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Englanninkielisen opinnäytetyön laadun parantaminen. TkT , FL Marjatta Huhta. Sisältö. Pohjatietoa ja tilanne Bachelor’s- ja Master’s –osaaminen NQF:n mukaan Haasteet, toimenpide-ehdotukset ( Thesis Survey 2007) Opinnäytetyökriteerit ( Thesis Survey 2007 ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Englanninkielisen opinnytetyn laadun parantaminenTkT, FL Marjatta HuhtaSisltPohjatietoa ja tilanneBachelors- ja Masters osaaminen NQF:n mukaanHaasteet, toimenpide-ehdotukset (Thesis Survey 2007)Opinnytetykriteerit (Thesis Survey 2007)Tulevaisuus (Thesis Survey 2007)Opinnytetyn kirjoittamisen rajoittaminen (Thesis Survey 2007)Case Metropolia: kriteerit, prosessi, ohjelman tukijalatEskon kommentit Keskustelua

PohjatietojaHuhta, Ervaala, Varttala (2007) Thesis survey Opetuskokemus englanninkielisess ohjelmassa: Research Skills, integroidut projektit, IT Service Management, Cultures and OrganizationsMasters in Industrial Management koordinointi ja opetus (Research skills, Service Business, Customer, Business Models and Innovation)Englanniksi opettamisen opettajakompetenssiprojekti (2009-2011) Huhta, Ala-Louko, Pitkjrvi, Hopeela, Ryynnen (raportti tulossa 4/2011)

Nykytilanne Thesis surveyn tuloksia 2007Tuloksia 15 koulutusjohtajalta ja 18 kieltenopettajalta 18 amk:ssas58%: Englannin taso on vhemmn kuin hyv AMKOTA: ei dokumentoi opinnytetyn kielt?Bachelors level: Taso 6: Osaa viesti riittvsti suullisesti ja kirjallisesti sek alan ett alan ulkopuoliselle yleislle. Kykenee itseniseen kansainvliseen viestintn ja vuorovaikutukseen toisella kotimaisella ja vhintn yhdell vieraalla kielell.

Masters level: Taso 7: Osaa viesti hyvin suullisesti ja kirjallisesti sek alan ett alan ulkopuoliselle yleislle. Kykenee vaativaan kansainvliseen viestintn ja vuorovaikutukseen toisella kotimaisella ja vhintn yhdell vieraalla kielell. NQF

Challengesavoiding the impact of the mother tongueimproving writing skills in generalincreased carefulness, precision, finalizinglack of signposting/metatext calls for more logical text structurescoherence and fluency of text must improveusing formal, objective research writing and avoiding colloquialisms and everyday language; stylecorrect referencing techniques must be usedplagiarism must be avoided clear instructions for theses are neededimproving the process of thesis writing with clear checkpointsscheduling problems need to be tackled

Suggested measures64% see no urgent need for changes (n=33 )more time and resourcesdescribing and improving the thesis process (4)more teaching or new courses on research writing/Academic Writingbetter guidelines (written) onlinesome measures may have been considered but not yet discussed with language teachersthe aim is to keep up an excellent level

Suggestions by degree programme manager

very strict rules need to be set on plagiarismmore teaching is needed either through separate courses or by incorporating instruction of formal writing into others coursescollaboration between subject teachers and language instructors should be increasedlanguage teachers should be allotted the necessary resources for checking language in theses.

Suggestions by language teachersmore careful attention must be paid to student entrance the level of teaching must be raised and more native teachers should be usedstudents must be required to achieve a certain level of English before being allowed to write a thesis in English (this concerns specifically Finnish-speaking students)

Suggested criteria for grading the same as for the Finnish thesesacademic qualityclarity, logical structure, registercorrectness and field relevancesufficiently clear and understandablelayoutfluencycontents, appropriate style, readabilityreadability and fluency count; complex structures are not required.

Permission to write in EnglishRequired that the student must have sufficient language skills, orThe topic itself must requires that it be written in English, orThe study must be part of a major research project, orThe student must plan to continue with further studies, orThe student is non-Finnish and non-Swedish, orThe student must have passed an examination (e.g. the PAW examination (Passport to Academic Writing), or The students must receive a grade of 4 or 5 (on a scale of 0-5) for a Research Project, or A student of a Finnish-language programme must have a grade of 5 in English; if the grade is only a 4, other reasons need to be well established, orA combination of the above.

