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<ul><li><p>Otta</p><p>wa E</p><p>ditio</p><p>n</p><p>Au</p><p>gu</p><p>st 1</p><p>02</p><p>4, </p><p>2013</p><p> | V</p><p>olum</p><p>e 26</p><p> Issu</p><p>e 23</p><p>FREE</p><p> BI-W</p><p>EEKL</p><p>Y</p><p>JOBS</p><p>TRAI</p><p>NIN</p><p>GCA</p><p>REER</p><p>Sw</p><p>ww</p><p>.em</p><p>plo</p><p>ymen</p><p>tnew</p><p>s.co</p><p>m</p><p>Flex</p><p>ible</p><p> cla</p><p>ss s</p><p>ched</p><p>ules</p><p>. *S</p><p>ome </p><p>prog</p><p>ram</p><p>s re</p><p>quir</p><p>e G</p><p>rade</p><p> 12 </p><p>cred</p><p>its </p><p>as p</p><p>rere</p><p>quis</p><p>ites</p><p>.</p><p>14 C</p><p>onve</p><p>nien</p><p>t Lo</p><p>cati</p><p>ons </p><p>in O</p><p>ntar</p><p>ioN</p><p>O D</p><p>IPLO</p><p>MA </p><p>OR </p><p>GED</p><p>?Th</p><p>ere </p><p>May</p><p> Be </p><p>a Ca</p><p>reer</p><p> Tra</p><p>inin</p><p>g Pr</p><p>ogra</p><p>m fo</p><p>r You</p><p>!*1-</p><p>866-</p><p>834-</p><p>9637</p><p>Call</p><p> Now</p><p> fo</p><p>r M</p><p>ore</p><p> Info</p><p>rmat</p><p>ion!</p><p>App</p><p>ly o</p><p>nlin</p><p>e at</p><p> ww</p><p>w.M</p><p>oveA</p><p>head</p><p>.ca</p><p>HELP</p><p> W</p><p>AN</p><p>TED</p><p>We ar</p><p>e loo</p><p>king f</p><p>or ke</p><p>y peo</p><p>ple to</p><p> expa</p><p>nd </p><p>our </p><p>nanc</p><p>ial se</p><p>rvice</p><p>s bus</p><p>iness </p><p>in th</p><p>is ar</p><p>ea.</p><p>Expe</p><p>rienc</p><p>e not </p><p>nece</p><p>ssary.</p><p>We w</p><p>ill tra</p><p>in. </p><p>For a</p><p>n in</p><p>terv</p><p>iew,</p><p> ca</p><p>ll Ri</p><p>char</p><p>d Ri</p><p>znek</p><p>(613</p><p>) 221</p><p>-971</p><p>0</p><p>Call:</p><p> 613-</p><p>224-</p><p>8973</p><p>ww</p><p>w.ac</p><p>adem</p><p>yofl e</p><p>arni</p><p>ng.co</p><p>m16</p><p>00 M</p><p>eriva</p><p>le R</p><p>oad,</p><p> Suite</p><p> 217,</p><p> Otta</p><p>wa W</p><p>est</p><p>C O</p><p> L L</p><p> E G</p><p> E</p><p>JOIN</p><p> US A</p><p>T OUR</p><p>OPEN</p><p> HOU</p><p>SE </p><p>FOR </p><p>REFR</p><p>ESHM</p><p>ENTS</p><p> AN</p><p>D GI</p><p>VEAW</p><p>AYS.</p><p>AUGU</p><p>ST IS</p><p> NAT</p><p>IONA</p><p>L OP</p><p>EN H</p><p>OUSE</p><p> MON</p><p>TH</p><p>AUGU</p><p>ST 13</p><p>, 10 A</p><p>M- 4</p><p> PM</p><p>Ove</p><p>r 9</p><p>0%</p><p> EM</p><p>PLO</p><p>YM</p><p>ENT </p><p> ra</p><p>te fo</p><p>r C</p><p>ansc</p><p>rib</p><p>e g</p><p>rad</p><p>uat</p><p>es! </p><p>adm</p><p>issi</p><p>on</p><p>s@ca</p><p>nsc</p><p>rib</p><p>e.co</p><p>mw</p><p>ww</p><p>.can</p><p>scri</p><p>be.</p><p>com</p><p>1-8</p><p>00</p><p>-46</p><p>6-1</p><p>535</p><p>Med</p><p>ical</p><p> Tra</p><p>nsc</p><p>rip</p><p>tio</p><p>nis</p><p>ts a</p><p>re </p><p>in d</p><p>eman</p><p>d a</p><p>nd</p><p> Can</p><p>Scri</p><p>be </p><p>gra</p><p>du</p><p>ates</p><p> get</p><p> job</p><p>s. </p><p>Pay</p><p>men</p><p>ts u</p><p>nd</p><p>er $</p><p>100 </p><p>per</p><p> mo</p><p>nth</p><p>Cha</p><p>ngin</p><p>g liv</p><p>esth</p><p>roug</p><p>h ca</p><p>reer</p><p> tr</p><p>aini</p><p>ng</p><p>Prog</p><p>ram</p><p>s and</p><p> sche</p><p>dule</p><p>s var</p><p>y by</p><p> cam</p><p>pus. </p><p>Fina</p><p>ncia</p><p>l ass</p><p>istan</p><p>ce m</p><p>ay b</p><p>e av</p><p>aila</p><p>ble </p><p>for t</p><p>hose</p><p> who</p><p> qua</p><p>lify. </p><p>Care</p><p>er se</p><p>rvic</p><p>es a</p><p>ssist</p><p>ance</p><p> avai</p><p>labl</p><p>e to</p><p> gra</p><p>duat</p><p>es. M</p><p>orni</p><p>ng a</p><p>nd </p><p>afte</p><p>rnoo</p><p>n cla</p><p>sses</p><p> ava</p><p>ilabl</p><p>e. E</p><p>veni</p><p>ng cl</p><p>asse</p><p>s