Emerging trends in Business and Management Challenges trends in Business and Management Challenges ... and share their expertise knowledge about emerging challenges and ... Bank Management Financial ...

Download Emerging trends in Business and Management Challenges  trends in Business and Management Challenges ... and share their expertise knowledge about emerging challenges and ... Bank Management Financial ...

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<ul><li><p> 2nd National Conference on </p><p>Emerging trends in Business and Management Challenges </p><p> May 12, 2016 </p><p>Organized by </p><p>School of Management Sciences </p><p>E.mail: ncsms2016@gmail.com </p><p> Contact Details- 8800464400, 9990760551 9810650829, 9811481205 </p><p> Venue - Lingayas University Nachauli-Jasana </p><p> Faridabad 121002 </p><p>ABOUT LINGAYAS UNIVERSITY </p></li><li><p>Lingayas University (erstwhile Lingayas Institute of Management and Technology), Faridabad was </p><p>established in 1998 under the aegis of Lingayas Jankalyan Shikshan Sansthaestablished in the </p><p>memory of the freedom fighter late Shri Gadde Lingaya. Lingayas University is a Deemed University </p><p>under Section 3 of UGC Act, 1956 and is widely recognized as a centre for excellence in the </p><p>technological and management education, quality research and for its strong industry interface. </p><p>ABOUT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES </p><p>The School of Management Sciences under the aegis of Lingayas University started its function from the </p><p>academic session 2004-05. The vision is to prepare global managers who can work as solution generators </p><p>for global research problems and can embark upon promising careers in the corporate world. </p><p>ABOUT THE CONFERENCE </p><p>If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever. </p><p>Competition and sustainability are two big areas which every business depends on for survival. The </p><p>ETIBMC-2016 will provide a common platform to all the industry experts, academicians, research scholars </p><p>and students to express their views and share their expertise knowledge about emerging challenges and </p><p>interventions available for competency sustenance. </p><p> The economies today have to ensure that this growth powered by globalization reaches to the bottom of </p><p>the pyramid and rests on sustainable practices. This is where governance intersects growth and </p><p>globalization Also in this highly challenging economic scenario, the future prosperity of India through its </p><p>industry growth is solely dependent on contemporary adoption to practices and its fruitful outcome. </p><p>OBJECTIVES: </p><p>The aim of conference is to provide a rendezvous for academicians, researchers, test developers, </p><p>industrialist, university representatives, consultants and management students from around the globe to </p><p>exchange ideas, meet fellow researchers working in diverse fields and generally help resolve the problems </p><p>faced by the corporate world. The innovations in practices of business need to be tested on many grounds </p><p>such as legal, political and social apart from economic development norms. Researchers and academicians </p><p>with their research try to bridge the gap between theory and practice. </p><p>It will help in delving upon shared successful practices and learning from gaps to make a strengthened </p><p>Nation. </p><p>Call for paper(s) - Themes </p><p>Academicians, industry practitioners and research scholars engaged in the field of management and </p><p>related fields are invited to contribute original research papers (both empirical and conceptual) and case </p><p>studies on current issues in any of the following areas: </p><p>Finance- </p><p> Bank Management </p><p> Financial Engineering </p><p> Creative Accounting </p><p> Micro-Finance </p><p> Derivatives &amp; Risk Management </p></li><li><p> Capital Markets </p><p> Asset Pricing </p><p> Private Equity </p><p>Marketing </p><p> Internet Marketing </p><p> Consumer Behavior Analysis </p><p> Product and Brand Management </p><p> Integrated Marketing Communications </p><p> International Marketing </p><p> Industrial Marketing </p><p> Services Marketing </p><p> Green Marketing </p><p>Human Resource Management &amp;OB </p><p> Various aspects of Organizational Behavior </p><p> Human Resource Planning and Development </p><p> Organizational Development </p><p> Changing trends in recruitment and selection </p><p> Training and Development </p><p> Talent Management </p><p> Changing demographics and workforce management </p><p> Management of Change </p><p> Leadership </p><p> International HRM </p><p> Legal aspects of HR </p><p> HR &amp;Technology </p><p> Changing compensation trends </p><p>Business Sustainability </p><p> Business Sustainability Models in different areas </p><p> Challenges and gaps in sustenance management </p><p> Strategic aspects of Business </p><p>Economic Reforms </p></li><li><p> Emerging avenues in varied sectors of Economy </p><p> Role of New reforms in India Inc Branding </p><p> Areas allied to Business