elizabeth chapman talks about how to impress the investor in just 6 slides. making that perfect...

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Investor Relations

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1Making the Perfect PitchLizzie Chapman

The truth about investors2They arent always rightThey can be herd-like They need a story They like anchors its basically tinder for dogs

They invest in people not business plans3

The perfect entrepreneur 4


1. The one liner5we are x for x If your mother doesnt get what you do, we have a problem

2. The problem 6Big enough to matterBut must add upMake them relateCan be personalLong term themesDemographicsRegulationMacro influencesExisting solutionsCOMPETITION

3. The solution (& proof)7THE PRODUCTAssume the tech worksValidation Traction NO demos

4. And we can do it!!8SELL yourselfPerception is realityMake it interesting Anecdotes not resumeDont lie!Division of responsibilityAdvisorsInvestors

5. And our solution could make us all rich 9Go to marketRevenue modelPotentialUnderstand costsScalabilitySensitivityProjections

6. Call to action10The askHow much? How long?How to measure us?Dont talk future valuationBelieve the dreamLong term visionComparablesFlatter them how they can help

What NOT to do11Irrational, unfounded hypothesesIrrelevant size of opportunity (thinking too small)Impossible, illogical numbers (thinking too big)Contradictions / inconsistenciesToo accurate / scientific forecastsHeavy on the technicalIgnore all risksNo awareness of competitionForget go-to-marketTry to please everyone