris, abovea bronze composition of fish, rods, bullrushesand nets, and set within a large oval body withleaf-tip frieze and gadrooned edge supportingtwo patinated bronze putti reclining on rockswith a central scallop shell issuing water,flanked by two sea creatures, the whole raisedon four short legs terminating in spreadcircular feet.H: 13 3/4, W: 27, D: 8 in.$3,000-5,000

    745 11-1027/7After the Antique, bronze figure ofNarcissuslate 19th century, naples,sabatino e filsBronze, mid brown patina, on circularbase stamped Sabatino e fils.H: 15 in.$800-1,200

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    744 11-1404/78French parcel gilt bronze ewerearly 19th centuryIn the rococo taste, the acanthus scrolledhandle with dolphin head terminus overflared spout, above the patinated bronzebody raised on fluted stem terminating inleaf-tip molded socle base. Stamped 393to underside.H: 13 1/2 in.provenance:Sold on behalf of the Philadelphia Museumof Art to benefit future acquisitions.$800-1,200

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:58 PM Page 133

  • 749 11-1412/1Louis XVI style walnut canapelate 19th centuryThe shaped crested top rail overupholstered back and sides, overconforming apron, raised on fivecabriole legs.H: 27, W: 56, D: 24 in.$600-800

    750 11-1363/22Pair of Louis XV style gilt metalgirandole mirrorsThe tall rectangular plate flanked byconforming frame supporting twincandle arms.H: 22 in.$300-500

    751 11-1051/1Antoine Bourainesaytr carrying a maiden, circa 1925Patinated bronze and ivory, modeled toshow the saytr in full flight carrying themaiden on his shoulders, mounted on stonebase, signed A Bourain.H: 18 1/2 in.$3,000-5,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    752 11-1027/18Antonio Pandiani(Italian, 1838-1928)man holding a crayfish,late 19th centuryBronze, dark brown patina, thegentleman depicted in 18th centurydress bearing a wide grin andholding a crayfish by its tail, oncircular base stamped A. PandianiMilano.H: 37 1/2 in.$3,000-5,000

    753 11-1027/19After Emile Piccault (French, 1833-1915)le bourgeois gentilhomme moliere,early 20th centuryBronze, dark brown patina, depictinga proud Moliere standing with caneand hat, on circular base, signed E.Piccault and titled.H: 34 in.$1,000-1,500

    754 11-1067/2German bronze of a Flute playero. opitzBronze, light brown patina, depictingan Indian man playing the flute witha snake coiled around it, signedverso, on square marble plinth.Total H: 8 1/2 in.$300-500

    755 11-1067/11Hans Muller (Austrian, 1873-1947)europa carried away by the bullBronze, dark brown patina, signed tobase, on marble base.Total H: 10, L: 8 in.$300-500


    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:58 PM Page 134

  • 758 11-1363/16Pair of Louis XVI style gilt metalchenetsThe flame finial surmounting afluted column over cabriole feet.H: 28 in.$300-500

    759 11-1363/15French transitional style maple andparquetry inlaid bureau de dame20th centuryThe shaped superstructure centeredby a galleried marble top over twodrawers, above a draw leaf writingsurface and single drawer, raised ontapering cabriole legs.H: 37, W: 30, D: 20 in.$400-600

    760 11-1282/1Four Louis XV style walnutbergeres20th centuryThe molded crested top rail overpadded back and arms flankingloose cushion seat, raised oncabriole legs.H: 37, W: 28, D: 26 in.$800-1,200

    756 11-1067/9After Clement Leopold Steiner(French, 1853-1899)escrimeurBronze, mid brown patina, showingthe proud fencer bending his swordin confrontation, on octagonal basesigned Steiner L. and bearing titleplaque Escrimeur par Steinermedaille dor.H: 25 in.$1,000-1,500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    757 11-1298/10Louis XV style gilt metal mounted faux tortoiseshell andebonized bureau platlate 19th century and laterThe brass banded rectangular top with tooled brown leatherinset surface mounted at the fore-corners, over two longdrawers flanking a central short drawer, with three opposingdummy drawers, the drawer faces and sides veneered intortoiseshell within gilt metal borders, on cabriole legsmounted with gilt bronze chutes, terminating in sabots, raisedon brass castors.H: 30, W: 51, D: 28 in.$2,000-3,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:58 PM Page 135

  • 761 11-1067/8Karl Perl (Austrian)nude dancer, early 20th centuryBronze, black patina, signed K.Perl, and stamped Made inAustria to base, raised on verdigrismarble pedestal.Total H: 18 1/2 in.$600-800

    762 11-1067/10Henri Louis Bouchard(French, 1875-1960)jeune romaine dansantBronze, dark verdigris patina, onrectangular base, signed H.Bouchard, Rome, 1900, bearingfoundry mark and incised title.H: 19 1/4 in.$800-1,200

    763 11-1144/5After Auguste Joseph Peiffer(French 1832-1879)retour des hirondellesBronze, dark brown patina, modeled as theseated figure of a semi-nude woman withswallows at her feet, on a circular base bearingSusse Freres foundry mark.H: 18 1/2 in.$3,000-5,000

    764 11-1163/43French gilt bronze figure ofArchimedeslate 19th centuryModeled to show a standingArchimedes holding his screw, onoctagonal black slate base.H: 17 3/4 in.$800-1,200

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    765 11-1067/14Continental bronze model of agazelleprobably french, c. 1930The young gazelle with elongatedlegs attempting to stand, on ovalbase engraved to show a continuousband of leaping gazelle; together witha patinated bronze model of an ibex.(2).H: 12 3/4 in., the ibex H: 15 3/4 in.$800-1,200

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:58 PM Page 136

  • 767 11-1353/9Louis XVI style kingwood and tulipwood centertableThe cross-banded and brass bordered shaped topwith central oval marquetry panel, depicting an urnand floral bouquet, over a single frieze drawer abovetapering cabriole legs terminating in sabots.H: 30, W: 57, D: 36 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Bala Cynwyd estate.$400-600

    768 11-1298/14Louis XVI style marble top commodeThe shaped mottled pink top overconforming case fitted with two shortdrawers raised on slender cabriole legsterminating on cast sabots.H: 30, W: 24, D: 16 in.$400-600

    769 11-1067/13After Louis Dit Natavel Vidal (French, 1831-1892)model of a stagBrown and slightly verdigis patina, depicting arecumbent stag, on naturalistic oval base signedVidal.H: 10 1/2, L: 13 in.$600-1,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    770 11-1298/9Louis XVI style gilt metal mountedmarquetry games tableThe rectangular top mounted atfore-corners folds to reveal greenfelt playing surface over shapedconforming apron, raised on slendercabriole legs terminating in castsabots.H: 30, W: 31, D: 24 in. (closed)$800-1,200

    771 11-1298/5Pair of Louis XVI carved beechbergeresThe rounded foliate carved crestover diamond button back seat andcushion, raised on foliate carvedlegs.H: 37, W: 31, D: 22 in.$1,500-2,000

    772 11-1294/1Pair of gilt metal and mirrored wallsconcesThe tall rectangular plate flankedconforming scroll cast frame issuingtwin candle arms to base.H: 21 in.$300-500

    773 11-1280/3Louis XVI style marquetry inlaidkingwood semainierThe breche dalep marble top withcanted angles over conforming caseof seven drawers with marquetryinlaid fronts, raised on short cabriolefore legs ending in sabots.H: 56, W: 44, D: 14 in.$600-800

    774 11-1144/1After Luca Madrassia fencing champion,early 19th centuryBronze, mid-brown patina, depictingthe moustached duellist standingproudly, his helmet and glove by hisfeet, on a square base signed L.Madrassi.H: 24 in.$2,000-3,000

    775 11-1279/15Eight Louis XVI carved fruitwooddining chairsOval padded back over serpentineseat, raised on foliate carvedtapering legs.H: 36 in.$800-1,200

    766 11-1135/1After the antique, bronze sculpture ofHermesnaples, sabatino de angelis & fils,late 19th/early 20th centuryBronze, dark brown patina, the nakedHermes with wings on his ankles seatedon a naturalistic gray veined marblebase, bearing Sabatino oval plaque.H: 20 in.$2,000-3,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:58 PM Page 137

  • 778 11-1463/10Maurice Osmond, (French, b. 1875)Bronze vide poche, green and brownpatinas, of oval form, decorated inrelief to show a satyr and a recliningnude. Signed M. Osmond.L: 8 3/4 in.$300-500

    780 10-1299/51AFrench white and rouge marbleoccasional tableearly 20th centuryCircular white marble top overtapering rouge column and plinthbase.H: 31, D: 23 in.$800-1,200

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    777 11-1218/7ALarge French bronze of defeatedNapoleonlate 19th centuryBrown patina, depicting a seatedyouthful Napoleon grasping a mapof Europe, raised on square plinthbase.H: 22, W: 20 in.$5,000-7,000

    776 11-1218/8ALouis XVI gilt metal mounted marquetrywalnut table crireThe rectangular top with bound edge andsquare fore-corners, inlaid to show stackedbooks, surmounting a pull drawer fittedinterior raised on tapering square legs.H: 29, W: 18, D: 21 in.$4,000-5,000

    779 11-8022/2Pair of Continental gilt metalMarly horsesearly 20th centuryMounted as lamps.Horse H: 24 in. (without fittings)$1,000-1,500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:58 PM Page 138

  • 783 11-1273/4French Louis XV style mantel clockretailed tiffany & co. new yorkThe circular enamel dial, with romanhour and arabic minute marks,within a rococo style case cast withto show scrolls and flowerssurmounted by an urn.H: 21, W: 12, D: 6 in.$1,500-2,000

    784 10-1923/1Biedermeier walnut and ebonizedsecretaireThe molded ebonized cornice overfall front cabinet, revealing interior ofdrawers and arched recess, overthree long drawers, all flanked byhalf columns.H: 61, W: 41, D: 20 in.$500-600

    781 10-4048/162Swiss walnut, crossbanded and mother of pearl inlaidmusic boxlate 19th centuryThe single brass cylinder and comb within rectangular case.provenance:Property from the Estate of Lothaine Pinnick, PhiladelphiaPA.$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    785 10-1993/2Dutch green onyx and gilt metalclockearly 20th century,marked franker, amsterdamGraduating rectangular topsupported by twin columns,enclosing beveled glazed case andfoliate enameled dial, raised onconforming base and turned giltmetal bun feet.H: 12 1/2, L: 7 in.$600-800

    786 11-1218/8BLouis XV provincial walnut bergereThe shaped padded back over scrollcarved arms, over padded seat, raisedon cabriole legs.H: 33, W: 24 in.$800-1,200

    782 10-8102/2Swiss ebonized and marquetry musicboxRectangular case, five chrome bellsand tube of twelve songs.provenance:Purchased Vincent Freeman, UK,1984.$2,000-3,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 139

  • 788 11-1218/5ABiedermeier fruitwood side tablelate 19th centuryThe removable rectangular top, above a singlelong drawer, raised on square tapering legs.H: 31, W: 40, D: 29 in.$400-600

