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1. Eliminating Spreadsheet ChaosDan Aldridge CEO Performa Appse-mail dan.aldridge@i-app.comwebsite www.inforln.com/wplinkedin Dan Aldridgetwitter @Danaldridge1 2. The Unsurprising Results Are In90% of all spreadsheets with 150 rows or more had errors.75% of all spreadsheets had errors.90% of companies are not confident that their spreadsheetforecasts and reports are accurate and reliable. 3. An Environment of Exasperation Enormous amount of time spent building and maintaining spreadsheets. Data collection, review, and submission processes arelargely manualand error-prone. Data is stored in myriad spreadsheet and databases. Changes to data must be promulgated manually. Version control is challenging, at best. Cycle time is unnecessarily long. Consolidating, unifying, and integrating data at any given level is difficult. Integration with other financial source systems is cumbersome or manual. Data analysis and reporting is slow and unreliable.3 4. 4A Typical Spreadsheet Conversation - BudgetingBill theBudget DirectorPauline theDepartment ManagerDave the Asst Division DirectorUnit Managers, I found a couple ofsmall errors. Use this templateinstead.Dave, here is mybudget input.I dont see anydifference. Ill stickwith my first toavoid confusion.Bill, heres theDepartmentssubmission.Hmmm, just noticedand fixed somepossible small errors.I need Donna toconfirm.Donna the Division DirectorYoure right, Dave. Goodcatch.Bill, heres theDepartmentssubmission.Dept Managers, here is the budgetdata entry template for all programdata.Donna,something isamiss. 5. So Why Do We Cling to our Spreadsheets?Because it feels easier in the short-term.Very short learning curve.End users can customize their spreadsheets with their own versions and calculations.Although this contributes to the problem.No IT assistance required.Its already paid for, as part of Microsoft Office.No complicated contracting required.5 6. We Can Have Our Cake and Eat it Too!Web-based, Excel-type interface makes user transition simple.One centralized database for one single version of the truth.Workflows for data collection, review, and submission activities are streamlinedand automated.Built in security, control, and financial intelligence improve cycle time.Data and program analysis and reporting is immediate and actionable.Open architecture allows integration with other source systems.6 7. Corporate Performance ManagementManagementReporting &AnalysisStrategyPlanningBudgetingForecastingConsolidationDataManagementERPFMSCRMBigDataExceptionRulesExcelViewsWebViewsWorkflowApprovalsTextCommentsSecurityStructureCubes Databases7 Copyright 2011 Infor. All rights reserved.Excel WebApplicationsApplicationDatabaseOpenLinkSource Systems(GL, ERP, CRM, SCM, Other)Closed-LoopPerformance ManagementBI 8. Infor CPM Hot Vendor in Analyst EvaluationResults from a Ventana Research Study..Source: The Ventana Research Value Index: FinancialPerformance Management, November 20108 9. For more info: Email dan.aldridge@i-app.comTwitter @danaldridge1, @iapperpWebsite: www.inforln.com/wp