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The rise of Emperor Howards Ezarra from an ordinary immigrant to the most powerful man of the planet. The outline is full of heart pounding action packed dramatic details that will made most kings ineffective.


  • Emperor: The Cradle of Foundation Highlights:

    Humble Beginnings:

    Emmanuel Howards and Merea arrive in Monterra as immigrants.

    Melenna and Chong separated ways taking Merea and Howards as his foster son

    with them respectively.

    In a Chao kingdom celebration, Howards and Merea saw the Chao brothers for

    the first time when they took time to have fun in the city. Merea was struck by the

    regal image projected by Lady Felicia Dai Chao. She became one of the Ezarran

    leaders admirers wanting to be as regal as her.

    Howards and Merea were kidnapped. They encountered an acid drenched monster

    believed to be Lady Dais son barely escaping with their lives. They found out the

    truth about Lady Felicia Dai Chao but remained silent for years to come.

    Howards and Merea separated ways with Howards starting to build his name in


    Howards left his comfort zone to work for Roman Chao managed by Chaos


    Under Roman Chaos company, Howards had a great time helping Ezarras

    maritime company. There, he honed his economic and political skills increasing

    his work ethics gaining the respect of his peers.

    While on a business trip, Howards held dear to the hearts of his fellow immigrants

    and inspire them to work hard for a better future. Howards made alliances with

    the newly arrived promising them they will always be his inspiration to work

    hard. His tolerance to the immigrants alarmed his manager Chaos Lionheart.

    Chaos Lionheart conspired against Howards forcing the latter to resign.

    Merea devoted her time studying in Amenopolis, Civi Island to be a future

    princess. Her uncle Boi and mother Meleena watched over her progress giving all

    their love for the well being of their daughter.

    A local prince training to be a pharaoh fell in love with Merea and started

    courting her giving her every comfort the nation can offer.

  • Howards and Go Soba moved far away from Ezarra into the snowy mountain

    ranges finding jobs in a banking company. While working there, Howards

    realized that his current job doesnt fit him right. In contrast, Go Soba is doing

    well in dealing with high risks finances. After many mistakes and depressing

    moments, Howards realized that his job under Roman Chao was a lot better than

    in his current situation.

    After failing to secure a local rulers account in place, Howards was constantly

    reprimanded by the manager and was not given regularization. Sensing another

    job dismissal, Howards saved himself by resigning going back into Shitenia. Go

    Soba remained in the bank to learn more about economical and financial system

    for Howards future ambitions.

    Howards went back to Shitenia to catch up with Mereas father. Unfortunately for

    Howards, he realized that his foster father is now a different man. He commented

    to his foster father that he became too ambitious and already a local major

    warlord. Chong ended up blaming him of having him to lose face due to

    Howards being a failure. Chong made it clear that he is already an ambitious man

    since his time on Earth with Merea.

    Back in Civi Island, Gibbeon and Merea are already deep in love and are planning

    for a future marriage. Gibbeon announced his relationship with Merea to the

    public. Imperial Minister Boi and Regent Meleena hoped that their daughter will

    finally find the right man.

    Chong consoled Howards giving one of his daughters for him to marry for the

    betterment of Shitenia and being his son.

    In Shitenia, after marrying one of Howards daughters, Howards conspired

    against his foster father using both his diplomatic skills and political skills to

    convince a number of warlords such as Andsuke Toyama and his father to fight

    against his ambitious father.

    Howards wife secretly told the plot to his father but nonetheless both sides went

    to a war.

    Howards is looking for his wife but found out his marriage to one of Chongs

    daughter is simply a ploy for his foster father to check his loyalty up.

  • Howards gathered his army marching against Chongs mighty samurai army.

    Despite fighting a good and bloody fight, Howards decisively lost against Chong

    and his army. In desperation, he tried to engage Chong in a duel and was defeated.

    In the aftermath of the war, Howards was deserted by his allies with only a few

    Shitenian warlords at his side.

    After defeating Howards and his men, Chong ordered his daughter to divorce

    Howards. He continued on his way to Shitenian preeminence. Basking in his

    victory, he continued making allies with more powerful warlords getting the

    attention of the current Emperor. Chong formally changed his name to Takeda

    Minamoto no Kageyama.

