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  • The Elements of Design are colour, line, shape, form and texture. None of thesebuilding blocks can be worked in isolation and it is the interaction between theseelements that makes the process of designing so creative and individual.

    Colour ! - can lead the eye successfully across a design; ! - contrast in colour and value draws attention to particular areas; ! - the eye follows a sweeping path created by the use of progressively! ! changing colour.! ! - a series of progressions may be combined with a single design, possibly! ! working with a limited colour palette! ! - use contrasting colour for a surprise! A red patch in an otherwise white,! ! grey and black quilt will really draw the attention of the viewer!Line ! ! - leads the eye in an intended direction.! ! - horizontal lines are static, quiet and calm! ! - vertical lines can suggest upward movement! ! - diagonal lines are most dynamic, suggesting direction, speed and! ! excitement.Shape/Form - multiple shapes used in a linear arrangement, create a broken line! ! that leads the eye across a piece.! ! - spaces between shape elements need to be small enough for the eye to! ! make the necessary leap! ! - when using isolated shapes consider the negative space and the ! ! balance of the two (general rule: the negative space needs to be less! ! than the positive shape(s)to achieve the desired result!)Texture ! - is created through embellishment to add dimension! It can also be! ! provided by using printed fabrics for a background or by piecing small! ! patches together.

    The relationship between the basic elements of design is the way in which they affecteach other. The interaction creates the Principles of Design; harmony, balance,rhythm, proportion, contrast and movement. Lets briefly touch on these individualkey principles:

    Harmony ! - the pleasing result of relationships between colours.Balance ! - refers to the distribution of elements producing a state of equilibrium/! ! calmness in a composition.Rhythm ! - this refers to the movement of a viewers eye across repeating motifs.Proportion ! - refers to the mathematical relationship of the parts to the whole and to! ! each other. This applies not only to the parts of a pattern, but also to the! ! shape which contains the whole. Refer to your research regarding the! ! Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Mean.Contrast ! - refers to that part of a design, pattern or shape which is different from its! ! surroundings in terms of colour, tone, texture, shape, size, etc. The eye! ! regards a contrast as a focal point.Movement ! - horizontal, vertical or oblique directional thrust into the space and across! ! the surface of an artwork; this may be achieved with shapes, stitching/! ! quilting lines or textured embellishments.


    Anna Hergert, 2012-2013


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