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Emerald Dunes Golf Club, located just minutes from West Palm Beach, Florida.


  • E M E R A L D D U N E S C L U B

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  • EMERALD DUNES CLUBA CLUB WHERE the games simple and enduring virtues are embraced and nurtured,where the privileged members enjoy one of the very finest courses in the nation, just minutes from

    Palm Beach, Emerald Dunes is a sanctuary for those who love the game of golf.

    The moment members enter the gates of Emerald Dunes, they leave the stress of everyday life

    behind and find themselves in a serene environment dedicated entirely to the enjoyment of golf.

    There is no pressure to rush for a tee time, because there are no tee times. When members make

    their way to the first tee, at whatever moment that may be, they know and appreciate that they will

    have the course virtually all to themselves.

    Whether its playing 18 holes in the company of a few good friends or in solitude, members set

    their own paceperhaps less than three hours but rarely more than fouron a golf course rich

    with exceptional natural beauty and wildlife.

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  • WHEN AMERICAS pre-eminent golf course architect Tom

    Fazio unveiled Emerald Dunes in 1990, it was greeted with unanimous

    acclaim, quickly climbing onto numerous lists of the best courses in

    the state and nation. Working with nearly 200 acres of prime golf

    terrain, including an exceptional run of

    natural dunes, Fazio made the most of

    this opportunity and crafted a series of

    visually spectacular and challenging holes.

    True to its name, the course was indeed,

    a rare gem.

    Now more than two decades

    later, Emerald Dunes has been polished

    to a new level of luster thanks to a multi-

    million-dollar refinement personally

    supervised by Fazio. Every hole has been

    enhanced, whether at the tee, the fairway or the green. At the same

    time, a vast amount of foliage has been planted along the perimeter,

    thus ensuring privacy and seclusion while enhancing the natural

    beauty of each hole. The end result is an aesthetically breathtaking,

    versatile and stimulating experience for players of all levels.



  • Consisting of 18 holes and five sets of tees, the total

    yardage ranges from just under 5,200 to over 7,100

    yards, with a par of 72. There is always a generous

    amount of variety and movement at Emerald Dunes.

    Almost each of the long holes bends gently or sharply

    to the right or left, and with an 80-foot elevation

    differential from the highest to the lowest point of the

    course, many of these holes

    also move up and down.

    With more than 100

    bunkers and 60 acres of

    lakes, a player is ensured

    of recurrent encounters

    with water, sometimes on

    the left, sometimes on the

    right, but rarely straight

    ahead. The exposure tends to lurk subtly at the side,

    coaxing and cajoling, forcing the player to decide

    should he play it safe or should he overpower it?

    The par threes test a players talent while rewarding

    a well-struck shot. Water is ever present, adding peril

    but never prohibiting a player from successfully

    navigating a hole. Also skillfully positioned but never

    threatening, the bunkers on the short holes cleverly

    add to the challenge.

    Particularly unique to Fazios master plan renovation

    are the characteristics of the cart paths. Unlike the

    typical, hard, concrete paths commonly implemented

    at most golf clubs, the paths at Emerald Dunes consist

    of crushed native coquina shells complemented with

    old-world hand-set pavers; a subtle accent that

    produces a substantial and pleasing impact to the

    already splendid natural


    In designing this course,

    Fazio focused on producing

    a truly memorable golf

    experience. Using the broad

    palette available to him

    the deep blue lakes, the

    glittering white sand, the

    golden hues of the native grasses and of course the

    emerald duneshe created 18 stunning portraits, each

    a masterpiece of composition, texture and color.

    Today, more than ever, this is a golf haven designed

    to please the players eye, test the mind and muscle,

    and soothe the soul. A sanctuary for those who cherish

    the sport and respect the game in a most natural

    and peaceful setting, Emerald Dunes is truly a classic

    golf course.

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  • When Emerald Dunes f irst opened in 1990, the golf course was quickly ranked as one ofthe best in the state of Florida. Following the recent master plan renovation that we did in2011, the golf course is now amongst the top in the country. Tom Fazio

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    THE CLUBS new short game area is the ideal setting for players to hone

    their skills at chipping, pitching, putting and bunker shots. Set across four acres,

    it begins with a 19th or bye hole for settling tied matches, which may be played

    anywhere from 85 to 135 yards. There are multiple target greens, surrounded by

    sand traps, swales and chipping areasall of which replicate the challenges of the

    course. Everything was designed to USGA specifications by Fazio, including the

    9,500-square-foot putting green. And just steps away is a brand-new verandah,

    paved with reclaimed French limestone and landscaped with a wide variety of

    decorative trees and plants, where members may take a break and relax with a cool

    drink. So whether its before or after a round or simply just to work on the game,

    practice is always enjoyed.


  • THE DRIVING RANGE at Emerald Dunes is a mere chip shot from the

    first and tenth tees, but for many reasons, it can be hard for players to tear themselves

    away to the course.

    There isnt just one tee area, there are twofacing each other and

    separated by more than 300 yardsallowing for practice in any kind

    of wind conditions.

    There arent just flagsticks for alignment, there are strategically positioned

    target greensfive of them situated from 50 to 225 yards and flanked with

    bunkersall designed by Fazio to mimic the greens and bunker

    configurations on the golf course.


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  • Theres a shallow-faced sand trap for working on a full

    range of fairway bunker shots.

    There arent ordinary practice balls. The club standard is brand new

    Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.

    The opposite end of the eight-acre facility hosts a 1,500-square-foot

    Teaching Center, equipped with two teaching bays where the

    outstanding staff of golf professionals use video and state-of-the-art

    computer technology to help members improve their games. Included

    is a club fitting and repair center, and just next to the center are four

    mini chipping greens and a USGA putting green.

    Combine all of this with the new short game area, and clearly Emerald

    Dunes offers its members the finest practice facilities imaginable.




    grace a sunny hillside in Tuscany. Its terra cotta roof, striking

    archways and bougainvillea-draped

    walls greet members and their guests

    with a most pleasant welcome.

    Inside, the atmosphere is under-

    stated elegance, with a simple yet

    sophisticated dcor, natural lighting,

    neutral fabrics and clean lines. An

    impressive collection of vintage golf

    photography adorns the walls of the

    corridors and enriches every corner

    of every room. The feeling is prominent: Emerald Dunes is a place

    for those who love the game of golf and respect its history and


    Members and their guests most often gather in the open-plan

    dining area. At the west end is a bar designed for conviviality, with

    comfortable bar-back chairs and ample space to enjoy good conver-

    sation or perhaps, to watch the game of the day. The main dining






  • room, somehow both expansive and intimate at the same time, unites

    wide-plank antique French oak floors and 15-foot-high coffered ceilings

    to provide a stylish, elegant and warm atmosphere that features an

    expansive view of the golf course.

    The food and beverage at Emerald Dunes is equally refined. High-

    lighting a Modern American

    flare, the menu is balanced and

    diverse with offerings from

    sophisticated small plates and

    entre salads using complex

    new flavors to more traditional

    club fare. By sourcing most of

    their meats and produce from

    locally owned businesses,

    Emerald Dunes is proud to be part of the farm-to-table movement, and

    thanks to a talented and adventurous chef, the menu changes

    seasonally so that the bill of fare remains fresh and tantalizing.

    Unique to Emerald Dunes and best yet: All of the exquisitely prepared

    food and beverages that go with it come at no additional cost. Due to

    an inspired management policy, annual dues at Emerald Dunes include

    unlimited food and beverages for both members and their spouses.

    No othe