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  • 1. William FloodMy name is William Flood and I am 14 years old, I haveexperience in many different programs of which I will listwithin my portfolio. It also contains a list of all the differentcourses I have studied and a description of each. It also hasmy IT growth plan as well as my 10 strongest transferableskills. I have also included a list and information about thepeople that have inspired me over the years and informationabout my preferred career in the future.

2. Digital Literacy: In this unit I have studied how to manage files andfolders, search for information on the internet effectively and manageoptions for accessing the internet. As well as I have learned the properway for a computer workstation to be setup so that you dont injureyour self when working on the computer for long periods of time.Applications Software: I have learned how to effectively use fivecommon programs that are used to complete everyday assignments, ofwhich I will list on the software studied page of my portfolio.Business Communications: In this unit I have learned how to effectivelycreate a presentation and have learned possible legal issues withelectronic communication.Information & Communication Technology Issues: I have learned theimpacts technology has on personal health and the environment. As wellas I have learned about different privacy and security issues withtechnology. I have also learned the legal and ethical uses of the internet. 3. WordA word processing program used to typedocuments and sometimes create smalldiagrams. ExcelA spread sheet program used to organizenumerical data, like prices or profits. PublisherA program used to create publicationslike name cards and posters. PowerPointA Presentation program used to designdigital presentations that can alsoinclude sounds and moving objects. FrontPageA program used to create detailedwebsites. 4. Skills learned: use word rap, apply a border to a page, use a table todisplay information, use proper keyboarding techniques, use basic pagebreaks. 5. Skills Learned: recognize parts of the spreadsheet window,change the column widths, format a cell or block of cells, sum acolumn using auto sum feature, build a formula into a cell. 6. Skills Learned: differentiate between starting from scratch and using awizard, add a page border, crop graphics, create a text frame, layertext o graphics. 7. Skills Learned: change the background of a slide, create a text area on aslide, add sound and/or music to a slide, select/modify a slide layout, movebetween different slide views. 8. Skills Learned: create a hyperlink, format the theme(background), Createa marquee, Add sounds and motion to objects, create a link bar. 9. I am quite capable in these areas: Technological problems, workingwith various types of software and programs, problemsolving, MathematicsI would like to improve in these areas:Artistic skills, Listening skills(Brandons advice),I would like to learn these software applications in the future:Eclipse(used for Java coding)Computer-related courses I would like to take in the future include:Multiple computer programing courses for example Unix and Javacoding possibly. Almost any computer course that may possibly beof use to me in the future. 10. 1. Excellent at organizing my time, and the time of others2. Able to plan presentations3. Expert at getting things done4. Develop markets for ideas/products5. Able to explain difficult/complex ideas, concepts and problems6. Excellent research skills7. Train someone in something8. Enjoy cost analysis, estimates, projections and comparisons9. Excel at program development and planning10. People seem to find you very approachable 11. I am thinking about becoming a computer software engineer.An Application engineer mainly designs software programs for specificuses.A System engineer designs larger computer systems.I think this career is a good choice for me because I am interested andeager to learn more involving programing and computers. Also because Iam interested in technology and have great mathematical skills(whichare needed as a software engineer). 12. My main inspiration would be my cousins husband, Matthias.Matthias designs websites for a living and he first inspired me to getinvolved in computers. Which has become my main interest and apossible future career.I am inspired by him because what he does for a living interests meand I wanted to learn more about designing websites and he showedme the basics of what he does; which is what first inspired me.


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