Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Space, Form, Texture, Value, Color By: Martha Zimmerman.

Download Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Space, Form, Texture, Value, Color By: Martha Zimmerman.

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Wolf Kahn

Elements of Art:Line, Shape, Space, Form, Texture, Value, Color

By: Martha ZimmermanVideo

Wolf Kahn Born: October 4, 1927A German-born American Painterwho uses lines, shapes and color.BiographyBorn in Stuttgart, Germany on Oct. 4, 1927.At 12 years old he fled Germany and went to England. In 1940 he moved to the USA.He studied under Hans Hofmann (Abstract Expressionist painter) at the Hans Hofmann school in Chicago and became his studio assistant.Known for his combination of realism and color field.Works in pastel and oil paint.His wife, Emily Mason is also a painter.They have two daughters, Cecily and Melany.The Painter in his studio.

A Blue Summers Day 1990-1999

Barn Behind a Thicket, 2003

Below Joes Marlboro, Maine 1999-2001

Cattails Crowding out the Rest, 2007

Emerging From Orange, 2006

Fall Across the Pond, 2007

Horizontal Study for Vertical, 2007

One Fat Tree Among Others, 2004

Strip of Yellow Pasture in West Brattleboro, 2005

Magenta Fog, 2002

You may be an artist like Wolf Kahn!

Now lets draw horizontal and vertical lines to paint a picture like Wolf.Video 1

Video 2

Can you repeat the Elements of Art?LineShapeSpaceFormTextureValueColorWolf KahnAt 81 years of age, he remains one of this countrys best loved contemporary artists.Mr. Kahn resides in New York City during the summer, and West Brattleboro, Vermont during the autumn.He still continues to create fantastic works of art.

Resources:Video from YouTube: The Elements of Art (by Grade K) at the Yokohama International School.Two Videos created by Martha Zimmerman.Slides taken from Web of the artwork of Wolf Kahn: http://thomassegalgallery.com/artists/wolf_kahn/oils/wolf_kahn_oils.htmlPhoto taken by Martha Zimmerman.

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