Futuremore competition and higher standards for students entering education, which will have an automatic impact on the level of writing in Englishan improvement in the quality of the level of Englishearly intervention by language teachersfluency, professional terminology, improved professional textsa more analytical discussion of references clarification of what is the students own input and what is being cited adequate resources devoted to thesis language reviewsan understanding that fluent spoken language skills do not guarantee academic writing skillsthe addition of an Academic Writing coursean Academic Writing course that must be complemented through a practical course.

Metropolian IM Masters kriteerejSislt sek teoriaa (30-70%) ett kytnt (30-70%) aiheen kannalta perustellusti. Teoria tarkoittaa relevanttia tietopohjaa.Lhtee tutkimusongelmasta ja tiivist ongelmaryppn tutkimuskysymykseen, jonka selvitt perusteellisesti.Ker uutta tietoa olemassa olevan tietopohjan lisksi. Tyll on jokin tulos kuten suositus, perusteltu ehdotus, viitekehys tai malli. Opinnytety kytt systemaattista menetelm tutkimusongelman ratkaisemiseksi, sek osaa kuvata ja perustella menetelmn kytn sek arvioida sen sopivuutta tarkoitukseen.Teksti on kirjoitettu akateemisen diskurssikytnteiden mukaan Teksti kytt Harvardin lhdemerkintkytnt tarkasti.



Viisi tukijalkaaParas tietmys ja teoriaSislln tuki: henkilkohtainen konsultaatio Research Clinics - tutkimusklinikatMasters Thesis Writing Workshops -kirjoitustypajatVerkkotuki : neuvonta, aineistot, yhteydenotot, aikataulutus


KeskusteluaOnko ammattikorkeakouluilla opinnytetyn arviointi- kriteerit kirjallisina? Olisiko hyv kytnt?Onko ammattikorkeakouluilla yksityiskohtainen ohjeistus ja tyylipohja opinnytetit varten? Miten huomioida tutkimusyhteisjen diskurssin eroavuudet?Voimmeko tehd yhdess jotakin?Some general requirements of Thesis discourseTexts must be explicit. Paraphrases should be avoided if specialized academic vocabulary exists. The topic and argument should be explained in the introduction.Writers should provide maps or signposts for the reader throughout the text., telling the readers where they have been in the text and where they are going.The language of texts should create a distance between the writer and the text to give the appearance of objectivity.Writers should take a guarded stance, especially when presenting arguments and results. Hedging ones statements through the use of modals (may, might) and other forms (it is possible that) is perhaps the most common way to be guarded. Academic texts should acknowledge the complex and important nature of intertextuality, the exploitation of texts without resorting to plagiarism. Students should not resort to knowledge-telling but instead use texts inventively for their purposes, a practice called knowledge-transforming. (Bereiter & Scardamalia 1989) Texts should comply with the genre requirements of the community or classroom.Title


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Kirjoitustypaja ja30% versio

Kirjoitustypaja ja 50% versio

Keskustelu ja palaute


Typrosessin tuki ja tutkimuskirjoittamisen typajat: 8 pv

Tyn sislln tuki: tutkimus-klinikat ja henkilkohtainen ohjaus


Kirjoitustypaja ja 100% versio

Masters ThesisSeminar

Typaja ja tyn lopullinen versio

Tyn hyvksynt

International Service Business ManagementMasters program in Industrial Management (MEng)Deliverables

Final Masters Thesis version ready for assessmentWeek 17

Research proposal, week 43


Discussion leaders

Masters Thesis

Extended Masters Thesis plan week 51

30% Masters ThesisWeek 4

50% Masters Thesis Week 9

100% Masters ThesisWeek 14

The participant introduces a topic to class and leads a discussion on the topic.

Assignment 1. Course I. PrinciplesWeek 40

Assignment 2. Course II. CustomersWeek 43

Assignment 3. Course IIIInternational contextWeek 45

Assignment 4.Course IVService leadershiopWeek x

Assignment 5. Course V.Service deliveryWeek 47

Assignment 6. Course VI.Strategic management. Week 49

5-10 pages of a report; the style of Masters Thesis text, including references in the text and reference list.

Topics of the VI courses selected from the article listing of the IM Curriculum Guide. Preparation. (6 to 8 articles reviewd). Slides prepared for the class for discussion. Experiences, interpretations and understandings are shared amongst classmates. One discussion (30-45 min) lead/person.

Article on Masters Thesis (Maturity test)Week 9


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