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<ul><li> 1. CICOM BRAINS Inc. English Education Management: Two things to consider 1. Are lessons by native speakers suitable? They are useful when clear goals are set and advantages of using native speakers are well understood. If goals are unclear, trainees can get used to having a conversation with native speakers but English that is needed in practical business situations will not be learned. 2. Is TOEIC score the only way to measure training outcomes? It can be a guide when required scores are set for promotions or overseas transfers. Beware as there is often a gap between the score and actual speaking ability. </li></ul> <p> 2. CICOM BRAINS Inc. To strengthen employees English ability:Speech quantity and quality SPM (Sentence per Minute) Speaking skill testing methodology by digitizing sentences spoken in limited time and eloquence of the speech n Utilize testing methodologySpeak your own words and keep practicing SPM Trainings by outside instructor Study group By combining these learning programs, practical (explaining, analyzing, persuading, problem solving and leadership etc.) speaking skills will be improved Intensive Training [2Days] Special instructor *Pleaseaskforthe implementa3onmethods *Japaneseinstructorcanhelp facilita3ngfortherstseveral 3mes.(feeswillbecharged) Speakingskillsthatexhibits leadershipinglobal situa3onarethebest StudyGroup In your company (free of charge) Continuous practice training 50m/training (Once a week) (Duration:2 months) PersuadingSkill Analysing Skill Explanation SkillSPM TEST SPM TEST 3. CICOM BRAINS Inc. To strengthen employees English ability:Blended Learning n Issues of Traininge-learning l Training Time is more spent for input rather than output/practical training Complicated operationBudgeting, Scheduling, Cancelling etc.) l E-learning Cannot implement output/practical training feeling presence of an instructor Hard to keep motivation/pressure for learning n Utilize Blended Learning Combine self-learning by online lectures and training (coaching/correction) Online lectures to do knowledge input and exercises During the training, output (presentation/discussion) is focused 4. CICOM BRAINS Inc. CICOM BRAINS FUNCTIONS Design/Implement/Assess a whole English Education Management by not only suggesting training programs or arranging instructors but also providing SPM and blended (media/training) programs. Open Enrolment Courses/Programs to learn situational English (Discussion, Teleconference, Email etc.) in a short time. Global Business Communication Program Open Enrolment School Programs to develop global business people (CICOM-GLP Conduct English Education Management in lieu of Human Resource/Development division English Education Management Training Study Group Self- learning Outcome Assessment 5. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Course Line-up Beginner Intermediate Advanced Basic English How to study English TOEIC Courses Socializing Discussion Skill Email Writing Skill Speaking Skill Focused Speaking Skill Enablement Discussion Skill Presentation Skill Meeting/Teleconferencing Skill Negotiation Skill TOEIC Courses Email Writing Skill Speaking Skill Enablement Discussion Skill Presentation Skill Meeting/Teleconferencing Skill Negotiation Skill Email Writing Skill Intercultural Communication Skill </p>