energy in: energy out healthy snacks and drinks for active kids

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  • Energy In: Energy Out Healthy Snacks and Drinks for Active Kids
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  • Important things to be healthy: Eating breakfast Keeping your body active Choosing healthy snacks Drinking water What you will learn today
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  • Energy Out Bodily functions physical activity Energy In Food and drink gives energy and nutrients we need to: Grow Be active Power the brain Energy In Energy Out
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  • Energy out - Physical activity It can help you to concentrate and do better at school Being active is really important for your health Its good for your bones, heart, muscles and skin It can make you feel happy All types of activity count!
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  • Step 1: Healthy breakfast Step 2: Healthy snacks Step 3: Healthy hydration How to prepare for an active day
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  • Step 1: Eat Breakfast Most important meal of the day Gives our body energy to wake up in the morning Helps us to concentrate at school Stops us feeling hungry before lunch Stops us from unhealthy snacking Stops us feeling tired and moody Have you had breakfast today?
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  • Step 2: Healthy snacks Being active can make you hungry, so you need to: Top up your energy level Eat something which has lots of nutrients, to help your body to grow and be healthy
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  • Step 2: Healthy Snacks SWAP these For these High in fat, added sugar and low in the nutrients your body needs Restore your energy and give you vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients Cereal bars Cakes, biscuits & muffins Crisps Fresh fruit apple, banana, orange, melon, grapes Dried fruit, unsalted nuts * and seeds Fruit bread, currant bun, or bagel Plain popcorn Chocolate & sweets, fruit bar * Be aware of nut allergies
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  • Step 3: Healthy drinks If you want to be healthy its important to stay hydrated too and not get thirsty - Dehydration slows your body down - So you dont concentrate properly in class - Or perform at your best when youre playing games or doing sport How much should you drink each day?
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  • Remember: When youre active your body loses more water so you need to drink more Dont wait until you feel thirsty Drink before, during and after physical activity Milk is a great natural sports drink Dont get thirsty! Water is the best drink to keep you hydrated Get a water bottle and keep drinking throughout the day
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  • Which drinks are best? SWAP these For these High in sugar and low in nutrients (empty calories) Rehydrate and provide nutrients Water - best drink Low-fat milk a natural sports drink, rehydrates and provides nutrients (protein, minerals & vitamins) Pure fruit juice naturally high in sugar and acidic can cause tooth decay. One small (150mls) glass a day is enough Energy drinks and sport drinks are unsuitable for children (