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description of elements used during designing landscapes


<ul><li> 1. What is landscape designing? </li></ul> <p> 2. L ANDSCAPING REFERS TO ANY ACTIVIT Y THAT MODIFIES THE VISIBLE FEATURES OF AN AREA OF L AND. 3. Enhancing the landscape 4. Process of landscape design includes concepts and elements of landscape designing 5. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE ELEMENTS OF DESIGN 1. Focal point 2. Line 3. Form 4. Texture 5. Scale Natural Manmade Natural Plants/vegetation Water Earth forms/landforms Timber Stone Manmade Brick Metal Glass 6. There are many varieties of plant materials such as: Trees Shrubs Creepers and climbers Land covers .etc. USES: Architectural 1. Enframement 2. Scale induction 3. Creation of plaza 4. Defines pathway 5. Welcoming look and aesthetic appeal to the building Environmental 1. Microclimate modifiers 2. Conservation belt 3. Erosion control 4. Retains ground water 5. Retains soil fertility 6. Prevents siltation ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- PLANTS 7. Plants create outdoor rooms. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- PLANTS 8. TREES, SHRUBS, AND GROUND COVERS CAN BE USED TO EMPHASIZE THE DESIRABLE ARCHITECTURAL LINES AND MASSES. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- PLANTS 9. PLANTS CAN BE USED TO SOFTEN AND BALANCE HARSH AND AWKWARD ARCHITECTURAL ANGLES, MASSES AND MATERIALS. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- PLANTS 10. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- PLANTS THE HUMAN EYE HAS A TENDENCY TO FOLLOW THE OUTLINE OF THE OBJECTS IN THE LANDSCAPE. WITH THIS IDEA IN MIND THE APPARENT SIZE IN AFFECTED. PLANTS THAT REACH LARGE SIZES AT MATURITY ARE OFTEN PLANTED TOO CLOSELY TO THE HOUSE WHEN SMALL. WHEN MATURE, THEY DOMINATE AND MAKE THE HOUSE LOOK SMALLER INWARDLY ORIENTED SPACE OUTWARDLY FOCUSED SPACE 11. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- PLANTS ENVIRONMENTAL ROLE POLLUTION CONTROL NOISE CONTROL CLIMATE CONTROL Embankments., deciduous and evergreen plantings and masonry walls are used together for effective sound control. Use of windbreaks to control winter winds Use of deciduous plants to direct summer breezes 12. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- PLANTS 13. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- WATER Water is also another most important landscape element. Water bodies improve the quality and the worth of the site.it makes the site attractive. There are many types of water bodies : 1. Fountains 2. Pools 3. Ponds 4. Spouts 5. Artificial waterfalls. etc. A d d s o u n d , m o v e m e n t , a n d e n j o y m e n t i n t o t h e l a n d s c a p e . 14. Water flows inevitably, from the source to the receiving ocean basin. USES: Excellent land water interface gives an ecological home for the animals and plants. Water runoff reduced. Hydrological cycle maintained. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- water 15. Microclimate created. Moisture level maintained. Wetland, marshes, swampy areas are conserved. Maintaining vegetation into wetlands. Site aesthetics are enhanced 16. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- LANDFORM 17. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- LANDFORM 18. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- LANDFORM 19. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- LANDFORM SLOPED LANDFORM BLOCKS VIEWS &amp; CREATES SPATIAL EDGES. LEVEL LANDFORM DOES THE OPPOSITE. 20. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- LANDFORM 21. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- LANDFORM 22. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- TIMBER 23. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- TIMBER 24. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- STONE 25. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- STONE 26. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- BRICK 27. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- METAL 28. ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE- GLASS 29. ELEMENTS OF Design- Focal point 30. ELEMENTS OF Design- line Straight lines Curved lines Vertical lines Horizontal lines 31. ELEMENTS OF Design- form Circular form Square form Irregular polygons Tree forms Shrub forms Groundcover forms 32. ELEMENTS OF Design- texture Coarse texture Fine texture Medium texture 33. ELEMENTS OF Design- Color </p>


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