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Primer on Social Media and how it can be used during a Crisis


  • 1. Engaging the Conversation

2. Media is shiftingSource: graphicdesignr.net/papercuts 3. Media is shifting 43%39% 5 4 9WebBoth 5Print342520062008Source: http://pewresearch.org/pubs/1133/decline-print-newspapers-increased-online-news 4. New News Channels Online traditional publications NYTimes.com WallstreetJournal.com SeattlePI.com Mobile traditional publications USA Today iPhone app 5. New News Channels News Aggregators Google News Social News Aggregators Digg.com 6. New News Sources Drudge Report TMZ Daily Show Word of Mouth / Social Media 7. The Conversation Word of mouth communication is the oldest and most powerful form of communication We trust what our friends tell us We trust what our friends friends tell us We trust anything enough people tell us 8. Social Media Social Media is a digital conversation Information flows along relational lines The wisdom of the crowds determines news 9. Social Media is Fast 10. Social Media is Direct 11. Social Media is Noisy 12. Social Media Takes Work 13. Guidelines for Social Media Only use what you can utilize Spend time to build trust Be authentic Be honest Promote via your non-social networks Stay engaged 14. Types of Sites Social Networks Meeting, finding, connecting Multimedia Sharing, learning Bookmarking Link sharing, the cloud News News sharing, opinion sharing 15. Types of Sites Reviews Sharing reviews of companies, services Blogs Opinion sharing, news sources Microblogs Sharing short updates Wikis Collaboration 16. How does Twitter Work? Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddO9idmax0o 17. How to use Twitter Post short recaps of News Releases Post quirky things: show your personality Post data Chat with people Virtual police scanner Hashtag yourself Get a Verified Account 18. Twitter Tools TweetDeck (PC / Mac) Tweetie (iPhone) ber Twitter (Blackberry) Twitta (Android) Tiny Twitter / SMS (Others) 19. How to use Facebook Set up a page for your organization http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php Address, Hours, Website Import RSS feed as notes Edit Page >Notes Admin Options> Edit > Import a blog Advertise your Page NEW! Get a vanity url for your page Monitor results 20. How to use YouTube Load backgrounder videos Load informal commentary on News Releases Load relevant breaking news as appropriate Capture video of interviews and post unedited Favorite other relevant videos Comment, comment, comment! 21. Source: http://www.ovrdrv.com/social-media-map/ 22. How do I choose the right one? Works for me Does it meet my operational objectives? Widespread use Will the community already be using it? Open standards Is it easy to access? Integration Can it be tied into my existing systems? 23. Recommendations IntenseDebate Add comments to your existing website Easy to moderate via email Easy to add to your website Keeps community on your website 24. Recommendations ShareThis Let users share your content however they want Works with existing content Promotes your message Crowdsourcing 25. Recommendations Twitter Free opt-in SMS and Mobile updates As easy to use as texting Clean, simple, fast Can be tied into PIER Lots of buzz! 26. Recommendations YouTube Share your videos Favorite recommended videos Embed on your site Free hosting Special Gov accounts 27. Recommendations Facebook Widely used Click-happy users Can be tied into PIER Wide demographic Large userbase 28. Recommendations Flickr Pro Costs $20 a year Can upload from your phone Allows comments Can be linked to from site Wide userbase 29. Recommendations Wordpress Set up a blog in 15 minutes Lets you control message informally Gives you a personal touch 30. Recommendations PIER System Manages communication with community Inquiries are very social Allows integration with other services Widely used regionally 31. What we did Added comments to documents User participation on interesting documents Added ShareThis link to documents Allows visitors to bookmark site Twitter All alerts go straight to twitter Jeff updates from phone SlideShare 32. What we did Video on Vimeo Did not have YouTube gov account at time Lets us embed video on homepage for free Facebook Page Information page on Facebook Updates post automatically Blog Jeff updates blog for emergency managers Blog and site traffic tightly correlated 33. Crisis Use Important tools YouTube Twitter Del.icio.us Flickr Develop a policy and job aids for SM 34. Crisis Use Have a Web Specialist in your JIC/IC Set a tag FBHazMat, GalvRain, HtownBrown Hey internet, tag your posts with #GalvRain, were doing the same! Use TwitterSpy to listen in Tweet frequent updates 35. Crisis Use Images and videos go a long way, USE THEM Pictures of the IC, show your activity Shoot yourself (evenings work well) Dont obsess over prose ReTweet when at a loss Band together, we can help each other! Get your kids to help 36. Crisis Use Use Firefox Windows for topics, tabs for pages Get approval and installation before crisis Keep a log using Del.icio.us Bookmark everything you find Search for your tags 37. In Review Traditional media is reaching less and less Social media can help you Take it slow Invest the time Build trust Learn from others JUST DO IT! (Now would be good) 38. Questions and CommentsLach Mullen Regional Public Information System Administrator lachlan.mullen@co.fort-bend.tx.ushttp://www.twitter.com/lach

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