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A review of the slides used in the April webinar: Reshaping Insolvency with Ferrier Hodgson partner, Jim Sarantinos and Encompass Corporation. For more information, visit www.encompasscorporation.com or download the white paper at encompasscorporation.com/reshaping


  • 1. Webinar: Reshaping Insolvency Starting at 1pm AEST All attendees will be set to Mute to avoid background interference. If you are having audio issues, try changing your settings or type a message in the chat window for us to assist you. Please ask questions by typing into the chat window shown. All questions and answers will be covered in the webinar for the entire audience
  • 2. Your Host Alex Ford Encompass Corporation
  • 3. Who or what is your most trusted source of information to stay on top of your job? Warm up question Please type your answer here Use red arrow to display or hide chat window
  • 4. Our Guest Perspective
  • 5. Getting To Know Our Audience How long have you been involved in the industry?
  • 6. www.encompasscorporation.com/reshaping Reshaping Insolvency Our Recent Whitepaper
  • 7. This Webinar White paper review: A brief industry snapshot Current industry & firm challenges Opportunities Commercial Information Management
  • 8. Industry Snapshot 2013 Number of corporate insolvencies: December 2013 2552 December 2012 2618 Fall of 2.5% Business size: SMB with less than $100,000 assets and less than 20 staff Number of registered liquidators: 681
  • 9. Industry Snapshot 31% 18% 8% 8% 5% 5% 3% 2% 3% 2% 4% 11% ASIC Insolvency Statistics by Industry Type September - December 2013 Other (business & personal) services Construction Accommodation & food services Retail trade Manufacturing Transport, postal & warehousing
  • 10. Insolvency Industry Challenges What do you consider to be the greatest industry challenges?
  • 11. what we heard Complexity and unpredictable nature of the job Practitioners high exposure to personal risk and liability Criticism and scrutiny from media Government regulation and compliance requirements Ensuring consistently high quality of work
  • 12. Practitioner Priorities What are the biggest challenges facing your firm?
  • 13. Before How to respond to opportunities in the fastest time and with the best information?
  • 14. Being Informed
  • 15. Commercial Information Insolvency practitioners need to understand the full picture, fast
  • 16. Commercial Information Management
  • 17. Commercial Information Management Search Review Manage
  • 18. Into This
  • 19. Before How to respond to opportunities in the fastest time and with the best information?
  • 20. Encompass as a Solution respond to opportunities in the fastest time and with the best information
  • 21. Wrap Up Your Questions Your Feedback Download Whitepaper Webinar Playback Resource Centre


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