    Defeated and embarrassed, Howards along with his few samurai men such as

    Andsuke Toyama and his father left Shitenia hoping to recruit immigrants to fight

    against Takeda Kageyama one more time.

    Reaching the area where immigrants are settling. Howards, Andsuke and the other

    Shitenians lived a new life in exile. Howards and the others started to befriend

    more migrants helping them in their daily lives. Howards urged his men to treat

    them nicely and assure them they will all have a better future. Howards is once

    more in the side of the immigrants. Howards asked the immigrants of their

    perception to the Ezarrans. All he received are negative ones that the Ezarrans are

    barbaric in the guise of an advanced civilization and remained traditional and

    power hungry.

    Interestingly whenever Howards goes for better and for worst in his journeys, a

    daughter of a minor Shitenian warlord, Harumi Asano continued watching over

    Howards to assure his well being and safety. Confused in her intentions, she

    eventually realized that she is falling in love with the ambitious young man.

    After living for a while in the midst of immigrants, Howards eventually planned

    to make a visit to Civi Island to replenish his soul. Instead, heartbreak awaited

    Howards when he saw his friend Merea is about to be married with Gibbeon.

    Feeling great sorrow and depression, Howards knelt down in front of the pavilion

    where the marriage of his friend is taking place. He was eventually escorted out of

    the vicinity.

  • Days later, still depressed trailed with back to back failures, Howards life is

    seemed having a downward spiral. Harumi tried to console him but Howards

    ended up drinking excessively.

    One day, Gibbeon went out of his country along with a handful of men for an

    outdoor excursion. They decided to rest where the immigrants were staying. In a

    fit of drunken rage, Howards threw his bottle attempting to hit the Pharaoh.

    Gibbeons men approached Howards and tried to apprehend him to be sentenced

    back in Amenopolis. Howards told Gibbeon that he loves Merea and he will do

    everything to win her back. Gibbeon gently told his men to release Howards.

    Howards wanted to prove her love to Merea by issuing a challenge to the

    Pharaoh. Gibbeon accepted the challenge and defeated Howards. The Civilian

    leader and his troops picked up the unconscious Howards and brought him back

    to the immigrants area telling them to take care of him.

    Harumi proved to be Howards emotional strength in times of his depression.

    Howards felt he embarrassed an innocent young woman which she didnt deserve.

    Howards promised Harumi that he will try his best to stop drinking and live more

    honorably. He assured Harumi that he will never think of Merea again.

    Days later, Howards and the rest of the community started their morning found

    out that they were attack by barbarians in reality, the Chao Ezarran forces.

    Howards and the others were rounded up and shipped to Ezarra.

    In Ezarra, Howards found himself doing manual labors to Ben Nabochadshazzar

    Chao, another Ezarran leader. Along with other immigrants and poor citizens,

    Howards is forced to do construction works to Ben Nabochadshazzar Chaos

    fortress projects.

    Despite his difficult condition, Howards worked hard inspiring his fellow

    migrants and other Ezarrans to do their job well because their future is on the line.

    Howards showed his peers his remarkable work ethics telling them that success is

    more accessible in an uncertain foreign land. He befriended another Ezarran

    mason, Melchizedek Harrison who constantly saved him from a bully, an acolyte

    of Junipero Tarde-Luna, one of Ben Chaos taskmasters. Melchizedek Harrison

  • might be a little bit hostile to new immigrants but thinking of the future, he put off

    their issues aside.

    Three years later, Ben Chao planned a meeting with the dynamic Howards. He

    told Howards that he saw himself in the young man. Howards was made his sales

    agent to his umbrella business in which its always stormy in Bens part of Ezarra.

    For Howards, its a new career change. A great opportunity that will serve as a

    trampoline on Howards ambitions to eventually win everyone into his fold to

    assure the fulfillment of his lifelong dreams.

    In the course of the events, Gibbeon and Merea produced healthy children. More

    immigrants have arrived to Monterra introducing the people with newer

    technologies. Harumi became a


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