    791 10-8102/1Large Swiss ebonized andmarquetry music box on standsamuel troll fils, genevaRectangular case, glass hood overbrass six song tube, raised onconforming ebonized walnut stand.Box H: 10, L: 39, D: 13, Stand H: 26,W: 52, D: 27 in.$4,000-6,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    790 11-1053/1French Empire style mahogany marble topdemi-lune side cabinet19th centuryThe marble top over central cupboard doorflanked by cabriole supports, raised on blockfeet.H 36 1/2, W: 37, D: 16 in.$1,000-1,500

    789 10-1299/52Pair Continental bronze busts ofRoman boys19th centuryBrown patina, raised on socle basesover small circular pedestals.H: 11 1/2 in.$500-800

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 140

  • 794 11-1053/4French Empire style mahogany and giltmetal mounted pier mirrorThe rectangular plate flanked by pilasterssurmounted by female terms.H: 58, W: 33 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    795 11-1073D/1French Empire mahogany gilt metal mountedmarble top secretaire abbatantcirca 1800The grey veined marble top over single friezedrawer, above a fall front opening to reveal a seriesof drawers. flanked by columnar supports, overthree long drawers raised on tapering feet.H: 53 3/4, W: 36 1/2, D: 17 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    793 11-1053/6French Empire style mahogany andgilt metal mounted pier mirror19th centuryThe molded cornice above therectangular plate flanked by giltmetal leaf sprigs surmounted by astar.H: 59, W: 31 in.$1,000-1,500

    792 11-1163/46French bronze sculpture of Tacituslate 19th centuryGilt bronze, modeled to show aseated Tacitus, holding a scroll in hisleft hand, a large lamp behind him,on large oval black slate baseinscribed Tacite.H: 18, L: 21 in.$1,000-1,500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 141

  • 797 11-1095/27Empire style gilt bronze andmalachite mounted tazzaThe shallow U shaped basin,supported on scroll and leaf castring raised on paw feet, terminatingon shaped cabachon mountedstand.H: 6 1/4, D: 11 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000

    798 11-1212/29Empire style mahogany and giltmetal mounted bedThe headboard with molded andfluted toprail over two oval roundelssurmounted by gilt metal floralgarlands.H: 58, W: 63 in.$1,000-1,500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    796 11-1052/1Camille Faure enameled gilt metal ovoid vasesigned faure limoges, franceWide compressed form, small mouth above abody of enameled foliate blossoms on greenground, raised on wide gilt metal circular base.H: 4, D: 5 1/4 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia Lady$1,500-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 142

  • 802 11-1363/19French painted side chair20th centuryThe oval padded back above stuffover seat raised on fluted legs.H: 33 1/2, W: 18 in.$200-300

    803 11-1363/18French oak parquetry draw leafdining tablelate 19th centuryThe shaped, cleated parquetry topwith two draw leaves, above ashaped carved apron and acanthuscarved cabriole legs terminating inscroll feet.H: 30, W: 96 (extended),D: 37 1/2 in.$600-800

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    799 10-1299/53Fine pair of Empire gilt bronze figuralcandlesticksUrn form standard surmounting wingedcherubs raised on classical columnsterminating on leaf molded square bases.H: 8 1/2 in.$1,000-2,000

    800 11-1753/2Continental onyx and rouge marble cloisonne, porcelain,and gilt metal mounted pedestalearly 20th centuryIn two sections: the square onyx top over tapering rougemarble with cloisonne enameled apron above a cubiccapital, inset with four porcelain plaques hand-paintedwith allegories of the seasons, supported by an octagonalcolumn raised on tapering base with lappet frieze andcloisonne plaques over square base.H: 46 1/2 in.$4,000-6,000

    801 11-1273/2French oval cut glass ormolu mountedcenter bowllate 19th centuryThe shaped, oval bowl set within foliaterim flanked by winged putti, supportingfoliate garlands, raised on bracket feet.H: 6, L: 14 in.$800-1,200

    803A 11-1269/3French provincial 18th centurystyle walnut tableThe cleated and planked top overbaluster supports united bystretchers.$1,500-2,000

    804 11-1342/25Four Continental portrait painteditemsearly 20th centuryComprising a pair of shallow dishespainted to show portraits of maleyouths; a small hand mirror, thereverse mounted with a porcelainplaque painted to show a youngmaiden; and a small oval casketinset with a watercolor portrait of amaiden, signed Lucas. (4).Various sizes.$200-400

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 143

  • freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    806 11-1273/3French molded opaque glass giltbronze mounted vaselate 19th centuryThe flattened, tapering cubic vasemolded to show swirling fish,mounted within an ornate giltbronze mount cast to show floralswags, flowerheads and acanthusscrolled handles.H: 11 1/2, W: 9 1/2, D: 3 in.$800-1,200

    807 11-1298/23Empire style marble top gilt metalmounted rosewood commodeThe rouge marble top with cantedangles over a conforming case,mounted at the shoulder withfemale terms, flanking twin shortdrawers over paneled cupboarddoors, raised on carved and gildedpaw feet.H: 36, W: 55, D: 21 in.$6,000-8,000

    805 11-1316/2French champleve enameled and jasperware mounted gilt metalmantel clockearly 20th centuryThe circular dial with arabic hour markers and champleve border, withinrectangular case with two bevelled glass panels, and two jasperwarepanels, four champleve enameled columns at corners, raised onenameled toupie feet.H: 14 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 144

  • 810 11-1281/21Good set of four Beidermeiercarved walnut side chairsearly 19th centuryThe curved and ribbed top rail withsquared corners and flanked bycolumnar supports, the splat piercedto show flowerheads, above stuffover seat with conforming ribbedapron, raised on rear sabre legs andturned fore legs.H: 37 1/2, W: 21, D: 19 in.$4,000-6,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    808 11-1298/22AEmpire style gilded rosewood andspecimen marble top consoleThe rectangular black slate top with squarespecimen inserts, over brass inlaid friezeabove gilded twin baluster columns joinedby conforming tier, raised on shaped feet.H: 26, W: 51, D: 22 in.$6,000-8,000

    809 11-1298/19Pair of Empire faux rosewood paintedbergeresThe shaped crest with padded back flankedby swan neck arm posts over loose cushionraised on shaped legs.H: 37, W: 31, D: 22 in.$2,000-3,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 145

  • 811 11-1073/134Good Pair of Louis XV painted and gildedfauteuilsThe oval padded back surmounted with carvedand gilded foliate sprigs, over padded arms,above loose cushion and serpentine frieze, raisedon cabriole legs.H: 36, W: 23, D: 17 in.$1,000-1,200

    812 11-1073/23Louis XV style gilt bronze and marble clock garnitureearly 20th century, tiffany & co.The circular white enamel dial with roman numerals,surmounted by a quiver and floral spray, flanked byfour tapering columns surmounted by acorn finials,raised on a marble base above toupie feet, thegarniture each with quiver form central standardissuing two candle arms.H: 14 in.$1,000-1,500

    813 11-1073/22Pair of Louis XV beech fauteilsThe upholstered back with crestedtop rail above scrolling armsflanking stuff over seat, over floralcarved cabriole forelegs. Togetherwith a modern chair of similardesign.H: 38, W: 23, D: 24 in.$700-1,200

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts




    814 11-1073/24Six Pairs of Louis XV style giltwoodand composition wall bracketsComprising of mostly scallopedshell form brackets. (12).H: 10, L: 14 in.$400-600

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 146

  • 818 11-1073/142Pair of Louis XV style brassandironsAcorn finial over lobed columnraised on triform base and paw castfeet.H: 21 1/2 in.$300-500

    819 11-1073/127Louis XV style ivory painted andgilded over mantel mirrorThe shaped plate surmounted byribbon tied crest over conformingmolded and gilded scrolls.H: 64, W: 36 in.$600-1,000

    820 11-1073/45Pair French Empire style mahoganyand faux marquetry side tablesThe shaped rectangular top paintedto imitate floral marquetry, oversingle drawer, raised on flutedtapering legs united by stretchers.H: 28 1/2, W: 22, D: 13 in.$300-500

    817 11-1073/179French gilt metal mounted rosewood marquetrysecretaire abattantThe rectangular rouge marble top over singledrawer, above fall front door revealing fitted interiorover four long drawers raised on turned feet.H: 53, W: 26, D: 14 in.$400-600

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    815 11-1073/21Pair of French needleworkupholstered mahogany armchairs19th centuryThe upholstered backrest flanked byinwardly scrolling arms over stuffover seat, raised on cabriole forelegs.H: 39, W: 23 1/2, D: 29 in.$700-1,000

    816 11-1073/27Louis XV style walnut andparquetry low tableThe shaped rectangular topsurmounts short cabriole legs.H: 17 1/2, W: 46, D: 22 in.$300-500

    821 11-1073/46Pair of Continental style brass andcut glass lampsThe diamond molded covered vasesurmounts a circular base.Base H: 21 in$400-800

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 147

  • 822 11-1073/25Directoire style gilt metal mounted mahoganywriting slope on stand19th centuryThe molded rectangular top opening to an interior(locked) above pull drawer revealing tooled leatherslope, over mounted columns and conforming base.H: 32, W: 20, D: 13 in.$500-800

    827 11-1073/78Two Louis XV style walnut andfruitwood side tables19th centuryOne of marquerty rectangular form,fitted with two drawers andconforming tier, together with a D-shaped single drawer side table.Tallest H: 28, W: 14 in.$300-500

    828 11-1073/81Pair of Louis XV style carved beechside chairs19th centuryThe rounded padded back withfoliate carved crest over paddedserpentine seat, raised on tall carvedcabriole legs.H: 35, W: 14 in.$300-500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    825 11-1073/69Pair of French brass inlaid walnuthall chairs19th centuryThe solid scrolling back inlaid toshow a couple embracing, overpadded seat, raised on sabre legs.H: 32, L: 13 in.$300-500

    826 11-1073/74Five French style gilt metal wallsconcesComprising a pair of Louis XV stylegilt metal and mirror backed twinarm sconces, together with threebrass and luster sconces, all wired(5).Largest H: 17, L: 24 in.$400-600

    823 11-1073/43Pair of Biedermeier mahogany sidechairsThe top rail carved withflowerheads, above a lyre form splatincorporating dolphins, over acircular stuff over upholstered seatraised on sabre legs, the forelegsterminating in carved paw feet.H: 34, W: 20, D: 18 in.$400-600

    824 11-1073/58Pair of French gilt metal and lusterwall sconcesThe tall mirrored rectangular andfoliate crested sconce issuing twocandle arms with glass lusters.H: 21 in.$300-500


    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 148

  • 830 11-1073/90Pair of silver plated three-light two-branch candlesticksThe central standard issuing twotwisting candlearms, the knop, drippans and bases with gadroonedrims.H: 17 1/4 in.$300-500

    831 11-1073/120Pair of silver plated and glassshade Hurricane lampsThe tapering knopped stemsupporting cut glass cobalt blueglass shade.H: 20 in.$300-500