var</p><p>y by</p><p> cam</p><p>pus. </p><p>*Som</p><p>e la</p><p>w e</p><p>nfor</p><p>cem</p><p>ent p</p><p>rofe</p><p>ssio</p><p>ns in</p><p> Can</p><p>ada </p><p>have</p><p> spec</p><p>ic e</p><p>duca</p><p>tiona</p><p>l and</p><p> phy</p><p>sical</p><p> requ</p><p>irem</p><p>ents</p><p> for </p><p>empl</p><p>oym</p><p>ent. </p><p>Thos</p><p>e co</p><p>nsid</p><p>erin</p><p>g en</p><p>rolli</p><p>ng in</p><p> the </p><p>Law</p><p> Enf</p><p>orce</p><p>men</p><p>t Fou</p><p>ndat</p><p>ions</p><p> pro</p><p>gram</p><p> shou</p><p>ld b</p><p>ecom</p><p>e fa</p><p>mili</p><p>ar w</p><p>ith th</p><p>e qu</p><p>ali</p><p>catio</p><p>ns fo</p><p>r ent</p><p>ry-le</p><p>vel p</p><p>ositi</p><p>ons w</p><p>ith </p><p>indi</p><p>vidu</p><p>al o</p><p>rgan</p><p>izatio</p><p>ns. 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Acc</p><p>redi</p><p>ted </p><p>by L</p><p>SUC.</p><p>Ever</p><p>est C</p><p>olle</p><p>ge is</p><p> the </p><p>larg</p><p>est p</p><p>riva</p><p>te c</p><p>aree</p><p>r col</p><p>lege</p><p> in O</p><p>ntar</p><p>io w</p><p>ith </p><p>mor</p><p>e th</p><p>an 9</p><p>,000</p><p> enr</p><p>olm</p><p>ents</p><p> last</p><p> yea</p><p>r.</p><p>Q A</p><p>ccou</p><p>ntin</p><p>g an</p><p>d Pa</p><p>yrol</p><p>l A</p><p>dmin</p><p>istr</p><p>ator</p><p>Q A</p><p>ddic</p><p>tion</p><p>s an</p><p>d C</p><p>omm</p><p>unit</p><p>y Se</p><p>rvic</p><p>es W</p><p>orke</p><p>rQ</p><p> Law</p><p> Enf</p><p>orce</p><p>men</p><p>t Fou</p><p>ndat</p><p>ions</p><p>*Q</p><p> Med</p><p>ical</p><p> Of</p><p>ce A</p><p>dmin</p><p>istr</p><p>ator</p><p> Q</p><p> Mas</p><p>sage</p><p> The</p><p>rapy</p><p>Q N</p><p>etw</p><p>ork </p><p>Adm</p><p>inis</p><p>trat</p><p>orQ</p><p> Par</p><p>aleg</p><p>al**</p><p>Q T</p><p>rave</p><p>l and</p><p> Tou</p><p>rism</p><p>CA</p><p>LL N</p><p>OW</p><p> FO</p><p>R M</p><p>OR</p><p>E IN</p><p>FOR</p><p>MA</p><p>TIO</p><p>N! 1</p><p>-866</p><p>-667</p><p>-992</p><p>6w</p><p>ww</p><p>.Mov</p><p>eAhe</p><p>ad.c</p><p>a</p><p>Car</p><p>eer E</p><p>duca</p><p>tion</p><p>14 C</p><p>onve</p><p>nien</p><p>t Loc</p><p>atio</p><p>ns in</p><p> Ont</p><p>ario</p><p>AFF3I373EFAFF3I3I7EF</p><p>PA</p><p>RA</p><p>LEG</p><p>AL</p><p>Cla</p><p>sses</p><p> Sta</p><p>rtin</p><p>g S</p><p>oon!</p><p> LS</p><p>UC</p><p> acc</p><p>redi</p><p>ted </p><p>- be</p><p>com</p><p>e a </p><p>licen</p><p>sed </p><p>para</p><p>lega</p><p>l </p><p> 44 w</p><p>eek </p><p>prog</p><p>ram</p><p> incl</p><p>udin</p><p>g 4 </p><p>wee</p><p>k co</p><p>-op.</p><p> Par</p><p>t tim</p><p>e ev</p><p>enin</p><p>g pr</p><p>ogra</p><p>m a</p><p>lso </p><p>avai</p><p>labl</p><p>e!</p><p>1830</p><p> Ban</p><p>k, B</p><p>ank </p><p>&amp; W</p><p>alkl</p><p>ey</p><p>Cal</p><p>l Tod</p><p>ay61372</p><p>278</p><p>11w</p><p>ww</p><p>.alg</p><p>onqu</p><p>inac</p><p>adem</p><p>y.co</p><p>m</p><p>CALL</p><p> NO</p><p>W61</p><p>3-74</p><p>2-80</p><p>99</p><p>ICCR</p><p>C AC</p><p>CRED</p><p>ITED</p><p> IM</p><p>MIG</p><p>RATI</p><p>ON</p><p> CO</p><p>NSU</p><p>LTA</p><p>NT</p><p>6-M</p><p>ONTH</p><p> DIP</p><p>LOM</p><p>A PR</p><p>OGRA</p><p>M (4</p><p> MON</p><p>THS I</p><p>N CL</p><p>ASS P</p><p>LUS 2</p><p> MON</p><p>TH IN</p><p>TERN</p><p>SHIP</p><p>)</p><p>www.herzing</p><p>.ca</p><p>Clas</p><p>ses </p><p>Star</p><p>tSe</p><p>pt. 2</p><p>3rd</p><p>Low</p><p>er le</p><p>vel S</p><p>t. La</p><p>uren</p><p>t Sho</p><p>ppin</p><p>g Cen</p><p>tre</p><p>OC Tr</p><p>ansit</p><p> Way</p><p> Entr</p><p>ance</p><p>Fina</p><p>ncia</p><p>l ass</p><p>ista</p><p>nce </p><p>may</p><p> be </p><p>avai</p><p>labl</p><p>e to</p><p> thos</p><p>e w</p><p>ho q</p><p>ualif</p><p>y.NEW</p><p> PR</p><p>OGRA</p><p>M</p></li><li><p>FEATURED EMPLOYERS OTTAWA EDITION, AUGUST 1024, 2013</p><p>2 www.employmentnews.com Please recycle</p><p>GET WORK OUT WEST</p><p>Get to work out west cheaper and faster with Foresight Employment Solutions</p><p>All inclusive pre-employment training and placement.