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Prashant Kumar Shukla [email protected] +919455744804 Gautam Buddha University Case Study

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Page 1: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University

EMPOWERUPrashant Kumar Shukla

[email protected]+919455744804

Gautam Buddha University

Case Study

Page 2: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University

Index1. About EMPOWERU2. Product/Services offerings3. Target customers4. Key differentiator5. Competitor analysis6. SWOT analysis7. Customer segmentation8. Marketing strategy and execution approach9. Sales strategy and execution approach10. Digital/Internet marketing execution plan

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• EMPOWERU is a pat of promorph solutions.• An Analytical Educational Monitoring &

Governance Application for Higher Education.• Right now they are building a big data

architecture and predictive models & algorithm for EDUCATIONAL DATA MINING which will help to improve educational efficiency.

Page 4: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University

Product/services offerings• To deal with the poor and unhygienic condition

of government school, EMPOWERU came up with an innovative analytical monitoring solutions for quality education and effective governance in institutes.

• EMPOWERU helps in: 1. Attendance tracking. 2. Performance and CCE evaluation. 3. MDM, toilet & drinking water monitoring. 4. Assets monitoring and leave management.

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Contd. 5. Pupil and teacher ratio analysis. 6. Student enrollment and drop-out list. 7. School-wise teacher distribution analysis. 8. School evaluation & performance analysis. 9. School cluster & block wise attendance analysis.EMPOWERU collects data through a smartphone app from teacher tracking their position on GPS. Photos and other data of water, toilets, marks etc. and assessing them. And then it is synced with the server to be analyzed using analytical web portal.

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• Organization can request for demo from website.• PRICING and PAYMENT PLANS:

Size of institute

Small (200) Medium (200-2000)

Big(2000 above)

Plans (in rupee)Lifetime 1.5lakhs per

20 users3.5lakhs per 40 users

10lakh per 100 users

Yearly 17000 per 20 user

36000 per 40 user

101000 per 100 user

Monthly 2000 (20 user limit) / 200 for 2 user

3700 (40 user limit) / 370 for 4 user

5100(50 user limit) / 505 per 5 user

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Target customer

The innovative idea of analyzing and monitoring data has the potential to break the barriers of new entrants in any industries. EMPOWERU gives the tools to manage every workforce need—to recruit and retain a high-performing workforce. One can get HR, payroll, and talent management in a single solution that seamlessly connects people globally with the information and resources they need to work more effectively.

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EMPOWERU can target on following industries.

Manufacturing industries

HealthCare industries

Retail and Wholesale

Automotive and transportation


Personal and business services

Restaurants Educations Sports and entertainment

Hospitality and travel

Page 9: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University

Key differentiator

With hundreds of employees to handle worldwide, the HR team might have difficulty tracking and managing global talent acquisition because the company don’t have that one solution that could centralize the process. The company wants to streamline its end-to-end HR processes as well as enhance the HR team’s ability to recruit and retain a high-performance workforce.

Page 10: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University


PROMORPH SOLUTION’s EMPOWERU delivers cloud solutions that can help you personalize talent acquisition, simplify payroll computations, manage time and attendance, and support continuous and proactive talent management. With EMPOWERU, you can drive smarter, people-focused business results across the entire organization.

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Competitor analysis

Key IndustrySuccess Factors

Ultipro Cake HR Resumator Time Attend

innovation 7 6 5 4

Customer focus 9 7 6 4

Customer reach

7.5 4 5 6

Experience 8 6 5 6

Total 31.5 23 21 20

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SWOT AnalysisStrength:1. A very comprehensive cloud based

solution.2. It’s mobile friendly.3. Flexible, Simple and easy to use.

Weakness :1. Limited user configuration(one phone

per person).2. Implementation might not be very

smooth(Leaving conventional method

Opportunities:1. Indian government is focusing towards

digitalization. Creating a great opportunity to prosper.

2. Can be used over a large scale on a remote areas where governance is not possible.

3. People are getting more used to of phones.

Threats:1. This area is very dynamics.2. Barriers to new entrants are high and

there is always a threat to substitute product.

