electronic portfolios: a digital component to the portfolio process

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  • Electronic Portfolios:A Digital Component to the Portfolio Process

  • What is an E-Portfolio?

    Eventual Internet access and therefore ongoing communication possibilities with parents

    Parent/Student interviews

  • Why have a digital component? Why not stick with paper?

    Our world is digital Kids born into a digital worldLearning styles and MIs

  • How to start one:Server/NetworkLaptopsOne folder per child (sub-folder for selection) Software issuesHardware issuesStudent tech teams!!!

  • Dont worry the kids will be your experts!!! (Copy/Paste Clip - 08:10)

  • REFLECT: Are there tasks/projects that you are already doing that could be done using multimedia or even made easier using the computer?

    Middle AgesOceanBeaver FactsExample: All About MeInternet Logs (Clip 22:51-23:27)Storyboarding:

  • Are there tasks/projects that would be more motivating to the students if it involved multimedia?

    Example: PlantsReading Log (Example 1, Example 2)Sandys Class (Clips 15:10-18:00)Honey Bee WordsMath:Fact FamiliesAddition SentencesSubtraction With Regrouping

  • Parental Involvement:

    Nancy and Sandys survey Parents have requested at least 2 Student/Parent portfolio meetingsPeer Conferencing

    Parents loved it and saw the value in it!

  • What the NEAR future holds

    E-portfolios, web basedWeb site http://www.emsb.qc.ca/recit/eport/index.htmOngoing communication with parentsParent/Student conference

    Parent Student interviewsNancy:Setting, times, during ELA etc (1-2 min)Sandy: scheduling re: computers etc, hallway interviews (1-2 min)

    Sabine (2-3min)SabineNancy: Criteria and project management (bring your project folder and stamp) clip 5:19Sandy: All students had certain electronic projects to complete but were able to work at their own pace (show clip - 12:54)Nancy: All About Me (from the Internet - show template) (3-5 min) - first project where they have to learn how to work with a partner/speaking sampleSandy; Internet log (show clip and Internet template) (3-5min)Nancy: Read Aloud Log (to send to me) reading sample at different times of the year (2-3 min)Sandy: Vert (Internet) - French second language - vocabulary (2-3min)Sabine: Comment on developmental aspect of e-port therefore not perfect without mistakes