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Systematic position

Description Largest species of penguins in the world. Stand up to 48 inches tall (4 feet tall)Weight up to 100 pounds. Cannot fly, no of egg is 1, And breeding reason start from march to december.

Habitat Live in Antarctica Live in the coldest environment of any bird species. Temperatures can reach up to -40 degrees The only species of animal that never leaves Antarctica .Living in colonies of 500-20,000 pairs .

Diet Antarctic Silverfish CrustaceansSquid.

Migration Penguins travel over 50 miles to breeding grounds. March of the Penguins For thousands of years the breeding grounds have been in same placeEvery year all the groups of penguins arrive within a couple hours of each other

Breeding Patterns

A female Emperor Penguin lays one egg and then leave to go huntingThe male Emperor Penguin sits on the egg to keep it warm for 65 days!During that time the male penguins do not eat anything After the egg hatches the female penguins return and the male penguins are allowed to leave to find their own food

Breeding Patterns continuedThe baby Emperor Penguin does not leave her mothers pouch for 2 monthsWithout the protection of the mothers pouch the baby could freeze in less than 2 minutes

Social Patterns With such cold temperatures Emperor Penguins huddle together for warmth.

Under water special adaption

The emperor penguin penguins can dive to the depths of 265m and can stay underwater for 18 minutes--- far longer than any other bird.


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