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<ul><li> 1. FINAL REPORT AUGUST 2011ENERGY DRINKS Project TeamNathan Taft Ryan Taft</li></ul> <p> 2. 2011 2 3. Our issue Energy Drinks are very popular beverages Our issue is the amount they are consumed byTeenagers and young adults and the negative effectsof these drinks We use The Addressable Minds program to figure outwho is drinking energy drinks and the reasons they do 20113 4. Addressable Minds is a scientific, actionable form of predictive consumerintelligence for business and social issues accurately defining consumerattitudes and preferences both stated and unstated. It has been described by Malcolm Gladwell and others as discovering theDNA of the Consumers Mind. This patented science created by Dr. Howard Moskowitz, author of SellingBlue Elephants (Wharton Press) and the Wharton Business School hasachieved critical acclaim and financial success across: product design and development, consumer messaging, more effective consumer engagement physically and digitally. 2011 4 5. Dr. Howard Moskowitz.Addressable Minds Inventor, honored by the scientific community,... s the Chairman of iNovum, a graduate of Queens College and holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from HarvardUniversity. on two of the most prestigious awards in market research 005 Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research Award The Nobel Prize of Market Research, received only by the pioneers of market research. Recipients include Arthur Nielsen, George Gallup, Michael Porter, David Ogilvy and Philip Kotler. 010 Walston Chubb Award for Innovation across all sciences, Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, 2011 5 6. SURVEY OVERVIEW (1 of 2) An Addressable Minds Survey is a survey of key ideas forstadium advertising to prospects Survey conducted on August 5, 2011: Population Ages 14 and over of Males/Females across the US The team created key marketing and advertising messagingwith the intent to entice the survey taker to attend stadiumevents 2011 6 7. SURVEY OVERVIEW 103 Individuals responded Assess two major aspects of messages Does it convince a prospect to drink Energy Drinks? How does it make the prospect feel? Data reveals the mind-sets of respondents across the UnitedStates, as well as what works, what doesnt 20117 8. There are three unique segmentsDifferent Different StrategiesParty People Flavor Lovers 21%22% Health Enthusiasts 59% Messaging for one group isnt necessary going toappeal to the otherand could actually hurt 2011 8 9. The Party Peoples PrioritiesOur Extra Strength formulapacks our biggest punch Its for long nights of gaming and partying Its the energy shot for extra busy people who need abig boost of extra energy 2011 9 10. The Party Peoples TurnoffsThe key ingredients are also available ineveryday foods like broccoli, avocados,bananas, and applesIts packed with B-vitamins and amino acids You wanted a zero calorie, zero sugar energydrink with a new sweetener system... we got it! 2011 10 11. Health EnthusiastsIngredients are also availablein everyday foods likebroccoli, avocados, bananas,and apples You wanted a zero calorie, zerosugar energy drink... we got it!Boosts your bodys own natural energy levels 2011 11 12. Flavor LoversCombo of natural juices mixedwith our original flavor and powered upwith the full load of our energy blendAvailable in many natural flavorsTry our unique flavor with potent energy formula mixed with a combo of tropical juices 201112 13. The Energy Drink Segmentation Wizard OnlineexampleThe Segmentation Wizard is a short survey with the questions derived from the full survey to identifysegment membership 2011 13 14. Conclusions Flavor, effectiveness and health are three major issues forteenagers Peer pressure and endorsements have an effect but not as largeas we thought Bottle design and colors was very important Teenagers use energy drinks for partying and staying up laterather than to do work 2011 14 </p>