</p><p>Trades, Labour, AZ LicenseGet inclusive programming that includes </p><p>Travel, Housing, Training and Connections</p><p>The key to working in Alberta is to BE in Alberta</p><p>ATTENTION TRADESMEN &amp; LABOURERS</p><p>Toll Free: 1.855.356.1688 or 403.596.9863</p><p>FINANCING AVAILABLEGo to www.foresightemployment.com</p><p>REGISTERED PRIVATE CAREER COLLEGE WITH THE MINISTRY OF TRAINING &amp; CAREER COLLEGES</p><p> Hairstyling Diploma programs (full time &amp; part time classes)</p><p> Nail Care &amp; facial specialist Diploma program</p><p> Certi cations in Gel, Acrylic, Waxing, Manicures, Make-up &amp; much more for details please contact us</p><p>Let us make your dream a realityCall now! 1-613-733-1600www.beautyacademy.ca</p><p>YOUR TALENT &amp; CREATIV ITY</p><p>Express </p><p>HEALTHY MEN &amp; WOMEN NEEDEDWe are looking for healthy men and women to </p><p>participate in clinical research studies</p><p>You will be compensated up to $2,650 upon </p><p>completion of the study</p></li><li><p>FEATURED EMPLOYERSOTTAWA EDITION, AUGUST 1024, 2013</p><p>www.employmentnews.com 3Please recycle</p><p>Since </p><p>1995</p><p>0HGLFDO'HQWDO2IFHAdministration</p><p>26 week program</p><p>You CAN at ICAN! 613 224 6211www.icancollege.com</p><p>COURSES:</p><p> Medical/Dental Terminology Administrative Procedures Anatomy and Physiology Medical Transcription Ward Clerk Computer Skills ABELMed ABELDent Career Planning Resume Writing 8-week practicum</p><p>OPPORTUNITIES:</p><p> Dental Receptionist General/Specialists Medical Receptionist General/Specialists Hospital Ward Clerk Receptionist Chiropractor Physiotherapist Laboratories Opticians</p><p>and more!</p></li><li><p>4 www.employmentnews.com Please recycle</p><p>OTTAWA EDITION, AUGUST 1024, 2013</p><p>Head Offi ce 610 Applewood Crescent, Suite 401 Vaughan ON L4K 0E3Telephone: 905-532-2600 Toll Free: 1.800.567.2699 Fax: 1.888.652.6326</p><p>www.employmentnews.com | sales@employmentnews.com</p><p>Employment News is published to provide the job seeker with up-todate, detailed infor-mation about local and regional job oppor-tunities. It is available free of charge across the OTTAWA Area, and Ottawa Regions, which include: stand alone yellow newspa-per boxes at major intersections and transit stops, stand alone racks, HRDC Centres, GO Train stations, universities, colleges, training schools, libraries, government sponsored employment service locations, major food store chains, selected Canadian Tire stores and exclusive distribution rights at various locations across the GTA and Ottawa.ADVERTISERS: Employment News publishes </p><p>5 editions in over 9000 locations across Ontario. This allows the advertiser to target specifi c metropolitan areas, or cover larger areas in a combination of editions for job that are harder to fi ll or require very specifi c qualifi cations.</p><p>COPYRIGHT NOTICECopyright 2013 Vertical MediaAll copyright and other intellectual property rights in the contents hereof are the property of Employment News and not that of the cus-tomer. 