engineering proteins that bind, move, make and break dna

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  • ErratumEngineering proteins that bind, move, make and break DNA$

    Cynthia H Collins, Yohei Yokobayashi, Daisuke Umeno andFrances H Arnold

    Current Opinion in Biotechnology 2003, 14:371378

    0958-1669/$ see front matter 2003 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

    DOI 10.1016/j.copbio.2003.10.002

    In this article, published in the August 2003 issue ofCurrent Opinion in Biotechnology, the authors discussionof engineering a-helical DNA-binding domains failed tonote earlier reports of engineering proteinDNA interac-tions [13]. In particular, two studies reported altering theDNA-binding specificities of the Mnt repressor [1] andcatabolite activator protein [2], using genetic selection

    methods, whereas a third described the substitution of anentire a-helix to alter the DNA-binding specificity of the434 repressor protein [3]. The authors regret this signif-icant oversight.

    References1. Youderian P, Vershon A, Bouvier S, Sauer RT, Susskind MM:

    Changing the DNA-binding specificity of a repressor.Cell 1983, 35:777-783.

    2. Ebright RH, Cossart P, Gicquelsanzey B, Beckwith J: Mutationsthat alter the DNA-sequence specificity of the catabolite geneactivator protein of E. coli. Nature 1984, 311:232-235.

    3. Wharton RP, Brown EL, Ptashne M: Substituting an a-helixswitches the sequence-specific DNA interactions of arepressor. Cell 1984, 38:361-369.


    $ PII of original article: S0958-1669(03)00091-0 Current Opinion in Biotechnology 2003, 14:665


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