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  • 8/2/2019 Eng Notes Set1


    IIAPROVE OURVOCABUL.ARYVERY AYWordsfion thesecotggoriesconhelpyottonswerqrestionsotword evel.FOOD pie, grt, cookies, oodlesFRUIT jackfruit, morEoste.en,?Ep.sVEOETABLESbrinjol,spitmch,ouliflowerPLANTS ndFLOWERScoconut olm, ibiscus,xoraANLI,IALS nd INSECTS comel drcgonfly ( your,genderBUILDINOS ndPLACES.g.opodment,horbourACCVPTLONS .g. ergirc-er,abourer,securitygrnrdTOOLSusedby PEOPLEn their OCCUPATIONSe.g.doctor- stethoscope,oilor - rcdle ond hreodTRANSPORT vehicles .g.loery, ooch, us,etc.,llEALSondUTENSILS- breokfost, odle,soucepon,ot,etc.CLOTHESneckfie,singlet,vest,sweqterOBJECTS colculator,loot, life jocket,chrm clockFArlilfLy daughter, on-in-low,ousinPARTS f the BODY:(o) People neck, houlder, lbow(b) Anirnolswirgs&ok,clowsColfective ouns ysple,,aninqls,hirys )Synonymswordssimilor n meonirgAntonymswordsoppositenmeonirE?refixe.s rebuild,unheolthy,nrisbehcve,isappeorSuffixes( cqreful, lesflet , thonkful , thicker )




  • 8/2/2019 Eng Notes Set1


    6RAIM,1ATICALTE,liS1. Countqbleold Urrcountoble rlounsrlurnfatJs ?ntrne-hnrga,inrgs, n'G$,ulrqmtoble mrrrs- sugor, olt, flour, oifA .hata'rminas ,tr-.nartrtnhb rRfitGF-'mnt|? ,t*i r,tngra'rurmha-o{ tr+gttnlDeterminrsor uncountobleouns a f ttle, notmuch, smoll mount fA fnngretmotnfrtfr,ttrfs.oDetermirrns or both countoble& urrountoblenorms some, lentyof,

    crlrr*of 6Tt, rtRftrr3. Nunber firuns SingulorondPfuralormsz.g. bul{dru -trut{tlnn* , thilrt -rhilrtnsn , r,tlfi -r,rhn*4. Cornnwrold Pnoperrfams - house river, treei?s ittinhfCs*erfinrrerq rtfur&y$h iTts*hCrMJirrin'y'5. Oerder - iAcsculine ndFeminine persons ndonimols'rlng - qlreP,n 'nero-'nerorue , 'udh uow, tog -'uHn,6. Articles 'o', 'on'ond'the'Z rDrsonor'ttlonorsrsrl you,we, ilrey, te,sde,r? trseos sudjbcfotto verd)ShespeaksEnglishwell.?ersondr?ronounss rioject otrovefo - 'fre inowed'tlcr'tfrsnew'bodK.8. Denonstrotlve PrcnounsThi3, rfiat, tfiese cnd'tliose9. Possessive djecfiwstTo ihowpossesiiod): y, ours, urs, hdirs,'his,'hers,'[tsThese reour shoes.lU. fnterrogntivcPtpnouns ('WR- guestions)-What , Who, When,Where,Why, Which,Wlpn, Hil11. Coqiunctions join rords, phnosesndsertances'oJd' , 'hrt', '96.', bcouse' 'so' , 'while', thgrngforg' 'os' gtc.12. Prcpositions f Locations ot, in, on, behitd, utder, in fipnt of,betnlccn, ognirst, otnotg, beloil, obove,13. Prepositiorsof Diregtion- ocnoss, o, lp, down, nto, throqgh,t4. Adjectiws describepeode, onimolsor thirys. Adjectives ellusmoreabout he size,shope, olourondconditirinof nouns.o broye boy, c shorp knife , c big hoiry gorilla

    Conporisofrsof AdJectivesTino s os toll os 5u Lyn.Din staller than Tina Joe is the tollesf of oll.