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Greater exposure for your advertising dollar.</p><p>Ontario is losing out on as much as $24.3 billion in economic activity and $3.7 billion in provincial tax revenues annually because employers cannot fi nd people with the skills they need to innovate and grow in todays economy, according to The Need to Make Skills Work: The Cost of Ontarios Skills Gap.</p><p>This is money that could provide substan-tial economic and social benefi ts to Ontarians. Closing the skills gap could help the province reduce public debt or invest in much needed infrastructure improvements, said Michael Bloom, Vice-President, Organizational Ef-fectiveness and Learning. Consider, for ex-ample, that a proposed expansion of public transit in the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area would require an estimated $2 billion per year, over 25 years, to complete.</p><p>HIGHLIGHTS While much has been written about On-</p><p>tarios skills challenges, little has been done to examine their true economic costs, and what can be done to prevent a skills crisis.</p><p> The Ontario economy is also losing out due to skills mismatches individuals who are employed in jobs that fail to fully utilize their skills and training.</p><p> Better linkages between employers and post-secondary institutions, and among post-sec-ondary institutions themselves, will improve workplace-based experiential learning.</p><p>Skills gaps currently affect much of Ontar-ios economy, including sectors that account for almost 40 per cent of employment: manu-facturing; health care; professional, scientifi c, and technical services; and fi nancial indus-tries. Skills gaps are projected to worsen if ac-tion is not taken.</p><p>Ontario cannot afford to live with a skills gap of this magnitude. The need for action is ur-gent, since changes in education will take years to bear fruit in the labour force, said Bloom.</p><p>To get a clear picture of employers skills needs, the Conference Board conducted the Ontario Employer Skills Survey. More than </p><p>1,500 Ontario employers, representing over 760,000 employees (13.5 per cent of the work-force) from across the provincial economy, re-sponded to the survey.</p><p>Survey results show that employers most need post-secondary graduates in science, engineering, and technology; and business and fi nance. The most widespread needs are for employees with two- or three-year college diplomas (57 per cent); four-year degrees (44 per cent); and trades (41 per cent).</p><p>The negative impact on the Ontario econo-my goes beyond the issue of skills shortages. Another issue with economic consequences </p><p>is skills mismatches in the labour force indi-viduals whose skills and training are not be-ing fully utilized in the jobs they have.</p><p>The Conference Board estimates that these mismatches, by themselves, cost Ontarios economy and workers up to $4.1 billion in foregone gross domestic product (all GDP fi gures in 2002 dollars) and $627 million in provincial tax revenues annually (all tax rev-enue fi gures in current dollars). Many post-secondary education graduates have skills and training in sectors with few available jobs. In addition, employers sometimes fail to make the most of their employees skills and talents.</p><p>Many stakeholders have a role to play in-dividually and collaboratively in alleviating Ontarios skills gaps: Employers can increase their training and </p><p>development investments and provide more experiential learning opportunities such as apprenticeships, co-op placements, and paid internships.