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    Elements and Principles of Design

    L. VanWaardhuizen

    Elements: Color

    ! Made up of: Hue: color name (i.e.

    blue, red, yellow) Value: lightness or

    darkness Tint (add white) Shade (add black)

    Chroma: intensity (i.e. clear or muddy)

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    Elements: Color (cntd)

    ! Color Schemes Monochromatic Analogous Complementary Split Complementary Triad Accented Neutral

    Elements: Silhouette ! Overall form or

    outline of an outfit ! Types:

    Trapezoid Tent Hourglass Pear Bell

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    Elements: Line ! Leads the path of eye

    movement ! Structural (i.e. seams) or

    Decorative (i.e. applied) ! Direction

    Straight Curved Jagged Vertical Horizontal Diagonal

    Elements: Texture

    ! Tactile quality of the surface; the hand, surface interest, or character of the fabric

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    Elements: Pattern ! Visual character of

    the fabric ! Can be achieved

    through: Weaving Knitting Printing Embossing Devore

    Principles: Balance

    ! Produces equality among the parts of a design; implies equilibrium with equal interest on either side of an imaginary centerline Formal Balance Informal Balance

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    Principles: Proportion ! The spatial (size)

    relationship of all the parts of a design to each other and to the whole Odd number of parts

    (3) more interesting than even (2)

    Greek ratios 2:3, 3:5, and 5:8 most pleasing

    Principles: Emphasis

    ! Concentration of interest in a particular part of area of a design

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    Principles: Rhythm

    ! Arrangement of the design elements to produce a feeling of continuity Repetition Gradation Radiation

    Principles: Unity/Harmony

    ! All design elements work together to give a feeling of unity to the design.

    Read 5 Principles on page 183-185

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    Visual Fashion Dictionary ! Minimum 1 page each element or principle ! Clearly and neatly Labeled ! Minimum of 2 (preferably more) pictures to illustrate

    each concept. ! Detailed explanations of the concept. Anything that

    you can compare or contrast will help clarify.

    If you are stuck, use the book Fashion Design, 5th Ed by Shanon Lee Tate, pg 138-190