engaging students through research alan bogage 04/13

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Engaging Students through Research Alan Bogage 04/13

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  • Engaging Students through Research Alan Bogage 04/13
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  • Information literacy An information literate individual is able to: Determine the extent of information needed Access the needed information effectively and efficiently Evaluate information and its sources critically Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use information ethically and legally
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  • Why research? COMAR General Education requirement: Demonstrate information literacy. Carroll CC - General Education goal Just a good idea Real world skill employers valueemployers value Information literacy rubric
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  • Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education Chickering and Gamson Principle 2: Good Practice Encourages Cooperation Among Students Principle 3: Good Practice Encourages Active Learning Principle 5: Good Practice Emphasizes Time on Task Principle 6: Good Practice Communicates High Expectations Principle 7: Good Practice Respects Diverse Talents and Ways of Learning Chickering, Arthur and Zelda F. Gamson. Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education. 1987.
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  • Objectives Hands on practice with research tools Ideas for application of research assignments Media resources Ebooks overview and access
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  • Research assignments Support class discussion, supplements textbooks have students locate an article or research on todays readings or topics Knowledge base students share research, teach one another build a wiki Relate theoretical classroom topic to real life (e.g. statistics, financial literacy, careers, employers, undergraduate research) Historical research newspaper databases not just History Pro/con, debates editorials, op-eds Exercise critical thinking skills - evaluation of a product, process, argument, issue, event, etc. (synthesis, analysis, application) Prepare students for transfer or employment
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  • Assignments: Annotated bibliographies Essays (persuasive) Discussion board entries (Blackboard) Class blog/wiki (Blackboard, etc.) aka knowledge base Wikipedia check Google - advanced search Compare/contrast web with journal literature Compare/contrast products, claims, etc. Compare contrast popular article with scholarly Evaluate a website based on rubric Locate primary resources Locate statistics to support a claim Build presentations Employ media Locate background information on an organization/business/career as though preparing for a job interview with the organization
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  • Online research tools Periodical databases 20,000+ journals ! Online reference Image and audio Streaming video Statistics E-books Library Research Guides Internet
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  • Invisible, Hidden, or Deep Web the content not accessible through a search on general search engines the content of databases. Information stored in databases is accessible only by query. Content available on sites protected by passwords or other restrictions. Special content not presented as Web pages, such as full text articles and books (Note Google books, Google scholar) Dynamically-changing, updated content, such as airline flights. Some social media
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  • Periodical literature databases Discipline specific databases ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source ProQuest Education Journals Literature Resource Center ProQuest Psychology Journals Health Source Academic
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  • Historical resources ProQuest Newspapers - includes the Baltimore Sun, Christian Science Monitor, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington PostProQuest Newspapers ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Baltimore Sun - coverage is from 1837-1986ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Baltimore Sun ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times - coverage is from 1851-2009ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times County Times Archive, 1933-1989 - provided by Carroll County Public Library. There are gaps in coverage. Digitization is from old microfilm reels so article readability will vary.County Times Archive, 1933-1989
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  • Primary resources American Memory: Library of Congress print and media archive - memory.loc.govAmerican Memory:memory.loc.gov U.S. National Archives - www.archives.gov/research/U.S. National Archives Avalon Project: law, history and diplomacy http://avalon.law.yale.edu/default.aspAvalon Project: http://avalon.law.yale.edu/default.asp EuroDocs: Western European Primary Historical Documents - eudocs.lib.byu.eduEuroDocs: eudocs.lib.byu.edu *NYU Library primary source guide - http://nyu.libguides.com/content.php?pid=38530&sid=611969*NYU Library
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  • Social problems/issues Congressional Quarterly ResearcherCongressional Quarterly Researcher Opposing Viewpoints in ContextOpposing Viewpoints in Context Hot Topics web sites library guide to quality websitesHot Topics web sites Newspaper op-ed (document type)Newspaper op-ed
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  • Statistics Statistics research guide
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  • Embedding an article in Blackboard As simple as adding an external link Requires identifying the persistent url the static address for a specific article Persistent links are usually identified on the first screen of the article Sometimes called bookmarks
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  • Library subject research guides libguides growing, popular format Subject research guides
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  • Media databases ARTstor Digital Library 1 million images in art, architecture, humanities, and social sciences. Searchable by categories or keywords. Images can be saved and organized for presentations, group work, etc.ARTstor Digital Library
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  • Media TED! technology, entertainment, design http://ted.com
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  • Streaming media Films on Demand Films for the Humanities and Social SciencesFilms on Demand Ambrose films history, biology filmsAmbrose films Annenberg Foundation streamed instructional media via learner.org requires setting up free account - accessible via college online library catalog http://catalog.carr.org/ipac20/ipac.jsp?profile=crco#focus or www.learner.orgAnnenberg Foundation http://catalog.carr.org/ipac20/ipac.jsp?profile=crco#focus www.learner.org Snagfilms collection of documentaries (www.snagfilms.com)Snagfilmswww.snagfilms.com SuTree - aggregator of instructional & educational videosSuTree Hulu TV shows, clips, and news (www.hulu.com)Hulu Connexions educational modules (some video) www.cnx.orgConnexionswww.cnx.org YouTube - EDU Khan Academy MIT open courseware - ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/web/courses/av/MIT open courseware ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/web/courses/av/
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  • Television The History Channel - www.history.com www.history.com Public Broadcasting Service - pbs.org pbs.org NOVA - www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/programs/NOVA The Discovery Channel - dsc.discovery.com dsc.discovery.com CNN Student News - ww.cnn.com/studentnews ww.cnn.com/studentnews iCue - video from the NBC News Archives - www.icue.comwww.icue.com
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  • Research assignments media Create learning objects using clips from films link to in Blackboard Locate images to illustrate topics for presentations/essays/posters/projects Enhance presentations/projects with images/music Assign supplemental viewing Student presentations/sharing
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  • e-books Library Online catalog Library e-books page Various publishers: Ebrary 18,000+ titles, accessible from online catalog or vendoronline catalog vendor Gale Virtual Reference Library reference/encyclopedia resourcesGale Virtual Reference Library ABC-CLIO/Greenwood ebook collectionABC-CLIO/Greenwood ebook collection STAT!Ref Online Electronic Medical Library - 37 medical/allied health/nursing texts including DSM IVSTAT!Ref Online Electronic Medical Library STAT!Ref Nursing Collection Supplement - full-text searching of nursing texts including Anatomy and Physiology. STAT!Ref Nursing Collection Supplement
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  • E-books assignment suggestions Accept e-books as book for annotated bibliographies, works cited lists, research Encourage use of ebooks for research Investigate e-book resources in your discipline Use e-book selections as supplementary readings in Blackboard
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  • E-resources Reference Resources research guideReference Resources research guide
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  • Concerns Clarify what resources are acceptable (web site, e-book, periodical article) Blogs? Wikipedia? How many of what kind of resource?
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  • Turnitin Plagiarism detection resource Bb building block Call Distance Learning office or Librarians for assistance
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  • MLA & APA formats Library documentation resources Be aware of changes to both styles new editions Reflected in Library handouts, web pages, and NoodleBib
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  • Library assistance Liaisons Library instruction/tours Tutorials Embedded librarians