Engineering Project Management - Project Management - Minor 1 ENGINEERING PROJECT MANAGEMENT - MINOR The Engineering Project Management minor is

Download Engineering Project Management -   Project Management - Minor 1 ENGINEERING PROJECT MANAGEMENT - MINOR The Engineering Project Management minor is

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  • Engineering Project Management - Minor 1

    ENGINEERING PROJECTMANAGEMENT - MINORThe Engineering Project Management minor is intended to helpmeet the requirements of industry by educating undergraduateengineering students to understand complex engineering projects,project organizations, and project management methods. Studentscompleting this minor will be able to work effectively in multidisciplinaryengineering projects immediately after completion and to advance morerapidly within the project management organization and profession. Themanagement of projects entails technical knowledge, engineering skills,and management skills.

    To earn the minor, a student must complete a total of 16 semester credithours that include prerequisite introductory core courses (ENGR333 andENGR380) and courses selected from the following 4 categories:

    1. Business management and leadership. The courses listed under thiscategory provide required skills to understand the key managementprinciples and provide leadership in project planning and execution.

    2. Project economics, analysis, and decisions.The courses listed underthis category provide advanced understanding of the analytical toolsrequired to support project planning and execution.

    3. Application of project management tools. The courses listed under thiscategory provide examples of the application of project managementprinciples.

    4. Project experience as directed studies.The courses listed underthis category provide practical experience in managing projectsvia internships, campus or community-based engagements, orresearch. Students should be able to receive credit via ENGR485fordocumenting their project experience.

    Program RequirementsCode Title Semester Credit

    HoursCore CoursesENGR333 Project Management for Engineers 3ENGR380 Seminar Series in Engineering

    Project Management1

    Business Management and LeadershipSelect from the following: 2-4

    ENGR251 Creating a Self-Aware LeaderENGR350 Leading for Impact in Engineering,

    Business and SocietyENGR351 The Role of Engineering and

    Business in SocietyENGR450 Finding Your Leadership QualitiesENGR451 Leading for a Lifetime: Continual

    Learning and InfluenceESET319 Engineering LeadershipMGMT309 Survey of ManagementSOMS380 Workshop in Leadership EducationSOMS381 Workshop in Leadership Education

    IISOMS481 Seminar in Executive LeadershipSOMS482 Seminar in Executive Leadership II

    Project Economics, Analysis and DecisionsSelect from the following: 2-6

    CHEN 430/SENG 430

    Risk Analysis in Safety Engineering

    CVEN322 Civil Engineering SystemsISEN210 Fundamentals of Industrial

    Engineering DesignISEN302 Economic Analysis of Engineering

    ProjectsPETE353 Petroleum Project Evaluation

    Application of Project Management ToolsCSCE315 Programming StudioCSCE431 Software Engineering

    Select from the following: 3-6BMEN469 Entrepreneurial Pathways in

    Medical DevicesCHEN 460/SENG 460

    Quantitative Risk Analysis in SafetyEngineering

    CVEN349 Civil Engineering ProjectManagement

    CVEN405 Construction Management of FieldOperations

    CVEN473 Engineering Project Estimating andPlanning

    ESET329 Six Sigma and Applied StatisticsESET419 Engineering Technology Capstone IISEN330 Human Systems InteractionISEN442 Organizational SystemsSENG312 System Safety Engineering

    Project Experience as Directed StudiesSelect from the following: 0-3

    ENGR485 Directed Studies (Internship Project,Campus Project or CommunityProject)

    ENGR491 Research (Research Project)

    Total Semester Credit Hours 16

    Minimum required GPA to declare minor is a 2.5.

    Must earn a grade of 'C' or better in each course used towards minor.

    Must achieve an overall GPA of 2.5 in approved minor coursework.