engaging your k-12 audience: driving sales in an internet world

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  • 1.July 26, 2013 Engaging Your K-12 Audience: Driving Sales In An Internet World #EDVentures13

2. Contact Information Charlene Blohm o C. Blohm & Associates, Inc. o 608-216-7300 o charlene@cblohm.com o Follow: @CharleneBlohm #EDVentures13 3. Engaging Your K-12 Audience Situation Analysis Approach and Strategic Planning Understanding Social Media Channels Objectives, Goals and Measurements Key Takeaways Additional Outlets #EDVentures13 4. Why This Matters to Your Business 92% of teachers say the Internet has a major impact on their ability to access content, resources and materials for their teaching. 69% of teachers say the Internet has a major impact on their ability to share ideas with other teachers. o Personal Learning Networks coming in all shapes and sizes The percentage of educators participating in social networks jumped from 61% to 82% from 2009 to 2012. Sources: Pew Internet & American Life Project; MMS Education 5. Find Your Audience Online Who is your audience and where are they active? What assets do you have in place to engage your audience members? What tools will you use and how will you use them? #EDVentures13 6. Create A Plan Set goals and objectives, and ID ways to measure your success When developing social media content consider: o Tone o Relevance o Ease of sharing Delegate responsibilities for channels Create a posting schedule #EDVentures13 7. Engage Foster and maintain relationships by: o Customizing pages o Responding to queries o Posting relevant topics o Including images whenever possible o Posing questions #EDVentures13 8. #EDVentures13 9. Twitter Micro-blogging platform Follow and engage with customers and industry thought leaders Share trend-based articles with followers Promote marketing campaigns Link to new materials #EDVentures13 10. Twitter Popular chats and hashtags o #edchat Tuesdays, 1-2 p.m. and 7-8 p.m. o #education o #edtech Follow: @SPinesEIA, plus EIA Board members o @NoodleEducation, @FairmontSchools #EDVentures13 11. Facebook Social networking website Share company news and behind the scenes photos Promote marketing campaigns Pay for targeted advertisements Contests, promotions #EDVentures13 12. Pinterest A pin-board style photo sharing website Share teaching tips and projects Promote your products and services o Rich Pins Follow key customers and industry leaders Generate leads #EDVentures13 13. LinkedIn Social networking platform for professionals Share company updates and relevant business news Post job openings Connect with the people you do business with Join groups #EDVentures13 14. YouTube Video sharing platform Create company channel Mix marketing materials with authentic video of varying lengths Post short tutorials or testimonials Share trend-based videos #EDVentures13 15. Google+ Social networking service Improve SEO Join circles and communities Engage in conversations Potential thought leadership opportunities through Google Hangouts #EDVentures13 16. Yelp Internet rating and review service Hyper-local Track competition Review customer feedback and respond directly Promote offers and announcements #EDVentures13 17. Collect and Share Content Monitor coverage through Google Alerts Consolidate platform posts in platforms like Hootsuite Add and utilize share this functionality on posts #EDVentures13 18. Goals and Measurement What do you want to achieve? How will you track your progress? Premium services available to track marketing campaigns #EDVentures13 19. Key Takeaways Know your audience, where they live, and begin engaging them Have a stable social media presence Understand different channels and the best ways to use them Set goals and have the means to track progress #EDVentures13 20. Thank You! Charlene Blohm o C. Blohm & Associates o 608-216-7300 o charlene@cblohm.com o Follow: @CharleneBlohm #EDVentures13 Thank you to our clients FundingFactory and Califone for serving as examples in todays presentation. 21. Bonus Round!Instagram Owned by Facebook Photo and video sharing platform Informal way to show company culture Thrives on spontaneity #EDVentures13 22. Bonus Round!Vine Owned by Twitter Mobile app Create six-second video clips Best videos run well on a loop or use stop- motion animation (think .gifs) #EDVentures13 23. Bonus Round!Blogs Generate content to push over other channels Establish yourself as a thought leader Show behind the scenes activity from your company Multiple platforms (e.g., Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr) #EDVentures13 24. Bonus Round!Storify Create stories to summarize events Search hashtags and users to pull into a story o #EDVentures13 Easy way to collect and post new content #EDVentures13