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Electronic Portfolio Development Workshop. March 28, 2004 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Mathematics Education. What is an Electronic Portfolio?. Electronic Portfolio. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Electronic Portfolio Development WorkshopMarch 28, 2004Indiana University of PennsylvaniaMathematics Education

  • What is an Electronic Portfolio?

  • Electronic PortfolioYour electronic portfolio should be a representation and reflection of your best work and achievements during your college career.Make it personal, but keep it professional.

  • Step One Portfolio EvaluationHomepagePhilosophyResumeAct 34 (Criminal Record) ClearanceAct 151 (Child Abuse) ClearanceCurrent TranscriptSpeech and Hearing ClearanceTB TestRepresentation and Reflection of Standards

  • How many of you have started working on your portfolios?How many of you have worked with Microsoft FrontPage?How many of you have created personal websites?

  • Handbook GuideUsing FrontPage to create your portfolioSamples and GuidelinesINTASC StandardsISTE StandardsResources

  • Template CDContains templates for several pages required in your electronic portfolio.CD can be used with Microsoft FrontPage.Insert the CD into the CD-ROM and open the files in FrontPage.

  • Electronic Portfolio Example


  • QuestionsSabrina Chmel ~ email: PXSH@iup.eduSecondary Math Lab ~ Tuesdays 4:00 6:00pmCollege of Education and Educational Technology ~ Electronic Portfolio Development Center http://www.coe.iup.edu/rjl/projects/portfolio/INDEX.htm