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  • 1. Elements, compounds, mixtures, homogeneous, and heterogeneous
    By DannielleMeheux

2. This cake is a hetero because every cake is different.
3. Sugar is a homo mixture because all sugar is the same.
4. Vinegar is a homo mixture cause all vinegar is the same. And you cant see the difference between one and the other
5. This chicken soup is a hetero mixture cause its different than what someone else would make
6. This salt water is a mixture cause there is salt and water combined
7. This is a mixture cause its water mixed in with juice powder
8. Water is a compound cause its hydrogen and oxygen put together
9. Pepper is a mixture cause it has lots of things in it
10. This is an element cause its on the periodic table
11. This candle is a compound cause its made out of different elements


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