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  • 1. Engaging English Lessons and Digital Tools Sarah Findlater
  • 2. Todays Journey Poetry Creative Writing Class Novel Digital Tools
  • 3. Poetry Powerful approaches to poetry
  • 4. My Favourite Poetry Activities Word jumble Word cloud Acting actions Onion approach Visual response Role play poetry Poetry essay train Performance poetry Freeze frame poetry
  • 5. Creative Writing Captivating approached the creative writing
  • 6. My Favourite Creative Writing Activities Drama Drawing Story Dice Book flick Free writing Perspectives Consequences Audio / visuals Poem crunch / word cloud Teacher thought talk writing Writing train association game
  • 7. The Class Novel Creative approaches to the class novel
  • 8. My Favourite Class Novel Activities Drama Family Tree Form Switch Quote Quest Visual Notes Micro Analysis Text Crunching Character Bodies Visual Organisers Creating Comprehension Alternate Ending / Chapter Chapter Titles Tension / Ripple Charts Context Virtual Trip - LitTrips & 360 Tours
  • 9. Digital Tools Creative approaches to the class novel
  • 10. Class Blogging One Class Blog Task Setting Collaboration Reference Challenges Blogging Network Student ownership Real audience Crafting Parental engagement
  • 11. You Tube Upload videos Create Playlists Department Collaboration Student Revision Resource Sharing Student Involvement Comments Private sharing
  • 12. Edmodo Fakebook Quizzes Polls Assignments Mark book Updates Marking Dialogue
  • 13. Google Drive Overview of class Collaboration Live Marking IWB Sharing Chat facility Revision history Any device
  • 14. Digital Stuff Im Having Fun With Class Dojo www.classdojo.com Blogger www.blogger.com You Tube www.youtube.com Explain Everything www.explaineverything.com Google Docs www.google.com Dropbox www.dropbox.com Socratic www.socratic.com No Red Ink - www.noredink.com Office 365 http://office.microsoft.com/en.gb/ Digital Leaders www.SSAT.co.uk Study Blue www.studyblue.com Survey Monkey www.surveymonkey.com Screenr www.screenr.com Onenote http://office.microsoft/en-gb/onenote


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