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What are my views and thoughts on the Pursuit of Happiness.


  • 1. Elaina J. Logan My Pursuit Of
  • 2. Thomas Jefferson
    • Born April 13, 1743, at Shadwell, Virginia; died July 4, 1826, Monticello
    • He got his inspiration from A Summary View of the Rights of British America and he also drew from George Masons Virginia Declaration of Rights.
    • Thomas Jefferson was a Jurist, diplomat, writer, inventor, philosopher, architect, gardener, negotiator of the Louisiana Purchase .
  • 3. Pursuit Of Happiness
    • Noun An inalienable right enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, in addition to life and liberty; the right to pursue any legal activity as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others
    • This phrase came from the English Philosopher John Locke. who expressed that "no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions
  • 4. Elaina Logan's Pursuit Of By Elaina J. Logan
  • 5. Calvine High School
    • I enjoy CHS because its a very laid back school. I' am only here for approx. 3 hours and I can work at a steady pace.
    • The students are alright I really dont talk with them but overall they are okay.
    • I enjoy my teachers I got the nice ones for the most part no problems, I hope to they like me as well.
  • 6. I Enjoy ..
    • Hanging out with my family and have family gatherings.
    • Getting my hair done I like to change my hair color at least every year
    • Going to san Francisco every other weekend
    • These things are important to me because besides what's going on in my life I can go to these 3 things and I will forget all my problems and enjoy being happy, these things comfort me in the time I need them most.
  • 7. The best thing about me..
    • Is that I'm a very loving person, I have a big heart my mother tells me. I feel that is a good thing because Im always someone you can depend on. The greatest thing ever is to make someone happy That you love or maybe you may not know them. I'm always helping out if I can do it for you I will.
  • 8. If I Ran For President
    • I would address the money issue. Let people know that if you picked me that my main focus would be to fix the down fall of the economy and the budget .
  • 9. My Most Important Individual Right
    • The 2 nd Amendment
    • A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    • This particular right because if I were to be attack in my home or outside of my home I would like to have some sort of weapon in self defense and not be tried because I shot an possibly killed someone in an act of self defense
  • 10. Citizens Responsibilities Are..
    • To vote in local, state, and national elections
    • participating in a political discussion
    • signing a petition
    • contributing money to a party or candidate
    • attending meetings to gain information, discuss issues, or lend support
    • campaigning for a candidate
    • lobbying for laws that are of special interest
    • serving as a juror
    • running for office
    • holding public office
    • serving the country through military or other service
    • disobeying laws and taking the consequences to demonstrate that a law or policy is unjust
  • 11. What We Can Do To Make The World A Better Place
    • We can participate in earth day at least an hour without any electricity running
    • Throw our trash away take time to pick up trash and throw it away when you see garbage.
    • Solar panels
    • Recycle
  • 12. My Future
    • In The next 5 years I see myself still in college attending Clark Atlanta University majoring in Criminal justice on a scholarship, single, independent, living in my own apt. and being a well achieved student well known for my grades