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  • 1. The Elements of Art & Principles of Design By Ms. Goyer Grades 3-6

2. The Elements of Art The Building Blocks To Creating ArtLineShape/Form ColorValueTexture Space 3. LineA mark on a surfacecreated by a tool (pencil,pen, paintbrush) 4. ShapeForm flat,enclosed area3-Dimensional GeometricalFigure OrganicGeometric 5. Colorappearance of an object created by the differingqualities of light it reflects 6. The lightnessor darkness ofa color Val Valueue 7. Texturethe waysomething feels orlooks like it shouldfeel 8. BackgroundFore gro Middle und Ground Space 9. Principles ofDesignThe Use or Arrangementsof the ElementsPattern MovementProportionBalanceEmphasisUnity 10. Patternsrepetition or reoccurrence exact or variedestablishes a visual beat 11. Movementthe suggestion of motion 12. Proportion/Scale Proportion refers to the relative size of parts to a whole Scale refers to the size of an object in relationship to another object 13. Balance AsymmetricalSymmetricalRadial 14. created center of interest, the place in an artwork where your eye firstEmphasis lands. 15. Unitywhen the componentsof a work of art areperceived asharmonious, givingthe work a sense ofcompletion 16. Special Thanks To... Google Images: Neon Project ARTiculate. org