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Discover the world of animation with us.


<ul><li><p>Discover the world of </p><p>animation with us </p></li><li><p>Who are we? </p><p>ELLA animation is a professional team of young people with </p><p>long-time experience in tourism branch, mainly in a sphere of </p><p>animation. Our aim is to improve the level of animation services in </p><p>a domestic market providing tourism with high-quality services in </p><p>tourism facilities. </p><p>What does ELLA animation offer to you? </p><p>ELLA animation provides hotels, SPA and other recreational </p><p>facilities with complete animation services which is adding value </p><p>to their services. Animation services are becoming more and more </p><p>popular in tourism industry all over the world and Slovakia is not </p><p>an exception. </p><p>The main aim of animation is to bring refreshing organization of </p><p>the free time to recreational facilities which makes their clients feel </p><p>amused and more relaxed and brings them intensive experience. </p></li><li><p>What does the cooperation with ELLA animation bring? </p><p>Animation makes surely your scope of services more attractive. </p><p>Such extension of your service portfolio provides your company </p><p>with a significant competitive advantage. This added value that </p><p>you gain by cooperating with ELLA animation will help you attract </p><p>new clients and lift up the satisfaction of the old ones. Animation </p><p>services very often become the reason for the customers/clients </p><p>to come back to use your recreational facility again and again. </p><p>Doing animation means having fun, </p><p>cheering up, amusing and bringing </p><p>good mood. </p><p>We offer cooperation to: </p><p>- hotels and SPA facilities - travel agencies - aquaparks and swimming </p><p>pools </p><p>- and many others </p></li><li><p>Offer for hotels and SPA facilities </p><p>Do you want to lift the level of services provided in your </p><p>accommodation facilities up? </p><p>Are you interested in a professionally prepared animation </p><p>program and animators for your accommodation facilities? Or do </p><p>you just need to add new animators to your already existing team? </p><p>ELLA animation is always at your disposal. </p><p>We offer: - arrangement of complete daily and evening animation </p><p>programme for your guests </p><p>- choice of animators from our database for specified animation activities </p><p>- organization of special days and events (Childrens day, Sant Nicolaus day, carneval...) </p></li><li><p>Offer for travel agencies </p><p>Nowadays, a club tourism spreads very quickly and is very </p><p>desired and favourite among clients. Make the right step and get </p><p>ahead of your competitors by creating your own animation team. </p><p>Ensure your clients a pleasant holiday with their personal feeling </p><p>of an outstanding care. If you already have animators in your </p><p>facility and you feel there is a space for improvement, ELLA </p><p>animation can help you that. </p><p>We offer: - cooperation on recruiting your own animators - possibility to choose from the database of professionally </p><p>trained animators </p><p>- cooperation on organizing trainings for your future animators </p><p>- complete organization of the selection process and professional training of new animators </p><p>- creation of full animation concept suitable for your agency </p></li><li><p>Offer for aquaparks and swimming pools </p><p>Do you run the aquapark or swimming pool? Animation program </p><p>managed by our professionally trained aniamtors gives great </p><p>competitive advantage to your facility. Whether you want to </p><p>increase visit rate of your facility of extend the portfolio of offered </p><p>services, ELLA animation is the right solution for you. </p><p>We offer: - professionally trained animators - preparation and organization of sport and social animation </p><p>activities for adults </p><p>- organization of miniclub activities for children - creation of mascot </p><p> You can find useful our services that include organization of different kind of events: - company events, teambuildings, celebrations - residental outdoor schools and different school events - childern camps, Childerns day, St. Nicolaus Day </p></li><li><p> We hope the proposal made you interested </p><p>in animation services provided by </p><p>ELLA animation. If so, dont hesitate to </p><p>contact us, we will be glad to prepare the </p><p>most suitable offer for you. </p><p> ELLA animation, s.r.o info@ellaanimation.eu </p><p>ernyevskho 17 +421 911 488 838 </p><p>85101 Bratislava www.ellaanimation.eu </p></li></ul>