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<ul><li><p>1</p><p>Electronic PortfolioDevelopment in APTE</p><p>Combining . . .</p><p>Multimedia Development</p><p>and PortfolioDevelopment</p></li><li><p>2</p><p>...into 5 Stages ofElectronic Portfolio Development</p><p> Defining the Portfolio Context &amp; Goals</p><p> The Working Portfolio</p><p> The Reflective Portfolio</p><p> The Connected Portfolio</p><p> The Presentation Portfolio</p></li><li><p>1</p><p>Assumption</p><p>As we move to more standards-based teacher performanceassessment, we need new tools torecord and organize evidence ofsuccessful teaching, for bothpracticing professionals and studentteachers.</p></li><li><p>2</p><p>Portfolio concepts</p><p>l a purposeful collection of student work thatdemonstrates effort, progress and achievement(based on goals or standards) - NWREL</p><p>l provides a richer picture of student performancethan can be gained from more traditional,objective forms of assessment</p><p>l traditional standards-based portfolios are 3-ringnotebooks, organized with dividers and sectionsfor documents demonstrating each standard (Campbell, et.al., 1997)</p></li><li><p>3</p><p>What is an Electronic Portfolio?</p><p>l uses electronic technologies</p><p>l which allows students/teachers to collectand organize portfolio artifacts in manymedia types (audio, video, graphics, text)</p><p>l using hypertext links to organize thematerial</p><p>l connecting evidence to appropriatestandards (in a standards-based portfolio)</p></li><li><p>4</p><p>Electronic or Digital Portfolio?</p><p>l An Electronic Portfolio contains artifactsthat may be in analog form, such as avideo tape, or may be in computer-readable form</p><p>l A Digital Portfolio contains artifacts thathave been transformed into computer-readable form (digitized/scanned/input)</p></li><li><p>5</p><p>A portfolio is not merely a collection ofcourse projects, assignments,videotapes, and pictures designed toimpress someone. If it is to meet its fullpotential, a portfolio must be organized,goal-driven, performance-basedevidence that indicates the attainment ofthe knowledge, skills, and attitudesneeded to be a teacher. (p.21)</p><p>Campbell, Melenyzer, Nettles, &amp; Wyman (2000).Portfolio and Performance Assessment in Teacher Education.</p><p>Boston: Allyn &amp; Bacon.</p></li><li><p>6</p><p>We have found that as students progressthrough a teacher education program thathas a portfolio assessment system, theyincreasingly understand the power andpotential of portfolios for giving direction toreflect on throughout their professionallives. (p. x)</p><p>Campbell, Melenyzer, Nettles, &amp; Wyman (2000).Portfolio and Performance Assessment in Teacher Education.</p><p>Boston: Allyn &amp; Bacon.</p></li><li><p>7</p><p>Why use technology?(Barretts assumptions)</p><p>l Today, many documents are initially createdwith a computer, anyway.</p><p>l Hypertext links allow clear connectionsbetween standards and portfolio artifacts</p><p>l Creating an EP can develop teachers skills inusing multimedia technology</p><p>l Modeling: A teacher with an EP will be morelikely to have students with EPs.</p><p>l Its fun &amp; easier to manage the process!(especially storage, presentation, and duplication)</p></li><li><p>8</p><p>Lets Get Real(see some examples)</p><p>l Helens portfolio (UAA faculty 99)Purpose: Annual Review/Tenure &amp; Promotion</p><p>l Hollys portfolio (UAA MAT student 99)Purpose: MAT Certification</p><p>l Judys portfolio (UAA undergraduate 99)Purpose: demonstrate ISTE/NCATE technology standards</p><p>l Christines portfolio (ASD teacher 99)Purpose: multimedia class and ASD evaluation</p></li><li><p>9</p><p>Electronic Portfolio Development isbased on two bodies of literature:</p><p>Portfolio DevelopmentLiterature</p><p>l Collectionl Selectionl Reflectionl Projection</p><p>(or Direction)(Danielson &amp; Abrutyn (1997)An Introduction to Using Portfolios in theClassroom. Alexandria: Association forSupervision and Curriculum Development.</p><p>Multimedia DevelopmentLiterature</p><p>l Assess/Decidel Designl Developl Implementl Evaluate</p><p>Ivers, K., &amp; Barron, A. E. (1998) MultimediaProjects in Education. Englewood, CO: LibrariesUnlimited, Inc.