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<ul><li>1.Automating Your Email Success - Behavior + Automation Loren McDonald VP, Industry Relations SilverpopTwitter: @LorenMcDonald</li></ul> <p>2. Message Overload 3. Some Consumers are Tuning Out 4. Pounding isnt the answer, because 5. Hope is not an email marketing strategy. 6. Batch and blast emails got you working late?...are you freaking out deadline to deadline? 7. batch and Behavior +blast automation 8. Relevant Emails Rock! 9x Note: Metrics and salary costs based on JupiterResearch executive survey. Broadcast assumes $3 CPM, and all others assume $4.5 CPM. All assume $89 AOV, 50 percent product margin, and 2.8 million pieces of mail per month. 9. Low Volume, High ROI!Volume of Emails sentSales Generated 4.1% Triggered Campaigns 40.2% Triggered Campaigns59.8 %95.9 %BatchBatch CampaignsCampaigns 10. Pushing the send button not required! 11. Agenda ClientQ&amp;AExamples10 Behavior + AutomationRules 12. Explicit data Demo-graphics AutomationBehavior Implicit data 13. Behavioral MarketingReal-time, cross-channel, insanelyrelevant campaigns to one person at atime automatically driven byanalytics of their actions, preferencesand profiles. ~ Silverpop 14. Behavioral Profile Sandra..- Visited website- Visited Blog- Clicked to Twitter Page- Visited Community- Downloaded White Paper XYZ- Watched 7 Reasons Video- Submitted Demo Request Form- Call Center Conversation- Trial software login 15. Their Behaviors - Your Business Rules 16. Behavior Automation Outputs Triggered Emails Multi Step Programs Score and Rank Direct Mail Web Content AlertsCall CenterCRM SystemSales Rep 17. Unified Digital Marketing Platform 18. Send Email OfferRead Ebook 2 days ago(And) Did not register for Trial 19. Have they Downloaded?Register for Trial = Yes(and) No open Sales Opportunity(and) Not already a customer 20. Helpful welcome to Trial Email 21. Have they Purchased?Have Not Purchased(and) Trial Expires in 5 days(and) Only logged in one time 22. Enjoying Trial Upgrade Full?Have Not Purchased Full Version(and) Frequent trial user(and) Upsell Opportunity 23. Behavior +Automation OverviewSmartPakQ&amp;A Example Emails10 Behavior + AutomationRules 24. SmartPak Email Program40 uniquetransactional andlifecycle emails/day, 10+ promotionalemails per month 14 triggered and transactional programs in place 25. SmartPak Email ProgramEmail VolumeTransact. &amp; Triggered Promotional12%88% ~1MM+ emails sent, permonth Email generates 30% ofall online marketingrevenueEmail RevenueTransact. &amp; Healthy transactionalTriggeredand triggered email Promotional 70%30%program drives highreturn 26. Autoship Reminder Email - #1 Reminds customer of upcoming SmartPaks order Allows customer time to make changes before order is processed The results: 36% open rate 13% click-through rate $1.39 revenue-per-email 18%+ conversion rate Replace with real time products based on purchase behavior 27. Autoship Reminder - Email #2 22.9% Open Rate 6.7% CTR $0.98 RPE 22.8% Conv. Rate Since launching the 2nd reminder email, we are seeing ADDITIONAL revenue (almost double) being generated from this campaign. 28. Abandon Cart Next step add inprice and average reviewsThe results: 38.5% open rate 10.15% CTR 50% conversion rate $4.80 revenue/emailNext step add in price and average reviews 29. Post-Purchase Review 2006: Home-grown product review tool Generic broadcast email requesting reviews Gathered 5,000 customer reviews 2009: Bazaarvoice Daily triggered email Currently have over 50,000 product reviewsCustomer receives Customer Orders FedAutomated emailPost-Purchase ReviewCustomer Purchases to Silverpop triggered if query Email(Nightly)criteria met (21 days afterpurchase) 30. SmartPaks Cancellation Program - Confirmation 31. Cancellation Program 7 Day Follow-Up 32. Cancellation Program 42 Day Follow Up 33. SmartPaks Upsell EmailsSent 7 days after firstNON-SmartPaks orderto upsell them into theautomatic shipmentSmartPaks. 34. SmartPak Email MetricsMetrics Triggered/Broadcast DifferenceTransactionalOpen Rate27.6% 16.4% +68.3% CTR5.9%2.9%+103.5% CTOR21.4% 17.7% +20.9%Conversion Rate14.6%6.2%+135.8%Unsubscribe0.08% 0.14% -42.9%SPAM Complaint Rate0.04% 0.06% -33.3%Bounce 0.63% 0.67%-6.0% 35. Behavior +Automation Overview Lorens 10Behavior +ClientQ&amp;AExamplesAutomation Rules 36. 1. Solve your biggest business problem first! 37. Whats Your Fulcrum Point? Post Sign Up TrialConversions Cart abandonment 38. 2. Capture behavior everywhere 39. Facebook Connect: Email opt-in 40. Concert alerts Your tagged artistsplaying nearby,emailed bi-weekly 1 of 3 campaigns, thisis the most targeted Affiliate encodeddirect links to buytickets via ticketingpartner FanSnap 41. 3. Turn your messages into a dynamic content platform. 42. Leverage Other Technologies into EmailReviewsRecommendationsSocial comments 43. 4. Leverage multichannel data EmailSite visitsCRM Location Web formsSocial Mobile Offline 44. 5. Generate multiple follow-up messages from asingle message triggered by demographic data. 45. Dont stop here! 46. Birthday Follow On Emails ShareConvertRequest Birthday Open/ClickIncentive No ActionReminder 47. 6. Think tracks and series, not one-offs. 48. Message A 1 day after 49. Message B 3 days after 50. Message C 5 days after 51. DEMCO Cart ResultsCart Email A Cart Email B Cart Email C Day 1Day 3Day 5 AVERAGEOpen Rate40%39%32%37%Click-to-Open44%47%28%41%Click-thru-Rate18%18% 9%15%Conversion Rate22%15%24%20%Sales/email$8.60$8.40$5.04$7.46 52. 7. Design for the platform or message context. 53. QR Code in magazine Landing page form 54. 8. Get personal, get human 55. Human Cart abandonment Service tone Multiplechannel options Reassurance 50% conversion 56. 9. Just do it, fail fast 57. 10. You can leave the office earlier! 58. Behavior + Automation Rules 59. Q &amp; A / Contact Information Loren McDonald Twitter: @LorenMcDonald G+: +Loren McDonald Pinterest: Twitter: @SIlverpop </p>