    832 11-1073/124French rosewood and marquetrystationery box19th centuryThe banded top enclosingNapoleonic horseman, reveals fittedinterior with removable tray, overconforming mahogany base, thecover and box possibly married.H: 5, L: 12 in.$300-400

    833 11-1073/129Continental white marble and giltmetal mounted clock garnitureearly 20th centuryThe mantel clock with circularenamel dial with roman numeralssurmounted by a torch and quiverfinial, flanked by twin garniture eachwith central standard issuing twincandle arms.H: 11 1/2 in.$400-600

    829 11-1073/83Pair of Continental style black andgold painted mirrored-back wallsconceslate 19th centuryThe oval plate surmounted by foliatecrest all above twin candle arms,electrified.H: 22 in.$300-500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    834 11-1073/133Tall Venetian polychromed overmantel mirror19th centuryThe arched tall rectangular plate, set within conforming frame with moldededge surmounted by molded and painted foliate sprigs.H: 67, W: 31 in.$800-1,200

    835 11-1073/144Pair of painted and mirrored Venetian style cabinetsThe arched molded pediment over conforming mirror paneled door, abovetwin drawers to the base, raised on joined turned legs.H: 69, W: 20, D: 13 in.$800-1,200

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 149

  • 838 11-1073/162Pair of large Continental stylecomposition sandstone gardenjardinieresOf deep U-shape with metal insert,the sides molded to show putti withswag garlands to body, raised oncircular foot.H: 29, D: 34 in.$1,000-1,500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    836 11-1073/147French gilt and ebonised wheelbarometerelements late 18th centuryThe canted top with acorn finial giltabove a thermometer and 9 1/2 inchcircular dial lettered in ink.H: 42 in.$300-500

    837 11-1073/157Set of four Continental stylecomposition stone seasonsfigures on standsIn two parts: the molded standingputti playing music surmounting asphere, raised on conforming plinthbase.H: 59 in.$1,500-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 150

  • 843 11-1073/117Pair of Paris porcelain light blue ground andgilded jardiniereslate 19th centuryEach with openwork bowl decorated with flowersand leaves in blue and gilt, above short stemterminating in circular base, one numbered 2056 ingilt to underside.H: 9, D: 9 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    841 11-1073/135German porcelain floral encrusted mirrorearly 20th centuryThe arched plate within a floral encrustedframe surmounted by a pair of putti.H: 28, L: 15 1/2 in.$400-600

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    842 11-1073/126Pair of German porcelain figuralcandelabralate 19th centuryEach modeled to show an amorous coupleembracing, the lady carrying a caged bird, adog or cat by their side, the detachablecandle arms and naturalistic basesencrusted with numerous flowerheads.H: 19 in.$800-1,200

    839 11-1073/143Pair of Paris porcelain vasesOf flared foliate form, each with acentral standard depicting sprays offlowers, on a blue ground with giltdecorations above a puce and giltfoot.H: 10 1/2 in.$300-500

    840 11-1073/139Paris porcelain urnlate 19th centuryBaluster form, decorated in gilt on agreen ground, the central reservepainted with two figures in acountry setting flanked by gilthandles modeled as dolphins.H: 11 in.$300-500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 151

  • 845 11-1073/87Pair of Royal Derby porcelain oldimari pattern porcelaincandlesticksTypical form, red, blue and giltglazed body.H: 10 1/2 in.$400-600

    846 11-1073/84Pair of large Dutch delftpolychrome vaseslate 19th centuryOctagonal form, with wide flaredrim, decorated all over in the typicalpallette, with flowers, scrolls, andfloral motifs.H: 15 3/4 in.$800-1,200

    847 11-1073/71Pair of Dutch polychrome Delftvases19th centuryOctagonal form with flared rims,decorated with flowers and scrolls inthe typical palette, bearing 18thcentury Peacock marks tounderside.H: 12 3/4 in.$500-700

    848 11-1073/70German porcelain model of a pugNaturalistically modeled, the brownglazed dog modeled standing on allfours.L: 9 1/2 in.$400-600

    849 11-1073/59Paris porcelain trough19th centuryDemi-lune form, decorated withfoliate sprays, stars and dots on awhite ground.H: 5, W: 8, D: 4 in.$200-300

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    850 11-1073/41Pair of Paris porcelain figures of ayouth and a young maidenearly 20th centuryEach modeled leaning against arock, both in 18th century dress, theyoung maiden holding a rose in herleft hand, her right hand lifted to herface, the youth depicted clapping hishands, both surmounting anaturalistic base above a rococoblue and gilt plinth with centralreserve depicting flower sprays.H: 11 1/2 in.$400-600

    851 11-1073/28Two pairs of German porcelain birdfiguresearly 20th centuryComprised of a matched pair ofSitzendorf porcelain parrots,together with a pair of Chineseexport style peacocks.Tallest H: 9 in.provenance:Parrots purchased Zane Moss NY.$300-500

    844 11-1073/104Dutch delft five piece polychromedecorated garniture19th centuryComprising three covered urns andtwo vases, each painted with alandscape scene with figures andwindmill.Urn H: 13 in.$800-1,200

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 152

  • 853 11-8027/25German porcelain Royal Vienna stylegilded porcelain tea servicelate 19th centuryComprised of a long tray, supportingteapot, creamer, sugar bowl together witha pair of teacups and saucers, alldecorated to show figural scenes withingilded edges, beehive mark to base.Tray L: 20 in.$2,500-3,500

    854 11-1316/1Vienna porcelain red and turquoise ground twinhandled vaselate 19th/early 20th centuryFlattened urn form, the pull-off cover above twogilt handles, the body centered by a portrait of ascantily-clad maiden within a gilt border withraised decoration, raised on a square steppedbase centered by a similar portrait of a maidenwithin a gilt border.H: 16 1/2, W: 20 in.$1,500-2,500

    852 11-8027/27Pair of Royal Vienna ruby groundgilded porcelain covered urnslate 19th centuryThe domed cover surmounted by anacorn finial, over a twin handled urnpainted to show nude maidens,raised on socle foot on plinth base.H: 9 1/4 in.$1,000-1,500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    Other Properties

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 153

  • 855 11-1402/1Large Royal Vienna cobalt glaze andgilt ewerearly 20th centuryThe body painted with a large centralreserve depicting a classical maidenplaying a harp, on a gilt ground with greenenameled border, the handle, foot, andbody highlighted in gilt. Royal Vienna,beehive marks, and gilt numbers tounderside.H: 23 in.provenance:Property of a New York gentleman.$2,000-3,000

    857 11-1408/2French Faience earthenware model of a pillowearly 20th centuryPotted as three graduating pillows with foliate garlands paintedto edge and yellow tassel ends.H: 12, L: 18 in.$800-1,200

    858 11-1423/6Pair of French pink groundporcelain vasesearly 20th centuryBaluster form, each with tworeserves painted to show bouquetsof flowers, and two reserves withintertwining arabesque designs, giltrim, foot, and highlights.H: 16 1/2 in.$1,500-2,000

    859 11-5035/11Continental hand-painted ovalporcelain plaque of MaryMagdalene19th centuryDepicting the partially nude femalebeauty in blue robes reading a book,within a woodland landscape;together with two Continentalportrait miniatures of woman, oneon porcelain, the other on paper.The plaque W: 5 3/4 in.$800-1,200

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    860 11-8027/1Large and impressive Serves styleblue ground gilt metal mountedporcelain urnlate 19th century, signed maglinThe baluster urn painted to showfigural scene to dark blue ground,flanked by twin gilt metal scroll casthandles, raised on conforming giltmetal square base.H: 32 in.$5,000-7,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 154

  • 862 11-8027/6Large Limoges olive luster groundporcelain boxearly 20th centuryDomed circular form, the cover wellpainted to show female beauty,flanked by olive luster ground.D: 7 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    863 11-8033/5French gilded porcelain dishsevres mark, 18th/19th centuryThe square dish with roundededges, enameled to show gildedblackbirds, Sevres mark to base.D: 8 in.$600-800

    864 11-8027/9Set of three French Jacob Petitstyle green ground porcelaincaddies, with fitted rosewood boxlate 19th centuryThe fitted rectangular box, openingto reveal three rectangular caddiespainted with Orientalist panels tostoppers and green ground bases.Caddy H: 5 1/4 in.$2,000-3,000

    861 11-8027/2Large Royal Copenhagen FloraDanica porcelain monteithTypical form, set with rectangularhandles painted to show variousspecies of flora to body, withcorresponding latin names to base.H: 5, L: 13 in.$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    865 07-803/1Impressive Limoges porcelain dinner servicelate 19th/early 20th centuryWide cobalt blue and lacey gilt borders and floral gilt centers, comprising a large covered souptureen, a pair of covered vegetable stands, a circular covered vegetable stand, a large fruitbowl, 4 graduated oval platters, an olive tray, a sauceboat underplate, a covered sauce tureenon stand, 2 open vegetable stands, a covered butter dish, 18 dinner plates, 12 cream soupplates, 12 salad plates, 12 individual sauce dishes, 12 butter chips, 12 tea cups with saucers and9 demitasse cups with 12 saucers, stamped M. Redon, Limoges. (138 pieces)Dinner plate D: 9 1/2 in.$1,500-2,500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 155

  • 866 09-1848/1Sevres style jeweled porcelaincoffee canlate 19th centuryPainted with an oval reservedepicting Venus and Cupid, on anapple green ground, blue underglazemark.H: 2 5/8 in.$400-600

    867 09-1848/2Sevres style porcelain coffee cupand saucerearly 19th centuryDecorated with bands of giltgarlands and floral sprays; blueunderglaze mark.H: 2 3/4 in.$250-350

    868 09-1848/4Limoges porcelain chargerearly 20th centuryPainted with a leaping trout, signedLimoges, Leonce, in a squaregiltwood frame.Diam: 17 in.$500-700

    869 09-1848/5Pair of Paris porcelain urnsretailed by j.e. caldwell,early 20th centuryEach of cylindrical form with apierced rim, painted withRenaissance figures on a gilt ground,signed A. Deligny, with loophandles, raised on foliate feet. (2).H: 14 3/4 in.$1,000-1,500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    870 10-1299/65Continental porcelain plaquelate 19th centuryTall rectangular form depictingMarie-Antoinette, in conforminggiltwood frame.Plaque H: 7 in.$1,000-1,500

    871 10-1759/58Large Sevres style porcelain and gilt bronze mounted urnon standlate 19th/early 20th centuryThe urn with a blue marbled neck and painted with an ovalreserve depicting a pair of Classical lovers in a garden attendedby putti, signed Quentin, against a cream ground with gilt details,mounted with Bacchic mask handles, raised on a porcelain andgilt bronze pedestal ending on a triform base with gilt bronzemounts; currently fitted for electricity.H: 65 in.$5,000-10,000

    872 10-1759/79Three small limoges enamel vasescirca 1900All enameled with beautiful youngwomen in landscapes. (3).Tallest H: 5 1/8 in.provenance:Property of a Pennsylvaniagentleman.$300-500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 4:59 PM Page 156