</p></li><li><p>10</p><p>The Portfolio Connection(Burke, Fogarty, Belgrad, 1994)</p><p>l PROJECT purposes</p><p>l COLLECT andorganize artifacts</p><p>l SELECT key artifacts</p><p>l INTERJECTpersonality</p><p>l REFLECTmetacognitively</p><p>l INSPECT to self-assess</p><p>l PERFECT and evaluate</p><p>l CONNECT andconference</p><p>l INJECT/EJECT toupdate</p><p>l RESPECTaccomplishments</p></li><li><p>11</p><p>Multimedia Development</p><p>InstructionalDesign Stages</p><p>l Assess or Decidel Design or Planl Developl Implementl Evaluatel Present or Publish</p><p>MultimediaAuthoring Skills</p><p>l Use Authoring Toolto structure navigation</p><p>l Scan Graphicsl Digitize Soundl Digitize Videol Write CD-R/W or</p><p>Post to WWW</p></li><li><p>12</p><p>Combining Portfolio Development&amp; Multimedia Development</p><p>PortfolioDevelopment</p><p>lPurpose &amp; Audience</p><p>lCollectlInterject</p><p>lSelectlReflect, Direct</p><p>lPerfect, InspectlConnect</p><p>lRespect (Celebrate)</p><p>MultimediaDevelopment</p><p>lDecide, Assess</p><p>lDesign, Plan</p><p>lDevelop</p><p>lImplementlEvaluate</p><p>lPresentlPublish</p><p>Electronic PortfolioDevelopment</p><p>Defining the PortfolioContext &amp; Goals</p><p>The Working Portfolio</p><p>The Reflective Portfolio</p><p>The Connected Portfolio</p><p>The Presentation Portfolio</p><p> 1999, Helen C. Barrett, Ph.D.</p></li><li><p>Levels of digital portfolio development based on ease of use</p><p>0 All documents are in paper format. Some portfolio data may be stored onvideotape.</p><p>1 All documents are in digital file formats, using word processing or othercommonly used software, and stored in electronic folders on a hard drive,floppy disk, or LAN server.</p><p>2 Portfolio data is entered into a structured format, such as a database orHyperStudio template or slide show (such as PowerPoint or AppleWorks)and stored on a hard drive, Zip, floppy disk, or LAN.</p><p>3 Documents are translated into Portable Document Format (PDF) withhyperlinks between standards, artifacts, and reflections using AcrobatExchange and stored on a hard drive, Zip, Jaz, CD-R/W, or LAN server.</p><p>4 Documents are translated into HTML, complete with hyperlinks betweenstandards, artifacts, and reflections, using a Web authoring program andposted to a Web server.</p><p>5 Portfolio is organized with a multimedia authoring program, incorporatingdigital sound and video, then converted to digital format and pressed to CD-R/W or posted to the Web in streaming format.</p></li><li><p>The "5-by-5" Model of Electronic Portfolio Development - Overview of Technology Options</p><p> 2000, Helen C. Barrett Stages of Electronic Portfolio Development</p><p>Shaded areas represent minimumtechnology requirements for APTEelectronic portfolio. </p><p>http://transition.alaska.edu/www/portfolios/apte.html</p><p>Levels of PortfolioDevelopment (based on level of difficulty)</p><p>1Defining the Portfolio</p><p>Context &amp; Goals </p><p>Identify: the portfolio's purposeand audience; the standards(goals) or organizing framework.Select the appropriatelevel/technology to begin.</p><p>APTE: Alaska Teacher &amp;ISTE/NCATE TechnologyStandards</p><p>2The Working Portfolio</p><p>Identify, collect and store portfolioartifacts based onpurpose/audience/goals. Interjectpersonality into the portfoliodesign by using appropriatemultimedia to add style andindividuality to the portfolio.</p><p>APTE: every course/semester</p><p>3The Reflective Portfolio</p><p>Select the artifacts that representachievement of standards/goals.Reflect on why artifacts wereselected, indicating meaning andvalue to the portfolio. Projectlearning goals for the future(direction).</p><p>APTE: midterm Fall &amp; Spring,end of Methods, Capstone Course</p><p>4The Connected</p><p>Portfolio</p><p>Organize the digital artifacts.Create hypermedia links betweengoals, artifacts, reflections.Identify patterns through the"linking" process.</p><p>APTE: end of Fall &amp; Springsemesters, Capstone Course</p><p>5The Presentation</p><p>Portfolio</p><p>Record the portfolio to anappropriate presentation andstorage medium. Share theportfolio with an appropriateaudience.