3. Data interpretation can be different for different organizations.

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Customer segmentationThe marketing concept asks for understanding customers' requirements and satisfying their requirements and needs better than the others do. But many customers have different requirements and it hardly chance to satisfy all customers by treating them same just like. Market segmentation is the searching of part of the market that are not similar from other. Segmentation provides the firm to good satisfy the needs of its major customers.• understanding of the requirements and needs of sel

ected customer groups.• More effective positioning in this place.

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Users markets can be divided on the basis of these customer characteristics.1. Geographic area2. Demographic area3. Psychographic area4. Behavioral area

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Geographic segmentation: • Rural area where a regular governance is difficult.• Urban areas. As paper works consume time, it is

more time efficient.Demographic segmentation:• Many companies don't have room in their budget

for a human resources employee, but still need the services such a professional would provide

Page 16: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University


Psychographic segmentation:• Professional organizations are more expected to

be get attracted.• Environment conscience firm can take keen

interest.Behavioral segmentation:• Benefit sought: large firms might move to save

and hectic paper work.• Loyalty: gained by proper hospitality and better

customer services.

Page 17: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University

Marketing strategies and execution approach

Marketing strategy is the building of potential consumer.• Providing free demo trials for 3 to 6 months as per

the size of the organization in growing industry.• Taking advanced and enhanced steps in improving the

site’s SEO for better ranking on google and other search engines.

• Getting a BRAND EQUITY like Dettol owns on “germ protections” and TATA salt on “Salt”.

Page 18: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University


• Acquiring non-profitable bodies like local school and hospital for advertisement:

Case study of NESTLE: Nestle distributed free sample of powder milk at maternity ward for mothers and new born babies. It helped Nestle to earn a lot of trust on the product and surpasses almost all diary during it’s era.

Page 19: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University

Contd.• Competitive Advantage: There is no other

such idea at this time running in Industry. It can be used as “EXPLOITATION TIME” for building trust than money.

• Advertisement: online and offline both.• Exposing at exhibitions and trade shows.• Lastly requesting for the contacts of potential


Page 20: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University

Sales strategy and executive approach

1. Sales strategy is the approach of converting maximum of the potential consumer into our customer.Research: Finding about companies with rapid growth they might need an HR person to help with strategic planning, meeting Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requirements, hiring and training, creating a comprehensive policy guide or adding benefits. Research the company’s industry in addition to learning what you can about the business itself. This will help you spot trends that might affect the company and let you use their business jargon to create a better connection.

Page 21: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University

Contd.Showing the need: Prepare to show a potential client the basic needs of any employer and its size. This might start by discussing the importance of online governance to attendance, monitoring online performance of employee, leave management etc. Explain the complexity of online administration, registration, library, placement and alumni management which requires procedures that include filling forms and interviewing candidates, screening them and making an offer. Discuss legal issues that affect organization. Show how even low-cost benefits programs can help from admission to recruitment, retention and lower payroll costs. Tie these general needs to any specific needs the organization might have that we have found with our research

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Offer a Consultation: Get our foot in the door by offering to meet with potential clients on cost to review their governance and attendance tracking system with their current HR policies and procedures. This will give us a gold mine of information about the organization, allowing us to write a detailed proposal that includes specific services and fees for each. Focus on asking questions about the client’s organization and getting them to talk about their organization, rather than spending most of our time presenting our credentials. Sell ourselves only after the client realizes they need help.

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Some other ways could be:• Building relation with other HR companies as

to collaborate with them.• Promoting our background and expertise in

the fields.

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Digital/Internet marketing execution plan

• Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing both organic and paid. our website is our biggest assets and it should be optimized so that people can find the solution that we provide.

• Work with Google AdWords. That's the very first thing we should look at for our Paid Search effort.

• An engaging, responsive website. It should be mobile friendly, engage visitors and clear call to action.

Page 25: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University

Contd.• Doing Email marketing: Contact information can be extracted by offering customers something of value: a newsletter, a free seminar, or more information about products & services. When gathering contact information, ask only for the information really needed. Asking unnecessary questions annoys people and may keep them from signing up.

Page 26: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University


• Social awareness: It can help in building brand awareness, industry authority, Driving targeted traffic and getting great customer response and feedback.• Showing expertise and achievement on

website.• Using a feedback option and reacting to it in a

very less time.

Page 27: EmpowerU case Study Gautam Buddha University

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