</p><p> Educators can better align programs to the needs of the economy.</p><p> Governments can allocate additional re-sources for experiential learning opportu-nities, and collect and share better labour market information.</p><p> Students can match their own education and training planning to the realities of the labour market. </p><p>Source: The Conference Board of Canada</p><p>Skills shortages cost Ontario economy billions annually </p><p>Upswing in demand provides lift for aerospace industry Demand for new aircraft appears to be on </p><p>the rise, which will provide a boost to Cana-dian production over the next four years, ac-cording to The Conference Board of Canadas Industrial Outlook: Canadas Aerospace In-dustrySpring 2013.</p><p>Demand has been soft for years, due to the uncertainty in the world economy. But the new-order books are starting to look better, par-tially the result of rising orders for the CSeries, Bombardiers upcoming aircraft, and renewed strength in the demand for high-end business jets, said Maxim Armstrong, Senior Economist. </p><p>It will take years for the industry to fully ben-efi t, but production is beginning to accelerate. </p><p>HIGHLIGHTS The modest pace of global economic activity </p><p>has limited demand for air cargo or passen-ger services. Furthermore, the inventory for used aircraft remains high, which weakens demand for new production.</p><p> A few large orders last year and accumulat-ing orders for Bombardiers CSeries have improved the Canadian industrys order book. However, most orders are spread </p><p>over a long period of time, so the short-term impact is small.</p><p> High oil prices can help aerospace manu-facturers promote new, more fuel-effi cient aircraft. But low oil prices can reduce pres-sure on buyers to renew their fl eets.As of April, the industrys backlog of orders </p><p>had reached $38.5 billion, surpassing its pre-re-cession peak. However, these orders will have a modest effect on overall production in the short term. Annual production is not expected to in-crease until next year, and the industry will not exceed its 2008 production levels before 2017. </p><p>Industry revenues can be very volatile de-pending on when aircraft are shipped and the industrys recent performance is no excep-tion. Despite the improving order book, sales actually dropped 0.5 per cent in 2012 as ship-ments fell in the closing months of the year. </p><p>Sales declined again in the fi rst few months of this year. As a result of the weak start to the year, 2013 will see a second consecutive year of declining revenues. However, sales will begin to improve in 2014, as the CSeries moves into production and deliveries of other aircraft accelerate. </p><p>Source: The Conference Board of Canada</p></li><li><p> www.employmentnews.com 5</p><p>GENERAL POSITIONS</p><p>Please recycle</p><p>OTTAWA EDITION, AUGUST 1024, 2013</p><p>Job Opportunities</p><p>Register Now!Space is Limited!</p><p>rosoft n.ca</p><p>1-877-SOFTRON1-905-273-4444</p><p>WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:/V^[VWYLWHYLHUKSL[H_YL[\YUZ7YV]LU[H_ZH]PUNPKLHZ*OHUNLZ[V[H_SH^Z&gt;OPJOKLK\J[PVUZHYLTVZ[VM[LUV]LYSVVRLK/V^[VTHPU[HPUULJLZZHY`[H_YLJVYKZ/V^LHZ`P[PZ[VWYLWHYLMVYTZHUKZJOLK\SLZ/V^[VJHSJ\SH[LKLK\J[PVUZHUKJYLKP[ZJVYYLJ[S `/V^[VWYVWLYS`JSHPTKLWLUKLU[Z:WLJPHSY\SLZMVYZLUPVYJP[PaLUZ/V^[VTHRLHKQ\Z[TLU[Z[VH[H_YL[\YUWHAT DO YOU GET:</p><p>/PNOX\HSP[`P