</p><p>APTE: end of Capstone Course</p><p>1 - Text only.All documents are in digital file formats,using word processing or other commonly-used software, and stored in electronic folderson a hard drive, floppy diskette or LANserver.</p><p>Development Software:Any Word Processor</p><p>Development Software:Any Word Processor</p><p>Development Software:Any Word Processor</p><p>Development Software:Microsoft Word (linking toother Word documents)AppleWorks (linking to otherWorks documents)</p><p>Publishing Tools:Zip Disk or Floppy Disketteor Hard Drive or Server</p><p>2a - With Graphics.Portfolio data is entered into a structuredformat, such as a database or HyperStudiotemplate or slide show (PowerPoint orAppleWorks) and stored on a hard drive, Zip,floppy diskette or LAN server. Video may becollected in analog form on video tape.Presentation portfolio may also be recordedon video tape.</p><p>Development Software:DatabasePowerPoint or slide showHyperStudio</p><p>Inspiration (mind mappingsoftware)</p><p>Development Software:Graphics softwareDatabasePowerPoint or slide showHyperStudio</p><p>Digital still camera</p><p>Development Software:DatabasePowerPoint or slide showHyperStudio</p><p>Development Software:HyperStudio</p><p>Publishing Tools:Videotape (digital-back-to-analog conversion, orvideotape of portfolioartifacts)</p><p>2b - With Audio &amp; VideoPortfolio incorporates digitized audio andvideo artifacts linked to the portfolio, andstored on CD-ROM or server.</p><p>Camcorders and VCRs(analog video capture onvideo tape)</p><p>Audio capturing/conversionVideo capturing/conversion(analog-to-digital conversionrequires hardware &amp; software)</p><p>Digital audio and/orvideo editing (requireshardware and software)</p><p>Publishing Tools:Videotape of lessons(analog)</p><p>3 - With Navigational linksDocuments are translated into PortableDocument Format with "hyper-links" betweenstandards, artifacts, and reflections usingAdobe Acrobat Exchange and stored on ahard drive, Zip, Jaz, CD-R/W, or LAN server.</p><p>Publishing Software:Adobe Acrobat (PDFWriter,Exchange, Distiller)</p><p>Publishing Software:Adobe Acrobat (PDFWriter,Exchange, Distiller)</p><p>Publishing Tools:CD-ROM</p><p>4 - With WWW linksDocuments are translated into HTML,complete with "hyper-links" betweenstandards, artifacts, and reflections, using aweb authoring program (i.e., NetscapeComposer, Adobe PageMill or CyberStudio,Macromedia Dreamweaver) and posted to aWWW server.</p><p>Development &amp; PublishingSoftware:HTML authoring software</p><p>Development &amp; PublishingSoftware:HTML authoring software</p><p>Development &amp; PublishingSoftware:HTML authoring software</p><p>PowerPoint*</p><p>Publishing Tools:WWW Server</p><p>5 - With Interactive MultimediaPortfolio is organized with a multimediaauthoring program pressed to CD-R/W orposted to WWW in streaming format.</p><p>Development &amp; PublishingSoftware:Macromedia Director</p><p>Development &amp; PublishingSoftware:Macromedia Director</p><p>Development &amp; PublishingSoftware:Macromedia Director</p><p>Publishing Tools:Streaming Server</p></li><li><p>13</p><p>Stage 1Defining the Portfolio Context &amp; Goals</p><p>l Portfolio DevelopmentPurpose, Audience</p><p>l Multimedia DevelopmentDecide, Assess</p><p> Identify the purpose of the portfolio.</p><p> Identify the learner outcome goals or standards</p><p> Identify the resources available</p><p> Identify the hardware and software</p><p> Identify time, staff development, etc.</p><p> Assess the technology skills of students/teachers</p><p> Identify the audience for the portfolio</p></li><li><p>14</p><p>Focus of Portfolio Planning</p><p>lPurpose</p><p>lAudience</p><p>lProcess (not Product)</p></li><li><p>15</p><p>Stage 1APTE Tools &amp; Strategies</p><p> Use whatever software tools are currently being used to collectartifacts, storing them on a hard drive, a server, or videotape.Set up electronic folders for each standard to organize the artifacts(any type of electronic document). [Level 1] AND</p><p> Use a word processor, database, hypermedia software or slideshow to articulate the standards to be demonstrated in the portfolioand to organize the artifacts. [Level 2]</p><p> Organize to demonstrate Alaska Teacher andISTE/NCATE Technology Standards as well asperformance indicators in each course.