Elements and Principals of Design Fashion Design.

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  • Elements and Principals of DesignFashion Design

  • DesignElementsLinesShapeSpaceTexturePattern


  • Shape and SizeFrameSkeletal sizeSize ratioCompare areas of the body . Waist divides body Geometric shapeTriangleInverted triangleRectangleHour glassApple

  • LinesLine TypesStraightCurvedZigZag

    Line DirectionsVertical (up and down)Horizontal (side ways)Diagonal

  • How Designers Use LinesStraightCrisp, formal lookBusinessCurved MovementSoftnessZig ZagConstantly changing directionexcitement

  • Lines and IllusionVerticalMore heightLess widthHorizontalMore widthLess height

    Wide linesVerticalAdded widthHorizontalAdded height

  • ShapeShape is the outlineAlso called silhouette

    NaturalFit body closeGood average bodyTubularRectangularAdds height and thinnessBellCut heightFullLook larger

  • TextureSurface characteristics

    Soft and ClingyHug bodyShow off irregularitiesModerately crisp fabricsConceal body shapesExtra-crisp fabricsMake body look largerNubby and Bulky FabricsAdd dimensionMake a person look largerDull fabricsLook smallerShiny fabrics

  • SpaceJust as important at silhouette.Lines usually divide the spaces of a garment or outfitToo many spaces can make an outfit tiring, too little can be boring.

    The more spaces there are, it attracts more attention to that area.

  • PatternStripesPlaidsGeometricsFloralScenicBorders

    Small pattern:decreases apparent sizeLarge pattern: Increases apparent size

  • BalanceSymmetricalSame on both sides Formal or tailored look AsymmetricalDifferent on each sideMore casualCost more to make

  • ProportionHow separate parts of a garment relate to each other and to the whole in size.

  • EmphasisDraw attention to a certain area.

  • RhythmVisual that carries the eye through a regular pattern produced by the design elementsRepetition: repeating patternEx: stripes, polka dotsRadiation: lines or patterns flow from a central locationEx: tie dye, flowersGradation: gradual change in color or size

  • HarmonyEverything works together to create a wonderful outfit.

  • Ticket out the DoorAnswer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper in which you turn in.Make a list of five problems in body shape and size that people might want to address with clothing illusions. Describe in writing what you, as a fashion consultant, would suggest for each person. Include drawing when appropriate.


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