  • 8/2/2019 Eng Notes Set1


    15. Adverbs of ilbnner - describe how o persondoes sonething.e.g. They olkedsoftly.Theold monwqlkedslorly up he stoirs.16. Srrbjct-rcrb ngneementThesubject ondverbmustag?eeno sentence.Subject is singrub,veFbs sirgutcre.g. f arn istening o the rodio. He is ployittgcomputergomes.Subject is plurul,the vert is pltmle.g. Yqti ondKorimoh olk o the town ibrorytogether.-fheyorc dated to onecnofher.17. The Sinple PresentTense- to tolk obouton oction corried out often ar e.w;?y qy.( ForHe,She It , Hamid,,tly ncle, - odd s' 'a.s.'or'ies'o theverbs.I,We,You,They verb s in he bqseormor root wordwithout's'- For imperctiv?.s .g.3dtch off the fights.- for general universolruths e.g.Thesun ises in the Eost

    18. T]re Sinple PostTense- is used o tolk oboutonoction hqthosolreody okenploce.e.g. Th childrenplqedin thc ptoygnotnndestedoy evening.-ed = istened , joined, kickedthrew, swept, broke, song,brought, swomt9. The PresentContinuousense The pupilsore eoting n the conteen.?O. ThePqstContinuousense Memohwos studyiry whileherbrother waswqtching efevision.21. The SimpleFutureTense rtiymotherwill clean he store roomnext weekend.22. TheFutureContinuousense Wewill be stdyitE hord for theUPSRrom now23. The PresentPerfectTense iAy ather hos ust bdryht o newcor.24. The PostPerfect Terse- Weote our food sfter we hod woshedourhonds.25. Positiveond l.legotive Stqtenents -e.g.Rozito ikescollecting tamps.

    Shedoesnot like singing.2A. Simpfe ndCompoundentences.21. Compoundords - oirport, ootball,.necklace,hoeloces

  • 8/2/2019 Eng Notes Set1


    e.g. ft is hot dcy.- for obbrcviations c.g. ( e.g. - fgr exonplc, ffon. , hr. , )2. tluestion norlt l:ilt - af fh enif o?o $rstione.t-Jn I helP ou?

    *1, .4rrnm4l,.,l .tF.gFotctt rtng'{tuidrta g0nnltrr.flfffiqtF.a-.lintPuon orhiloh''is kind, riendlyondpotient ody.Theqlrls ote choco|rcrte,icereamondbiscuits." f,llrWorg,how [email protected] eochirg n 5K Ulu rteqgkuorg?'4. Exclcmotion ork I r | - to show rprisa, joy, poin W, dorgcr, hrnnowor. t ' r 'sdn sftlttg fcclirp. Whensomonesgivfig otdcrs or shantitg.?g. vr.r*4rqdrgil'lnu"Elu$\nlltlir$r5. 6olon [:l - to irtroduce o list of thitttrL I The ollodqr libmdons d!eon rh4f .this.npd(: Jrr.ioh. -Fcnoh.Rodzi ond Sobri.6.'{pu*trqt'rrefj - lUltsreiirJffibiry1dP- Wtreanettteffiikd' nilltBrs.- @tttf (@ildt),udrc((relture))V, (Quffitimrmr{ |-f.---T'[email protected]{h.showitles of booksetc.f hove ead he book,'TheTreasrrreshrd' EnidBlyton.

    TYPESOF READI}.I6PASSAEFsINbtiLaAdvertisementlimeJnhle-DioryReportilopPlonlxbilLesfl*4tqnt"Pie-Chart

    MrrotiiE possrgeLetterDinkngr-Descriptive ossqeFoctuolpossgeSpeechlrlews eport?oemfnformal letter-Cnnnratgiln;tn+Process

    e.g. 'She'ssick, eocher,'soidSoroh.