</p></li><li><p>16</p><p>A few words about the primaryaudience for the portfolio</p><p>l If you focus on electronic portfolios foremployment AND the primary audience(principals) don't look at it, then studentsbecome frustrated.</p><p>l If you focus on electronic portfolios forevidence of professional development, ANDthe primary audience (the student &amp; faculty)use the portfolio to validate that growth,then students become empowered.</p></li><li><p>17</p><p>What is the best electronicportfolio program???</p><p>IT DEPENDS . . .l on the assessment contextl and a variety of other factors, human and</p><p>technological, that exist in a classroom,school or district.</p><p>APTE will use many different tools.</p></li><li><p>Learning &amp; Leading with Technology Volume 27 Number 714</p><p>Feature</p><p>Subject: Electronic portfoliodevelopment</p><p>Grade Level: K12 (Ages 518)</p><p>Technology: Internet/Web; video;word processing, database, spread-sheets, e-mail, desktop publishing,multimedia, graphics software</p><p>Standards: NETSS 16. (Readmore about the NETS Project atwww.iste.orgselect StandardsProjects.)</p><p>Online: www.iste.org/L&amp;L</p><p>C r e a t e Yo u r O w nE l e c t r o n i c P o r t f o l i o</p><p>U s i n g O f f - t h e - S h e l f S o f t w a r e t oS h o w c a s e Yo u r O w n o r S t u d e n t W o r k</p><p>By Helen C. Barrett</p><p>Learning &amp; Leading with Technology Volume 27 Number 714</p><p>An electronic portfolio is not a haphazardcollection of artifacts but rather a reflectivetool that demonstrates growth over time.</p></li><li><p>18</p><p>Generic Construction Tools(off-the-shelf software)</p><p>Relational Data Bases, - FileMaker Pro 4.0 or Microsoft Access</p><p>Hypermedia "card" formats, such as HyperStudio, HyperCard,Digital Chisel, or SuperLink + commercial templates available.</p><p>Multimedia authoring software, such as MacromediaAuthorware, Macromedia Director</p><p>Network-compatible hypermedia: HTML/WWW Pages Adobe Acrobat (PDF)</p><p>Office Suite Multimedia slide shows, such as MicrosoftPowerPoint, AppleWorks</p><p>See article in Learning &amp; Leading with Technology, April, 2000 </p></li><li><p>19</p><p>Stage 2The Working Portfolio</p><p>l Portfolio DevelopmentCollect, Interject</p><p>l Multimedia DevelopmentDesign, Plan</p><p> Identify the content of portfolio items and the type ofevidence to be collected</p><p> Select the most appropriate software development toolsbased on the portfolio context and the resources available.</p><p> Identify the storage and presentation/publishing mediummost appropriate for the situation</p><p> Gather the multimedia materials that represent learningachievement. Interject personality into the portfolio design.</p></li><li><p>20</p><p>Stage 2APTE Technology Tools &amp; Strategies</p><p>l Select software to organize selected artifacts:</p><p> Use Word Processing, Slide Shows, Hypermedia, orDatabase programs to list and organize the artifacts thatwill be placed in the Working Portfolio. [Level 2]</p><p> Students will collect digital artifacts in every courseeach semester plus video taped lessons</p><p> Text, images, video tapes</p><p> Some documents will be converted into AdobeAcrobat and posted to SOE lab server forfeedback</p></li><li><p>21</p><p>Stage 2APTE Technology Tools &amp; Strategies</p><p>l Convert student work into digital format</p><p> Use appropriate multimedia to add style &amp;individuality to portfolio.</p><p> Use a scanner (or camera) to digitize images[Level 2a]</p><p> Use a microphone and sound digitizing programto digitize audio artifacts [Level 2b]</p><p> Use a video camera/VCR, digitizing hardware andsoftware to digitize video artifacts [Level 2b]</p></li><li><p>22</p><p>Stage 3The Reflective Portfolio</p><p>l Portfolio DevelopmentSelect, Reflect, Direct</p><p>l Multimedia DevelopmentDevelop</p><p> Write general reflective statements on achieving eachstandard.</p><p> Select artifacts that represent achievement of thestandards or goals.</p><p> Write reflective statements for each artifact, elaboratingon why it was selected and its meaning and value in theportfolio.</p><p> From the reflecti...</p></li></ul>