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NINTRODUCTIONEmirates airline is based at Dubai International Airportit is the largest airline in the Middle East.The airline is amongst the top 10 carriers worldwide interns of revenue and is the largest airline in the Middle East in terms of revenue, fleet size, and passengers carriedThe company is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group,state owned organization and employing more than 40,000 people. Emirates Airline operates 2000 flights per week.NINTERNATIONAL MARKETINGEmirates Airline has been highly successful in promoting its brand at an international Level.The company spends over 3% of its budget on marketing and communications.The company sponsors major sporting events and clubs in the world .N


Incase of Emirates airlines, the marketing mix consists of 4Ps which include Product, Price, Place, Promotion, NPRODUCTIts product strategy is to provide high quality services to its customers.It includes fast check-in services, excellent dining and internet services, comfortable seats, award-winning in- flight entertainment, well trained and cabin crew and ground staff, minimal rate of delays and cancellationsNPRICE

The airline caters for all sorts of customers, i.e. high-end customers who want ultimate luxury. On the other hand, the company also caters for customers who want quality services but at a reasonable price.The airline has different pricing strategies for its three different classes i.e. first class, business class and economy class. Of course prices are set according to the services provided in each class.Another factor that determines ticket prices is the popularity of the route and the scheduled time for instance a 2A.M flight to London from Dubai will be cheaper than the morning flights.NPLACEEmirates promotes its products via internet and television advertisements along with newspapers, sponsoring major clubs and sports events.Whenever the airline starts a new destination, the offering is communicated to customers worldwide through media.Similarly, when the new Airbus A380 aircrafts were bought their arrival was communicated through a massive media campaign


The airline promotes its brand through various internet and television advertisements along with sponsorship programs for major events, especially sporting events.

Emirates corporate communications budget is nearly 200 millions including sponsorship, advertising and public relations.

It sponsors the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. The company also sponsors major sporting events and clubs such as Twenty 20 world cup , emirates cup , emirates stadium , Arsenal F.C and AC Milan F.C

NUNIQUENESSEmirates is the only airline in the world to offer non-stop service to all six continents from one hub. It is also the fastest growing airline in the world.The airline is currently the worlds largest operator of both the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777.It also has lower emissions than other airlines and thus it is the most environment friendly airline.Emirates became the first airline in the world to introduce a personal entertainment system on a commercial aircraft.NStrengthsEmirate flights cover almost the whole world including its six continents.Emirates have the major aviation share of 39 % in Asia Pacific continent.Low emissions and environment friendly practice is being claimed.For the first time ever digital windscreen system was introduced by emirates.

NWeaknessesOil prices are increasing throughout the world and the huge companies like emirates should tackle through this type of situations but emirates couldnt cope with it and their profits were eaten up.Well paid labor will give double output than it is giving currently, so labor policies needs to be revised for further onset.aNOpportunitiesEmirates have become ally to the global airline alliance. Company can expand itself in other regions of Asia pacific for the betterment of its whooping profit as well as the hosting countries, spreading positive market throughout the region.The business ventures like Disney land is attracting international communities towards Dubai using Emirates airway as their first choice, further strengthening it economically.NThreatsAs Emirates is state owned property, and is at the edge to be affected by the government policies. So this may threat its working at any stance.Company has been enjoying a major share in the last decade but it can easily enter into shambles, if it relaxes a bit as there are a number of competitors in airways business.NCONLUSIONThus I conclude by saying that emirates airline is one of the worlds best airlines and personally I had a verygood experience when I got a complimentary upgrade to business class.Emirates Airline has created a very strong brand imagewith the help of its outstanding services and the speedof its growth is the fastest in the world.