  • 874 11-1073D/3Limoges part dinner service20th century, floreal patternComprising fifteen service plates, sixteen dessertplates, thirteen salad plates, eight soup bowls,eleven large saucers, fifteen small saucers,thirteen sauce bowls, twelve twin-handled soupbowls, nine cups, one sugar, one creamer, oneserving dish, and one serving platter, all withoverglaze Haviland, Limoges, and Floreal marksto the underside.Various sizes. Approximately 116 pieces.$600-800

    875 10-2307/1Large and Impressive Royal Vienna lusterglazed ground, enameled and painted coveredvase on standlate 19th century, signed wagnerThe gilt finial surmounted domed cover overbaluster base with molded gilded handles belowGreek Key and enameled bands enclosing ovalcartouche depicting Spring and Autumn, oversquare base painted with shaped cartouchesenclosing putti groupings, beehive mark to base.H: 30 in.provenance:Property of a New Jersey gentleman.$3,000-5,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    876 10-8104/3Set of six Royal Vienna painted and gilded cabinetplatesCircular form, alternating foliate band framing laureland solid ground enclosing well-painted classicalcartouches to interior.D: 11 in.provenance:Property of a Florida gentleman.$2,000-3,000

    873 10-1995/42Eight Royal Vienna enameled andgilt cabinet platesearly 20th centuryCircular form, garland enameled rimenclosing gilt band and centralmedallion. (8).D: 10 in.$800-1,200

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:00 PM Page 157

  • 877 11-1027/1Royal Vienna porcelain coveredamphoralate 19th centuryDecorated in gilt on red and eggshellgrounds, the central reserve paintedto show maidens in robes amongstclouds.H: 17 1/2, W: 10 in.$1,500-2,000

    878 11-1027/2Meissen porcelain urnlate 19th centuryThe ovoid cobalt body mountedwith handles modeled as coilingsnakes, the foot, handles, and rimdecorated in gilt over floral and leaf-tip motifs. Underglaze blue crossedswords marks, incised mark A148.H: 19, W: 12 1/2 in.$1,000-1,500

    879 11-1027/5Pair of opalescent Sevres style giltmetal mounted porcelain urnsearly 20th centuryTypical form, painted to showfigures in bucolic settings, thereverse with floral decoration inraised gilt.H: 9 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphiagentleman.$400-600

    880 11-1027/6Royal Vienna porcelain urnearly 20th centuryTypical form, cobalt glaze with gilthighlights, the central reserve painted toshow classical figures in a woodlandsetting.H: 10 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia gentleman.$300-500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    881 11-1027/16Set of twelve Limoges cabinetplates20th centuryEach painted with a central bucolicscene depicting classical figures inlandscapes, signed Arno, the rimsdecorated in gilt on indigo grounds.(12).D: 10 3/4 in.$1,000-1,500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT127-158.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:00 PM Page 158

  • 883 11-1163/25French Sevres style gilt bronze mounted blue ground porcelain garniturelate 19th centuryComprising of a covered urn, painted to show a foliate cartouche withingilded bands, together with two candlesticks, Sevres mark to underside. (3).H: 11 1/2 in.$1,000-1,200

    884 11-1208/1Pair of gilt and grey ground continentalporcelain urnslate 19th/early 20th centuryBaluster form, with gilt neck, foot, and rim,painted with hummingbirds amongst foliageon a grey ground.H: 11 1/4 in.$400-600

    885 11-1144/4Sevres circular dish decorated withflower and bird panels on trellisgroundlate 18th centuryThe shaped circular dish painted withbirds and flowers within giltcompartments on a sky blue ground,interlaced mark, date letter V (1774),set within a later gilt bronze stand.H: 6 3/4, D: 9 in.$4,000-6,000

    882 11-1109/1Large Sevres style gilt metalmounted hand-painted cobaltground porcelain vaselate 19th centuryBaluster form, the waisted neck andrim decorated in gilt on a cobaltground, the body finely painted onone side with a mythological view ofLeda and the Swan signedLarmatine, the other side with ayellow irises, flanked by gilt metalmasks, the stem mounted with giltmetal leaf-tips, over a gilt decoratedsocle foot, mounted on conforminggilt metal base raised on four feetcast as swans. Spurious blueinterlaced Sevres mark to underside.H: 21 1/2 in.$1,500-2,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    886 11-1364/1Group of four Continental porcelainfiguresmostly 19th centuryComprised of a pair of Jacob Petitfigural vases, a Meissen puttigrouping, together with a Germanporcelain figure of a boy. (4).Tallest H: 8 in.$800-1,200

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 159

  • 887 11-1402/3Meissen figure of a woodpeckerlate 19th centuryOf green and yellow plumage, with a red blackspotted head, on naturalistic rocky perch withleafy branches. Underglaze blue crossed swordsmark, incised number 55.H: 11 in.provenance:Property of a New York gentleman.$1,000-1,500

    888 10-1701/1Large Meissen style porcelaincenterpiece20th centuryThe central urn with relief classicalfigures encircled by seated puttiholding floral garlands, on a circularbase with gilt accents, underglazeblue cross mark.H: 12 3/4, Diam: 15 in.$2,000-3,000

    889 10-1791/6Pair of German porcelain figuresearly 20th centuryDepicting a courting couple ineighteenth century dress, he offeringher a pendant and her looking coy,her fan held below her chin, bothfigures painted in colors with gilthighlights and applied reliefdecoration, raised on naturalisticrocky bases. Blue overglaze anchormark to undersides.H: 15 in.$500-800

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    890 10-1791/5Meissen porcelain figure grouplate 19th centuryModeled as a young boy and girl ineighteenth century dress, she seatedwith a garland of flowers and abasket by her knee, he attending herwith a pair of roses, the coupleabove a rocky base, with giltserpentine frieze. Blue underglazecrossed swords mark and incisedmark to base.H: 6 in.$1,500-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 160

  • 892 11-1363/9Set of ten Rosenthal painted andgilted porcelain cabinet platesOf shaped circular form, with acentral floral medallion, within pinkenameled floral scrolled borders.D: 10 1/2 in.$500-1,000

    893 11-1363/6Limoges porcelain part dinner serviceretailed d & c franceComprised of eight dinner plates, thirty-six saucers, twelve soup bowls, twelvebowls, two tureens and four underdishes, thirteen tea cups, a teapot, bowland under tray, eleven side plates.Together with twelve associated saladplates.Various sizes. Approximately 101pieces.$800-1,000

    894 11-1288/4French Sevres style porcelain and bronzemounted centerpiece and garnitureearly 20th centuryThe large circular centerpiece bowl and twovases, each painted with floral bouquets on ablue ground, the bowl painted on one side witha couple in a landscape, all mounted withneoclassical style bronze handles, rims, andbases.Vase H: 13, Bowl D: 11in.$800-1,200

    891 11-1218/9APair of Meissen porcelain urnslate 19th centuryMounted as lamps, the baluster urnwith molded snake handles paintedto show foliate blossoms, raised ongilt metal stand.Urn H: 15 1/2 in.$700-1,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    895 11-1282/5Large French Sevres style blueground porcelain gilt metalmounted urnlate 19th centuryConverted to a lamp, baluster form,the gilt painted neck flanked byapplied scroll cast mounts overfigural painted body, raised onconforming base.Urn H: 21 in.$600-800

    896 11-8027/19Meissen Kakiemon paletteporcelain bowl18th centuryDeep U-shape worked to showtypical palette to body, blue sceptermarks to base, with associatedgiltwood stand.D: 6 in.$600-800

    897 11-8034/3Chinese Canton enamel two-partvaselate 18th centuryIn two parts: the flared removal necksurmounts an ovoid base, brightfoliate sprigs to blue ground.H: 4 3/4 in.$300-400

    900 11-1342/21Four Quimper faience platesEach polychrome painted to showanimal/human role reversal;together with seven Samsonarmorial plates and nine RoyalDoulton soup bowls. (20).Various sizes.$300-500

    899 09-1827/2Group of framed Delft tiles18th/19th centuryComprising four polychromeexamples depicting birds, and threeblue and white examples depictinggentlemen playing games.Largest H: 6 1/2, W: 17 in.$300-500

    898 11-8020/17Pair of Dutch blue and white delftvases18th centuryMolded baluster form, showingtypical farming hamlet.H: 8 1/2 in.$300-400

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 161

  • 902 11-8027/7German painted porcelain plaqueshipwreck and lovers,early 20th centuryPainted to show the naked beautybeing kissed by her lover, with ashipwreck and crashing wavebehind, in an ornate Florentine styleframe.Plaque H: 5, W: 7 in.$800-1,200

    903 09-639/5237KPM porcelain figure of Herculeslate 19th/early 20th centuryModeled seated with a lions peltdraped over his body, on anaturalistic base, blue scepter markand printed orange orb mark,impressed 383 and incised140/207.H: 16 1/4 in.provenance:From a private Washington, DCcollection.$1,200-1,400

    904 10-1299/64KPM porcelain plaquewater carrierOval plaque depicting female water carrier,with gilt metal frame, KPM impressed verso.H: 6 in.$700-1,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    905 10-2155/5KPM porcelain plaque of a younggypsy girlTall rectangular form, depictingyoung girl with open collar andnecklace, stamped KPM and scepterto verso, giltwood frame.Sight H: 11 1/2, W: 9 1/2 in.$3,000-5,000

    906 10-9000/1Two German porcelain paintedplaquesboth signed schubertRectangular giltwood framesenclosing conforming plaquesdepicting figural landscapes,impressed KPM and scepter verso.Sight L: 9 in.$600-800

    901 11-1144/9Noritake part dinner service20th century, stratford patternComprising fourteen dinner plates, seventeendessert plates, sixteen salad plates, seventeen soupbowls, seventeen saucers, eighteen sauce bowls,eighteen cups, two creamers, two serving dishes,two serving platters, and one tureen, all withoverglaze Noritake and Stratford marks to theunderside.Various sizes. Approximately 124 pieces.$300-500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 162

  • 907 11-1140/1KPM porcelain plaquecupid breaking his bow, after the painting by chantronFinely painted to show Cupid sat upon a rocky step in awoodland setting, his bow pulled around his knee and hisquiver resting beside him, impressed KPM and sceptre markon verso.H: 9 1/4, W: 6 1/4 in.$4,000-6,000

    908 11-1144/2KPM porcelain plaque La bellechocolatierelate 19th century, after the paintingby jean-tienne liotardPainted to show a servant girl holding atray with a chocolate cup and a glassof water, impressed sceptre mark, KPMand H, incised mark, and 19th centuryengraved trade label for Henry Bucker,Painter on China... Dresden on verso,in arts and crafts style oak frame.H: 10, W: 7 5/8 in.$5,000-7,000

