EMC Antenna - IAV and an antenna. Antenna orientation, test signals and the path of the drone ... antenna. EMC Antenna ... antenna radiation pattern measurements become

Download EMC  Antenna - IAV  and an antenna. Antenna orientation, test signals and the path of the drone ... antenna. EMC  Antenna ... antenna radiation pattern measurements become

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  • Modern cars and electronic systems come with a variety of electronic control units andradio services. While electronic control units tend to cause interference with the radioservices, emerging technologies such as automotive radar systems and 5G communicationhave the potential to cause malfunctions in electronic control units.

    Whereas electronic system and antenna design can solve some of those problems, othersremain an issue for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). However, these topics are closelyinterlinked and their interdependence has to be taken into account during the developmentprocess of new products.

    IAV reflects this interdependence with its combined department for EMC and antenna. Witha large team of experts from every area of expertise related to this topic, IAV can meet yourengineering demands with a customized solution. Each approach focuses on the wholeradio frequency system in order to guarantee a better time-to-market result. An effectivesolution is found for every problem thanks to longstanding experience in the supervision ofdevelopment to the level of manufacturing readiness, state-of-the-art measuring equipment,experienced simulation engineers and modern technologies, such as the automatic measu-rement of antennas with a drone-assisted evaluation system.

    AMADAEUSAutomatic Measurement of Antennas with aDrone-Assisted Evaluation System: In addition to its GPS and on-board computer,this octocopter carries a software-definedradio and an antenna. Antenna orientation,test signals and the path of the drone aredefined to permit the evaluation of a vehiclesantenna.

    EMC & AntennaFrom Radiated Emissions to Drone-Assisted Antenna Evaluation

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    The pitfalls of antenna design, high-speed data transfer and electromagneticcompatibility are usually found on system level. Electronic system design and theantenna concept are therefore equally crucial and early investigations for both aremandatory. IAV offers a tool chain for this kind of analysis working right from thevery first development stage and offering the best balance of overall cost andradio service performance.

    IAV has been dealing with antenna structure development, prototypeconstruction, the measurement of antenna radiation patterns and amplifierparameters for many years. Moreover, IAV has senior expertise in suppliermanagement, with the specification of antenna systems as well as componentsand validation.

    Even in early development stages where only virtual prototypes are available,simulations carried out with whole car models show if and what kind of measureshave to be applied to system setups and components in order to comply with allrequirements. IAV offers a hybrid approach with modern measurement techniquesand a wealth of experience in simulations on the component and system level.

    The drone-assisted antenna evaluation system AMADAEUS consists of anoctocopter and a ground station with radio frequency measurement devices. The octocopter carries a software-defined radio (SDR) that generates test signalsin the frequency range of 76 MHz to 6 GHz and allows for a variety of radio servicetests. With the drone flying on predefined paths covering, for example, ahemisphere, antenna radiation pattern measurements become possible undergenuine far-field conditions. The SDR enables AMADAEUS to transmit not onlycontinuous wave or multi-tone signals, but also modulated signals such as analogand digital radio services. Such special measurement equipment backs traditionalengineering methods and offers more insight into the devices behavior on theroad.

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