emergency planning for the developmentally disabled population

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  • Emergency Planning for the Developmentally Disabled Population
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  • CHUG Supports a Green Environment so please sign up for Electronic Copies of any Handouts!
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  • To promote and develop integrated collaborations to support the emergency preparedness requirements of Functional Needs individuals and organizations through research, education, planning and response programs.
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  • JCRRT Joint Community Resource and Recovery Team PPERS
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  • To develop a unified, collaborative, coordinated response by private provider ambulances in Illinois to assist in large scale events and/or disaster situations
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  • Annual forwarding of copies of all disaster policies and plans required under Section 300.670 to the local health authority and local emergency management agency having jurisdiction Including: Emergency water supply agreements Description of emergency electrical power Participation with local emergency planning activities.
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  • Individuals in need of additional response assistance may include those who have disabilities; who live in institutionalized settings; who are elderly; who are children; who are from diverse cultures; who have limited English proficiency; or who are non- English speaking; or who are transportation disadvantaged. --National Response Framework (2008)
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  • Populations whose members may have additional needs before, during, and after an incident in functional areas, including but not limited to: maintaining independence, communication, transportation, supervision, and medical care.
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  • Tier I = Hospitals Tier II = Special Needs Shelters Tier III = Congregate Care/ Like to Like Sheltering Tier IV = Red Cross Shelters I IIIII II III IV
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  • Hospitals Like-To- Like CHUG Alternate Care Sites Shelter-In -Place General Population Shelters New Proposed Model
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  • Hub Major ArenaProcessing Center Spokes General Population Shelters Like-to-like Shelters Special Needs Shelters Hospitals
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  • Populations whose members may have additional needs, before, during and after an incident in functional areas, including but not limited to: Maintaining Independence Communication Transportation Supervision Medical Care
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  • Shelter-in-Place Alternative Housing Temporary Shelters/Processing Centers General Population Shelters Like-to-like Shelters Hospitals
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  • Who serves institutionalized and Home Bound individuals? Functional Needs Registries SNAP
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  • Push Method Reverse 911
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  • Once again Identify organizations that serve the DD Population in your community!!!
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  • City of Chicago Suburban Cook County Effingham County LaSalle County Quincy County
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  • 2250 East Devon, Unit 320, Des Plaines, IL 60018 Phone: 847-803-2484 Fax: 847-803-2483 Connie Polke Cell: 847-812-1629 Bill Pretzer Cell: 847-812-0733 www.chugteam.org


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