    909 11-8021/9Large French Sarraguemines giltdecorated blue glazed jardiniere on standearly 20th centuryThe deep U shaped basin with turquoiseinterior, near midnight blue glaze toexterior with gilt enamel band, impressedmarks and Dec 2251 in gilt to underside,raised on conforming stand.H: 43 D: 20 in.$2,000-3,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    910 11-8027/12Large Paris porcelain ruby ground and giltporcelain jardiniere on stand19th centuryIn two parts: the open and shaped oval rimencloses light blue and ruby ground base,centered with putti scene, raised on conformingbase.H: 12, L: 17 in.$1,000-1,500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 163

  • 911 11-1463/13Two French jewlery casketsearly 20th centuryThe first of oval form in transparentblue glass, with gilt metal banding,the lid and front decorated in bisqueto show floral sprays; the other giltmetal and rectangular, the coverinset with an etched panel depictingeighteenth century figures in alandscape, behind beveled glass.(2).The first mentioned H: 3 1/2,W: 5 1/2 in.$300-500

    912 10-1299/63Fine pair of French silvered bronze,enameled and etched glasstrumpet form vases19th centuryThe tapering acid etched trumpetform removal glass shade issuesfrom a standing Putti over blueenameled circular base, aboveshaped base.H: 12 in.$2,500-3,000

    913 11-1411/3Continental silver mounted etchedglass bottlelate 19th/early 20th centuryRectangular form, with long necksurmounted by a cork and silverstopper with boy finial, the glassbody etched all over in floralscrollwork, the lower sectionmounted with silver to showcountryside couples amongstarchitecture and trees, surroundedby c-scrolls. Unmarked.H: 10 1/2 in.$800-1,200

    914 11-8007/1French Galle cameo glasslandscape vaseearly 20th centuryTapering baluster form, decoratedwith acid etched trees over ariverside setting, signed Galle.H: 7 1/2 in.$2,000-3,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    915 11-1027/20Near pair of Continental mottle greymarble pedestalsSectional, the circular top carved withlappet band, over grotesque grouping,terminating on faceted base. (2).H: 43 1/2, D: 15 in$1,000-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 164

  • 916 10-8082/1Impressive pair of Italian GrandTour white and veneered marblebusts of Roman Senatorslate 19th centuryThe white marble heads supportedby veneered shoulders, over rougepedestals, all above cream paintedwood columns.Bust and pedestal H: 34, TotalH: 78 in.provenance:Property of a Florida Gentleman.Purchased in N.Y. 1978.$10,000-15,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 165

  • 917 11-1408/3French gilt metal mounted marblepedestalearly 20th centuryThe square top over slender columnraised on conforming base and giltmetal bracket feet. Stamped Madein France to underside.H: 40, D: 10 in.$600-800

    918 10-1299/55Italian Roman revival marble bustof a youth19th centuryIvory tone, carved marble, overcircular base.H: 14 1/2 in.$600-800

    919 11-1107/2Pair of Italian gilt metal mountedcarved white marble pedestalsSectional, the circular banded topover foliate carved and lobedcolumn raised on conforming base.H: 36, D: 12 in.$800-1,200

    920 10-1714/28Italian alabaster figure of a girlearly 20th centuryThe beauty depicted grasping abasket and floral bouquet.H: 30 in.$600-800

    921 10-1299/51French gilt bronze mounted marblepedestallate 19th centuryThe square white marble top overionic capital above rouge columnterminating on conforming base.H: 48, L: 12 in.$800-1,200

    922 11-1144/7Continental carved alabaster bustof a young girllate 19th centuryCarved to show the young girl inlace bonnet and blouse, wearing anecklace of beads, her arms raisedand her hands to her chest, raisedon socle base.H: 21 in.$1,500-2,500

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 166

  • 923 11-8014/2Giovanni Battista Lombardi(Italian, 1823-1880)rachel, signed g.b. lombardi fece,romaThe finely carved semi nude femalefigure depicted wearing an armbangle, earrings and diadem, ablanket draped across her lap, satupon a capital, with flowerheads andleaves growing behind, signed G.B.Lombardi fece, Roma, on rotatinggray and black marble socle base.H: 37 in., with base 49 in.provenance:Property of a Florida Gentleman.note:Lombardi studied in his home townof Rezzato, then Milan, and movedto Rome around 1850 to study atthe Accademia under PietroTenerani. He set up his studio withhis younger brother Giovito, and wasresponsible for numerous fine busts,commemorative, and funerarysculpture. His most prized works arehis large sculptures of femalereligious figures such as Ruth,Rebecca, and Rachel, as the presentexample.$20,000-30,000

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 167

  • 924 11-1229/4After the Antique, Italian marblebust of the Venus de Capuagiuseppe rossi, 1875White marble, signed G.A Rossi,1875, on socle base.H: 22 in., including base.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia collector.$2,000-3,000

    925 10-8062/1Continental white marble bust of amaidenAfter the antique, over conformingsquare column pedestal.Total H: 50, W: 19 in.provenance:Property of a Lady.$2,000-3,000

    926 10-2139/1Pair of large gray veined marbleurns20th centuryTypical form, the baluster body withflared rims on socle and squarebases.$700-900

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 168

  • 928 11-1144/6Continenal art nouveau gilt bronze andcarved ivory figure of a female lute playerearly 20th centuryThe bronze figure wearing bonnet and coatplaying a lute, with ivory hands and head, satupon a wall, raised on a white marble base.Wired for electricity, with later lamp postbulb fitting.H: 9 in.$2,000-3,000

    929 11-1144/3Austrian art nouveau gilt bronze table lampcirca 1900The bronze standard cast to show leaves andconkers, below original shade and cornocopiafinial, raised on marble base. Wired forelectricity.H: 24 in.$3,000-5,000

    930 11-1353/11French art deco parcel gilt patinated bronze andivory figurecirca 1925Bronze, mid-brown patina, well cast to show aflapper in a fur trimmed overcoat, with an ivoryface, wearing a bonnet and a muff over her hands,her skirt blown by a gust of wind revealing herundergarments and boots, on a mica base.H: 7 1/2 in.$500-700

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    927 11-1067/50Three Gustavsberg silver overlaid stoneware vasescirca 1935Comprising two straight cylindrical vases on short circular feet,decorated with fish and bubbles in overlay, the undersides markedwith gilt factory stamps; together with another, of waisted globularform, decorated with silver dots in overlay, the undersides bearingfactory marks and numbers in silver.H: 8 in., or shorter.$1,000-2,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 169

  • 931 10-1913/4Attributed to Edgar Brandt, burrelm gilt-metal mounted andmarquetry side cabinetThe shaped square top with mottlemarble insert over single drawer tothe frieze and conforming cupboarddoor, terminating in splayedtriangular feet.H: 34, W: 16 in.provenance:Private Collection.Purchased Calderwood Gallery, Pa.$1,500-2,500

    932 10-1913/3Pair of Leon Benouville fruitwoodside chairsThe shaped and rounded back issupported by foliate marquetrysplay, over padded seat raised onfluted tapering legs and triangularfeet.H: 35 in.provenance:Private Collection.Purchased Calderwood Gallery, Pa.$600-800

    933 10-2297/1Wiener Werkstatte wood box andtextile fragmentboth stampedDomed polychrome decorated boxraised on three bun feet, togetherwith blue and grey textile roll,.Textile L approx 28 feet W: 4 feetprovenance:Property of a Philadelphia collector.$400-600

    934 10-1913/2Leon Benouville burr elm, fruitwoodand pewter mounted marquetryside cabinetThe shaped backboard with pewtertulips on copper plate over roundedsquare top above single drawer tothe frieze all over tier and cupboarddoor terminating on splayedtriangular feet.H: 38, W: 20, D: 14 1/2 in.provenance:Private Collection.Purchased Calderwood Gallery Pa.$600-800

    935 10-2297/2Wiener Werkstatte carved black,green painted and giltwood lightfittinglabel appliedCarved sectional construction,supporting six arms.D: 21 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia collector.$800-1,200

    936 10-2297/3Joseph Hoffman silver and glasscondiment setj.h monogram and silver mark totray, designed for the wienerwerkstatteArched stiff handle set with threecabochon stones, over shaped tray,missing two glass dishes.Weighable silver 10 oz, H: 9 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia collector.$500-800

    937 10-2297/4Attributed to Wiener Werkstatteblack enamel and silver CabaretpinSquare with applied actor.H: 1 1/2, L: 1 1/2 in.provenance:Property of a Philadelphia collector.$500-800

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    938 10-1299/54French Susse Freres pewter Art Nouveau vasestamped and dated 1894 copyrightBaluster vase issuing female nude reclining upon scrolling rim, allabove base cast to show aquatic beasts.H: 7 1/2 in.$500-800

    939 10-2336/1After Le Corbusier, a chaise longue,LC 4Having a hairy skin seat, bolsterpillow, and an adjustable chromecradle on a black matte base.H: 30, L: 64, W: 18 in.$1,500-2,000

    940 11-1278/25Group of Five gilt and paintedcarved wood framessome 19th centuryVarious forms and sizes.Largest H: 34, L: 47 in.$800-1,200

    941 10-2336/2French cast iron stove19th centuryTall rectangular form, three-tieredstove raised on splayed legs.H: 48, L: 21 in.$600-800

    942 11-1282/9Continental spelter bird groupingearly 20th centuryBrown patina, depicting twin dovesin conflict, over ebonized woodstand.H: 13, L: 11 in.$300-500

    943 11-1218/11American provincial metal-toppedtrestle tableTwo parts, the rectangularaluminum top surmounts an X-formiron stand.H: 40, L: 50 in.$500-800

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 170

  • 946 11-1218/8Pair of Victorian white painted castiron garden benchesThe foliate cast open-work backissues from a slat plank seat, raisedon cabriole legs, terminating on pawfeet.H: 35, W: 56 in.$800-1,200

    947 11-1218/6Large Continental style cast metalboarRed brown patina, standing on ovalbase.H: 34, L: 38 in.$800-1,200

    948 10-2139/4Two large rectangular rouge marbleplinths20th centuryThe largest, W: 42, H: 17 1/2,D: 20 in.$300-500


    944 11-1353/8Continental painted lead standardlanternearly 20th centuryThe architectural style hexagonalform lantern with 5 glazed panes (ofsix), above an acanthus cappedfluted column ending in tripartitebase.H: 85 in.$800-1,200

    freeansfine continental furniture & decorative arts



    945 11-1218/16BPair of Continental style black painted cast iron hounds on standsBlack painted metal, seated hunting hound on oval stand.H: 36, W: 34 in.$600-1,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 171

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    JACK BUTLER YEATS(irish 1871-1957)"THE BREAKER OUT"Signed 'Jack B Yeats' bottom right,inscribed with title verso, oil on linen20 x 27 in. (50.8 x 68.6cm)$150,000-250,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 172


    Oriental Rugs & Carpetssale 1402: lots 1000-1103Friday, May 27th, 2011at 11am

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 173

  • 1000 10-2030/3Continental tapestry20th centuryGathering Berries7 ft. 3 in. x 8 ft. 3 in.$400-600

    1001 11-5035/14Sarouk rugwest persia, circa 19206 ft. 4 in. x 4 ft. 2 in.$400-600

