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Engage Your People

Strategies To Engage And Retain Your People

Facilitated byJennifer WilsonJanuary 12, 2012www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.1What Are Your Biggest HR Issues?As you plan for 2012, what are your most important HR challenges or initiatives?

2DISCUSSIONwww.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.Our ObjectiveDiscuss ways to elevate the HR function to have a bigger impact on your firms overall success Understand the top professional motivators and specific actions you can take to inspire and fully engage your teamShare methods for identifying and investing in your rising starsDiscuss a performance and accountability model to drive motivation and engagement

3www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.

4 The Strategic Role of HRwww.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.4Todays Role of HR HR is more important than ever today and is a critical success factor in your firms successWith nearly 76 million U.S. Baby Boomers and over half of the CPA profession set to retire in the next 12 years your firm will be in need of people!Traditionally, HR has been viewed as a compliance necessity and often considered administrativeFurther, HR professionals have a reputation for being soft or pro-employeeIt is important to work to incorporate your HR function as a strategic initiative in your firm and include HR in your planning5www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.Shifting ParadigmsWhats OutJob AnalysisPersonnel ManagementRulemakingFunctional OrientationOne Size Fits AllCentralized DecisionsMutual DistrustFocus on ActivitiesWhats InCompetency AssessmentHuman Capital Mgmt. Consultant/Trusted AdvisorBusiness OrientationTailored ProgramsFramework for Others to DecidePartneringFocus on Impact6These aspects were identified in The Changing Role of Human Resources/Assessment Professionals: Adding Value in the New Organizationwww.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.The Role Of HR In Your Firm What new competencies would you like to see in your HR function to make it more strategic? How can you better support and elevate the role of HR in your firm?


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8 Motivating And Engaging Your Teamwww.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.8Are Your People Sold On Working For You? According to preliminary data from the soon-to-be published 2011 PCPS Top Talent Survey, nearly half of the professions star performers are open to other options beyond their current positionThere appears to be a wave of pent up voluntary turnover that may be headed your waysoon (if you havent already seen it)So what are you doing to re-engage your team so that they are motivated and inspired by their choice to work for your firm?

9www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.A Word About Individual MotivatorsIn their work, all people value:Acknowledgement and respectIncreased responsibility and challengeFlexibility and time offCompensationCamaraderie and funPersonal developmentHow do you rank these? Take a moment to rank these yourself Each person in your firm values these motivators differentlyIts your job and that of HR to identify the individual motivators and appeal to them10EXERCISEwww.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.Recognize, Know And Talk To ThemNo matter how many people are in your firm, work to know as many of them as possible by name and on sightConsider having someone develop a digital book that includes everyones picture, name and brief biographyReach out regularly by e-mails, phone calls and face-to-face meetingsTake these opportunities to learn what motivates them and what they most want to achieve in their career and in their personal lifeFind out what more the firm can do to support them in achieving their lifes goalsKnowing your people is one of the best forms of acknowledgement and respect that they could receive!

11www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.Invest In Your People One of the highest compliments you can pay your employees is to spend time with them by: Taking them along on sales calls, to conferences or meeting with key clients or referral sourcesAllowing them the privilege of shadowing work at higher levelsInvesting in more training per person than your competitors and including soft-skills education at every level, including administrativestaff

12www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.Be Willing To ChangeThe needs of todays up-and-comers are different from when you came upGive up your old school notions of how it should be and manage your organization based on the way that it isEmbrace diversity and provide opportunities for your staff to collaborate with your leaders on strategic planning, owning key initiatives and participating in committees Develop work-from-anywhere programs that move towards measuring on results and less on face time

13www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.Have Fun With Your PeopleYounger generations are most engaged when they feel a part of a team at work Create opportunities to bond through team-building activities and corporate funIt is critical that your firms leaders participate in firm-sponsored social and communityactivities

14www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.14Thank Them! This may go without saying, but we see so many leaders forget to do this Thank your people! Stop by their cubicle, send them an email or even better, write them a hand-written thank you note!Catch them doing a good job Reward them with spot bonuses in addition to an incentive plan that they can control based on their contribution to the firm 15www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.How Are You Doing? What else can you do to demonstrate your willingness to change and invest in your people? What are you doing that is engaging your people? What more can you do? 16SHARINGwww.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.Identify Your Rising Stars17www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.Engaging Your StarsIdentify and engage your rising starsOr someone else will It will help you prioritize your time and investment in people use Paretos 80/20 ruleWhen you cull people from the pack, you can differentiate themThen you can determine what special benefits youre going to give them to develop themThese folks are usually on the fast track

18www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.How do you identify your rising stars? What behaviors do they exhibit? 19SHARINGwww.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.19Identifying Your StarsEvaluate your people considering:CompetenceTechnical and soft skillsAbilities and expertiseExperienceAbility to learn and growCharacterBehavior and intentionPromotability/importanceInterest in rising further or how critical this person is to the firmProfessional presence and acceptance of others at the next level

20HOMEWORKwww.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.Potential PartnersAccording to the AICPA PCPS Top Talent Survey, 69% of top talent said their firms did not have a partner track or they did not know if their firm had oneFirst you must identify the attributes, competencies and other qualifications to be considered for a Partner in Training (PIT) or Leadership Development program (LDP) Get buy in from your other partners, if applicable, and rank your people against themNext, identify the priority of the people and for the first one or two partner potentials, youll want to identify what more you need to do to prepare them

21www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.21Caution Be careful not to get caught up in identifying your rising stars based on history or time inYou also could run into arguments that investing differently from previous rising stars isnt fair or will make someone else madOur current economic situation and requirement to succession plan wont allow us to do it how weve always done itYou have to manage communications around this program

22www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.Make Them Feel Special Create a leadership development training program that includes training on soft skillsLeadership attributesOwnership and accountability Communication and managing conflict People development and business developmentPublic speaking Incorporate your current partners into the programDinners with the partners and partner candidatesBusiness model training Participation in partner meetings and strategic planning increase transparency!23www.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.Developing Your Rising StarsWhat else could you do to develop your rising stars and make them feel special? What challenges do you need to overcome to do so? 24SHARINGwww.convergencecoaching.comCopyright 2000-2012ConvergenceCoaching, LLC All rights reserved.

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