Ethics and Corporate Governance </p><p> Corporate Frauds </p><p> Spiritualism in management </p><p> International Business </p><p> Information and Computer Technology and its application </p><p>General Management </p><p> Business Economics, </p><p> Public Policy, </p><p> Entrepreneurship Development, </p><p>The above areas/sub themes are only indicative; papers related to allied areas are also welcomed. </p><p>GUIDELINES FOR THE MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION </p><p> Length: 3500- 5000 words or 10-12 Pages All authors' Title (e.g. Dr., Mr., Mrs., etc.) &amp; Name, Affiliation, Email etc Abstract (not more than 250 words) Keywords(3-5) Introduction / Background / Objective Literature Review Methodology, Findings, Analysis &amp; Discussion Conclusion, Limitations and Recommendations References - APA Style is required. Margins: 1 inch on all sides of paper. Font: Times New Roman , 12 points Spacing: 1.5 between lines and one space between paragraphs. All references should be cited. Tables and Figures should be properly numbered. Once submitted and acknowledged registration and copyright form should be submitted on time </p><p>PAPER IN ABSENTIA </p><p>There is provision for paper presentation in absentia as well. The fee in absentia will remain same. </p><p>Delegates may also attend the conference as attendees without submitting any research paper. </p><p>In absentia participants should submit their Power point presentation and get registered for </p><p>conference within deadlines. </p><p>IMPORTANT DATES </p><p>Last Date for Abstract Submission </p><p>April 12, 2016 </p><p>Notification of Acceptance April 14, 2016 </p></li><li><p>Last Date for Submission of Full Paper </p><p>April 22 ,2016 </p><p>Last Date for Registration April 29, 2016 </p><p>Conference Date May 12 , 2016 </p><p>CONFERENCE PUBLICATION </p><p>All the papers selected for conference will be published in a CD/ Book bearing ISBN No. Selected will </p><p>be published in the Lingayas multidisciplinary journal. </p><p>REGISTRATION DETAILS </p><p>Category </p><p>Corporate </p><p>Delegates </p><p>Rs. 2000/- Rs 2000/- </p><p>Academicians Rs. 1500/- Rs 1500/- </p><p>Research Scholars Rs. 1,000/- Rs. 1,000/- </p><p>Students Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/- </p><p> Mode of Payment </p><p> in favor of Lingayas Universitypayable at Faridabad. : Participants/authors can registration fees through online transfer as well </p><p> Note-A soft copy of proof of remittance made should be sent to the corresponding e.mail id once payment is made. </p><p>Take away(s) </p><p> Publication opportunity in ISBN Proceedings </p><p> A platform to delve upon contemporary topics </p><p> Opportunity for best papers to be published in peer reviewed/ referred journal of Lingayas </p><p>University </p><p>CONFERENCE COMMITTEE </p><p>Chief Patron: </p><p>Dr. Picheswar Gadde (CEO, Lingayas University) </p><p>NEFT/Online Transfer should use the following information: Bank Account Name </p><p>Lingayas University </p><p>Account No 670920110000007 </p><p>IFSC Code BKID0006709 </p></li><li><p>Patron(s) </p><p> Dr. J P Gupta (Chancellor, Lingayas University) </p><p> Dr. R.K. Chauhan (Vice Chancellor, Lingayas University) </p><p> Dr. G.V Ramaraju (Pro-Vice Chancellor, Lingayas University) </p><p>Advisory Committee: Dr.R.K Suri (Placement Officer, Jamia Milia Islamia University) Dr.Kavita Chauhan (Professor, Jamia Milia Islamia University) Dr.S.K Tuteja (Professor, FMS, DelhiUniversity) Mr.Manit Mittal (Sr.Director,C&amp;B,United Health Group) Dr. L.N. Mittal (Professor Emeritus, Lingayas University) Ms. Seema Bhushra (Registrar, Lingayas University) Prof. A.K.Nadir (Dean, Academic Affairs, Lingayas University) Maj. Gen. Nikhil Kumar (Dean, T &amp;P, Lingayas University) Dr. R.N Malviya (Librarian &amp; Coordinator LJPS, Lingayas University) </p><p>Conference Convener(s): </p><p> Prof. (Dr.) M.Mustafa Dean,School of Management Sciences </p><p> Dr. Vijit Chaturvedi Head,School fo Management Sciences </p><p>Orgainizing Committee: </p><p> Dr. Jivan Kumar Chowdhury (Associate Professor, School of Management Sciences) </p><p> Dr. Mitu G. Matta (Associate Professor, School of Management Sciences) </p><p> Dr.Shikha Pabla (Assistant Professor, School of Management Sciences) </p><p> Ms. Ankita Dhamija (Assistant Professor, School of Management Sciences) </p><p> Ms. Krity Gulati Mehta (Assistant Professor, School of Management Sciences) </p><p>Conference Coordinator(s) </p><p> Mr.Nagendra Pal Singh (Assistant Professor, School of Management Sciences) </p><p> Mrs. Urvesh Chaudhery (Assistant Professor, School of Management Sciences) </p><p> Ms. Priyanka Aggarwal (Assistant Professor, School of Management Sciences) </p><p> Ms. Mohsina Hayat (Assistant Professor, School of Management Sciences </p><p>All correspondence should be done at - E-mail: ncsms2016@gmail.com </p><p>For any queries for submission, registration or any other clarification please contact- </p><p> 8800464400, 9990760551 , 9811385848 </p><p> 9810650829, 9811481205, </p></li></ul>


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