    1002 11-1307/104Kurdish rugnorthwest persia,circa late 19th century6 ft. 9 in. x 4 ft.$300-500

    1003 11-1294/8Four West Persian rugsA Sarouk rug, circa 1925, 5 ft. x3 ft. 4 in.; a Sarouk rug, circa 1925,4 ft. 11 in. x 3 ft. 3 in.; a Hamadanrug, circa 1920, 5 ft. 3 in. x 2 ft. 9 in.;and a Lilihan rug, circa 1920,4 ft. 8 in. x 2 ft. 10 in. (4).$400-600

    1004 11-1307/5001Mahal carpetwest persia, circa 190010 ft. 6 in. x 5 ft. 3 in.$1,000-1,200

    1005 10-1877/67Sarouk Fereghan rugwest persia,circa late 19th century4 ft. 7 in. x 3 ft. 1 in.$400-600

    1006 11-1412/2Sino-Qum silk carpetchina, circa 2nd half 20th century10 ft. 2 in. x 8 ft. 1 in.$500-700

    1007 11-1214/1Kayseri silk prayer rugwest anatolia, 20th century5 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft. 11 in.$500-700

    1008 11-5035/15Nain rugcentral persia,circa mid 20th century5 ft. 8 in. x 4 ft.$500-700

    1009 11-1307/690Afshar rugsouth central persia, circa 19005 ft. 8 in. x 4 ft. 6 in.$500-700

    1010 10-1900/4Three rugsA Hamadan rug, West Persia, circa1900, 6 ft. 8 in. x 3 ft. 11 in.; aDemirci Kula rug, West Anatolia,circa early 20th century, 4 ft. 2 in. x3 ft. 7 in.; and a Kazak rug,Southwest Caucasus, circa 2nd half19th century, 3 ft. 3 in. x 3 ft. 5 in.(3).$500-700

    1011 10-2200/1Kazvin carpetnorthwest persia,circa 3rd quarter 20th century14 ft. 3 in. x 9 ft. 10 in.$1,000-1,500

    1012 10-1877/87Malayer long rugwest persia, circa 19009 ft. 7 in. x 3 ft. 2 in.$600-800

    1013 10-1645/41Oushak carpetwest anatolia,circa early 20th century9 ft. 6 in. x 8 ft. 4 in.$300-500

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1014 09-2265/27Malayer Sarouk rugwest persia, circa 19006 ft. 1 in. x 4 ft. 7 in.provenance:Sold by order of the Trustees of thePhiladelphia Museum of Art tobenefit acquisition funds$1,000-1,500

    1015 11-1307/5003Kermanshah carpetsoutheast persia,circa late 19th century15 ft. 5 in. x 9 ft. 10 in.$1,000-1,200


    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 174

  • 1018 11-1511/1Sarouk/Mahal carpetwest persia, circa 192011 ft. 9 in. x 11 ft. 6 in.$1,000-1,500

    1019 10-1645/45Four Persian rugsA Dergazine rug, West Persia, circamid 20th century, 8 ft. 6 in. x2 ft. 8 in.; a Karadja rug, NorthwestPersia, circa 1920, 4 ft. 7 in. x2 ft. 10 in.; a Serabend rug, WestPersia, circa 1925, 4 ft. 4 in. x3 ft. 4 in.; and a Malayer Sarouk rug,West Persia, circa 1900, 6 ft. 3 in. x4 ft. 5 in. (4).$600-800

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1020 11-1307/682Heriz runnernorthwest persia, circa early 20thcentury8 ft. 9 in. x 1 ft. 9 in.$700-900

    1021 11-1253/2Kurdish long rugnorthwest persia, 19th century11 ft. 8 in. x 5 ft. 8 in.$500-700

    1016 11-1406/1Malayer runnerwest persia, circa 190015 ft. 11 in. x 3 ft. 4 in.$1,500-2,000

    1017 10-1426/14Kerman rugsoutheast persia, circa 19256 ft. 5 in. x 2 ft. 7 in.$300-500

    1022 09-2265/9Qushan Kurd carpetnortheast persia, circa1st quarter 20th century8 ft. 2 in. x 6 ft. 10 in.provenance:Sold by order of the Trustees of thePhiladelphia Museum of Art tobenefit acquisition funds$1,200-1,800

    1023 10-1426/13Two rugsA Tekke Turkoman rug, WestTurkestan, circa 1900, 4 ft. 5 in. x2 ft. 11 in.; and a Sarouk rug, WestPersia, circa 1925, 5 ft. 11 in. x2 ft. 5 in. (2)$500-700

    1025 10-1877/61Two Turkoman rugsA Yomut chuval, West Turkestan,circa 1900, 2 ft. 6 in. x 3 ft. 9 in.; anda Tekke rug, West Turkestan, circa1900, 5 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft. 3 in. (2)$500-700

    1024 11-1426/2Tekke Turkoman rugwest turkestan, circa 19004 ft. 3 in. x 3 ft. 9 in.$500-700



    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 5/2/11 8:58 AM Page 175

  • 1027 10-1877/88Two rugsA Tekke Turkoman rug, WestTurkestan, circa 1900, 4 ft. 9 in. x3 ft. 10 in.; and a Qashqai bag,Southwest Persia, circa early 20thcentury, 2 ft. 5 in. x 1 ft. 3 in. (2)$700-900

    1028 11-1307/113Beshir carpetsouth turkestan, circa 190016 ft. 7 in. x 8 ft. 3 in.$2,000-3,000

    1029 10-1877/39Chinese Nichols carpetcirca 193011 ft. 3 in. x 9 ft.$400-600

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries





    1026 09-2265/25Beshir carpetsouth turkestan,circa late 19th century7 ft. 10 in. x 4 ft. 5 in.provenance:Sold by order of the Trustees of thePhiladelphia Museum of Art tobenefit acquisition funds$1,000-1,500

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 5/2/11 8:58 AM Page 176

  • 1032 10-1877/97Chinese Nichols carpetcirca 193011 ft. 6 in. x 8 ft. 9 in.$1,000-1,500

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1031 11-1307/5005Chinese rugcirca 19106 ft. 7 in. x 4 ft.$700-900

    1030 10-1877/27Chinese carpetcirca late 19th century12 ft. 8 in. x 10 ft.$500-1,000

    1033 10-1645/134Four Chinese rugsOne circa 1st quarter 20th century,5 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft., one, circa 1900,8 ft. 8 in. x 2 ft. 4 in., one, circa1900, 5 ft. 11 in. x 3 ft. 1 in., and one,circa 1st quarter 20th century,5 ft. 10 in. x 3 ft. 1 in. (4).$700-900

    1036 10-1877/78Chinese sampler rugcirca early 20th century3 ft. x 1 ft. 8 in.$200-400

    1037 10-1877/22Chinese Nichols carpetcirca 193011 ft. 5 in. x 8 ft. 7 in.$600-800

    1034 10-1877/21Chinese Nichols carpetcirca 193011 ft. 5 in. x 9 ft.$700-900

    1035 10-1635/2Chinese carpetcirca early 20th century8 ft. x 4 ft. 10 in.$500-700



    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:04 PM Page 177

  • 1038 09-2265/16Four rugsA Ningshia mat, West China, circa19th century, 2 ft. 10 in. x 2 ft. 8 in.;a Ningshia mat, West China, circaearly 19th century, 2 ft. 3 in. x2 ft. 3 in.; a Tibetan mat, 20thcentury, 2 ft. 10 in. x 2 ft.; and aTibetan rug, 19th century, woven intwo sections, 4 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 3 in.(4)provenance:Sold by order of the Trustees of thePhiladelphia Museum of Art tobenefit acquisition funds$1,000-2,000

    1039 09-2265/12Khotan safeast turkestan, circa 180010 ft. 3 in. x 3 ft. 3 in.provenance:Sold by order of the Trustees of the Philadelphia Museum ofArt to benefit acquisition funds$6,000-8,000

    1040 09-2265/24Kansu carpetwest china, circa 180010 ft. 5 in. x 4 ft. 10 in.provenance:Sold by order of the Trustees of thePhiladelphia Museum of Art tobenefit acquisition funds$8,000-12,000

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1038 (one of four)



    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 5/2/11 8:58 AM Page 178

  • 1042 10-1645/132Four rugsA Leshgi rug, Northeast Caucasus, circa late 19thcentury, 4 ft. 10 in. x 3 ft. 7 in.; a Kazak rug,Southwest Caucasus, circa late 19th century,3 ft. 5 in. x 2 ft. 11 in.; a Belouch rug, NortheastPersia, circa late 19th century, 4 ft. 5 in. x2 ft. 6 in.; and a Kurdish bagface, NorthwestPersia, circa late 19th century, 1 ft. 10 in. x1 ft. 8 in. (4).$500-700

    1043 11-1172/6Kerman meditation rugsoutheast persia, circa 19256 ft. 4 in. x 3 ft. 11 in.$800-1,200

    1041 09-2265/28Khotan safeast turkestan, circa 180011 ft. 1 in. x 3 ft. 3 in.provenance:Sold by order of the Trustees of the Philadelphia Museum ofArt to benefit acquisition funds$7,000-9,000

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1044 11-1307/709Sarouk rugwest persia, circa 19206 ft. 5 in. x 4 ft. 4 in.$600-800

    1045 11-1520/1Kerman rugsoutheast persia, circa 19456 ft. 11 in. x 3 ft. 11 in.$600-800

    1046 11-8013/50Kashan silk meditation rugcentral persia, circa 19103 ft. 10 in. x 2 ft.$800-1,200

    1047 10-1645/43Luri carpetsouthwest persia,circa late 19th century10 ft. 3 in. x 6 ft. 2 in.$600-800



    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 5/2/11 8:58 AM Page 179

  • 1048 09-2265/14Six rugsA Shirvan rug, East Caucasus, circa 1900, 5 ft. 3 in. x3 ft. 6 in.; a Kurd Bijar rug, Northwest Persia, circa 1900,5 ft. 11 in. x 3 ft. 7 in.; a Senneh mat, Northwest Persia,circa 1900, 3 ft. 2 in. x 2 ft.; an Anatolian yastik, 3 ft. x2 ft. 2 in.; circa early 20th century; another Anatolianyastik, 2 ft. x 1 ft. 4 in., circa early 20th century; and aMalayer fragment, West Persia, circa 1900, 1 ft. 10 in. x1 ft. 9 in. (6).provenance:Sold by order of the Trustees of the Philadelphia Museumof Art to benefit acquisition funds$600-1,000

    1049 10-2136/2Three rugsA Sarouk rug, West Persia, circa1910, 5 ft. 2 in. x 3 ft. 4 in.; a Kurdishrug, Northwest Persia, circa 1930,6 ft. 6 in. x 4 ft. 8 in.; and a Saroukrug, West Persia, circa 1930, 5 ft. x3 ft. 4 in. (3).$600-800

    1050 11-5035/19Sarouk rugwest persia, circa 19306 ft. 2 in. x 4 ft. 1 in.$400-600

