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  • Inventions and inventors
    By Emily Paige Longman

    In 1876 at the age of 29 Alexander Graham Bell invented a phone and a year later he started the telephone company. He married a pretty lady named Mabel that same year!
  • Inventors and Inventions

    Both Alexanders Mother and wife were with the illness of deaf!!!He made an artical later on that year about deaf people.

  • Inventions and inventors

    Bell farther, grandfather and brother had all been accosiated with work on elocutcion and speech.Alexander Graham Bell died at the age of 75 in 1922!
  • Inventions and Inventors

    On the picture next to this text is the first telephone to be made by Alexader Graham Bell!!!

  • Inventions and Inventors

    Now many people all over the world use mobiles, phones, telephones All thanks to Alexander Graham Bell !!!!!!!!!!!!!