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<ul><li> 1. Empower Network Event In Austin Texas Highlights David Sharpe, Co-Founder of Empower Network &amp; MeI have so much to tell you about the Empower Network Event In Austin! I will giveyou a few of my outtakes in this post so and share the rest in other posts to come.The event was powerful, mind changing, visionary, and unbelievably life changing.Its hard to really put into words that can give you the feelings I went through while Iwas there. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I screamed and I almost fainted at one point as Ibecame very clear in my mind what my purpose of belonging to Empower Network trulyis.You see, I thought I joined to make enough money part time to quit my day job and behome with my husband who is disabled. That was it. However, this past weekend Ifound that my vision was way to small.I was concerned that I would not have the energy to keep going at the event as the hoursseemed long. The schedule contained no down time and I like down time :)To make it worse, I caught a cold the night before I flew to Austin. By the time I gotthere, I had no voice left. The cold became a sinus infection, which in turn became anupper respiratory infection.I was amazed that not only was I dancing in my seat but I had trouble sleeping with allthe thoughts of the day churning in my mind.4,000 people Released Their Inner Badass and were transformed last weekend and willnever be the same. . . and that is truly a good thing! Like me, they have a purpose in life</li></ul> <p> 2. that is defined and worth chasing after. Their purpose may not be the same as mine butit is as life changing to them as it was for me.This is what Nicole Cooper had to say about the Empower Network Event In Austin andI observed it all!!Lives were changedPeople were restoredMarriages were mendedDreams were rebirthedPain was exposed.Fears were overcome.Friends became family membersTrust become a centerpiece.Life was spoken like water pouring in Niagara Falls.Purpose was defined.Pathways made clearFocus became the MottoCommitment became the songRelentless became our IntentOthers became our FocusAnd all in all. what happened there was magical!God Took Over!People felt wantedThey began to feel worthyThey began to believe againThey were filled with PurposeThey realized that they were specialThey realized that they were needed..They realized they were lovedEmpower Network Event In Austin Was Epic!This was my first Empower Network Event but it was Empower Networks third event todate. The next one is going to be in Chicago April 19-21, 2013. I cant wait and I alreadyhave my tickets.At the Chicago Event I will be walking across the stage and handed one of these bigchecks.Click here to see a sample of them! 3. Empower Network Event In AustinDefined My PurposePrior to joining Empower Network, I started praying daily. I asked the powers that be togive me his vision of my purpose in life. You see, my whole life Ive known I had apurpose to help people in some way but I didnt know what it was. I had a hard timefiguring it out so I finally asked for help.A few weeks later I was exposed to Empower Network and a week later I joined. I reallyfelt that I joined in order to make a full time living working part time fromhome. Because of that, I kept asking the powers that be to show me his vision forme. What was I suppose to accomplish with my life to help people.This past weekend I realized how wrong my assumption of why I am here was and therealization made me go weak in the knees and my head swirled. I AM here to help otherpeople and help them in a big way. In a way that is big enough that they, in turn, willalso help others.I want you to have the experience I had at the Empower Network Event In Austin. Iwant you to find your purpose in life too. I want you to walk across that stage with me inChicago and receive one of those big checks too.Im here to tell you that it CAN be done and that YOU can do it!! All you have to do ismake a decision to spend the $25 and join Empower Network with me.I encourage you to do that for yourself, for your family and for others whos life you canimpact in a positive way. So click the link below and Ill see you on the inside! &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;CLICK HERE</p>


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