    1051 10-1645/137Heriz carpetnorthwest persia, circa 193010 ft. 3 in. x 7 ft. 3 in.$600-800

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1052 10-1877/68Mahal carpetwest persia, circa 190011 ft. 4 in. x 8 ft. 10 in.$1,000-2,000

    1053 11-1307/698Two Sarouk rugswest persia, circa 19254 ft. 9 in. x 2 ft. 8 in.; 4 ft. 8 in. x2 ft. 9 in. (2)$1,000-1,200

    1054 10-2086/2Sarouk long rugwest persia, circa 19209 ft. 10 in. x 2 ft. 8 in.$700-900


    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:05 PM Page 180

  • 1061 10-1877/30Serab carpetnorthwest persia,circa late 19th century11 ft. x 5 ft. 3 in.$1,000-1,500

    1060 11-1307/5002Kelardasht rugnorth persia,circa late 19th century10 ft. 2 in. x 4 ft. 4 in.$1,000-1,200

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1055 11-1307/1217Senneh rugnorthwest persia,circa early 20th century6 ft. 10 in. x 4 ft. 7 in.$1,000-1,500

    1056 10-2086/4Sarouk long rugwest persia, circa 19209 ft. 11 in. x 2 ft. 7 in.$600-800

    1057 11-1512/1Northwest Persian carpetcirca 190011 ft. x 6 ft. 5 in.$1,000-1,500

    1058 10-1598/9Two rugsA Northwest Persian long rug, circa1st quarter 20th century, 7 ft. 11 in. x3 ft. and a Serabend long rug, WestPersia, circa 1900, 8 ft. x 3 ft. 1 in.(2)$400-600

    1059 10-2086/3Sarouk rugwest persia, circa 19204 ft. 10 in. x 2 ft. 8 in.$400-600



    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:05 PM Page 181

  • 1062 10-1396/2Heriz rugnorthwest persia, circa 19206 ft. 3 in. x 4 ft. 7 in.$1,500-2,000

    1063 11-1432/1Bibikabad carpetwest persia,circa early 20th century12 ft. 11 in. x 7 ft. 3 in.$1,000-1,500

    1064 10-2155/38Sarouk carpetwest persia, circa 192517 ft. 1 in. x 10 ft. 8 in.$1,000-1,500

    1065 10-1645/40Kashan carpetcentral persia,circa 3rd quarter 20th century11 ft. 11 in. x 8 ft. 3 in.$500-700

    1066 10-1582/7Sarouk carpetwest persia, circa 192011 ft. 5 in. x 8 ft. 6 in.$1,200-1,800

    1067 10-1645/44Heriz carpetnorthwest persia,circa 2nd quarter 20th century16 ft. 8 in. x 12 ft. 2 in.$1,000-2,000

    1068 10-1877/12Kerman carpetsoutheast persia, circa 194515 ft. 1 in. x 11 ft. 9 in.$800-1,200

    1069 09-2265/13Malayer carpetwest persia,circa late 19th century16 ft. 8 in. x 7 ft. 1 in.provenance:Sold by order of the Trustees of thePhiladelphia Museum of Art tobenefit acquisition funds$700-1,000

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1070 11-1426/1Tabriz rugnorthwest persia, circa 19207 ft. 1 in. x 4 ft. 8 in.$1,500-2,000



    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:05 PM Page 182

  • 1072 10-1877/84Kuba rugnortheast caucasus, circa 19105 ft. 11 in. x 2 ft. 11 in.$700-900

    1073 10-1598/11Kazak rugsouthwest caucasus, 19th century4 ft. 11 in. x 4 ft. 9 in.$500-1,000

    1074 10-1877/41Talish long rugsoutheast caucasus,circa late 19th century8 ft. 6 in. x 3 ft. 7 in.$700-1000

    1075 10-1691/35Shirvan prayer rugeast caucasus,circa 2nd half 19th century4 ft. 11 in. x 3 ft. 3 in.$600-800

    1071 11-1307/687Kuba rugnortheast caucasus,circa early 20th century4 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft. 11 in.$700-900

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1076 11-1172/6AKurd-Karabagh carpetsouth caucasus/northwest persia,circa 19009 ft. 4 in. x 5 ft. 6 in.$1,000-1,500



    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:05 PM Page 183

  • 1077 09-2265/11Shirvan pictorial rugeast caucasus, circa late 19th century5 ft. x 3 ft. 7 in.provenance:Sold by order of the Trustees of the PhiladelphiaMuseum of Art to benefit acquisition funds$2,000-4,000

    1078 11-1307/633Shirvan rugeast caucasus, circa 19005 ft. 5 in. x 3 ft. 4 in.$800-1,200

    1079 11-1307/5004Kazak rugsouthwest caucasus, circa 19008 ft. 7 in. x 3 ft. 7 in.$500-700

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1080 10-8096/6Two Caucasian rugsA Talish prayer rug, SoutheastCaucasus, circa 1900, 5 ft. 7 in. x3 ft. 8 in.; and a Karabagh rug, SouthCaucasus, circa late 19th century,6 ft. 8 in. x 3 ft. 10 in. (2).$700-1,000

    1081 09-2265/26Kurd Karabagh long rugsouth caucasus, circa 1900Note: rug is cut and reduced in size.10 ft. 8 in. x 3 ft.provenance:Sold by order of the Trustees of thePhiladelphia Museum of Art tobenefit acquisition funds$500-700

    1082 10-1691/35AAvar rugnortheast caucasus, 19th century4 ft. 5 in. x 2 ft. 11 in.$1,000-1,500

    1082 1081


    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 5/2/11 8:58 AM Page 184

  • 1084 11-1172/5Kazak rugsouthwest caucasus,circa 2nd half 19th century6 ft. 10 in. x 5 ft. 4 in.$1,000-2,000

    1085 10-8096/8Bordjalou Kazak rugsouthwest caucasus,circa 2nd half 19th century,6 ft. 4 in. x 4 ft. 9 in.$500-700

    1086 09-2265/10Bordjalou Kazak prayer rugsouthwest caucasus,circa late 19th century5 ft. 1 in. x 3 ft. 3 in.provenance:Sold by order of the Trustees of thePhiladelphia Museum of Art tobenefit acquisition funds$2,500-4,000

    1083 10-1877/81Karabagh rugsouth caucasus,circa late 19th century7 ft. x 4 ft. 8 in.$1,000-1,500

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries






    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 5/2/11 8:59 AM Page 185

  • 1092 10-1877/13Kerman carpetsoutheast persia, circa 192516 ft. 8 in. x 11 ft. 1 in.$1,000-2,000

    1087 10-8096/7Karachopt Kazak rugsouthwest caucasus,circa 2nd half 19th century6 ft. 8 in. x 6 ft. 1 in.$700-900

    1088 11-1307/5000Sewan Kazak rugsouthwest caucasus,circa 2nd half 19th century9 ft. 5 in. x 6 ft. 8 in.$1,200-1,500

    1089 09-2265/8East Caucasian rug, Afshan design,Karabagh district19th century6 ft. 5 in. x 5 ft. 4 in.provenance:Sold by order of the Trustees of thePhiladelphia Museum of Art tobenefit acquisition funds$2,000-4,000

    1091 11-1307/692Spanish carpetcirca early 20th century9 ft. 10 in. x 9 ft. 4 in.$2,500-3,000

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1090 10-2138/11Savonnerie rugaustria,circa 2nd quarter 20th century9 ft. 9 in. x 6 ft. 5 in.$600-800




    1093 10-8096/11Heriz carpetnorthwest persia,circa late 19th century16 ft. 3 in. x 10 ft. 1 in.$2,000-3,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:05 PM Page 186

  • freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1094 11-1027/13Kerman carpetsoutheast persia,circa 2nd quarter 20th century15 ft. 1 in. x 11 ft. 9 in.$1,500-2,000

    1095 10-1877/29Tabriz carpetnorthwest persia,circa first quarter 20th century12 ft. 3 in. x 7 ft. 6 in.$2,000-3,000

    1096 11-1027/12Kerman carpetsoutheast persia, circa 193016 ft. 8 in. x 11 ft. 1 in.$2,500-4,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:05 PM Page 187

  • freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1097 11-1113/1Heriz carpetnorthwest persia,circa late 19th century12 ft. x 9 ft. 2 in.$3,500-4,500

    1098 10-1877/6Bijar carpetnorth persia, circa 192012 ft. 1 in. x 9 ft.$3,000-5,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:05 PM Page 188

  • freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1099 11-1307/705Oushak carpetwest anatolia,circa early 20th century15 ft. x 8 ft. 10 in.$5,000-7,000

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:05 PM Page 189

  • 1100 10-1877/65Laristan carpetindia, circa 192021 ft. 2 in. x 11 ft. 2 in.$2,500-4,000

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:05 PM Page 190

  • 1101 10-1877/89Sarouk Fereghan carpetwest persia, circa 190018 ft. 1 in. x 12 ft.$6,000-8,000

    freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:05 PM Page 191

  • freeansoriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    1102 11-1307/112Malayer carpetwest persia,circa 1st quarter 20th century14 ft. 7 in. x 10 ft. 2 in.$7,000-9,000

    1103 10-1877/85Sarouk Fereghan carpetwest persia,circa late 19th century12 ft. 2 in. x 8 ft. 10 in.$4,000-6,000


    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:05 PM Page 192

  • freeansfine english & continental furniture, silver & decorative arts / oriental rugs, carpets & tapestries



    Purchase removal, shipping andoffsite storage information

    VG Packaging LLCContact: Gordon G Murray II12 Salem RoadSchwenksville, PA 19473Tel: 484-552-8741Fax: 484-552-8744quotes@vgpackagingllc.com

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    Cadogan Tate Fine ArtCadogan House, 41-20 39th StreetSunnyside, New York 11104Tel: 718.706.7999Fax: 718.707.2847Email: michael@cadogantate.com

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    To ensure the safety of your lot(s) Freemans requests payment in full and removal of property within 10 business days of the sale date. Collection hours areMonday - Friday, 9:30 - 4:30pm. For larger items, please email bmobbs@freemansauction.com to schedule a loading dock appointment. For purchaserelease to persons not listed on your invoice, 3rd party authorization is required. Please mail or fax, 215.599.2240, a signed letter stating sale, lot, successfulbidder and name of 3rd party collecting property. Freemans does not handle packing or shipping. The shippers listed below have worked with Freemansclients in the past and will be happy to provide you with quotes for the packing and shipping of your property.

    Mizzentop ETS1409 Beaver Valley PikeP.O. Box 196Refton, PA 17568Tel: 717.786.8809Fax: 717.786.2978Email: info@mizzentoptransport.com

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    FURNITURE & LARGER ITEMS:For larger pieces where delivery time is not theprimary concern, we suggest getting your itemsfreighted:www.plyconvanlines.comwww.nwdelivery.comwww.freightquote.com.

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  • International Sale ofOld Master Paintings & Works of Art


    1808 Chestnut Street

    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Telephone: +1 215.563.9275

    Fax: +1 215.563.8236


    JEAN-BAPTISTE GARNIER(french fl. circa 1748-1759)ABRICOTS ET PRUNES

    Signed with initials JB.(cojoined) G.f

    bottom center.

