elements of art line shape, form, color, value, and space

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  • Elements of ArtLine Shape, Form, Color, Value, and SpaceLine Shape, Form, Color, Value, and Space

  • Elements of ArtShapes Vocabulary:ShapeFigure and GroundPositive and NegativeFormOrganicGeometric

  • ShapeShape is a two-dimensional area with a recognizable boundary. Shapes have a height and width but no depth.

  • FormForm is a three-dimensional shape. Forms have height width and depth.

  • Figure and GroundShapes can be seen in more than one way.A figure is a shape that appears to be on top of a background. A ground is a shape that appears to be underneath a figure.We call a figure the positive shapeAnd the ground the negative shape

  • Types of Shapes and Forms:Organic and GeometricShapes and Forms can be classified in several ways:Organic shapes and forms are irregular, like the shapes found in nature leaves, stones and clouds for example.Geometric shapes and forms are usually found in things made by people buildings, bridges, and P.C.s

  • Types of Shapes and Forms:Closed and OpenClosed shapes and forms tend to be solid and heavyOpen shapes and forms have space around them and between them. Open shapes appear light and have movement.

  • Examples:What shapes do you see?Triangles / PyramidParallelogramTrapezoidPentagonFigure

  • Examples:What shapes do you see?Irregular ShapesThe SkyGrassGroundBushes

  • Examples:What types of shapes do you see here?Closed Shapes?Open Shapes?Geometric Shapes?Organic Shapes?

  • Positive and Negative ShapesWhat do you see?

  • Positive and Negative ShapesMaybe you have seen this one?What is the age of this woman?

  • Optical Illusions

  • Are the vertical lines parallel?

  • Optical Art Op ArtOptical Art (Op Art) is a mathematically-themed form of Abstract art, which uses repetition of simple forms and colors to create vibrating effects, patterns, foreground-background confusion, an exaggerated sense of depth, and other visual effects. In the 1960's, the term "Op Art" was coined to describe the work of a growing group of abstract painters.

  • Op ArtTampico by:Victor Vasarely

  • Op ArtTamyr by:Victor Vasarely

  • Op Art

  • Op Art

  • Op Art

  • Op Art

  • Op ArtUntitled Fragment by:Bridget Riley

  • Op ArtMetropolis by:Bridget Riley

  • Op Art

  • Op ArtArrest by:Bridget Riley

  • Op ArtCarnival by:Bridget Riley

  • Op ArtMovement in Squares by:Bridget Riley

  • Op ArtTwo Blues by:Bridget Riley


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