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YTC India are Exclusive distributors, Supplier & Dealers in India for YTC make pneumatic positioners, air filter and pressure regulators, limit switch box, electro pneumatic positioners valve and calibiration positioners, hart and ip converters air and vaccum boster and valves catalog, manuals. YTC Korea products confirm to best International quality and are at par with norgren, parker, abb, rotex, siemens, samson, shavo, smc, watson smith, watts, siemens 760, 6dr5210, ps2, sipart, tzidc in Ytc India.For any Enquiry Call Us: +91-11-2201-4325, Email at : info@ytcindia.com Website: www.ytcindia.com


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2. Our Products Smart Positioner Electro Pneumatic Positioner Pneumatic Positioner Air Filter Regulator Volume Booster Lock Up Valve Snap Acting Relay Solenoid Valve Position Transmitter Limit Switch Box I/P Converter 3. 4. YT-1000R series can have options of position transmitter (PTM), which outputs 4-20mA, and/or limit switch (L/S). - It is designed for high durability and performance in high vibration environment. - Durability has proven after testing of 1 million times minimum. - Response time is very short and accurate. - Simple part change can set 1/2 Split Range. - It is economical due to less air- consumption. - Direct/Reverse action can be set easily. - Zero & Span adjustment process is simply. - Feedback Connection is easy. 5. For More Info About My Product And Services Visit On My Website WWW.YTCINDIA.COM Or mail at info@ytcindia.com Or Call At Tel. No.: +91-11- 2201-4325,4327,65094516 Fax: +91-11-22014326


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