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<ol><li> 1. ENGAGE DEEPLY Contributor Personality Development Chapter 9 </li><li> 2. CONTENT Contributor and Non-contributors Attitude Personal Commitment Interest, Initiative, Intellect Case Stories </li><li> 3. Contributors are instantly distinguished by the way they approach work . They get involved. They are enthusiastic. They go deep into the subject. In short, Contributors love what they do. Contributors Attitude </li><li> 4. Non-Contributors Attitude They do not get involved. They are not enthusiastic. They do not go deep into the subject. In short, Non-Contributors do what they love. </li><li> 5. The Non-contributor Researcher who is disengaged This research project is becoming very tough now. As long as it needed only the procedures that my senior had told me, it was okay. I dont understand all this now I give up! It is easier to just ask my senior to tell me the answers and what to do. </li><li> 6. The Contributor Researcher who engages deeply This research project is challenging for me the deeper I go into the subject, the clearer I become about these concepts. I am able to find new answers to these problems I am discovering how amazing this subject is </li><li> 7. Non-Contributor Contributor </li><li> 8. Non-Contributor Contributor </li><li> 9. Non-Contributor Contributor </li><li> 10. Personal Commitment Personal commitment is the act of quality of voluntary tasking on or fulfilling Obligation </li><li> 11. Non-Contributors It is comfortable to just do what people give you, do enough work to fill the day, have long tea breaks, leave for home on time, etc. If I commit to the success of this project then I will have to give up those conveniences and be accountable to the team and its goals so Id rather not do </li><li> 12. Contributors Unless I go deep and get into the details, I know the project will not get completed successfully. If I am involved, I must commit myself deeply to the success of the project </li><li> 13. .I. .I. .I. Initiative Interest Intellect Interest can be defined as willingness or drive of a person in doing something Initiative is a persons ability to propel himself for doing something Intellect is a term used in studies of human mind, and refers to the ability of the mind to come to correct conclusions about what is true or real, and about how to solve the problem </li><li> 14. Comparison Non -Contributor Focus on COMPLETING THE TASK Quality of Work LOW CHALTA HAI Attitude Create High Quality Products Care Deeply About Their Work Contributor </li><li> 15. Non-Contributor Student Do not Listen To The Teacher Sit In The Class Forcefully and Waiting for End Of Class during all The Time Do His/her work at The Last Moment Just Come To School/college For Attending Lectures Just Concentrate On His/her Work Contributor Student Listen Carefully To the Teacher Sit in the class With Positive Thinking and Queries to Know More About the Topic Which Is Going to be taught in the class Do His/her Work Punctually Take Part In Different Educational Activities Helps Other Students When Theyre in need </li><li> 16. Non-Contributor Contributor </li><li> 17. Case stories I would like to tell you some stories about How a Contributor engage deeply with their Work? </li><li> 18. Case story 1 </li><li> 19. Case story 2 </li><li> 20. This story is about a deeply engaged person who was profoundly interested in medical science. It is about Mr. Hamilton Naki of cape town, South Africa who was a self taught surgeon </li><li> 21. Hamilton Naki South Africa (Langa, cape town) </li><li> 22. At the end Do at least following things to make your work interesting for you and productive. Go deeply in whatever the work you do. Take care of and give respect to the work you do. Commit yourself with the success of the work you do. Love your work and get emotionally engaged with it. </li></ol>