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Writeup assignment for HTML


Ryan BottENGL 3183Due April 21, 2015HTML Website Writeup

My goal for this website was to take the elements from what we learned in class and expand them. Adding new elements in design and in implementing new features like forms, I wanted to make a clean website that was fully hand coded in HTML and CSS. I believe that with the addition of some new frameworks being dropped in, the core concept can be expanded even further in the final presentation. For my final project, I want to create a narrative that details the steps one could take in getting a startup off the ground, from understanding the basics of code to learning how to market and how to reach out to the right people. For a young startup to succeed at all, it takes a tremendous amount of ambition and courage. To have this happen in a place like Oklahoma City or somewhere that is not a traditional technology hub, it is even more difficult. There are simply less coders available, less money to be invested in risky startup idea and less resources to connect with. However, that is not to say that the resources needed are not available. The Oklahoma City area is thriving in creativity and with that comes the slow upswing of startups finding success and investors being more comfortable in seeing Oklahoma City and the Midwest as a viable place for innovation to happen.With this final project, my goal is to take a person through the basic steps of not only how, but where to find the resources needed in the Oklahoma City area to successfully launch a startup and have in garner success in the community. This website will follow a basic easy to read narrative that provides tips and insight as well as creating a resource guide to the area.

3 Website Examples


This is an HTML theme made available to freely download and use. I really enjoy the color palette throughout the design as well as the left and right alternating pull that this design takes you through. As I am scrolling down, my eyes navigate down the page in each new section, moving left to right creates a nice flow to read down. This is something I hope to incorporate somehow into my final design as I feel that the general narrative of my final will not be quite like it would be in reading a standard essay, but hopefully more scannable and searchable like a tutorial might be.


The Verge is becoming known for high quality media being used in their tech reviews and journalism. I believe that the homepage does a great job at showing you exactly where you are on the page and where you could be going. With large, colorful images that fit within the overall design, a user always knows what stories are available to read.


Even though SquareSpace is not a product I will use for this assignment, I like the aesthetic clean style of the site. SquareSpaces website does a great job of leading a first time user down the list of features. Each new section tells about a new service or feature for the user and leads them down a story up to the sales page. The parallax scrolling is used subtly and as a way to naturally fit in more specific points to be made. This natural scrolling has a story arc to it leading to its sales page. This is the kind of navigation I would like to be able to add in my own project.