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  • How to Build Landing Pages Using

    Thrive Themes

  • What is Thrive Themes

  • Thrive Themes is a

    company that builds

    themes and plugins for


  • Their themes and plugins

    are designed to convert

    website visitors into

    subscribers, and later on

    become paying


  • Lets start building a

    landing page on


  • Make sure that Thrive

    Themes has already

    been installed on

    Wordpress as plugin

  • Thrive already installed on

    my Wordpress Dashboard

  • From Wordpress

    Dashboard, go to

    Pages>Add New

  • Type a Title for the

    New Page

  • Click Update on

    Wordpress to Save

  • On the Thrive

    Dashboard, click on

    Theme Options

  • Click on Style and

    Layout Settings

  • Click on Thrive Dashboard, then click Theme Options

  • Tick Floating and then

    Save All Changes

  • This is the image of the

    page on a separate Tab

  • Scroll down the page to

    make adjustments: eg.

    Hide the title page, turn

    off breadcrumbs, and

    select no featured image

  • On this page, the title has

    been hidden and the

    breadcrumbs has been

    turned off

  • On your working page, click

    on Edit with Thrive as shown


  • Click on Thrive Landing

    Page to select a landing


  • Select a landing page then

    click Download

  • This is image of the landing page


  • Use the red marked X on

    their right to delete

    unwanted rows/columns

  • This is what is left.

  • Use the green button on the

    left to duplicate


  • Select a color for


  • Use Column Layout to

    select column

  • Drag and drop image on

    the left side

  • Make sure that images

    are already downloaded

    and saved in your file for

    easy access

  • This is the



  • Drag and drop

    paragraph/text element on

    right column

  • These are now the text(s)

    on the right column

  • Drag and Drop Button to

    create one

  • This is where you make

    adjustments on the Button

  • This is where you make

    changes on the text(s)

  • This is where you change

    text color, size, height, etc.

  • This is where you make

    changes on the Button

  • Make changes at the

    bottom of the image here to

    avoid floating image

  • This is the image of the

    first raw

  • Use the Paragraph/Text

    element to put text as

    shown below

  • Use the text editing tools to

    make revisions on the


  • Use Column Layout and

    insert three columns

  • Use image icon to insert

    desired images from your


  • Use Paragraph/Text

    Element to insert Text

    below images

  • Again, select Column

    Layout to create columns

  • Space for image

    Space for text

    Drag and Drop

    image and text as

    shown below

  • Download image from

    your file

  • Insert your text

  • Edit Image using the

    different editing tools as

    shown below

  • Edit text using the editing

    tools as shown below

  • This is now the edited

    image with the text

  • Using the steps as shown

    above, continue working on

    the rest of the images and

    text(s), until you are able to

    re-create the website you

    would like to work on.

  • This is the final image of

    the re-created site.

  • Resources: