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Engaging Latinos Online #11NTCLatinos Juan Tornoe Armando Rayo Eric Diaz Elianne Ramos Beverly Robertson

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Engaging Latinos Online#11NTCLatinos

Juan TornoeArmando RayoEric DiazElianne RamosBeverly Robertson

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2010 U.S. Population

2/3 OF LATINOS ARE ONLINE!!!!Results of a 2009 Ipsos US Hispanic Omnibus study show that 63% of Hispanics who live in the US say that they access the internet at least once a month for information and entertainment. 5

eMarketer put the number of Latinos Online at 59.5% in 2010

Source: eMarketer 2010

Estimating it would be at 62.9% by 2011

Compared to 69% for the General market.6But1/5 of Online Hispanics are Power Users (over 24 hours a week on the web)

Source: AOL/RoperASW Hispanic Cyberstudy 2009

So 11.9% of Latinos Are Online Power UsersSource: EMarketer 2010

Latinos Represent about 13% of the entire U.S. Online PopulationWhile constituting 16% of the nation's total population (headcount)8

and account for 12.5% of total time spent online by U.S. audiencesSource: Comscore, June 2010947% of Spanish-dominant Latinos use the internet, compared with 74% of bilingual Latinos, and 81% of English-dominant Latinos.

Source: Pew Hispanic Center, 2010

1048% of Online Latinos have profiles on social networking websites , being 55% more likely to have onethan Non- Hispanic Whites

Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau, 2010

11Top 5 activities of Online HispanicsActivities Hispanic % Email 72%News/weather 50%Banking 46%Music downloads 32%Travel info 29%

Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau, 2010

1221% of U.S. Bloggers are LatinosSource: Felippe Korzenny, 2010


Online Latinos Spend nearly twice as much time per week using social networking websites or chatting via instant messaging (5 hours versus 3.5 hours)compared to Non-Hispanic WhitesSource: Mintel, March 2009

14Mobile use31 million of U.S. Hispanics have cell phones (66% of the 46.9 million living here)64% of Hispanics with a mobile phone use it for: texting, accessing social networks, gaming, download music, etc.

Mobile ActivitySource: Mobile Marketing Association, Scarborough Research

15How Big is Your Latino Market?

Latino Engagement FrameworkLatino Engagement is a process of building community, relationships, & trust with Latino communities. Latino Engagement utilizes authentic engagement strategies that create advocates for people, neighborhoods & issues within communities. It is an inclusive, innovative & culturally relevant approach that informs, educates, engages & strengthens communities.

Latino Community EngagementVolunteering: Sixty-six percent of Hispanics/Latinos surveyed volunteer at least once per year. Where Latinos volunteer Faith-based institutions 29%Community based organizations 27%Educational institutions - 26%Issues are primary motivators in Latinos decision to volunteer (i.e. education, health, employment)Why Latinos volunteer?To help othersGiving back to the community

OpportunitiesChurch and FamilyProfessional and Latino oriented groupsOrganizations deep-rooted in the Latino communityLatino volunteers and leaders in the pipelineBarriersLack of cultural insights Relationships Latinos to mainstream and vice versa Labels clients vs leadersTime, schedules, family, work, etc.

Latino EngagementEngage - Share your experience. Discuss viewpoints. Respect others.

Educate - Learn the issues. Acquire new skills. Know your community.

Volunteer - Give an hour. Give a Saturday. Give your best.

Advocate - Champion a cause. Stay informed. Raise Awareness. Find your voice.

Give - Research. Understand. Invest.

Lead - Influence others. Open doors. Create systemic change.

Creating Advocates INSPIRE

Inspire people to take action that changes the world

EngagePassionStoryCreate PossibilitiesConnectOpen DoorsBe RelevantDiverse & InclusiveInnovateCreate Relationships EQUIP

Equip people with skills, knowledge & abilities

EducateSkillsAbilitiesknowledgeInformationHow tosLeadershipTalking Points MOBILIZE

Mobilize people & networks to take action.

Call to ActionResourcesStep by stepOnline/offline TransitionIncentivesCreate Advocates

Latino EngagementRelevanceUnderstand culture, traditions and historyUnderstand your and the communitys motivations, desires, needs and wantsHonor, respect and be authenticEngagementUtilize culturally relevant messages and approachesBuild meaningful connectionsListen to peoples concerns, needs and aspirationsInteract and include community members in the processCreate ambassadorsEngage, not just outreach

CommitmentBe intentional & committed for the long haulShow up frequently and when it mattersCollaborate with multicultural organizations and groupsEquip people with skills, knowledge and abilitiesUtilize community members as leaders



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