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  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Flooring Solutions

    JHB: 011 608 3001 | CPT: 021 552 6499 | DBN: 031 465 2251 | PE: 041 453 2882 | RB: 031 465 2251 | www.actum.co.za | sales@actum.co.za

    ESD stands for Electrostatic Discharge and is the transfer of electrostatic charge between two objects. The resulting discharge from an electron imbalance may be so small that the human body can’t feel it,

    nevertheless it can have serious consequences.

    In electronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, ordnance manufacture and storage, ESD incidents can often cause material, component or system failures, which may prove costly and sometimes even dangerous.

    What is ESD?

    We have a wide range of ESD �ooring solutions available to suit your unique facility and ESD requirements. We specialize in the following �ooring solutions:

    • ESD Flooring Preparation & Installations

    • Including ESD Vinyl, ESD Interlocking Tiles, ESD Paint and Epoxy Flooring

    • Floor Cleaning Products

    • ESD Audits of Facilities

    • Complete Testing, Certi�cation & Accreditation

    Our ESD Flooring Solutions

    Actum Group o�ers various solutions to prevent ESD and the resulting damages.

  • JHB: 011 608 3001 | CPT: 021 552 6499 | DBN: 031 465 2251 | PE: 041 453 2882 | RB: 031 465 2251 | www.actum.co.za | sales@actum.co.za

    Our ESD range of �ooring has been specially engineered to facilitate a uniform �ow of static electricity directly to a ground point. The range includes Static Dissipative (SD), Electrostatic Conductive (EC) and Conductive ROF �oorings.

    Our Altico Static Control Solutions division focuses exclusively on static control in the workplace. We o�er a complete range of static control solutions and products. Contact one of our ESD Specialists today for further assistance.

    Static Control Specialists

    EC �ooring is a hard-wearing homogenous commercial �ooring product that is designed for areas which require static dissipative qualities. It is typically used for electronic assembly / repair areas, high level sensitivity medical equipment, high level sensitivity computer equipment, electronics etc. Resistance to Earth of 5 x 104 Ω – 1 x 106 Ω range.

    Electrostatic Conductive

    SD �ooring is a hard-wearing homogenous contact sheet or tile �oor covering engineered for ESD protection. Its typically used for computer operator installations, hospital theatre / CAT scan equipment and MRI units. Resistance to Earth of 1 x 106 Ω – 1 x 109 Ω range.

    Static Dissipative

    Conductive �ooring is generally used in explosive areas or manufacture of any explosive material, ammunition or highly sensitive chemicals, etc. Resistance to Earth of


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