    Oil on panel

    9 7/8 x 13 1/8 inches (25.1 x 33.3 cm)provenance:Kunsthandel P. De Boer, AmsterdamPrivate Collection, ParisAcquired from the above, 1955Thence by descent in the familyPrivate collection, New York stateliterature:Michel Fare, Le Grand Siecle de laNature Morte en France, Fribourg,1974, p. 252 illus.$12,000-18,000 (7,500-11,250)


    33 Broughton Place

    Edinburgh EH1 3RR

    Telephone: +44 (0)131 557 8844

    Fax: +44 (0)131 5578668


    Edinburgh: Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

    Philadelphia: Friday, October 7th, 2011

    Further entries are invited until August 12th, 2011

    Contact:David Weiss (Freemans)Direct tel: +1 267-414-1214dweiss@freemansauction.com

    Nick Curnow (Lyon & Turnbull)Tel: +44 (0)131 557 8844nick.curnow@lyonandturnbull.com

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  • Fine Antiquesincluding a collection of Chinese porcelain, furniture and Works of Art

    Wednesday, 29th June, 201133 Broughton Place, Edinburgh EH1 3RR

    www.lyonandturnbull .com

    EnquiriesHarry Douglas-HamiltonTel: +44 (0)131 557 8844H.Douglas-Hamilton@lyonandturnbull.com

    Douglas GirtonTel: +44 (0)131 557 8844douglas.girton@lyonandturnbull.com


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  • AuctionMonday June 20that 12 noon

    Upcoming atFreemans

    www . f r e em a n s a u c t i o n . c om

    Inquiries:kate waterhousedirect tel: 267.414.1230kwaterhouse@freemansauction.com

    ellen byrddirect tel: 267.414.1227ebyrd@freemansauction.com

    samuel (beau) m. freeman iidirect tel: 267-414-1200beaufreeman@freemansauction.com

    Catalogue $20

    ExhibitionsThursday June 16thFriday June 17thSaturday June 18thSunday June 19th

    Please contact the departmentor www.freemansauction.comfor further details

    Fine Jewelry &Watches06/20/11


    1808 Chestnut Street

    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Telephone: 215.563.9275

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    126 Garrett Street

    Charlottesville, VA 22902

    Telephone: 434.296.4096

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    45 School Street

    Boston, MA 02108

    Telephone: 617.367.3400

    18 karat yellow goldsunburst broochtiffany & co.provenance:Property of a VirginiaLady$2,000-3,000

    18 karat yellow goldsunburst earringstiffany & co.provenance:Property of a VirginiaLady$1,000-2,000

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  • Upcoming atFreemans

    www . f r e em a n s a u c t i o n . c om


    kate molets

    direct tel: 267-414-1228


    aimee pflieger

    direct Tel: 267.414.1221


    Photographs &Photobooks10/21/11


    1808 Chestnut Street

    Philadelphia, PA 19103

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    126 Garrett Street

    Charlottesville, VA 22902

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    45 School Street

    Boston, MA 02108

    Telephone: 617.367.3400

    ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE(american 1946-1989)AJITTO1981Gelatin silver print17 7/8 x 13 15/16 in. (45.4 x 35.4 cm)$8,000-12,000

    Currently accepting consignments

    Proud Partners with

    The Photo Review Annual BenefitAuction 10/22/11 @ Freemans

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  • 1Unless otherwise indicated, allProperty will be offered byFreemans as agent for theConsignor.

    2Freemans reserves the right to varythe terms of sale and any suchvariance shall become part of theseConditions of Sale.

    3Buyer acknowledges that it had theright to make a full inspection of allProperty prior to sale to determinethe condition, size, repair orrestoration of any Property.Therefore, all property is sold AS-IS. Freemans is acting solely as anauction broker, and unless otherwisestated, does not own the Propertyoffered for sale and has made noindependent investigation of theProperty. Freemans makes nowarranty of title, merchantability orfitness for a particular purpose, orany other warranty orrepresentation regarding thedescription, genuineness,attribution, provenance or conditionto the Property of any kind or naturewith respect to the Property.

    4Freemans in its sole and exclusivediscretion, reserves the right towithdraw any property, at any time,before the fall of the hammer.

    5Unless otherwise announced by theauctioneer at the time of sale, allbids are per lot as numbered in theprinted catalogue. Freemansreserves the right to determine anyand all matters regarding the order,precedence or appropriateincrement of bids or the constitutionof lots.

    6The highest bidder acknowledgedby the auctioneer shall be the buyer.The auctioneer has the right toreject any bid, to advance thebidding at his absolute discretionand in the event of any disputebetween bidders, the auctioneershall have the sole and finaldiscretion either to determine thesuccessful bidder or to re- offer andresell the article in dispute. If anydispute arises after sale, theFreemans sale record shall beconclusive in all respects.

    7If the auctioneer determines thatany opening or later bid or anyadvance bid is not commensuratewith the value of the Propertyoffered, he may reject the same andwithdraw the Property from sale.

    8Upon the fall of the hammer, title toany offered lot or article willimmediately pass to the highestbidder as determined in theexclusive discretion of theauctioneer, subject to compliance bythe buyer with these Conditions ofSale. Buyer thereupon assumes fullrisk and responsibility of theproperty sold, agrees to sign anyrequested confirmation of purchase,and agrees to pay the full price, plusBuyers Premium, therefore or suchpart, upon such terms as Freemansmay require.

    9No lot may be removed fromFreemans premises until the buyerhas paid in full the purchase pricetherefor including Buyers Premiumor has satisfied such terms thatFreemans, in its sole discretion,shall require. Subject to theforegoing, all Property shall be paidfor and removed by the buyer athis/her expense within ten (10)days of sale and, if not so removed,may be sold by Freemans, or sentby Freemans to a public warehouse,at the sole risk and charge of thebuyer(s), and Freemans mayprohibit the buyer fromparticipating, directly or indirectly,as a bidder or buyer in any futuresale or sales. In addition to otherremedies available to Freemans bylaw, Freemans reserves the right toimpose a late charge of 1.5% permonth of the total purchase price onany balance remaining ten (10) daysafter the day of sale. If Property isnot removed by the buyer within ten(10) days, a handling charge of .1%of the total purchase price permonth from the tenth day after thesale until removal by the buyer shallbe payable to Freemans by thebuyer; Freemans shall charge 1.5%of the total purchase price permonth for any property not soremoved within 60 days after thesale. Freemans will not beresponsible for any loss, damage,theft, or otherwise responsible forany goods left in Freemanspossession after ten (10) days. If theforegoing conditions or anyapplicable provisions of law are notcomplied with, in addition to otherremedies available to Freemans andthe Consignor (including withoutlimitation the right to hold thebuyer(s) liable for the bid price)Freemans, at its option, may eithercancel the sale, retaining asliquidated damages all paymentsmade by the buyer(s), or resell theproperty. In such event, the buyer(s)shall remain liable for any deficiencyin the original purchase price and

    will also be responsible for all costs,including warehousing, the expenseof the ultimate sale, and Freemanscommission at its regular ratestogether with all related andincidental charges, including legalfees. Payment is a precondition toremoval. Payment shall be by cash,certified check or similar bank draft,or any other method approved byFreemans. Checks will not bedeemed to constitute payment untilcleared. Any exceptions must bemade upon Freemans writtenapproval of credit prior to sale. Inaddition, a defaulting buyer will bedeemed to have granted andassigned to Freemans, a continuingsecurity interest of first priority inany property or money of, or owingto such buyer in Freemanspossession, and Freemans mayretain and apply such property ormoney as collateral security for theobligations due to due to Freemans.Freemans shall have all of the rightsaccorded a secured party under thePennsylvania Uniform CommercialCode.

    10Unless the sale is advertised andannounced as without reserve,each lot is offered subject to areserve and Freemans mayimplement such reserves by biddingthrough its representatives on behalfof the Consignors. In certaininstances, the Consignor may payless than the standard commissionrate where Freemans or itsrepresentative is a successful bidderon behalf of the Consignor. Wherethe Consignor is indebted toFreemans, Freemans may have aninterest in the offered lots and theproceeds therefrom, other than thebrokers Commissions, and all salesare subject to any such interest.

    11No buy bids shall be accepted atany time for any purpose.

    12Any pre-sale bids must besubmitted in writing to Freemansprior to commencement of the offerof the first lot of any sale. Freemanscopy of any such bid shallconclusively be deemed to be thesole evidence of same, and whileFreemans accepts these bids for theconvenience of bidders not presentat the auction, Freemans shall notbe responsible for the failure toexecute, or, to execute properly, anypre-sale bid.

    13A Buyers Premium will be added tothe successful bid price and ispayable by the buyer as part of thetotal purchase price. The Buyers

    Premium shall be: 25% on the first$20,000 of the hammer price ofeach lot, 20% on the portion from$20,001 through $500,000, and12% on the portion of the hammerprice exceeding $500,000.

    14Unless exempted by law from thepayment thereof, the buyer will berequired to pay any and all federalexcise tax and any state and/or localsales taxes, including wheredeliveries are to be made outsidethe state where a sale is conducted,which may be subject to acorresponding or compensating taxin another state.

    15Freemans may, as a service to buyerarrange to have purchased propertyposted and shipped at the buyersexpense. Freemans is notresponsible for any acts oromissions in packing or shipping ofpurchased lots whether or not suchcarrier recommended by Freemans.Packing and handling of purchasedlots is at the responsibility of thebuyer and is at the entire risk of thebuyer.

    16In no event shall any liability ofFreemans to the buyer exceed thepurchase price actually paid.

    17No claimed modification oramendment of this Agreement onthe part of any party shall bedeemed extant, enforceable orprovable unless it is in writing thathas been signed by the parties tothis Agreement. No course ofdealing and no delay or omission onthe part of Freemans in exercisingany right under this Agreement shalloperate as a waiver of such right orany other right and waiver on anyone or more occasions shall not beconstrued as a bar to or waiver ofany right or remedy of Freemans onany future occasion.

    18These Conditions of Sale and thebuyers, the Consignors andFreemans rights under theseConditions of Sale shall be governedby, construed and enforced inaccordance with the laws of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania andConsignor and Buyer agree to theexclusive jurisdiction of thePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Court ofCommon Pleas and the UnitedStates District Court for the EasternDistrict of Pennsylvania.

    Terms & Conditionsall property offered and sold (property) through samuel t. freeman & co,(freemans) shall be offered and sold on the terms and conditions set forthbelow which constitutes the complete statement of the terms and conditions onwhich all property is offered for sale. by bidding at the auction, whether presentin person or by agent, by written bid, telephone, internet or other means, the buyeragrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

    G11-09936_EC_TXT159-198.qxd:Layout 1 4/29/11 5:05 PM Page 198

  • www.freemansauction.com Samuel T Freeman & Co. 1808 Chestnut Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19103Tel-215.563.9275 Fax-215.563.8236